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Badgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve by LaylaBethJagger
Chapter 15 : Hyperactive Super Energizer Bunnies P1
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15. Hyperactive Super Energizer Bunnies


Rose had her hand pressed against my forehead, as she and Albus ushered me out of the now silent Madame Puddifoots.

You know how in novels how people describe their distress with cleverly placed synonyms for ‘upset’ and ‘pain,’ because the author really can’t figure out how to describe what going on?

Well, I was right in the author’s position.

Only I felt the pain.

I knew exactly what was going on, and I knew what I was feeling. Hurt. Pain. Distress.

But there was no way to describe it. All I could think was that I was watching my world crashing down around me, and Eric was standing there smirking, while the rest of Madame Puddifoots went silent.

Now, I was used to this, don’t get me wrong.

People talking to me, insulting me, or laughing at me. But it was always people like Sabriel Malfoy or Indiana Stephens. It was never Eric. And none of the girls Eric dated had ever said things like that. And, unlike my encounters with Sabriel or Indiana, I didn’t have any heroic friends to rescue me. It was always Eric who did that sort of thing. Or Emily, or sometimes even Oz.

I was all by myself, waiting for Penny or Eric to keep on spitting out the stabbing insults that they seemed to have practised in the mirror.

“Talk to me, Katie...” Rose urged.

I gurgled a little.

“Let’s take her to The Three Broomsticks,” Fred suggested. “It’s warmer inside, and I don’t think word can spread that quickly.

Everyone agreed and then I was being ushered in the direction of the warmer, nicer café, with less—

What’s the word?

Oh yeah—


The next thing I knew I was sitting down on the plush leather of one of the booths, tears splashing out from my eyes in a very unsexy way. (Not kidding, there were snorts, and everything.)

“Quick.” Albus said, in a very hurried sort of way. I wasn’t really focusing on account of the horrible amount of swirling and distress sin my stomach. “Get her a hot chocolate.” He shoved some money in Scorpius’s hands—who proceeded to shove the money back and get his own wallet out.

Albus then looked back at me, “There’s no problem that can not be solved by chocolate...” He assured me.

My stomach seemed to have other ideas.

“Merlin, I think I might throw up.”

Albus blanched. “Except for that.” He corrected himself.

Rose leaned forward. “Take deep breaths, and don’t focus on the feeling and keep your mouth as tightly closed as you can.”

Fred leaned down to her. “Does that usually work?”

Rose only needed to say, “My mum taught me it.” And it was affirmed that, if Hermione Weasley suggested it, it must indeed work.

Scorpius returned with the hot chocolate.

“Hold on that,” He said suddenly, “If you don’t mind.”

Scorpius shrugged and took a swig from it himself. I smiled slightly.

“Don’t worry about them, Katie...” Rose said to me, leaning forward and making sure I was looking her right in the eye.

I looked at everyone. Fred and Scorpius were both shadowing the small booth from outside view. Albus was sitting next to me, his arm still wrapped around my shoulder from where he had been guiding me, and Rose sat opposite me, leaning across the table to look at me.

“Was he right?” I asked. “Was she right?”

They all denied it straight away.

“She’s a bad person.” Rose promised me, nodding her head.

“A poophead, if you will.” Fred suggested.

I cracked a smile at that.

“Rosie and Fred are right,” Albus said. “She’s manipulative and shallow and—”

“Why doesn’t she like me?” I demanded of them. “Most people at least think I’m a little funny. All she does is glare at me, and turn Eric totally against me.”

I looked up at them all, a little hysterically.

“Am I a traitor? Have I done something really bad? Am I repulsive, or something?”

Albus pulled me a little tighter to his body, which wasn’t something I was going to complain about.

“We’re your friends.” He said.

“Yeah,” Scorpius backed him up. “We’d call you repulsive in a second.”

Rose shot him a look, but I smiled, and she seemed to not want to kill him.

“Maybe,” I suggested hopefully, “Eric and I could still work it out. I could talk to Penny and she could realise that I’m not as bad as she thinks I am?”

I once again looked around at all their faces. “Do you think we could still work it out?”

Fred sighed. “I think you're missing something about the whole poophead principle.” He said, instead of answering my question.

Rose sighed.

“Kate. If Penny Ryan doesn’t see you for the wonderful person you really are, then she doesn’t deserve to. And if Smithers is going to take the side of his new girlfriend, instead of even listening to you, then he’s no better than he says you are.” Rose promised.

