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Forget About Forbidden by crazy_isthenew_normal
Chapter 21 : The Wedding: Part I
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Charlee sighed, and tugged the duvet further around her, taking a sip of the freshly brewed cup of tea that sat on the table in front of her. She ran a hand over her eyes, and looked out of the window, swirling the tea around in her mouth, trying to watch at least one part of her up.
Charlee had been sat in the kitchen of The Burrow ever since she had gotten back from Club Wiz.

When they'd arrived at The Burrow, the boys had been waiting for them, Albus standing at the front.

Charlee had never seen him look so distraught.

He'd told Rose everything. Scorpius, being in the drunk state that he was, had let slip everything that had happened at The Stag Do.




Um...Al? What's going on?” asked Dom, frowning, as she stared at the group of boys.

Oh now...please not now...

Why don't you ask Charlee?” there was nothing but venom in his voice. All eyes turned to look at Charlee. She couldn't move, and she couldn't speak. She just stared at Albus, willing him to let her explain. He glared coldly at her.

She's a liar. A complete, and utter fucking liar of a bitch!”

Now Albus!” Victoire stepped forward, frowning. “If you and Charlee have had a falling out, can you please sort it out in private? A lot of us are tired, and just want to go to bed!” Albus shook his head, laughing; it was humourless.

She dated Scorpius!” he yelled. Everyone fell silent.

Rose turned to look at Charlee; she was suddenly sober.

Is this true?” Charlee's mouth opened and closed; she knew that she looked like a fish.

I...I used to-” Rose's eyes grew cold.

When was this?”

Back September, but-”

And you never told me?” she whispered, her voice cracking. She glared at Scorpius.

You never bothered to mention this to me?!” she turned back to Charlee.

My best friend?” she looked disgusted.

Baby-” Scorpius started, stepping forward, a hand outstretched towards her. Tears started to streak down her cheeks.

It's over!” she shrieked, kicking off her shoes. She picked them up, and flung them towards her ex boyfriend, as she ran past him, and into The Burrow.

Rose!” Scorpius yelled, running in after her.

Oh Merlin...Rose! Rose!” Hugo ran in after his sister, closely followed by James, then Louis, then Dom, then Roxanne, then Molly. When Molly reached the door, she turned around, glaring at Charlee.

Nice one, bitch.” she turned around, and ran inside. From behind her, Charlee heard a sob break out.

Great! Now my wedding is ruined!” she turned to glare at Charlee.

Thanks! You just couldn't wait, could you?” Charlee's mouth popped open – how was this her fault?! But before she could say anything, Victoire stormed past her, and into the house, Milly and Layla following behind her. Teddy looked between the door and Charlee helplessly.

Charlee, I...Victoire!” he ran inside after her.

Charlee?” Charlee looked up to see Fred standing there, with his arms open. Albus had gone inside. Charlee stepped into his arms gratefully.

Thank you,” she mumbled, as she pulled out of the hug. Fred shrugged, smiling.

Hey – you're like a little sister to me. Besides – I think everyone's just tired, and over reacting.” he put a hand on her shoulder.

Everything will we better in the morning.”




Except Charlee strongly doubted that.

She sighed, and rested her head against the cool table top. She could still hear the thumping music from the club banging in her ear drums.

“Charlee?” Charlee jumped, as she heard her name, spilling tea across the table.

“Oh dear!” Hope bustled into the room, grabbing the cloth from the sink, and quickly wiped the table, catching the spilled tea, before it dripped onto the floor.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just...” Hope frowned, sliding into the chair opposite Charlee.

“Have you been down here all night?” Charlee nodded, sighing, as she sipped her tea.

“Why haven't you been upstairs? I mean, you have to be up in five hours...” she trailed off. Charlee frowned.

“Hasn't James told you?” Hope looked confused.

“About what?”

“About Albus and I...” Hope's mouth formed an 'o' shape, and she nodded.

“Yeah, he did.”

“So...why are you down here?” Hope's frown deepened.

“I mean, down here talking to me? I thought everyone hates me?” Hope laughed softly, shaking her head.

“Not everyone. I mean, sure, Albus, Rose and Scorpius seem a bit annoyed...” she smiled ruefully, and Charlee couldn't help but chuckle.

“But no one else does.” Charlee raised an eyebrow.

“I can't believe that. Did you see how everyone took off outside earlier?” Hope nodded.

