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What is Truth? by HermioneJadeZabini
Chapter 11 : Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize.

Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited:


It was around three in the morning before we finally set down in front of the broom cupboard. We put away our brooms and he turned towards the castle.

“No, Draco, wait,” I whispered, gently grasping his arm. He looked worried.

“Hermione, no one knows where we are. Someone is bound to be worried.” I nodded. I had been blocking out my brothers as well, so not even they knew what was going on. I opened up the connection slowly.

*Hermione!?!? Hermione!! Where the bloody hell are you!?! Everyone is worried sick!!*

~McGonagall had a search party out looking for you until about 20 minutes ago! Everyone is so worried! Where are you? We’ll come and get you!~ I took a deep breath and screamed inside my mind. Their thoughts immediately silenced.

‘I’m with Draco. There was an incident at the Gala and I just had to get away. We went for a ride. We’ll be in shortly. Call off the search teams if there are any still out.’ Their murmured thoughts of agreement barely registered with me as I turned back to Draco, tuning the thoughts out once more. “C’mon, I have something to show you.” I smiled and gently grabbed his hand, leading him towards the forest edge near the Black lake. I led him along the edge of the forest for a while before cutting down a path I had discovered back in fifth year. He followed my lead in silence, only seeming slightly worried. I smiled as the path started to slope gently.

By the time we reached the edge of the forest, it was much steeper and the sky was beginning to lighten just a little. We stepped out onto the small cliff. I heard his intake of breath as he gazed out across the view.

 I smiled. I loved it here. I loved the way the Black Lake shined with the colours of the sky, reflecting them back to make the castle glow. The way the rippling waves from the wind created shimmering lights of the castle walls. I was awed by the way the rising sun threw colour on the waves, which reflected them back, turning the castle walls glorious hues of reds, purples, golds, and the deepest blues.

“The world always seemed so peaceful up here. I would come here and all but forget the war was even happening. I came here to be alone, to relax. It was my own special place.” I whispered without looking away from the scene. He took a step closer to me, gently entwining his fingers with mine. We simple stood and watched as the sun rose higher into the sky.

After a while I sighed. “We best be getting back. They’ll still be worrying if I know my brothers.” He nodded and we headed back for the castle. We got all the way to the Head’s dorm before we ran into anyone. We had just reached the portrait when he stopped us, turning to cup my face gently in his strong cool hands.

“Thank you for sharing your special place with me Hermione. It was astounding.” I smiled, looking down as I felt a faint blush creeping over my face. He smiled and lifted my face up to look in my eyes again. I couldn’t help but notice how soft his hands were. Sure there were the calluses from the broom he had spent nearly all his life on, but they were still gentle. He dropped his hands, turning stiff, a look of slight annoyance on his face as he stared somewhere over my shoulder. I looked behind me to see a small group of people rushing toward us. I sighed and turned to face them.

“Hermione! Where have you been?!” The first to reach us was an irate Blaise, Brandon, the ever calm one, shortly behind. Ginny came flouncing up next, not looking nearly as worried, more a little amused, a little curious. I turned towards them fully.

“After everything that happened at the ball I had to get away. Draco and I went out flying for a while,” I turned to Ginny, a tiny smile pulling at the corners of my mouth, “Then I took him to the cliff.” She grinned widely at me and squealed, rushing forward to grab my hands. We both were suddenly giggling and jumping up and down.

<Draco’s View>

I watched as the two girls jumped up and down and giggled. What the hell was so special about that cliff that Ginny would be this excited? I shrugged and reached towards Hermione, intending to remind her of the late hour and lead her back to our rooms.

“Hermione, I think we should…” Too Late. I watched as she and Ginny took off down the hall, ignoring us three boys. I sighed and turned to the other two Zabinis. They still seemed angry. I sighed and started off towards the heads dorm. “Leave it guys, she was safe the whole time. She needed to get some air, she was really messed up over what happened at the gala. We went flying, she brought me to some cliff, then we came back here.” I didn’t give them the chance to reply. I muttered the password and was through the portrait hole in record time. I went straight to my room, loosening my tie as I went. As soon as I was through the door I discarded my clothing and went straight to the shower.

As I let the hot water run over my pale body, I couldn’t help but think of Hermione. The way her little arms folded around me when we flew together, the perfect way we moved in rhythm when we danced. I mentally kicked myself and turned the shower dial to cold. A few minutes later I finished washing, turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my waist. I glanced at the clock. Wow, I had been in the shower for nearly an hour and a half. I sighed and headed towards my wardrobe for boxers.

