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Pursuing the Unattainable by Cleopatraa
Chapter 1 : Lover...
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A thousand drained corpses and prayers for mercy can't drag me from him, Marlene thought.

It had all started at Hogwarts. It had been exciting because it had been forbidden, she a Gryffindor, he a Slytherin. They glared at each other in the hallways but moaned each other's names only a few hours later.

Marlene looked at Leander Travers. She hated his eyes and the way they always look at her. She hated the way he said what her heart pleaded to hear. But the thing she hated the most about him, was how everything reminded her of him. Everything.

No matter how hard she scrubbed away at her skin she could still feel his hands on her. She can feel – or worse yet remember – the sensation of his lips crashing into hers. He was everywhere on her. Even his smell had somehow managed to fix itself in her memory.

"Say something." His words were faint as his lips descended on her scorching skin.

She tried to hide the smirk tugging at her lips. She knew what he wanted her to say: his name. Making a female scream her lover's name in pleasure was some sort of male dominance issue. But he should know by now, especially after all these years, that Marlene McKinnon is not submissive. Even now as he nipped and bit her skin, she refused to say a word, much less make a sound. Doing so would only serve as a means to let him think he had something over her and that certainly can't happen.

"Say-" Plump lips moved along her wrist, planting wet kisses. "-anything."

"I'm…" His breath is warm and it tickled her as his lips once again were on the move. "I'm bored." And his hands froze in place.

I guess that wasn't the best thing to say.

"Do you want to leave?" His lips didn’t move from her skin and neither did his hands. Despite her prior statement, he’s still fully entangled in her. "Tell me you want to leave."

“I don't want to leave.”

How does he know just what to say? I hate him so much more for it. For being able to manipulate me into wanting him. It has always been this way. This unspoken relationship we have is all we both have to keep us sane. We should be perfect but we are so mismatched that it hurts. It burns.

He mumbled something into her skin. She didn’t hear him but she knew what he said. She ignored it anyway. It was cheap and easy. A moment of weakness and she has had them too. Three words that don't tell the whole story. I love you. And I hate you, I want you and I need you.

She knew they weren’t destined to be happy. But a thousand drained corpses and prayers for mercy can't drag her willingly from him. Even when she wished it could. Because she knew one day she would have to leave him.

For those who didn't know Travers killed Marlene McKinnon in the first war. And in this story this was the reason he killed her. She left him. I hope you enjoyed it. Please review and rate. The title belongs to odyssey and the beta was  PrincessPadfoot. Thank you both of you! Also check out my other stories and my MTA! BTW this is my first story so I would love to hear what you think

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