“Yeah – but that's because Rose is their cousin; family stick together-”


“That doesn't mean that everyone hates you. They were just checking their relative was okay. I mean, look at what James did to you-” Charlee cringed.

“He told you about that?” Hope nodded.

“And you're still with him?” Hope nodded again, but this time, she smiled.

“James has changed. Trust me – I met him just after you both split up. He was trying to hide from Melissa.” Charlee laughed, finishing off her tea. She leant back, and dropped it into the sink.

“Who wouldn't?” she asked, running her fingers across the tabletop. Hope chuckled, flicking her blonde hair out of her eyes.

“Yeah. Anyway – I had a talk with him, and he told me everything; especially about how he wanted to change. He really loved you, Charlee.” Charlee snorted.

“Yeah, right! We barely knew each other when we started dating!” Hope raised an eyebrow.

“That's just how James rolls. Sure, he might not have known you very well when you started dating – but he got to know you, didn't he?” Charlee contemplated this. He had, a bit...

“I guess so...”

“Exactly. Anyway – what I was originally going to say was that even though James did an awful thing, his family still stuck by him, didn't they? It's just what families do.” Charlee nodded, and smiled slightly.

“Yeah, I know. I just don't know how I'm going to face everyone tomorrow – the wedding is full of Albus' relatives.” she groaned, and put her head in her hands.

“I didn't even think it was a problem any more. I know I should have told both him and Rose right from the start...but I was scared. I was scared that they wouldn't want to be my friend any more-” she looked up, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes.

“They're all I've got. I need them. I mean, sure, I have family, but...they don't care about me. They don't even know I'm here – they don't bother to ask.” she sighed, shaking her head.

“I just wish they would let me explain, but...” Charlee's voice cracked on the last word, and she buried her face into her arms, her shoulder's shaking.

Suddenly, she felt a soft hand on her shoulder, and another hand gently patting her back.

“It's okay, honey,” Hope whispered in a soothing voice. “Get it all out...hey! That's a thought!” the hands lifted from Charlee, and she heard footsteps pat across the tiled floor. She then heard something open, then close. Then it happened again, and the clank of a bowl and spoon sounded. Something opened and closed again, and footsteps padded across the floor once more.

Hope set a bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of Charlee, and slid into the seat next to her.

“I find that chocolate ice cream always helps me through a bad break up.” she smiled sweetly, and Charlee had to smile back, even through the tears. She lifted the spoon to her lips, and tasted the sweet chocolatey taste.

“You know...when I looked at you – no offence meant at all – I thought you were going to be like his other girlfriends: blonde, dumb, and fake...but you're not. God, you're pretty and you have a sweet personality, and a brain.” Hope threw her head back, and laughed.

“No offence taken,” she smiled. “At first glance, everyone thinks I'm a blonde bimbo. It's nice when some of the people with those assumptions get to know me a bit, and find out that I'm actually the opposite of what they first thought.” a thoughtful smile crept across her face, before she pushed back her chair, and stood up.

“I'm going back to bed – I don't want to look like a zombie for the wedding photos.” she patted Charlee's arm.

“You should come too. Things will seem better in the morning.” Charlee nodded, and finished her bowl of ice cream. She put it in the sink, and walked up the staircase after Hope.

“Rose will kill me in the morning.” she mumbled as they reached her bedroom door, half joking, and half being serious. Hope chuckled.

“If she does, scream – and me and James will come running to help you.” she smiled and patted Charlee's shoulder.

“Night, Charlee.” and with that, she walked across the hall, and opened the door opposite from Charlee's. She waved her fingers, before she closed it behind her.

Charlee sighed, and looked down at her feet. It was the morning – heck, it was four o'clock. But things weren't better. If anything, they were worse.

Charlee turned the doorknob of the door, and pushed.

Wincing as the door gave a soft creak, she tip-toed over to her bed, and sank down onto it. She pulled her duvet over her, and closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to take over all her senses.

Because when she was asleep, everything was okay.

It was just when she was awake that things set off.


Rose's P.O.V.


Rose stared at Charlee's wavy brown hair that was splayed across her pillow. Her eyes moved to her face. Rose had always thought that when Charlee slept, she looked so...peaceful. Happy. Positively angelic.

Yeah. Like an angel would go out with their best friends' boyfriend.

Rose sighed, and turned away from her. She moved her feet from out under the covers, and put them on the floor. She stood up, and rubbed her eyes, yawning, as she threw open the curtains.

“What the-?!” Lily had woken up. She had a hand held up to her eyes. She frowned.