Just as I reached for the handle, someone began pounding on the door. I had barely turned around when it flew open and Granger herself rushed in. She looked around, spotted me and ran straight for me.  I barely registered the fact I was still in nothing but a towel. I didn’t care. The tears running down her face and the terror in her eyes made me forget everything. “Hermione? What’s wrong?” She practically collapsed against me. She wrapped her tiny little arms around my waist and buried her tear soaked face in my bare chest. I hugged her to me, utterly bewildered. “Shh, it’s okay Mimi, it’s okay. Tell me what’s wrong baby, I’ll fix it.” She gazed up at me.

“Nightmare. Death eaters.” It took me all of ‘death’ before I understood. I sighed and hugged her closer. “It’s okay baby, hush. C’mon, let’s sit down.” I led her to my bed and sat her down. She leaned into me, still crying heavily. I let her cry herself out. Soon she subsided into hiccups then silence. I glanced down and saw she was sleeping. She looked like an angel. I smiled and laid her on my bed, covering her up, and went to put on my boxers. As I turned out the light to my bathroom, a scared cry echoed through my room. I rushed back to the bed and saw her sitting bolt upright, looking terrified. I rushed to her and cradled her in my arms. “It’s okay baby. I’m here.” She calmed down and looked up at me. She frowned for a moment. then whispered in a perplexed tone.

“You sleep in only your boxers?” I laughed and hugged her gently.

“Yes, my dear. Now c’mon, let’s get you back to your bed.” She stiffened and clung to me.

“Oh Draco, please, I can’t bear to be alone.” She looked so terrified. I couldn’t bear to say no.

“Would you like to stay here tonight?” I whispered hesitantly. She nodded fervently at me. I sighed amusedly and resettled her under the covers before walking to the other side of my bed and climbing in. She immediately scooted closer and laid her head on my bare chest, wrapping one arm around my waist, the other tucked between us. This surprised me a bit. She never seemed the type who would be so comfortable with this type of situation so early on in a relationship. I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her and she snuggled closer.

“I don’t know what it is. But I feel completely safe with you.” I smiled at that and kissed the top of her head, she ducked her head under my chin, snuggling her face into my neck. She yawned. I could feel the warmth of her breath on my neck, raising goosebumps, as she nuzzled my neck and whispered softly, “You have very soft skin Draco.” Yawn. “And you smell absolutely lovely.” I glanced down in time to see her eyes flutter close and her jaw go slightly slack. I smiled as her breathing evened out and settled in myself. I could live with this. I could definitely live with my girlfriend falling asleep on my chest. I smiled and closed my eyes, settling in for what was sure to be a warm night.

I woke up the next morning and felt weird for a moment. I felt a little warmer than usual, and there was something warm and soft on top of me. I smiled as I remembered the events of last night. Though I was worried about this nightmare of her’s, I was somewhat honored that she came to me for comfort. I glanced down at the beauty still fast asleep in my arms. I kissed her head and turned to glance at the clock. It was only 8 in the morning so I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep.

Only to be woken up by a shouting match taking place in the middle of my room.

“For the eighth time! Nothing happened!!” Hermione screamed in what I supposed was meant to be a whisper. I sat up.

“Why don’t I believe you? Mi! You were hanging all over him! He has no shirt on! You’re in next to nothing!” Blaise tried to tower over her, but did not quite accomplish it. Brandon just looked bored.

“This is my normal bedtime attire Blaise! Shorts and a tank!” I raised my eyebrow. Well, that was interesting information. I threw the covers off of me.

“What’s going on?” I question as I stood on the cold floor and walked over to them. For the first time, ever, I was self-conscious about the fact that I only had on my boxers. Normally I didn’t care. Hm, odd. I mentally shrugged it off as I waited for an answer. Brandon shrugged, Hermione was breathing hard but still glaring at Blaise, Blaise, however, turned to me.

“Draco, mate, what happened last night? I woke up to the image of…” He trailed off, turning red. Hm, I wonder what Hermione had been dreaming about. “Well, it doesn’t matter, but it bothered me because it was so clear I thought it to be real. I burst in here to find my sister curled up against my best mate. What was I supposed to think?”

