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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen: Liar Liar
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Chapter Thirteen: Liar Liar
By MysticPhoenix


Sekhmet didn’t show up to breakfast, morning classes, or lunch. Remus, who looked extremely pale, paced back and forth in the common room waiting for Sekhmet. When she didn’t come down a disappointed Remus allowed James and Sirius to help him to the hospital wing. It wasn’t until potions class that Sekhmet appeared looking both pale and tired taking her seat next to Isis.

"Where have you been all day? You missed breakfast and lunch not to mention half of your classes?" Isis scolded.

"Throwing up if you must know." Sekhmet mumbled laying her head on the table.

"Serves you right." Lily chided.

"Thanks love you too." Sekhmet lifted her head slightly looked over to where Sirius, James, and Peter sat "Where's Remus?"

"He already left. He wanted to say goodbye this morning but you never came down stairs." Isis said reviewing the chapter from the night before.

"Oh." Sekhmet buried her face in her arms again.

"That's what happens when you drink the whole weekend. However he did say that he will miss you and will give you a big kiss the moment he gets back."

"Really?" Sekhmet’s head shoot up; she quickly regretted it “Ow!”

"Yes and since when do you get all excited over lovey dovey stuff?" Isis asked raising an eyebrow while Lily laughed.

"Apparently since Remus got a hold of her." Lily laughed

“Lily please don’t laugh my head hurts.”

"Settle down please class." Slughorn called as he walked into the room making Sekhmet cringe, "Now as you know today is our potions challenge. You and your partners will create an antidote to whatever poison I give you. Now into your groups and I will come around with the poisons."

"Goody a whole two hours with Snape some on hex me." Sekhmet slowly walked over to join Snape at his desk while Sirius slid into her seat to work with Isis

"Can I hex him please." Sirius whispered in Isis ear


"But it will make your sister feel better."

"She's a big girl. Now start helping me." Sirius and Isis begin measuring the elements of the poison.

Sekhmet was happy to let Snape do all the work since anytime she had attempted guess work in potions things tended to blow up. Instead she handed Snape whatever tools he needed while attempting to stab him with the sharp objects.

"So where's your boyfriend?" Snape asked practically spitting out the word boyfriend.

"We’ve had this conversation. He’s visiting his mother." Sekhmet rolled your eyes.

"Or so you think." Snape turned to face Sekhmet.

"And once again where else would he be going?"

"Are you really that blind?” Snape scoffed then turned back to his work “He's not safe for you to be with."

"Oh come off it your just jealous and don't try and pretend you're not." Sekhmet rubbed her throbbing head.

"I'm serious! He's not who you think." Snape slammed his hand on the desk, Sekhmet winced at the noise.

"Do you want me to hurt you?"

"No I don't want you to get hurt." The whole class was now listening.

"You know I don't have to sit here and listen to you insult my friends or my boyfriend." Sekhmet stood up, "Professor Slughorn Sir!"

"Yes my dear?" Slughorn looked up from his work.

"May I please finish the project with my sister and Sirius?"

"Why the request?"

"My partner will not stop insulting my sister and my friends. I know they do not get along but I refuse to sit here and take it."

"Severus you should know better. Ten points from Slytherin,” Snape’s mouth dropped, “yes from my own house. I expected better from you Severus. Sekhmet you may finish the project with your sister.”

"Thank you professor." Sekhmet picked up her things turning to go but not before sticking her tongue out at Snape once Slughorn had turned his back.

"Nice one." Sirius whispered as Sekhmet sat down.

Sekhmet disappeared soon after potions class and never showed up for dinner. Isis grabbed Sekhmet’s favorite hangover foods from the kitchen and went to check on her sister.

"Hey Sek!" Isis looks around the room "Are you in here?"

"Stop yelling." Sekhmet moaned from behind the closed curtains of her bed.