“What time is it?” she mumbled, running a hand across her face.

“Half nine. Vickie's gonna split a gut if we don't get a move on.” Rose stumbled her way over to the door.

“Um...Rose? Shouldn't we wake Charlee?” Rose looked at Lily, and shrugged.

“You can, if you want. I'm not.” and with that, she pulled open the door, and walked out into the hallway, and down the stairs.


In the kitchen, all was havoc. James was sat slumped over his breakfast, his head in his piece of toast. Louis was sat next to him, engrossed in a book – but he had dark circles under his eyes. On James' other side, Fred was sat, spooning porridge into his mouth – but he kept missing, and he had porridge tickling down his bare chest. Dom had her head on the table, snoring loudly, while Roxy was sat next to her looking...well, tired. Albus was sat with them. He had dark circles under his eyes, which were red, and looked sore, like someone had been rubbing them a lot.

“Hey,” Rose said quietly, sliding into the seat opposite him. Albus nodded at her, but kept his head down.

“You okay?” Albus nodded again.

“You sure?” This time, Albus slid his chair back, and stood up, walking out of the room, and up the stairs. Rose turned to look at Hugo who had just appeared. He shrugged.

“He doesn't want to talk to anyone – trust me; I spent last night with him and Scorpius. Not fun, I tell you that now.” Rose sighed, and ran a hand through her hair. It seemed bushier today. And redder.

Great. It'll clash with my dress even more now! She thought sarcastically, as Nana Molly put a bowl in front of her.

“Eat up, sugar.” she smiled kindly, and Rose smiled slightly back, picking up her spoon, and dipping it in her porridge.

Just then, the room went silent. Rose didn't have to turn around to know that it was Charlee.


Charlee's P.O.V.


Charlee gulped as she stepped into the kitchen. All eyes - but Rose's and Albus' - were on her.

At that moment, Dom stirred, and looked up, immediately spotting Charlee. She smiled, and drew the chair next to her back, patting it.

“Sit here, hun.” Charlee let out a breath, and walked over to them, as conversation picked up.

As Charlee sat down, Molly put down a bowl of porridge in front of her. She squeezed her shoulder gently, before she walked back over to the sink. Charlee smiled, and put the spoon to her lips. The porridge was thick, and creamy; just how she liked it.

“ lot don't hate me?” Dom laughed and shook her head, her blonde hair brushing against her shoulders.

“Nah, we don't. I mean – we've all had pretty nasty break ups, right? Hey – Roxy used to date one of my best friends – but they split up. And I'm still good friends with both of them, so...” she shrugged, taking a bite of a piece of buttered toast. Charlee smiled thoughtfully.

“That's good to know.” Dom smiled.

“You and Al will make up. So will you and Rosie. It'll just take time.” Charlee nodded, and smiled at Dom gratefully – now this was advice she could believe, and take. Not all that crap that 'everything would be better in the morning'. And even though, in some ways, it was others, it wasn't.

Just then, the kitchen doors flew open, and Victoire was standing there, looking flushed, and tired. And livid.

“What are you all doing? It's quarter to ten! The wedding starts at one! Come on! Bridesmaids – upstairs! Page boys – Teddy is in our room; go there. That includes you, Charlee. Nana Molly – could you make sure that Grandma and Grandpa get here safely? Thanks.” and with that, she flounced back out of the room, Milly and Layla hurrying off behind her.

Rose, Dom, Roxy, Molly and Lucy stood up.

“See you later, chick.” Dom patted her hand, before she walked out of the room.

From all of the noise of chairs scraping across the floor, and footsteps jogging out of the room, James had woken up. The piece of toast his head had been resting in was plastered to his cheek. He yawned, and stretched. The toast slid off and landed on the floor.

“Let's go so Tedder's...” he mumbled, as he drew his chair back, and walked out of the room, Fred following lazily behind him. Charlee sighed, and finished the last of her porridge. She pushed the chair back, and stood up, following Fred and James out of the door, Hugo, Albus and Louis following behind.


In Teddy and Victoire's room, Teddy was pacing back and forth in front of the bed. His hair was sticking up in odd, random angles, and he had dark circles under his eyes. He was stressed; Charlee knew that much. And too much stress made him run.

“Um...Ted?” Teddy glanced at Fred, frowning.

“What?” he asked, wringing his hands nervously in front of him.

“Shouldn't we be getting ready?” he asked. Teddy's eyes widened.