I couldn’t really understand the last little bit, but I got the general gist.

“Yeah,” Fred said, nodding in agreement. “I mean, would I have married you if no one liked you? I generally do things that people like—it makes me popular.” He said.

Scorpius stared at him. “Dude. You’d do anything that people don’t like, just so they’ll hate you.”

Albus cleared his throat and glared at the two of them.

Fred nodded. “You’re right. Bad example.”

Then he looked at me seriously.

“What I mean Katie, is that if they can’t appreciate you, then you don’t need them to. They’re the only one’s who’ll miss out, and that’s their problem.” Fred told me.

I smiled weakly at them all.

Fred and Scorpius were suddenly pushed aside, and I was greeted with two fire-y and seemingly desperate hugs around my neck—one of my assaulters Blonde, and the other Dark Brown.

“We just heard what happened, and we couldn’t take it anymore,” Shirley blabbered to me, pulling away and taking Scorpius’s position at the table side.

Scorpius looked a little affronted at having been pushed out the way to blatantly by such a small girl. Fred was smirking.

“Emily kept telling us that you deserved it, and we though that after you found out what happened to Eric and didn’t care you must have done something she blamed you for...”

“...And she was always crying in the middle of the night, and everyone would get up and try and comfort her and you’d stay asleep and totally resting...”

“...and it kind of came across like you suddenly didn’t care what was going on with anyone but yourself...” Shirley put in.

“...But then we heard you defend Hilary St. Claire, so we went to talk to her, and she really is kind of nice so we were like, maybe we shouldn’t have picked a side so suddenly...”

“...And we were actually looking for you to apologise but then we heard you this morning with Oz and we realised that you totally still did care about other people, and you were the same Kate as ever, even thought Emily said you weren’t...”

“And then we heard what Eric and that horrible cow Penny said you and we realised we were totally wrong and now we just wanted to say—”


There was a little bit of a stunned silence after that.

Lauren and Shirley were very close best friends, which was relatively easy to guess. After six years they had taken to finishing each other sentences and such. However, listening to them now, was kind of like watching two Hyperactive Super Energizer Bunnies fight for forgiveness.


“Oh god,” Shirley said worriedly. “You hate us don’t you? Oh please don’t hate us. We’re so sorry.”

I shook my head. “No...” I said suddenly. “I don’t hate you. I don’t hate anyone. I’m just, surprised. I thought you guys were angry at me.”

They both shook their heads, a little resigned.

“Em did say a lot of stuff that she sort of backed up with you doing all your new stuff.” Lauren said, sighing.

I frowned. “What did she say?”

Shirley sighed. “Well, she kept on talking about how you had changed and all you wanted to do now was be popular—which,” she looked at Rose, Albus, Scorpius and Fred, “No offence, but was kind of easy to believe.”

Oh god.

That was Emily tactic number one.

Twist real fact and make it take a new view so they believe her.

I should have seen that one coming.

“But we heard Penny and Eric in there, and we just couldn’t—you know—”

“—not talk to you any more. I mean you’re so funny—”

“—yeah, real funny—”

“—And you make everyone laugh, and no one really thinks of you like Penny said—”

“—no, no one—”

“—everyone just thinks that you finally made a decision that didn’t agree with other people. And everyone’s really proud of you for taking that step—”

“—yeah, really proud—”

“Of course no one’s going to say that out loud, because Emily’s like, on a rampage when you’re not around. Making sure that no one talks to you, but I think it’s just because she wants you to come back and ask her to forgive you.”

“Do you... uh... always talk like that?” Fred asked quietly.

“Like what?” The asked, innocently, but in unison.

Fred took that as a yes, and then turned back to Scorpius.

It was kind of weird that they spoke like that. Shirley was a vegan, and didn’t eat any meat at all. She wore hippie clothes right down to the wearing of bands around her hair and floral clothes.

Lauren was the same—she had created a petition (which I signed) against the constant hunting of Demiguise’s so we could make Invisibility cloaks—and then she had practically created and led the mass riot against the ministry for not paying attention to said petition.

She didn’t dress quite as strangely as Shirley did, but she was a little more extreme.

However, on first glance, you would assume that they were mellow and calm, with a hidden anger about injustice and refusal to listen to the man.

Not hyperactive.

Like they were.

“Uh…” I finally managed to find my voice. “Thanks guys. I… understand then I guess.”

