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Ladylike. by ilharrypotter
Chapter 12 : Of Timetables and Fainting.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Okay, okay. Go ahead, laugh at me. I'm stupid. I posted Chapter Thirteen. Not twelve. :D So everyone, you get TWO chapters today!

Image of Holden Wood by Midnight_Witch at TDA!

All proper young ladies will never let their emotions get the best of them. 

“Weasley, Dominique,” Professor Longbottom calls out, waving my timetable around in the air as I approach him. He always begins with the first years’ timetables, and then goes all the way up to the seventh years’. As a fifth year, I get my timetable near the end, and up until the second he handed it to me, I planned on falling asleep standing up from boredom. He smiles at me supportively, handing me the folded piece of parchment, before going off to the next Weasley on his list. I return to the alcove in which Fred and I had been waiting for our timetables as Professor Longbottom calls, “Weasley, Fred.”

My cousin rushes forward to collect his timetable from Professor Longbottom, followed shortly by James, who had been with Honor Jones and a group of her friends as the Gryffindor students all collected in the common room. I unfold the piece of parchment as they return to our alcove with theirs in hand; Fred immediately snatches mine away before I even have the chance to read it, and he begins to compare our timetables aloud. We’ve done the same thing every single year once we get our timetables, ever since we started Hogwarts. Fred loves traditions like this.

“Oh, we have Charms together, first. And D.A.D.A., and Transfiguration- oh, Dom, you’re still taking Care of Magical Creatures?” his eyes scan the papers quickly, and he doesn’t stop talking to let me respond to him. “We have Potions first thing tomorrow, with- who is Professor Astoria Malfoy?” If either of us actually know, which I do, Fred isn’t giving us a chance to respond anytime soon. “Oh, Herbology, too. And History of Magic. Bloody hell, why are you taking Arithmancy still? And Ancient Runes? Are you barmy?”

I snatch the parchment from Fred’s hands. Neither Fred nor James understands my love of Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. No one really does, except for Lorcan. Ouch; Lorcan. Thinking about him, even for only a split second, kind of hurts. Seeing him in all of my classes is going to smart right well, too. I blink the thoughts away and snap at Fred, “My father worked in Egypt as a Curse-Breaker, you prat. Ancient Runes is in my blood. Anyway, it’s an excellent course. And Arithmancy is too.”

“Your mum would disagree,” James reminds me. It’s the first time he’s been with the two of us since breakfast, and it’s the first time he’s spoken, too. He’d been with my bloody roommate for over an hour. Ew. “She wants you to take Divination and be utterly useless and uneducated.”

“Oh, sod off,” I grumble, craning my neck slightly to catch a glimpse of James’ timetable. “You’re the useless one. Muggle Studies? That’s the easiest course at Hogwarts, everyone knows it. You’re Maman’s bloody dream child.”

“Muggle Studies is very interesting,” James replies, sounding like a broken record.

I roll my eyes. “You wouldn’t know. How many classes were you actually awake through last year?”

“Fuck you,” James responds. He sticks his tongue out at me.

“Real mature, James,” Fred sighs, leaning up against the arm of one of the chairs in the small alcove the three of us stand in. James smirks at him, throwing himself down on the chair opposite Fred, hanging his legs over the arm. “Merlin- you’re like six years old,” Fred sighs as James folds his arms behind his head and kicks his legs back and forth. He really is immature.

“Oi, Potter!” someone called out. “You have Charms first?”

All three of us look in the direction of the voice. Oh, damn it. It’s Wood, of course, with his gorgeous brown eyes and evenly tanned skin and ridiculously good physique. I hate Wood. I really do. I hate him for making my mouth open ever so slightly the minute he enters my realm of vision, and I hate how good-looking the big git is. I hate him for making me pay any attention to him at all. Oh, and I hate him for snogging me- twice- and for snogging me very well. If I knew how to forget all about him and his very good snogging abilities, I’d be a happy girl.

James glances at his timetable before looking back at Wood. “Yeah, all three of us do,” he tells him. What the hell? James hates Wood as much as I do, doesn’t he? Why is he telling him our classes!? Is he stupid!? Damnit, James. (Of course, my irritation is slightly irrational- after all, Wood will find out what classes we share soon enough anyway- but that doesn’t make it go away in the slightest. I like being irrational.)

“What about you, Miss Dom?” the prefect asks, striding towards us with his parchment in hand. He smiles in that annoyingly stunning way of his. Why does he have to have such chiseled features, such a handsome smile, such attractive eyes? It isn’t fair, damn it. His good looks could be distributed to less-unfortunate, unattractive people all across the world, and the world would be a better place with no handsome Holden Wood to worry about. At least, my world would be. “Do we still have Arithmancy together?” He looks almost hopeful as he waits for my answer, and I’m tempted to go to Professor Longbottom and drop Arithmancy right this second.

I grimace. Biting my tongue for a moment as I debate whether or not to answer him, I finally say, “We do. Second, yeah?” I like Arithmancy too much to drop it, and surely there will be someone in that class to distract me from Wood’s obnoxious self. Wood is the only other fifth year Gryffindor that takes Arithmancy, therefore I will have to find a distraction in someone from another House- oh, won’t that piss Wood off? I smile inwardly at the thought.

“And Ancient Runes, too?” he asks, still smiling. He looks sincerely hopeful. What is that all about? The fool can’t possibly be happy to share so many classes with me. No, no. I’m a downright bitch to him, he can’t want to spend time with me. Can he? Oh, shit.

Fred, the idiot that he is, takes my timetable from my hand, passing it to Wood. I glare at him as Wood compares the two pieces of parchment, his odd, albeit it dashingly handsome, smile only growing on his face. I narrow my eyes further in Fred’s direction. He shrugs his shoulders at me, like he did absolutely no wrong. I hate my cousin. Yes, I really do. I absolutely abhor Fred Remus Weasley. What happened to he and James being completely against Wood taking a liking to me? I prefer it when they’re absolutely livid with the obnoxious boy for snogging me against my will, not acting as if they’re all great mates. Stupid boys.

“Brilliant! Every class!” Wood confirms my worst fears with those words. Our timetables are completely identical. I’ll never get away from him.

I fight the urge to vomit.

Every single day, all year long, I’m going to be forced to sit in a classroom with Holden Wood. The boy I can’t stop staring at, no matter how much I loathe him. The boy who seems to fancy me, for some completely absurd reason. The boy who has snogged me twice, even though I don’t even want him within a foot of me. The boy my mother would absolutely adore. Oh yes, if my mother discovers that I’ll be spending all of my time around a boy like Wood instead of a Scamander, she’ll be absolutely thrilled, no matter how miserable I’ll be. The thought of being in such close proximity to Wood all day long instead of being with Lorcan is flying in and out of my mind at such a rapid speed that I can barely see what’s in front of me. As my vision becomes more blurry and my mind more occupied with the idea of spending so much time around the unwanted Wood, thoughts of Lorcan and how he no longer wants me join the other thoughts in my head. I’m not good enough to be waited for any longer. I wasted my chance to finally be with Lorcan It’s too much to think about all at once. Far too much.

I feel like crying now, and my stomach churns. I hear my cousins say my name cautiously, worried about whatever is wrong with me, but I can’t really answer them. My stomach practically flips, and I find unaware of my position, everything around me an unending shade of black. 

I apologize for my stupidity! (:

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