“Oh, um, yeah. Yeah, the...the suits...” Teddy trailed off, gesturing at the wardrobe. When nobody bothered to move, Charlee stood up, and walked over to the wardrobe. She pried the doors open, and was immediately blinded with pink. She threw her hands across her eyes, and stumbled away, laughter echoing from the bed behind her.

“And that, my friend, is why we didn't bother to open the wardrobe.” said Fred simply, grinning, as he bounded towards the wardrobe, and took out a deep pink suit.

“” Charlee tried, frowning at the suits. She knew the idea had come up ages ago – but she had never realised they'd actually gone through with it.

Fred chuckled, and clapped Charlee on the back.

“You bet! All of Victoire's other sexy cousins will be begging to have a dance with me!” he said, as he walked over to the corner of the room, and pulled down his trousers. Charlee closed her eyes, and turned away. Thank God for underwear!

She rushed over to the wardrobe, and yanked out her own pink wonder out, hurrying from the room, and across the landing towards the bathroom. She clicked the door shut behind her, and immediately started to undress. She turned on the shower, and jumped in, letting the water trail down her bare body, enjoying the warmness, and the feeling of being fresh that came with it.

Charlee had always loved her morning shower. It took away all her problems from the previous day, and made her feel alive, awake, and ready to move forward.

But today, she couldn't move forward. How could she? She would be sat next to Albus for the whole day, since that was the arranged seating arrangement. If she went and even tried to change that, Victoire would probably roast her on a spit,and eat her whole.

But was that worth it, if only to get away from Albus?

Charlee turned off the shower, and stepped out, picking up the baby blue towel Molly had left out for her that morning. She dried herself quickly, and slipped on her underwear and dress. She didn't see why she couldn't just have gotten changed with the bridesmaids – she had to have her hair and make up done with them, anyway.

Charlee wrapped her wet hair up in the towel, and grabbed her pyjama's, as she ran out of the room, and up another flight of stairs, heading towards the bedroom in which Victoire and the other bridesmaids were situated in.


In the bedroom, everything was havoc. Everyone was huddled around the locked bathroom door, some banging on it, and others whispering words of encouragement.

“What's going on?” Charlee whispered, as she came to a stop next to Dom. Dom chuckled slightly.

“Victoire's in a panic; she's locked herself in the bathroom.” Charlee nodded knowingly; there was no wedding without a bit of last minute drama.

“Where is Molly?” Charlee asked. Dom nodded to the window.

“She's outside along with pretty much everyone else – the guests have started to arrive” Charlee's mouth popped open, and she glanced at the bedroom clock. It was half eleven.

“Aren't they a bit early? It said on the invites to be here by half twelve.” Charlee asked, as she started pushing her way through the crowd, trying to get closer to the bathroom door. Dom followed her, nodding.

“Yeah – but what can Nana Molly do? Tell them to all go away from an hour, and go and explore a Muggle town just down the road from here? I don't think so! Have you seen what some people are wearing?” she made a tutting sound. “I saw Luna arrive, with her husband – what's he called again? I saw her twins arrive too...” Dom frowned. “What are they even called? I know they both have some bogus name Lupiter, or something like that. Anyway – they were all dressed giant sunflowers! Honestly! Mum found it irritating – apparently they dressed like that to her wedding as well!” Charlee rolled her eyes at Dom's dramatics, as she reached the bathroom door. She leaned her head against it; she could hear Victoire's quiet sobs.

“Victoire? Victoire, it's me, Charlee-”


“No, I won't” Charlee sighed, and closed her eyes.

“Victoire – today you are marrying one of my best, forget that. Today you are marrying my only best friend-” she glanced at Rose. Rose was frowning at her.

“Victoire – if you leave him standing there at the alter, I swear I will kill you-”

“Charlee!” hissed Milly, looking irritated. “What the fuck are you-”

“I know what I'm doing.” Charlee said, rolling her eyes. She looked back towards the door.

“I've told you once before, and I'll tell you again; Teddy is head over heels in love with you! I've seen the way he looks at you! When you enter the room, everyone else just...disappears.” Charlee gulped, trying to clear the lump that seemed to have lodged itself in her throat.

“Please...don't leave him standing there.” From inside the bathroom, the sobs stopped; but no footsteps were heard, and no one stepped outside. Charlee sighed; she'd given it her best shot. She stood up, and turned around, walking back across the bedroom towards the hairdresser and make up artist.

