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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 8 : The Hangover Experience
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I landed on my bed in a heap. My legs felt like lead and my brain was all fuzzy. Stupid sodding Scorpius Malfoy! It was all his fault. Well, his and Seven's. Yes, I could most certainly blame this on Seven as well. If he hadn't have dumped me then I never would have been compelled to try out for the team, thus not being upset about not making said team, thus not trying to avoid Scorpius by downing three glasses of spiked pumpkin juice. Yep, I had decided. It was all Seven's fault.  

Don't get me wrong. Scorpius was still an enormous git, but he wasn't the main problem. Nope, the main problem was nitwit Seven and his sucking face with Gloria. He really needs to be told that his actions are completely inappropriate. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I knew that this was exactly what the arsehole needed to hear. So with that very wonderful idea in mind, I snuck back down through the porthole and up towards the Gryffindor common room. 

I never realized before, but seven flights of steps is not an easy feet. Merlin, what would someone do if they just forgot one book and had to go all the way back up? I imagine that's why a lot of the Gryffindor girls seem to have such killer legs. I mean, look at Roxy, Lily, Lucy and Molly. What I wouldn't do for a pair of legs that didn't look as if they had come from a bird and attached themselves to my torso. Maybe I should start doing some kind of stairicising... stairsicing... um... walking up a lot of stairs. Yeah, maybe I should do that kind of excercise.  

God, am I there yet? Oh, yes, fat lady.  

"Ahoy, big fat one." I waved my arm wide.” I come seeking Seven." 

"I am not fat, thank you very much. I am just a little fluffy." She huffed and stuck her nose up in the air. 

"Sorry, I meant 'Ahoy big fluffy one'. Now can you bring me Seven?" 

"Rude!" She practically wailed.  

Hm... Don’t know what got her knickers in a twist. 

"Rose?" Gordie was coming up the hallway. Man did he get taller in just a few hours? I could have sworn he was shorter than me this morning. 

"You're taller." I said as I rested my body against the cool stone walls. Things were getting fuzzy again. 

His face broke out in an ear splitting grin. "I know... great isn't it?" 

"Sure Gord, it's wonderful. Can you get Seven down here for me?"  

He looked about the hall, as if checking for prying ears. Weird.

"What do you want to see him for?" Gordie asked.  

"I just needed to tell him a few very important things. Think you can go and get him?"  

"I don't think it's a good idea Rose. Maybe you should think on this a bit." 


"Well, you look a bit... frosty." 

What in the blue blazes was this kid talking about? Frosty? My confusion must have been evident, or I said that out loud... I really can't be expected to remember those kinds of details right now. 

"You know... lit." 

"First I am frosty and then I am lit. Make up your bleedin' mind will ya?" I poked him squarely in the chest, but went to rest back against the wall. Man, poking can really take a lot out of a girl. 

"Rose, I just meant that you seem a little inebriated at the moment. Might not be a good idea to talk to Seven in this state." 

What was he talking about? Okay, so maybe I was a bit... fuzzy, but an inebriated, "Pshhh" came flying out of my mouth. 

"Hey Gord... What's taking so long?" I looked to the side to see the portrait open and Seven standing there in all his adorable... no disgusting... glory. "Oh, it's you." 

Ah, my second wind. "Damn right it's me!" I took to poking him instead, it felt much more productive. "You have some serious explaining to do." 

"Rose, I thought we talked about this. It's over. Why must you drag it out any longer?"

He took a step back into the entry way. 

"I don't think so Seven, not this time." I raised my wand and shouted 'Petrificus Totalis', though perhaps I mispronounced it because only his legs locked together. His arms still flailed about. He fell to the floor with a thud and an expletive that I had honestly never heard before, but was pretty sure mum would not approve. 

"Well, I think I'll just..." Gordan stepped over Seven's legs. Seven made a last ditch effort to grab hold of the hem of Gordie's trousers, but Gordan was too quick. The portrait swung closed behind him, leaving me alone with a scowling, partially immobile Seven. 