And then I was engulfed in a hug that shouldn’t have been physically possible from two girls that small.

“Uh... Hey Katie.”

I jerked, looking away from where Emily and Penny sat, chatting animatedly up to my Potions Partner. Hilary was looking down at me with a grim expression on her face.

“I heard about the weekend.” She said cautiously.

Of course she had heard about the weekend. People at Hogwarts didn’t get publicly cut to pieces by old friends and their girlfriends without words getting around later.

Although, no one was man enough to talk about it that much as I had recently become good friends with some of the most influential people in the school, not to mention the children of the most influential people in the wizarding world.

Oh yeah, these connections are good ones.

But it wasn’t as though people didn’t still look at me. I could tell that everyone knew. It was obvious. They would ‘shush’ each other and then eye me strongly if I walked past them.

If I heard a snippet of their conversation it would always involve the words ‘Dalton,’ ‘Potter,’ and ‘Smithers.’

And the gossip? I didn’t like.

Therefore, I stared at Hilary with dry eyes. “Did you?” I said tiredly, because I really was sick of the looks I was getting from everyone.

“Yeah,” Hilary said hurriedly. “And I’m totally on your side. Ryan was way out of her depth saying those things to you. Everyone’s talking about how she’s a right cow.”

Of course they are. You don’t go against a friend of the Weasley/Potters without expecting to have the support group in the minority.

But, as far as honesty went, Hilary was the first person to admit to me that people were still gossiping, despite the fact this it was Monday now.

Hilary pulled out her chair as Professor Levett walked in the door, and sat next to me. She seemed nervous, like I was about to snap at her.

“Oi.” I said, and she jumped. “Calm down. I’m not about to go terminator on your ass, Kay?”

And since she was one of the only friends I had who was also raised in a muggle environment, she actually got my pop culture reference.

It brightened my day considerably.

Hilary relaxed though and began smiling a little.

“I’m serious though, Katie.” She said staring at me as though she was trying to stare into my soul. “What Penelope Ryan did to you was so rude and so mean. Everyone’s angry at her for it.”

That was the truth as well, which I had definitely noticed.

When asking the school to side between the Potters and the Weasleys, and a group opposing the Potters and the Weasleys, you almost always ended up with the same result.

It was evident here that history had repeated itself.

Penny was getting dirty looks every where she walked—not quite as bad as mine, but I was getting sympathetic looks, which could also be classified as terminally depressing. Eric was walking around the halls glowering at any one who tried to speak with him.

It was like he was the Hulk or something.

But I wasn’t worried about them any more. Eric and Penny had hurt me way more than my decision had hurt either of them.

It was Emily I was worried about.

Her hair was gradually looking deader and deader. The bags under her eyes had tripled in size and her skin was pale. Her finger nails were dirty and her uniform was crumpled. She looked ill.

Sick, even, and I was supposed to be there helping her.

And it was no secret that I missed her desperately.

One can love Rose Weasley to pieces, but there are only so many conversations you can have with her about Charms before you decide that suicide is the better option.

And I don’t think anyone could guess the pain that comes with being pals with Scorpius and Fred. All they think is ‘Nice Hair cut’ and ‘very conveniently placed muscles’ and always ‘their pranks are so funny.’

No one ever thinks about who they test their pranks on. For instance—the pimples full of purple pus was tested on yours truly—and it was hard to scream at them in anger when they were in hysterical laughter

And I did miss Emily.

In fact, I missed the pants off of her. It was ridiculous how much I found it to miss one person, even though they were seemingly going out of their way to make my life a living hell.

I missed her.

“How are you holding up though?” Hilary asked curiously. “Like, you’re not going to sink into depression on me right? I mean—you’re the only person who’s spoken to me in this class, ever and I’d die if you killed yourself.”

I was sorely tempted to point out, that obviously, I would die as well.

But I left it at a smile instead.

“Not to worry,” I reassured her. “I won’t be committing suicide any time soon.”

Hilary exhaled in relief, and I brought myself to smile. I hadn’t been doing much of that in recent days and this was probably the first time I had been amused in a couple of days.

Which is a big achievement for our Hilary St. Claire, because I’ve spent the last couple of days in the presence of the funniest three blokes in the Hogwarts.

“I don’t know how you handle it.” She told me suddenly, her hand clasping onto the top of mine. “I mean, if it had been me I would have curled up and cried in my dorm for days on end. But almost straight after you were sitting at dinner and chatting with the others like you always do.”