“Carry on doing everyone's hair and make up – I'm sure she'll come to her senses eventually.” Both of the women nodded, and Charlee smiled slightly, before she walked out of the room, ignoring Dom's calls. She'd do her hair and make up herself if she had to.

Over the past few days, Charlee had lost nearly everything she had held close – Teddy was the final best friend she had, and the one person who could make her laugh. If he ran from the alter, or if Victoire never turned up, he'd turn into a broken man; she couldn't let that happen to him. Her life may have had a turn for the worst; it didn't mean his had to as well.


She arrived at Teddy's door. She gently knocked on it.

“Come in,” said a rough, hoarse voice. Charlee turned the doorknob, and walked inside.

Teddy was the only person left in the room. He was sat down on the bed, still in his pyjama's, his head in his hands.

Charlee walked across the room, and sat down next to him. She slid an arm around his shoulders, and let him lean against her. She rubbed her hand in circles on his back, trying her best to soothe his nerves.


For ages, neither talked; there were no words that needed to be said. Teddy needed Charlee – and they both knew it. And she was there for him; she always would be.

Finally, Teddy looked at her.

“Thanks,” he said quietly, taking her hand in his. Charlee laced their fingers together.

“No problem.” She replied easily, squeezing his hand tightly in hers. Teddy opened his mouth again.

“Look, Charlee – I'm sorry. I really am. I know I've been a bit of a crap friend recently-”

“Nonsense!” Charlee cut in, staring at him. “You've just been busy.” she glanced at the wall clock; it was twelve.

She stood up, and walked over to the open wardrobe. She pulled out a black suit, with a white shirt, and a pink tie. She made a face at it, as she walked back over to Teddy. He chuckled, and slid off his vest top. Charlee lay down the clothes on the bed, being careful to not stare too much at Teddy's exposed chest. She had to admit that he was pretty toned – although she knew he had never worked out in his life, and ate like a pig. Teddy had always been a total dork, and a complete book-nerd. How did anyone know that he could turn out to be so handsome?

“I'll go outside, yeah?” Charlee said, as she started edging towards the door. Teddy turned, and frowned, looking her up and down.

“I...haven't had my hair or make up done yet.” she explained quickly. Teddy nodded.

“Go and have it done then, you muppet.” he grinned, and Charlee grinned back, before she hurried out of the room and up the staircase.


In the girls' bedroom, everything had settled down from the dramatics that had taken place earlier on in the day. Charlee was relieved to find Victoire sitting in front of a dressing table, warbling off to her make-up artist, while making wild hand gestures.

Charlee smiled, and moved over to where Dom was sat, having the finishing touches done to her hair.

“Do you like it?” Dom asked. Charlee nodded, and smiled. Dom's perfectly straight hair was now flowing down her back in loose ringlets. One ear was covered with her hair, while the other was visible, since the hair above it had been pinned back with a pink butterfly grip.

“You look gorgeous.” Charlee said truthfully. Dom grinned.

“Good – let's just hope I don't upstage the bride.” she winked, and stood up, examining her hair and make up in the mirror.

“DOM!” It was Molly, yelling up the stairs. Dom frowned, and turned around.

“Yeah?” she called back down.

“Your guest in here!” A grin lit up Dom's face. Charlee raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It's Eli!” Dom whispered in excitement, as she made her way to the door.


“Eli! You know – the bartender I met yesterday?” Charlee's mouth made an 'o' shape, as she nodded.

“Oh, yeah, him. I remember.” she smiled slightly. At least something had come out good for someone from the events of the previous night. Dom nodded, and smiled.

“Catch you later, chick!” and with that, she hurried out of the room, and down the stairs.

Charlee turned back around to face the hairdresser.

“Are you the last one?” Charlee nodded, and the hairdresser gestured to the chair. Charlee took a seat, and let the hairdresser work her magic.


Half an hour later, and Charlee's hair and make up was finally finished.

“Go over there,” the make-up artist nodded towards the mirror. Charlee nodded, and thanked her, before she walked over to it, and properly examined herself. Her hair was flowing down her back in loose curls, rather like Dom's – except for the fact that her fringe was straight. Many would think this would clash with the rest of her hair – but it didn't. In fact, it actually suited her hot pink dress. Wow. Who would know that Charlee Marie Moore could pull off wearing a horrid pink dress?

“Charlee!” Charlee jumped in shock, and turned around to see Hugo standing at the door, looking rather impatient.

