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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 31 : Epilogue
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Je t’aime             Epilogue

“GET OUT!” Fleur shouted furiously, her face was wet with sweat and tears. Her eyes were narrowed in Bill’s direction she let go of his hand instead folding his arm.

“Fleur, don’t be stupid.” Bill chuckled before realising this was the wrong thing to do. His wife glared at him angrily.

“Zis is all your fault!” she spat at him.

“You weren’t complaining at the time.” Bill teased. Their healer grimaced at him.

Fleur shrieked angrily and picked up the closest thing to her which happened to be the glass of ice cubes she had on the bedside table. She threw it with as much energy as she could muster. Bill almost laughed as it smashed against the wall slightly to his left. He put his hands up in a surrender position. “Right I am leaving, Merlin!” He moved to the door and still smiling he left Fleur with the healer.

“Yeah she’s definitely part Veela.” Bill grinned casually as he closed the door behind him and turned to look at his family who looked at him confusedly taking up almost all of the St Mungo’s waiting room. Hermione was sat between Ron and Harry biting her nails. Harry had his arm around Ginny who looked half asleep as she rested her head on his chest. George was semi dressed in just a pair of jogging bottoms but was fighting the cold with a cup of coffee in his hand. Charlie looked the most awake for quarter to midnight on a Monday night.

“We heard something break?” Molly asked her son anxiously. Her and Arthur were both in their dressing gowns looking exhausted. “Why are you here?!”

Bill sighed, “She shouted at me to leave. Then she threw her glass at me” Charlie and George snickered at each other.

“Get back in there right now!” Molly hit her son lightly over the head.

Before Bill could move however the healer emerged from the room amusedly. “Your wife would like to talk to your brother.” he smiled at Bill. Bill frowned a little offended he was sure the healer was going to say that Fleur wanted him back in the room with her.

“Which one?” Ginny asked the healer looking between Charlie, Percy, George and Ron. Harry looked thankful he wasn’t included and each brother looked like they didn’t want to be picked to go in the room.

“Erm, George?” the healer smiled as he got to his feet passing his coffee to his mum as he walked into the room where Fleur was preparing to give birth to his nephew.

“Hey Fleur.” George smiled as he looked at the beautiful woman who looked rougher than he had ever seen her look but still managed to maintain her good looks. He laughed to himself, only Fleur could carry off the childbirth look.

“Hi Georgie.” Fleur said quietly.

“You wanna talk?” he asked sitting in the seat Bill had vacated a minute before.

“Healer Hennessey says its not going to be long now.” Fleur said in a low voice.

“Okay…”George said slowly not sure why she had singled him out to tell him this.

“Its going to be after midnight.” Fleur explained looking at her hands. “May 2nd.”

“Oh.” George understood now.

“I’m really sorry.” Fleur said tearfully.

George brushed away her apologies ,“Its not your fault the baby didn’t want to stay in anymore.”

“But Fred-” Fleur

“But nothing.” George cleared his throat as he continued, “We can celebrate your baby and…Fred.”

“Blame Bill.” Fleur said brushing away the last of her tears. “He was the one who forgot to wear a-”

“DON’T WANT TO KNOW!” George complained covering his ears.

Fleur laughed and George soon joined in. Healer Hennessey walked back in while they were laughing. “Hate to break up the fun but its almost time you may want to bring your husband back in?”

George stood up grinning, “I’ll send him in.” he kissed Fleur’s cheek. “Good Luck.”

“Thanks” Fleur smiled nervously.

Barely two seconds after George had left Bill came through the door. They didn’t speak as he joined her. She met his eyes and was suddenly reminded why she had married him. As much as it annoyed her she knew she had already forgiven him for getting her pregnant and putting her through this pain.

“We’re ready Fleur.” Healer Hennessey told her, Fleur closed her eyes in pain and began to push out what felt like a watermelon but was really her baby. There was a lot of groaning followed by encouragement from the healer and her husband but Fleur could hardly hear anything.