"Now you listen to me..." I approached Seven's prone form, making sure to steer a little over an arm’s length away. "You are a git! You are a sodding piece of filth that doesn't deserve to wipe my arse, let alone kiss me. I can't believe after two years... two frickin' years... that you could just ditch me like that and then go off and snog someone else less than two weeks later. Who the hell does that? What kind of man are you?" I took a long breath then continued, "I don't know what the hell is going on with you, though I will find out Seven. You will not be able to keep your potion thing a secret forever, but I do know that I don't bleeding care. I don't mother effing care. Do you hear me?"  

Hm... perhaps that was a bit too loud. No need to bring all of Gryffindor outside. 

"Are you done now?" he asked, and though his voice was cold, his face was red hot. I could see the vein in his neck pulse as he worked himself into a sort of push up position and tried to pull his body closer to mine. It was a little scary if you must know. It reminded me of some of those B horror movies that Hugo would watch. 

"Yes, I think so." I nodded once and turned around, though not very brilliantly. As the adrenaline wore off, the affects of the pumpkin juice returned full force. Then I started to walk away. 

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked. I turned my head to look at him.  

"Nope, don't think so... oh wait. You're an arsehole, and I hope Gloria gives you an infection." Yep, that was it. 

"C'mon, Rose. Unbind me." His voice became whiney. 

"I don't think I will, thanks."  

And with that parting shot, I turned the corner and left Seven alone in his misery... or more like discomfort, because really it was me who was miserable. One of his fellow Gryffindors would come around soon enough and help him out, or Gordie would come out to check if he didn't come back in a little while. Seven would be fine. He would live to snog Gloria another day.  

I, however, felt sick. Really, really sick. And I knew that it wasn't just alcohol. Nope, I felt sick because while it felt nice in the moment to tell Seven off, it now made me feel awful. I was no less alone because of it. Now I was just some insane ex-girlfriend who wasn't able to get over the boy that she loved. Yep, that's me. I'm crazy Rose Weasley, stalker and hexer of all who dare to dump me.   


"It's about time." Six said to me as I scrambled out of bed still wearing my outfit from the night before. I ran a hand through my hair to find it got stuck half way from all of the tangles.  

"Not in the mood." I grumbled, though whether it came out decipherable I didn't know nor care. 

I grabbed my robe and went into the bathroom, only taking a second to look at myself in the mirror before realizing that I didn't need to scare myself this early in the morning. I was able to gather that the lip color was smeared on the left side of my mouth and my eyes looked like I might have gotten a punch in the face a few times. All in all, not a great look for me. My head was throbbing, but it was nothing a hot shower wouldn't be able to cure. What in the devil happened to me last night? I had just soaped up my hair when the smell of pumpkin shampoo hit my nose. 

"Oh! Oh! Oh, no! Oh, no, Oh no oh no! No bleeding fricking way! Shite! Shite! Shite! Shite! Shite!"  

"Are you okay in there?" Six's voice cut through the steam. 

I gulped, "Yeah, fine. Just, um... stepped on something." Shite! 

I took my time in the shower, needing the extra minutes to figure out exactly how dumb I had been the night before. If my memory served correctly, which for the first time in my life I was hoping it didn't, I had been pretty damn stupid. Not that Seven didn't deserve all that I had said, but... well I am not that girl. What? I'm not. Other girls are those type of girls. Hollace is probably that girl, definitely Jocelyn, but not me. Not Rose Weasley.

Except that, apparently, I was that girl. I was the girl who never got over her ex and stalked him to his dorm, because even though it had only been two weeks, I could not see myself wanting to be with anyone else... ever. Which was the most depressing thing. I mean, what person thinks that they are going to live Happily Ever After with their boyfriend from when they were fourteen? Not Tabby, I am sure. And though I don't ever remember us talking about it, or consciously thinking 'hey, I'm going to marry this guy,' I know that I had never even considered us not together.  

"What is taking so long?" The door to the bathroom swung open once more, sending a cool gust of air into the shower.  

"I'm coming! Hold your knickers, Six." 

I toweled off and slipped into my fluffy dressing gown.  

"What is so important on a Sunday?" My slippered feet slapped against the cold stone floor as I made my way to my trunk and nice warm clothes. 