“Maybe, if you give him the chance to explain, it would make more sense,” Brandon murmured. Blaise glared at this mutiny. Hermione turned to me for the first time. The horror in her eyes disturbed me, the pure terror of it almost knocked the breath from me. What had she seen? I sighed and opened my arms. She slowly, shyly, walked to me and I embraced her. I waited to make sure Blaise was going to remain quiet, when he said nothing I sighed.

<Hermione’s View>

I curled into Draco. He kissed my head, sighed and looked to my brothers. I winced when he began telling them what had happened. I tried not to think of the nightmare that had caused me to run straight to my boyfriend, but it instantly flashed through my head. Brandon turned to glance at me in horror. I had hoped I was blocking them out of my head, but apparently I was not doing a very good job.

Blaise, I could tell from the thoughts he was trying not at all to keep to himself, that he was much too engrossed in Draco’s retelling of events to notice what had gone through my head. Brandon however, had been paying attention to only me the entire time anyway. I winced again and looked down. Blaise started shouting again, but I really couldn’t understand his words at this point.

“Blaise, Draco – Stop.” Brandon’s quiet authoritative voice silenced them. I barely noticed. When Brandon didn’t speak right away again, Draco and Blaise began arguing again, but in whispered tones this time. Brandon, however, was still staring at me over the other two.

Then his voice came drifting over the argument. “Mione? Are you okay?” I bit my lip, not trusting my voice. Draco and Blaise finally fell silent and looked at me. Blaise’s mind went blank when he heard the thoughts in my head – I was still reliving the dream. Draco took one look at the looks on mine and Blaise’s faces and gathered me in his arms, cradling me against him.

“Mimi, darling, what’s wrong? Is it that wretched dream again? Baby, you can tell me,” His whispers were a comfort; I nuzzled my face into his chest, willing the tears not to spill over. I would never let him see me cry again if I could help it. Brandon walked over and put an over-large gentle warm hand on my back. Blaise was still dumbfounded.

I felt more than heard Draco’s exasperated sigh. He whispered gently to the boys, “Will someone please explain exactly what is going on? Because it seems that I am the clueless one this time.” I glanced through Draco’s arms to Brandon and began replaying each part of the dream I remembered in my head. Brandon got the hint and told exactly what he was ‘hearing’ as I thought it all through. I felt Draco wince when Brandon got to the part about the deatheaters, particularly Greyback. I couldn’t help but be drawn into the dream’s memory as I thought about it.


I was walking through the forest, alone. It was dark, the only light coming from the full moon, it’s beams of soft light filtering through the trees and turning from hazy blue to a sort or turquoise. The sky was cloudless, the stars shining so bright, it was as though they were right there, inches from treetops themselves, as though one could simply reach out and take one from the sky. It would have been a beautiful night if the feeling of loneliness, of being lost, wasn’t rushing through my bones, my pulse racing on ahead, aware of some danger my mind had yet to pick up on.

As I carefully picked my way through the trees, the shrubs, rocks, the roots and twigs, and the soft earthen ground, I couldn’t help but feel hyper alert. Some instinct had been triggered, alerting me something was wrong. Very wrong. As I moved the sound of feathers, whooshing through the air softly drew my attention to my outfit. I was dumbfounded to find myself in white leggings, a soft reed skirt, and a feathery fur sweatshirt-like top. My hair was unbound, blowing around wildly in the light wind. I suppose I would resemble some wild animal should I look at my reflection. I could feel the make-up on my face was heavy, much too heavy to be just normal make-up.

On my wrist, made from what appeared to be sand-bleached bone, was an ornately carved bracelet, depicting a soaring eagle, the matching ring on my left hand ring finger. Around my neck I felt something heavy as I inspected my outfit; I pulled off the necklace to discover it too was made of sand-bleached bone, carved in the shape of a creasant moon at the center point. I put it back on warily, looking around for something reflective.

However, the snapping of a twig nearby made me uneasy and I continued to stumble along, keeping an eye out for the danger as well as anything reflective. Just as I rounded another grove of trees, I heard more snapping twigs. I quickly looked around for cover and saw a weeping willow a little ways ahead. I tripped and stumbled as fast as I could over to it and hid within its long branches, the leaves caressing me like a lover’s fingers as I slipped through.  I backed up to the tree’s trunk, sliding against it to the ground and watched in horror as, from the direction I had just come, a lone figure on horseback came creeping out of the shadows.

“Come out, come out wherever you are, my little darling. We won’t hurt you,” The man’s voice was nasal, only less frightening when compared to the high pitched giggle that followed his statement. Bellatrix Lestrange was easily recognizable to me as she stepped out of the foliage behind the horse.