“I can’t do eet. Eet hurts too much.” Fleur sobbed slumping in the hospital bed.

With his free hand he cupped her face lovingly looking her directly in the eyes. “You can do this.”

Fleur nodded slightly before Bill pressed his lips to her forehead.

“Ees there no potions I can take?! Can you just summon eet from my uterus!?” Fleur fumed before shutting her eyes and holding Bill’s hand painfully tight, she pushed.

The healer smiled slightly, “Sorry, childbirth is all natural.”

Fleur winced sharply squeezing Bill hand tightly. “‘ow long does thees take?” Fleur complained loudly.

“Almost done.” Healer Hennessey said encouragingly.

Fleur let out a last exhausted cry as a different cry pierced her ears.

“Thank Merlin.” Fleur collapsed back onto the bed tiredly.

Bill loosened his grip on Fleur’s hand as he walked slowly to the bottom of the bed.

“Bill get back to this end!” Fleur blushed slightly but didn’t bother to raise her head up to scold him.

Bill rolled his eyes, ignoring his wife. The healer passed him the small body wrapped in a soft blanket. He looked down at his daughter his eyes sparkling.

“We made a good looking kid.” Bill smiled walking back to Fleur’s side. Fleur back at him holding out her hands, he placed their daughter in her arms.

“She’s beautiful.” Fleur breathed. Bill placed his arm around Fleur’s shoulders as he sat on the bed next to her both of them looking at their daughter.

Healer Hennessy smiled at them taking off her gloves. “Congratulations, you‘re going to be great parents.”

Fleur smiled. “Thank you so much for everything these last nine months.”

She smiled at them, “You’re welcome. Have you thought of a name for her?” she asked cleaning up the sheets at the foot of Fleur’s bed before they could reply she left the room.

Fleur and Bill exchanged a look. “Monique Weasley?” Bill suggested.

Fleur laughed, “Monique would like that but today’s more important.”

Bill frowned as he figured it out when it hit him he looked saddened, “A whole year already.”

Fleur touched his cheek briefly, “Don’t be sad. We won.”

“What’s French for won?”

“Gagné” Fleur said doubtfully?

“Gag-ne?” Bill laughed. “Maybe Not.”

“What about Victoire?” Fleur suggested quietly.

“What does that mean?”

“Victory.” Fleur explained looking at him.

“It’s perfect.” Bill agreed looking at the tufts of blonde hair from their daughters head.

“Monique will have to cope.” Fleur smiled.

“We’ll name the next one after Monique.” Bill said.

“The next one?” Fleur raised her eyebrows at him.

“Fine Dominique, Close enough.” Bill shrugged.

“You’re kind of missing my point.” Fleur laughed.

Bill smiled, “I’m just trying to ignore your point.” Fleur rolled her eyes and they both looked back at their baby.

Fleur couldn’t hold back her tears as Victoire opened her tiny but bright blue eyes to look at her parents.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Bill asked Fleur concerned.

“I love her so much already.” Fleur smiled tearfully.

“So do I.” Bill smiled. “I love you.” he added.

Fleur smiled up at him before kissing him quickly, “I love you.”

So this is some serious fluff but it is the last chapter of Je t’aime! I really hope you have enjoyed this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you all so much for you reviews especially the people who have reviewed so often, Evanlyn, seriously every single chapter, thank you!
Also I would like to add that you only managed to get this update thanks to the amazing Lallen who had a copy of this chapter because my laptop hard drive, well basically it burnt out. She’s an amazing friend, gives the best hugs and is annoying good at writing her first story for hpff!
Anyway I’m glad you all stuck by this story and managed to ignore the dreadful punctuation, spellings, and French. JKRowlings story is the real reason I wrote this because I wanted to see more of the characters from her world.
Again, Thank You All So Much.
Jaded94 x

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