“Hurry up! Everyone's arriving, and Teddy's in fits of nerves – he's been asking for you for over fifteen minutes. Come on!” Hugo grabbed her arm, and pulled her out of the room.


As they ran down the stairs, and through the kitchen, living room, and hallway, Charlee found that they were the only people in the house – well; apart from the bride, and the bridesmaids, of course, who were situated upstairs.


Outside, a huge, cream gazebo had been put up. Around it hung loads of silver balloons, some in clusters, and some floating around in mid air on their own. Outside of the gazebo was a huge line. At the front, Ron, George, and Harry were pointing people to where they were sitting; Charlee could tell that this wasn't the first time they had done this, considering the fact that they looked bored, and hadn't made made a single mistake.

As Hugo pulled her inside, Charlee found herself looking around once more. There was silver balloons everywhere inside here, too. At the front was a cream stage, where a white wooden alter stood. Behind it, hundreds of cream chairs were laid out in rows, most of which were occupied by wizards and witches Charlee had never heard of, or seen, before.

“It's gorgeous.” Charlee observed. Hugo chuckled.

“I'm glad we've got your approval – took James, Louis and myself quite a few, long hours yesterday. Of course, Victoire will point out everything that is wrong when she sees it.” Charlee let out a soft laugh, and followed Hugo into the back room, where Teddy was once again pacing, surrounded by his friends.

“She won't make an appearance – I can just feel it-”

“You can feel nothing of the sort.” Charlee replied, rolling her eyes. So much for him being the 'calm, cool, and collected one'. He'd obviously learnt some drama queen technique's from his wife-to-be.

Charlee walked past Teddy and sat down in the empty chair between James and Hugo. James smiled at her warmly, and she smiled back. She had definitely missed being on good terms with James – sure, he was a cocky, arrogant, idiotic, attention-seeking man whore; but he was good company.

Across the room from her, Albus was sat on a chair next to Louis, who had his head buried in a book. He was running his hands through his scruffy black hair, and the spark Charlee always saw in him was....well...gone. He looked sad, and depressed – a poor copy of his usual self. Charlee would have wondered if it really was the Albus Severus Potter she knew and loved – but when he looked up, and their eyes met, a scowl appeared on his face, and he turned away from her. was Albus.

“I'm really worried, Charlee.” Teddy had stopped pacing and was standing in front of her. Charlee didn't know whether to think it was cute that a man wasn't afraid to show he was scared – or whether to think it was annoying that he kept banging on about how Victoire 'wouldn't turn up', when everyone knew she would. Sure, there had been dramatics earlier on – but Victoire was a natural-born drama queen. She loved Teddy, and would never leave him standing at the altar.

“Hey, man – it's five to one. You should get outside.” Fred stated, as he pointed at his watch. Teddy nodded.

“You guys go on – I...Y'know...” He nodded at Charlee, and everyone nodded and stood up, walking back into the main part of the gazebo. Charlee stood up, and turned to face Teddy. She gently rested her hands on his shoulders, looking up into his eyes.

“You'll be fine, Teddy.” she said quietly, squeezing his shoulders in a hopefully reassuring manner. Teddy nodded, and glanced nervously at the door.

“I know, I just...It's weird. I mean, to be getting married to the girl I've been in love with since we were kids. It feels surreal. But good.” he added quickly. Charlee laughed softly, and hugged him. Teddy hugged her back tightly.

“She'll be coming soon – we had better get outside – otherwise people will think that you're the one that's bolted.” Teddy chuckled, and let go of his best friend.

“Thank you.” he murmured, and kissed her forehead. Charlee shook her head.

“It's fine. Now get your butt out there.” Teddy chuckled again, and turned around, walking out of the back room. Charlee's gaze swept across the room once, checking she hadn't left anything, before she walked outside after him, and stood to the side of the altar, next to Fred. Fred grinned at her.

“Everything okay?” Charlee nodded.

“Yep. Now we just have to wait for Victoire to show.” Fred nodded, and Charlee gazed towards the door.

The big grandfather clock that was in the corner of the room chimed once. It was one o'clock.

Immediately, the music started up, and the drapes parted. It was time.

A/N: Aaah! It's finally the wedding! I have to say I was quite excited while writing this chapter, since we all have been waiting for it since....chapter five? Yeah, chapter five :L

Anyway – I hope you all enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you all have enjoyed the dramatics of the wedding so far (:

Please rate and review – it does, indeed, make me write faster (:

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