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Lily, Lily, Quite Contrary by katebabelovesharrypotter
Chapter 2 : A Dress and Slimy Slytherins
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A/N: Okay on the right is Scorpius and on the left is SAM! Yay!


I woke up confused. Where was I again? Oh. Yeah. Grandpa and Grandma Weasley’s house. The Burrow. The sun was shining incessantly and I flipped myself off my stomach so I could read the clock across the room. It started to chime as the minute hand reached the twelve. It was only nine o’clock! Bloody hell!

“Lily? Lily, are you awake? Rise and shine baby sister.” Albus sounded sickeningly cheerful for being up so early on a summer morning.

“Yeah. I’m up, I’m up,” I grumbled as I tried to untangle myself from the sheets and landed on the floor with a thud.

“Nice one,” James said appreciatively as he entered the tiny bedroom at Al’s shoulder. Don’t they know how to knock? I know my mother raised them better than this… Stupid, nosy tossers not knocking first. So rude.

“Listen up children, I’m heading to town with Fred and Louis to check out the gir- to check out the great shops,” he finished stupidly. Yeah because Albus and I are both so stupid and naïve that we would actually believe him, right? Wrong. He was dead wrong if he thought that.

“You are so lame, James. Do you honestly think that we’d buy that rubbish?” Al’s face was one of incredulity.

“Well…no, but I wasn’t supposed to tell you guys really. It was just supposed to be us and Al, too, if he wanted,” James explained.

“Oh I am so in! Hot Muggle girls? For sure!” Boys are so disgusting.

“What were you saying Albus, dear?” Nana had arrived unnoticed by any of us.

“Oh…I…I was just explaining…umm…that Muggles have…err…different ways of keeping cool than wizards,” Al said sounding like the complete arse that he was at the moment.

“If you say so dear,” was Nana’s confused reply. She walked away and we heard her descending the stairs to the kitchen and then the distinct sound of frying.

There was a bit of a stunned silence and then I burst out laughing.

“That was so unbelievably stupid! Are you serious?! That was ludicrous, Al!” I was actually wheezing and snorting now from laughing so hard. My brothers both gave me a look and walked out. Finally, now that they had left, I calmed down. I grabbed jeans and a t-shirt and my toiletries and headed for the loo. A nice shower and comfortable clothes always make me happy so when I entered the kitchen twenty minutes later it was with a smile. That was until I saw who was there and the smile fell off my face like I’d been punched in the stomach.

“Look Lily! Sweet little Scorpius and Samuel are here!” cried my grandmother, oblivious to my obvious lack of enthusiasm for our guests.

“Uh…hey, Lily. How’s it goin’?” Sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, looking very squirmy, were none other than Scorpius Malfoy and his younger brother, Samuel. (Yes, I know weird jump right, but apparently their mother got her way and gave him a normal name...)

I looked at Sam. It appeared that he’d been the one to ask me how I was. My mother’s voice rang in my head to be polite.

“I’m…I’m…its going fine. Thanks. How are you?” I felt like I was forcing the words from my mouth.

“Good. Things have been good. You excited? For your third year I mean,” Sam asked in a rushed mutter.

“Um…yeah. Yeah I’m really looking forward to it. You? We’re in the same year right?”

“Yeah you guys are both gonna be third years in September,” Albus interceded. “Great fun, right? Me and Scorpius and James and you and Sam here. Yup. Great fun.” Al’s rambling went on, but I drowned him out. Samuel Malfoy? And me? What? That’s ridiculous. Just because Scorpius and Albus are friends does not mean that I will ever befriend a Malfoy.

“Why don’t you sit down Lil? We were just talking about James’ O.W.L. results seeing as Score and me are gonna be doing ‘em this year,” Albus informed me. I took a seat next to James and tried to act normally as Grandma Weasley filled my plate.

“Yeah. So like I was saying I got one in every subject, by some miracle, but I just want to go on to the classes you need to become an Auror like Dad,” James said, his mouth full of pancake.

“Well I don’t know if I could get one in Potions to be honest. That subject is complete rubbish.”

“Just because you aren’t excelling in it doesn’t make it ‘rubbish’, Albus,” said Fred with an impish grin and a spot-on impersonation of our grandmother.

“So true, Fred, so true,” Nana added, apparently not aware that she was being mimicked.

I just ate and listened. When James rose from the table the other boys followed suit. Louis stood last and I was left sitting.

“Well, Grandma Weasley, we fine gentleman are headed to the village for a bit of fun if you don’t mind,” James said.

“Oh of course I don’t honey. As long as you take Lily with you,” she added. “It doesn’t seem fair to leave her here all alone when neither Louis nor Fred brought their sisters to keep her company.”

“I don’t mind, Grandma. Honest. I’m fine,” I said as soon as she had stopped talking. “I’ll just do homework…or something.” I smiled to let her know I really didn’t mind being left behind, but apparently she wanted me to go and I was going to go despite my assurances.

“But, Lily, darling, you should go have some fun! You’re always trying to catch up with Lucy and Rosie and you just never stop to have a laugh. You need to enjoy these opportunities.”

I guess I was going.