"Still have the hangover?" Isis asked opening the curtains only to find a mound of pillows and blankets, "Did you steel all the blankets and pillows in the room?"

"No just most and yes I still have my hangover. " Sekhmet stuck her head out keeping her eyes closed "The light hurts and so does the noise. Potion's class was torture!"

"So that's why you ran out of there so fast. I'll send Lily up. Oh and I brought you hangover food."

"Thank you. Now can you please go away."

"Sure." Isis laughed, "Oh by the way I'm going out onto the grounds tonight. So if you feel better you can join me."

"Ok. I'm going back to sleep."

Isis walked back down to the common room. Everyone, but Remus was sitting around the fire working on homework. Isis set her bag down and took a seat next to Lily.

"How's she feeling?" Lily asked.

"She has a really bad headache so I said I would send you up."

"I think she should learn her lesson."

"I've tried that Lily believe me I have tried. Besides she is holding our pillows hostage."

"Yeah I kind of want those back." Lily put her books down and stood up.

"Oh could you do me another favor tonight?"


"I'm gonna get Sek out of the room tonight you think you can dump out all the alcohol?"

"Gladly." Lily disappeared up to the girl's room.

"So love," Sirius said coming up behind the couch. Leaning over the back of the couch he whispered into Isis ear, "do I get any offers like Remus does?" Sirius asked before nuzzling her neck.

"Mmmm…that depends." Isis continued to read her transfigurations book.

"On what?" Sirius walked around the front of the couch leaning down in front of Isis. James watched trying not to laugh at his best friend.

"How good of a boy you are."

"Oh I can be real good."

"I've yet to see that."

"I'll fix that." Sirius gave one of his famous smirks and the next thing Isis knew her book had fallen to the floor and she was looking at Sirius’s backside.

"What do you think you are doing?" Isis attempted to sound upset and not laugh.

"Proving how good I can be." Sirius looked over at James "Don't come upstairs for awhile."

"Have fun just remember we have plans."

"Don't worry so much Prongs."

Sirius carried the protesting Isis up the stairs to the boy’s dorm room laying her down on his bed silencing her protests with kisses.

"Sirius I have to study." Isis managed between kisses

"That test is next week. You need to relax and have some fun."

"I relax and have fun."

"Side reading and discussing wizarding politics with Lily does not count." Sirius's lips were tracing her chin, "I on the other hand can show you an excellent way to relax and have fun."

"I'm not easily convinced." Isis challenged.

"I'm sure I can fix that." Sirius found Isis's lips again while his fingers made their way lightly from her cheek to her neck, then undoing the first three buttons of her shirt. Isis moaned digging her fingers into Sirius’s hair as he lightly nipped her neck.

His lips were on hers again demanding and hungry. The intensity was quickly driving Isis crazy, in one swift motion she removed Sirius's shirt. Sirius pulled back with a surprised look on his face while Isis just smirked. Wrapping her arms around his neck Isis pulled Sirius back down to her. Sirius’s lips continued their journey from Isis’s mouth down her neck and back each time going a little lower as he undid the buttons of her shirt.

Isis shifted her body slightly Isis managed to flip Sirius on his back straddling his hips. Isis slid her shirt off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. Sirius’s hands worked their way up her side and back settling on the clasp of her bra while Isis undid his pants button.

"I'm cured!" Sekhmet bursts through the door, "Come on Sis we have an adventure to plan! Quit messing … Oh hi Sirius! What are you doing here?" With an irritated looked Isis got off Sirius retrieving her shirt.

"This is my room." Sirius growled not happy about being interrupted "Now leave."

"No I want my sister." Sekhmet placed her hand on her hips.

"I'll meet you downstairs." Isis glared at her sister.

"Ok." Satisfied Sekhmet left the room closing the door.

Grabbing her shirt off the floor Isis re-hooked her bra slipping her shirt back on.

"Where do you think you are going?" Sirius asked kissing her neck pulling a moan from her lips.