“Much,” She added in that high pitched keening voice of hers. A shiver of fear ran down my spine. More and more figures joined the group of two, and I was surprised I could recognize most of them. Fenrir Greyback licked his lips and sniffed the air. I quickly sniffed my shoulder, sighing softly in relief when I discovered my outfit smelt highly of the woods and would therefore disguise my normal human scent to him.

More figures were stepping out. A total of seven. Most I recognized from the battle last year, but could not recall their names exactly. I muffled my breathing with my arm, afraid they would hear it. I watched them carefully, looking for some kind of opening where I could make a break for it unseen.

Suddenly Fenrir whispered something to Bellatrix who cackled. “She smells of feathers? And dirt and leaves and soil I would have no doubt Greyback, it was a costume ball, and the child did dress as some sort of creature. Now the objective is to find that wretched girl and be done with her. The objective is not to complain how difficult her scent is to trace,” she scowled at the wolf-man who scowled at the forest in general.

Suddenly the wind shifted. Greyback grinned creepily and turned to Bellatrix once more.He tapped her shoulder again and whispered something more to her. She let out a high pitch scream of triumph and began walking in my direction. I made a break around the trunk of the willow and out the other side of the limbs. I knew it would probably do no good, but I had to try. I ran faster than I have ever in my life as I tried to find another place to hide. All the while I couldn’t help but cringe in fear as the moon rose steadily in the sky. Only a few minutes left before the full moon hit the center point of the sky and one of my pursuers would no longer be human.

As I urged my legs to move faster, the moon hit the center of the clear sky and I heard the howl as my tracker gained ground. I pushed myself to move faster, feeling more than hearing my hunter catch up. I tripped over a root at that moment. I flipped on my back just in time to let out a shriek as Fenrir Greyback leaped for my throat.

<end of dream flashback>

I buried my face in Draco’s chest as I finished replaying the dream in my head. Brandon winced as he finished explaining and Blaise looked angrier than a veela who had just lost the object of her desire. Draco cradled me against his chest, crooning to me softly. I could tell he was trying to remain calm, but his entire body was shaking in anger.

“How many times have you had this dream Mione?” Brandon murmured softly. I quickly counted in my head, then looked at him.

“About…well, at least 3 times a week since school started.” I winced, remembering again. It was in that moment I remembered. Brandon had gotten ‘Outstanding’ in every section of his Divination classes with Trelawney. He would know how to interpret the fact I have never once had a repeating dream of this intensity. He looked at me somberly.

“Mione, how many dreams have you had that have, to some degree, come true?” Aw shit.

“Nearly all of them since third year,” Came my whispered reply. He nodded his head solemnly.

“Starsight. We’ll have to keep a special eye on these dreams.” I gulped in fear and buried my face in Draco’s chest again. He cradled me closer, kissing the top of my forehead. Just then, the door swung open again to reveal the one person I had hoped not to see regarding the situation. Professor McGonagall.



AN: Dun Dun Dun! Caught red handed! One half naked boy, one half naked girl, and the girl’s triplet brothers angrily staring at the boy and girl. What do you think McGonagall’s reaction will be this time? I can’t wait to find out myself! I hope I did Draco’s mind justice during his viewpoint. How do you all think I did during the scene where She comes to Him for comfort? Sound like something that would happen? What do you think of the shouting match? Lol, that part was fun to write! Is the dream creepy enough? Did it raise goosebumps on anyone’s arms? I hope so :D. Starsight, for those who don’t know, is when you often dream things that, on some level, come true. Well, now what’s all that’s left to find out? How will they resolve these dreams? What will McGonagall’s reaction be? How will the fights between Astoria, Hermione, and Draco turn out? What about the Parkinsons? Will Hermione’s dream come true? Who is the mystery husband from her journal entry? Will the fight between Ron, Harry and Hermione ever end? And WHO are Draco and Hermione betrothed to?! All this to come! Stay tuned for the next chapter of “What Is Truth?” by me! HermioneJadeZabini!


Sorry it's taken so long to get this up. I've been struggling in school plus i've had seven deaths to deal with and then just a few days ago my own engagement had me distracted. So, now that distractions are out of the way, i am working on chapter 11 and hope to have it finished soon. Love you all for holding on to hope that this would be finished! i promise to not abandon it :)


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What is Truth?: Chapter 10, Nightmares Revisited


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