"Nothing. I just thought it was about time to confront Tabby dear about her little snog session last night." Six winked as Tabby pulled the duvet tighter over her head. How had I forgotten about that?  

"Tabby? Oh, Tabby? Come out, come out!" It was my turn for some fun so I pulled the duvet, causing Tabby to roll and tumble to the floor.  

"What the f- I'm going to kill you Weasley!" Tabby scrambled from the floor, grabbing the duvet back from my grasp and wrapping it around her. I just laughed; other's people pain was so much more fun than my own. 

"So..." Six began, "Tell us about you and Bertram." She had her rare wicked grin on, one that I had come to be very wary of. 

"What about us? We snogged, end of story." 

Six frowned, resembling a sad puppy that had just had his toy taken away.” So are you two, y'know... together now?"  

Tabby sloughed back onto the bed, still wrapped snugly in her covers. "Dunno, too tired to think about it. Now if you don't mind..." She pulled her curtains shut and I could hear the calm even breathing of sleep. 

"Well, that was no fun," Six pouted. 

"Definitely not." I, too, was sad; it would have been a much better distraction had she reacted... at all. Damn Tabs and her cool exterior. 

"Wanna go for some breakfast?" Six asked as she pulled on a light jumper over her shirt. 

"Nope. Not even a little." I said matter of factly.  

"Rose, c'mon. It's not that bad not making the team is it? I mean you didn't even want it until a week ago."  

Ah, poor innocent Six, so unsuspecting of all the terror that went on last night. Not wanting to ruin her lovely innocence, I decided to lie. What's a lie between good friends?  

"Yes, it is that bad." Well, I guess it wasn't a complete lie. I still felt like shite about not making the team. Fuck Scorpius Malfoy.  

"Fine." She left the room, leaving me alone with a sleeping Tabby and Hollace.

Hollace had one foot hanging off of the bed, her mouth was open and a wet spot of drool in the shape of a unicorn was on her pillow. Sodding bitch! Even her drool took on ethereal images.  

I thought about doing something, like turning her hair blue, or drawing a uni-brow on her in Permanent, Permanent Marker, but that would be mean. So instead, I just gave her a dirty look and some side burns. What? Like anyone could have resisted.


I didn't want to stay in the Slytherin dorms all day because one, I had not gotten the Keeper position and was inevitably going to be mocked by many a Slytherin, and two, it would be boring. But the idea of going out into the main of Hogwarts also did not sound appealing either. I am sure the story of my harassment of Seven from the night before was all over the school now. With that and my 'tryst' with Scorpius, I was destined for whispering gossipmongers. 

So what did I do? I went to the Quidditch Pitch and flew around. All the other houses had held their tryouts already; no practices were set to start until tomorrow. I was completely safe. It was just me and the wind and my broom. No one was there to snicker about my great failure, or my supposed 'tryst' with Scorpius, not to mention my psychotic ex-girlfriend episode of the night before. I wasn't sure which was worse. They all sounded pretty bad to me.  

I could feel my fly-away hair as it whipped against my forehead. All thoughts of the last two weeks flew out of my head and I just reveled in the wind on my face and the sun on my back. I must have been flying for a little over half an hour when I shot straight up into the air, seeing how high I could go. When I leveled out, I saw a familiar curly blond head of hair skipping stones in the lake. Feeling a lot better since this morning, and hoping that last night’s incident had yet to reach Slytherin ears, I decided to make my way down to Bertram.  

"So, you and Tabby, huh?" I said as I alit from my broom beside him. 

"No, why? Did she say something?" Red crept its way up Bertram's neck and face.  

"Nope, she's been sleeping. So, if you two aren't together, then what was that last night?" I shot Bertram a sidelong glance as I bent over to pick up a good skipping stone.  

He threw a stone, watching as it skipped its way across the water. "Don't know." 

"Well, do you like her?"  

His face, if possible, became even redder.  

"You do! You like her!" I must admit that it was rather unexpected. I mean, they were polar opposites. She was an in your face, opinionated, sarcastic hater of all things non-Slytherin. Bertram was a quiet, studious, prefect with a Ravenclaw sister. What could they possibly have in common other than their house? 