Grandma Weasley waved us off as we started our trek down the lane to the village of Ottery St. Catch Pole.

“I’m sorry, James,” I said, chagrined.

“Its fine little sis. You tried. And, hey, maybe you’re little girl cuteness will help us snag a few hotties!” His voice rose a few octaves and the entire group laughed.

“May I remind you that I’m thirteen and half and therefore not a little girl? But thanks for the compliment. I think,” I responded after the laughter had faded.

“Eh, no problem.” He laughed again and we kept walking. After awhile my feet were a bit sore so James picked me up for a piggy back ride. Despite my not being a little girl anymore I’m still petite and my brother happens to be a Quidditch-toned Chaser, so it worked out fine.

We arrived after a good forty-five minutes of walking and my brother put me down saying that on the walk home Albus could carry me if I got tired.

The village was actually quite nice. There were a lot of nice shops and Al and James even gave me some spending money! Samuel decided to walk around with me while his brother and my family went trolling for girls to hits on. Poor things (the girls obviously as they had to put up with those horrid people I call brothers and cousins. Scorpius is dating Rosie so I guess he went along to be a "wing man" or something equally as stupid.).

It was one of those rare places that seemed to have stood the test of time. The streets weren't paved. They were the original cobble pathways of old. The buildings had a feeling of old with a bit of modern. They were built using modern techniques to be sure, but they didn't look like the belonged in our century. The village seemed to house the magic that it was situated so closely to.

“So what shop do you want to look in?” Sam asked nervously. He was walking on the outer sidewalk, and, it seemed, as far away from me as possible.

“Well I’ve only been here a few times so I’m not really sure,” I answered honestly. I looked around and spotted a beautiful dress in the display window directly across from us.

“Come on. I wanna go in there.” I reached out to grab his hand before remembering who he was and quickly walking away. He followed me into the store and let out a little moan at seeing all the women’s clothing. I stifled a giggle and located the dress that had brought me in there.

It was stunning. The kind of dress you usually only see a few times in your life. It was an emerald green silk with a lighter green lace covering the bodice. It was strapless and the hem would skim my knees if I had it on. I had to have it. I checked the price tag and realized that I miraculously had just enough Muggle money to buy it. I found my size and ran into the one dressing room. It fit so nicely and I felt so pretty wearing it! I walked out to check it in the mirror.

“Wow,” Samuel breathed. When I looked at him he seemed to pale slightly and started stammering.

“What…umm… I mean is that you look…umm…nice,” he stuttered out. He looked fairly cute just then. His blonde hair was insanely messy, but it suited him and his skin was grogeous. Basically, the bloke was pretty darn attractive. I shook my head a bit, trying to clear these new thoughts.

“Thanks! I’m going to buy it. It’s just so perfect!” My happiness was bubbling over, despite the fact that I usually don’t like girly things. I quickly changed out of the dress and paid for it.

As I was walking out something caught my eye. A shimmer of green and red. I turned my head in the direction and saw a beautiful crescent-shaped necklace. A real ruby and emerald had been placed artfully in its silver center, giving off the sparkle that had caught my eye.

“I really wish I could buy that too,” I whispered to myself quietly.  Sam had followed my gaze and saw the gleam in my eye, but I paid him no attention and pushed the door open to the street. I walked to the end of the cobblestone road where I could see the red and black hair that marked Fred and James and the rest of the group (except the slick blonde heads that were Louis and Scorpius). I hoped I wouldn’t be walking in on anything uncomfortable. Like my brothers snogging (girls not each other). I was lucky enough that my brothers had apparently been unsuccessful in their hunt.

“Hey Lily! What’s that?” Albus asked.

“A dress, Mr. Nosy,” I replied.

“Hey wait. Where’s my brother?” Scorpius asked looking over my shoulder like I was hiding him. I turned and realized that I had no idea where he was. I’d been in such a hurry to leave the store that I hadn’t noticed his absence. Oops.

“There he is,” Louis said pointing at a figure approaching our group.

“Where the hell where you?! I thought I was gonna have to tell Mum I lost you in a Muggle village!” Scorpius exploded as soon as his brother was within ear shot. This was somewhat surprising as, even though he’s a rotten Slytherin, Scorpius usually doesn’t have a temper.

Samuel looked surprised to find everyone staring at him.

“What’s wrong? I was just looking for a present. You know for Granddad,” Sam explained with a look of confusion. “I guess I should’ve told Lily or something…” He trailed off and stopped talking.

“You’re damn right you should’ve told someone and did it ever occur to you that none of our Malfoy grandparents would want a Muggle thing for their birthday?” Scorpius was fuming. Sam shook his head and let his gaze fall away from his brother’s angry rant.

“I’m sorry,” I piped up. “It’s my fault. I should’ve been paying better attention.”

“Let’s just forget this and head home, okay?” James suggested. Everyone nodded their agreement and started shuffling towards home.

“Al? Will you give me a piggy back?” I asked in a small voice, after we’d been walking for about twenty minutes.

“What? Sure. Yeah.” He hoisted me onto his back and we made our way back to the Burrow rather more quickly than we had on our way to town.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this. :) And please tell me what you think in a... review!


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