"Downstairs." Isis sighed.


"Do you really think Sek will leave us alone? You could barricade the door and she will still get through and you know it." Sirius growled as Isis finished buttoning her shirt, "We'll finish this later." Turning her head kissing him, "I promise."

The castle’s clock toweled midnight as a small beige cat with brown circle markings leaps out of the forest near the lake chasing a firefly. She looked only slightly larger than a large house cat turning 180 degrees on her hind legs as she leapt into the air just missing her target. She came to a halt as the firefly headed over the lake. The moon caught her face reveling startling blue eyes. Turning quickly she ran back into the forest.


"Up here!" leaping from branch to branch was a small black panther only slightly larger than her sister, but still noticeably larger than a large house cat. Her black fur was silky and her eyes shown with the same brilliant blue color. Her movements, like her sisters, were graceful and powerful.

"What are you doing up there?" Cat Sekhmet cocked her head to one side.


"But I want to play."

"Then go play." Isis growled.

"You're still mad about earlier aren't you?"

"A little."

"I said I was sorry."

"I know."


"I'm just enjoying the - "Isis stops and sniffs the air, "Do you smell that?"

"Yeah, new animals?" Sekhmet sniffed the air.

"I'm not sure. Its animal mixed with human."

Sekhmet sniffs the air again as the wind blows stronger "I smell a rat!" She runs off towards the lake

"You're gonna be washing your mouth out all night!" Isis calls after her "She's asking for it." Isis sniffs the wind again as she does so furious barking echoes across the lake. Isis looks towards the lake as Sekhmet running for the trees a rat dangling from her mouth and a humongous black dog hot on her tail.

As Sekhmet cleared the trees Isis leaps down stopping the dog in its tracks. The dog jumps back startled but comes back to its sense quickly growling at Isis. Isis matches the dog's growl settling low ready to strike.

"Let me pass!" "Leave my sister alone!" They growled at the same time

"Isis!" The dog jumped back again.

"Sirius?" The black cat cocked her head to one side before shacking it in confusion.

"Yes." They answered once more at the same time.

"You're an animagus?" Isis asked shocked.

"It would seem you are too."

"I think that is obvious."

"Then that means the other cat I was chasing was Sek."

"You would be correct. Why were you chasing her?"

"She has Peter."

"Oh dear." Isis turns "SEK COME BACK HERE NOW!"

Sekhmet appeared from behind a tree, "What?"

"Drop the rat."


"Because it’s Peter!"

"GROSS!" Sekhmet spits the rats out and it scrambles away behind the large black dog, "Then who's the mutt?"


"Geez I knew you were really mad about earlier but trying to kill me!” Sekhmet hissed then laughed, “Yeah because Isis will totally have sex with you if you did that. Idiot!" She proceeds to wipe her tongue off with her paw.

As she does so a stag comes galloping into the tree line, "Padfoot are you alright." He asks survey the two cats and his friend.

"Hello James." Isis said amused.

"Isis!" James yelled shocked.

"Don't forget me!" Sekhmet piped up.

"Sekhmet! You took Peter!"

"I'm sorry geez!"

Another small growl was heard on the edge of the trees as a wolf walked into the trees. He was no normal wolf Sekhmet noted he was a werewolf. Sekhmet drew closer to her sister.

"Prongs? Padfoot? Wormtail? Is everything alright." The werewolf came closer.

"Wait Moon-" Sirius started, but it was too late, Sekhmet recognized the werewolf’s voice.

"Remus?" She asked walking up to the werewolf.

"Sek." Remus sounded as if he could cry "I…I"

"You lied to me! How could you!" She smacked him across her face with her paw leaving three scratches on the left side of his face "How could you." She was crying. Taking off full speed she bolted for the castle. Isis was hot on her tail. Remus's head hung then faced skyward as he let out a heart retching howl.

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Double Trouble: Chapter Thirteen: Liar Liar


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