It was a compliment that was for sure.

Also, a little freaky that she knew what I did normally at the dinner table.

But it hadn’t really been normal. I had nodded along with the conversation and made my comments—an action made considerably easier with the fact that Rose had kept me in her warm grasp under her shoulder the entire night.

Of course, I would have been extremely more into the conversation, and smiley-wiley and such, if it had been Albus who was holding me, but I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me or anything.

“It’s not that hard.” I explained to her with a slight shrug of my shoulders. In front of us Professor Levett was organising all the things we needed for today on the front table, occasionally telling us to shush.

His attempts were fruitless, however, and the entire class continued to chatter.

“It wasn’t like Ryan shattered my world or anything. It was more Eric that had me spinning. And all I really realised was that we’re never going to be good friends again. I can always hope but it’s probably not going to happen. He just made me realise that.”

There was an intake of breath from nearby, and my heard jerked instinctively.

I caught Eric’s eye at that moment, and he looked shattered.

Staring at me as though I had just knocked down every wall he had created and left it to kill his brain. I was like, a Godzilla in his head.

I was hurting him.

It was gone as quickly as it had come though, and his face was suddenly stone hard and cold again. Penny rubbed his arm soothingly though, and as I turned my head to look back at Hilary I also saw Emily.

She was looking just as ill, but more upset now.

Hilary was looking sympathetically at me though, and I found the heart to pull my eyes away from my old best friend. Emily wouldn’t forgive me. Not unless it was the end of the world. Maybe not even then.

But I wasn’t forgiving her either.

She had been my rock and she let me fall. And I had practically shattered into a million pieces which she had left for other people to clean up.

And that had been Albus, and Fred, and Rosie and Scor.

Not her, and not Eric.

And DEFINITELY not Penelope Ryan.

“Alright then everybody,” Levett called out to the room. “Hush up now and we’ll get on with it.”

Hilary smiled bravely at me one more time before relaxing back into her seat and turning her attentions to the scarred Ravenclaw Head. I did the same facing Levett and grimily resting my head in my hands.

“Today, we’ll be attempting to create a draught of Peace.”

Ah. This man sorely overestimated the talents of this Potions class.

“Get with your partners—oh, you’re already in them—well then. All of the equipment is up the front on this desk and the directions are on page 232 of your text books. You will need to grab your Ferula seeds from the store cupboard, and while we have the right amount of Acromantula hair to go around—don’t take too much because attaining the hair is particularly dangerous and if we run out, then it will be up to you to harvest some more. And you will be harvesting more.”

Levett smirked at our suddenly petrified faces.

“Right,” I whispered, “No on the extra hair then.”

Hilary giggled.

“Not like you need any Dalton. You’re hairy enough as it is.” Sabriel sneered from her and Indiana’s seats in front of us.

I rolled my eyes willing to let her comment slide. I had been insulted enough. It was beginning to not matter.

I was numbed, if you will.

But Hilary didn’t seem so eager to let it slide.

“Quite frankly,” she said loud enough for Sabriel to hear clearly. “I don’t know what Levett’s worried about. If we run out of the Acromantula hair, we could always take some of Malfoy’s leg hair. She’s monster enough. And God knows she needs the shave.”

Hilary said it quietly—but everyone had stopped talking so that they could hear me being ripped to pieces again. And consequently, everyone heard Hilary’s scathing—and hilarious— comment.

Levett, who had also heard, just rolled his eyes and let his head loll in his seat.

Sabriel and Indiana both turned their angry eyes on Hilary.

“Excuse me?” Sabriel snapped.

Hilary braced herself, but didn’t back down. “You heard me.” She said evenly.

The girl’s got spunk.

Sabriel’s eyes flashed. “Maybe you made a mistake—you want to repeat yourself?”

Hilary shrugged. “I just meant that maybe if you donated some of your hair to the Potions Department last year, then James Potter would have run away from your creepy obsession with him.”

There was a silence.

“Well,” Hilary said loudly. “He probably still would have run, just not as fast as he did.”

And that was how I found myself—with the aid of Professor Levett—struggling to pull a murderous Sabriel Malfoy off a laughing Hilary St. Claire.

Hey Guys. Chapter fifteen. I hope I made you laugh a little despite the intensity of the last chapter. Anyway, I hope you review, and I hope that I’m not messing anything up.


It’s really not that hard.

But, thank you for reading, and I’ll update soon.



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