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Not So Obvious by elveriamoir
Chapter 7 : the start
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AN: I do not own Harry Potter, its all JK Rowling.

Chapter Seven the Start.

It was several days after the collision in the front hall and Lucius was still pondering how to get Severus to agree to a make over. He was also pondering what to do to forward his relationship with James. He was deep in thought and oblivious to the lack of noise and confusion going on around him. Across the table from him sat Severus starring across the hall, with a slight frown on his face and glazed eyes. They were again alone in the Great Hall, Saturdays not being know for their early risers, it was after all a boarding school. Settling on no satisfactory way to get Severus to co-operate, and no ideas presenting themselves in how to get James alone again Lucius forced himself to come back to the present. He glanced at Severus and noticing the boy’s distance look sighed to himself. A disturbance just beyond the large doors grabbed his attention, and against his Slytherin side’s better judgement, he abandoned his now cold bacon for a closer look.

  Standing just inside the curve of one of the doors gave him a view of the entire entrance hall and the main stairs. What, or rather who was making the commotion, was Sirius and James arguing over Remus. Sirius had James in a headlock and James was elbowing Sirius in the ribs. As if aware of his presence, they stopped short and looked straight at him. Lucius cursed as he felt the blush rise up his cheeks, yet again, wishing he’d inherited his mother’s darker skin rather than his father’s alabaster tone. Involved in his embarrassment he failed to notice James’ greedy perusal of him, or Sirius’ dropped jaw. Lucius was saved from further embarrassment when the object of the argument itself, swept down the stairs and passed the three boys into the Great Hall, with out speaking to either of his friends.

  “What the hell,” Lucius asked, unable to help himself in his embarrassment and confusion. “I thought you were all as thick as thieves again?”

  Looking shocked at the semi-civilised comment from Lucius, Sirius was at a loss to answer him. James however grinned evilly, “Oh we are,” he answered sauntering over to the Slytherin and draping an arm around Lucius’ shoulders ignoring the other boy’s gasp and Sirius open mouth. “We however are being punished for waking him up far to early on a Saturday after a rather late Friday night. You see Remus likes sleep, he also likes to lie in bed and laze his days away, we,” he indicates at Sirius and himself, “don't. I see you and Sna…Severus don’t believe in lie-ins either.”

  Lucius turned his head slightly in query and found himself eye to eye with the bespectacled boy next to him. His eyes traced to slightly aristocratic features and locked on the mouth. Oblivious to Sirius standing there he licked his own lips, and his breathing hitched slightly. James had leant in towards him, his lips parted slightly in expectation, when a shout from the hall snapped them back to their surroundings.

  “You have got to be kidding me! You wake me up at some godforsaken hour, you make me gat ready and drag me down to breakfast and then you leave me in the hall with Severus Snape!” Remus appeared at the doors with Snape, he lowered his voice to whisper at the really confused Severus, “no offence man.” Taking in the scene in front of him, James’ arm still draped around Lucius, whose cheeks were rather pink, and Sirius standing with his mouth open in shock, he sighs. Lucius slips out from under James’ arm feeling the loss immediately. He moves slowly to stand by Severus but Remus stops him with a firm hand on his arm. Lucius tries to pull free, and is puzzled by the strength the boy can manage without any apparent strain. He looks up at Remus and is surprised to see a friendly gleam in his eye.

  Remus nudges Severus, who had been standing muttering under his breath through out. Severus immediately looks guilty and quickly passes James a serviette wrapped parcel. James grins, grabs Lucius by the arm, and starts to pull him away from the group, to the open doors. The last thing Lucius hears from the group is Sirius wailing for someone to tell him what was going on.

After a few moments gathering his thoughts, Lucius turns towards James who was still towing him along by his hand.

  “You do realise that Sirius and Remus will probably kill poor Sev?” he asks mildly shocked.

  James stops and turns to look at him, eyebrows raised. Glancing round he pulls Lucius behind a tree and leans in close to him, leaving barely a gap of air between their bodies. Lucius feels his breath hitch again, his heart starts hammering and that flush creeps up his face again. He looks down at his feet, hiding his face with his hair. A strong hand pushes gently up on his chin, forcing his ice blue eyes to meet those of silver grey. The hand leaves his chin and a gentle hesitant finger traces down his cheek.

  “Please don’t hide from me.” a voice croons, “please don’t think you have to wear your mask around me. I’ll let you in on a secret, that blush, that reaction to me, it’s amazing. I mean you always look fantastic, but knowing I can get that response from you, you have no idea what it does to me.” He moves his head and Lucius feels his breath on his ear. “As for our friends, do you honestly think now I have you to myself I’m going to worry.” he pulls back and seeing despite his embarrassment and longing Lucius is still worried. Lucius knows what’s written over his face but is powerless to hide, drawn in by James’ words, he’s so hooked he barely hears the next bit. “Besides they have both promised to be on their best behaviour, “he stops considering something. "Well Remus has promised for both of them, and he can keep Sirius in line.”

  A couple of seconds pass and this slowly sinks in “What?!” yelps Lucius.

  “You didn’t seriously think I’d let them hurt your friend did you?” asks James, looking slightly hurt but grabbing his hand again. He steps back and Lucius feels the loss again. James starts walking, pulling Lucius slightly along, “I care for you more than that. Or haven’t you figure that out.”

  Lucius shakes his head in shook, “I’m a Slytherin, caring normally isn’t in our dictionary. I realise it now though I’m sorry I doubted.” looking around him puzzled, he quirks an eyebrow, “where are you taking me?”

  James keeps walking only turning his head slightly; his smile knocks the breath out of Lucius. “Wait and see, if you don’t like it we can head back.”

  Lucius gulps as James continues, “ I didn’t think you’d want anyone to know what happened between us so I thought you might wana talk some place away from people,” he stops as Lucius chuckles, “What?”

“ I was just thinking this morning how I was to find away to get us sometime.”

“I must admit I didn’t think of this Remus did, he even showed me the spot.”

  “So Remus approves?” this was asked hesitatingly, “ I didn’t think he would”.

James pulls him through some trees before answering, “ Remus isn’t how everyone perceives him." He pauses considering his words again." Remus is different. In some things he’s a perfect student and in others well everyone has there secrets. We are all a bit wild in our own fashion." James stops looking guilty for a second, before waving a hand, "There what do you think?”

“James its brilliant. So peaceful, and shaded.”

Lucius frees himself of James hand and flops down on the rug with a careless elegance, again oblivious to James’ hungry look. Once comfortable he squints up at James, “You not joining me or you going to hover there all day coz it’ll give me neck ache if I have to pear up at you for very long. James chuckles and throws himself down next to Lucius.

  “Well I mentioned to Remus you seemed to catch the sun very easily so he suggested hear, and this” James flourishes a bottle at Lucius. Who just looks at it blankly. “ I know you aren’t as anti-muggle as you pretend so don't freak out this is sun screen it helps protect you a little from the suns rays. Wont stop you burning if you stay to long though. Just thought might be useful if you wanted to go swimming.” in an aside that Lucius can't fully hear James mutters, "you'll have to let me rub it in though."

  Lucius grins his teeth flashing white, stretching himself out he reaches out pulls James down, gasping as he lands hard across his chest. “Maybe later” he purrs as he gives himself over to just enjoying the day.



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