Bertram threw another stone. I threw mine and watched as it sunk gloriously into the lake, not even making one leap over the water. 

"You gonna tell her?" I asked. 

He threw another stone.

"Y'know, you're going to have to say something here." 

"I don't know, okay? Now will you give it a rest?"  

Wow, he really must like her! I don't think I have ever heard Bertram use such a strong tone unless he was scolding Al or James for calling him Bertie or Bert. 

"Sure, whatever."  

I remounted my broom and left him there to brood. I didn’t figure that two sour people in one area was a good idea. I headed back to the pitch. Perhaps another hour of flying would be good before holing myself off in the dorms. However, when I got to the pitch it was no longer empty. Miles Flynn was there, in all his delicious glory, catching charmed Quaffles before they went into the hoops.  

I started to turn back, figuring that half an hour of peaceful flying wasn't too bad, when I heard Miles call out, "Rose?" 

I winced. I had been hoping that he wouldn't see me, or at least not recognized me if he did. I turned around and headed towards him. 

"Hey, Miles. Practicing I see." I tried to make myself sound as cheerful as possible, though I think it might have come out more croak-like than I had intended. 

"Barely. It's not really the same when you are the one charming the Quaffles." 

"Yeah, tell me about it." I rolled my eyes and was pleased that I didn't sound so forced this time. 

"Hey, d'you think you could throw some my way? Anything has to better than doing it myself." His self deprecating grimace was completely charming. Who was I to say 'no' to that?  

"Sure." I grabbed the Quaffle from Miles and raced away. I was used to playing this role against my dad, so this would just be one more time when I was relegated to practice partner. I should be bitter towards Miles. After all, he got the spot that I had wanted, but for some reason I couldn't muster up the strength to be angry at the handsome lug. Besides, it was all Scorpius' fault anyway. If he had been any kind of real captain he would've had us do a shoot out or something. 

I swished through the air, swerving left then right before heading to Miles straight on. Then at the last second I faked right, and shot for the center hoop. The Quaffle went right above his outstretched hands. I tried very hard to keep the gloat off my face, not quite sure that it was very successful. To my chagrin, he caught the next two shots, but I then I tossed another one by him. Hah! Take that! It was pretty therapeutic, throwing a Quaffle at a blokes head repeatedly, even if I didn't technically have anything against said bloke.

Before I knew it over an hour had passed. 

"You should've tried for Chaser," Miles said as the last shot whirled passed him and into the left hoop. He was panting slightly and sweat beaded on his forehead. He ran a hand through his damp, dark hair, causing it to ruffle up in odd angles. He was a real dish, that was for sure. Quit staring, Rose! I averted my gaze, following instead an owl as it made its trek to the castle. 

"We should probably call it a day." His hand ran through his hair once more, showering some sweat onto my shoulder. I agreed and we made our way back down. Sweat dripped off my own head and I wiped it away with my sleeve.  

"So, why didn't you try for Chaser?" Miles asked when we were half way to the castle. 

I shrugged. "I prefer to play Keeper. Don't really fancy playing Chaser."  

"Too bad, you would have definitely made the team."  

Not really the thing to make me feel better, even if that was the way that it was intended.

Conversation stifled at that point, probably due to my lack of talking.  

"We should do this again sometime." Miles shot me a knee weakening smile, too bad I appeared to be immune to it.  

"Yeah, sure. Well... I um... better go." I walked to the girl’s dorm leaving Miles standing in the middle of the common room. 

A/N:  Yes, I am a horrible person.  But I am working on getting better about updating at my normal speed.  Working 60 hour weeks and tryng to get this house in order for the Sprog is wearing me down... but I won't be abandonng this fic, never fear.

So what did you think?  Anyone ever have a nice stalking ex experience like our dear Rosie here?  I know I have ;)  What about Rose and Miles?  Love to hear from you guys.  The review box has been kinda sad and lonely lately (wink wink)

Thanks to the lovely Georgia Weasley for beta-ing this chapter for me.  And thanks so much to all of you who are still out there reading this.  Much appreciation.

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