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One Last Time by liquidluck
Chapter 1 : Eyes of His Flower
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Disclaimer: All Harry Potter stuff is owned by J.K Rowling, yeah,yeah let's get on with it...


Crippling pain.

It spread like white-hot fire through his body, crushing his bones, tearing his muscles, burning his flesh. He fell to the ground, vaguely aware that the sphere containing the snake had disappeared. He put his fingers to the place where the snake had bitten, and felt blood. He knew he was going to die.

He thought of the Potter boy, and how he, Severus, had failed, for he had not been able to tell Potter the truth. The truth, that Potter must die. He had failed, so how would the Dark Lord be destroyed?

He saw three figures standing above him, and saw Potter and his friends. He knew he would have to give it to him. The truth. He concentrated on everything he had to tell Potter.

The memories gushed out, silvery blue, and Potter collected them in a flask. Now, Potter would know, about everything. How Potter must die, for the Dark Lord to be vanquished, how Severus had been helping him, all because he loved Lily Evans...

Ah, Lily. He loved her like he had loved nothing else in the world. Even when she had married Potter, he still loved her, for she was his Lily, the beautiful, sweet, flower...

If only he hadn't called her that word. She might still have been friends with him. Maybe even have loved him too. It could have developed into something more, but his stupid, stupid, stupid mistake had cost him the most important thing in the world. She had warned him, too, told him how she didn't like the people he spent time with, didn't like where he was headed, didn't like what his friends did.

Friends, hah! She was all he cared about, and yet he ignored what she'd said, the idiot that he was. He loved spending time with her, loved when she talked to him, loved when she smiled, loved when she laughed, loved when she said his name...

He had been gripped with cold, shaking terror when he told the Dark Lord the prophecy and the Dark Lord had decided to kill her. He had run, on that very night, to Dumbledore, for whatever happened, his Lily must never be harmed.

And yet, she had been killed. His heart had been torn into a million tiny pieces with the thought that she was gone. Forever. He knew she had died for her son, and for that reason alone, he had helped Harry Potter. She would not die in vain. Lily had always been so brave, and determined...she would not die in vain.

But now...Potter would die, and what would happen? He did not know, would not know, for he was dying. He too, was going to leave. He did not mind so much. His life had not been happy ever since Lily had died...

He wondered what Potter would think. What he would do.

"" Severus Snape croaked out his last words.

It was on impulse, he didn't even know why he had said it. Grabbing Potter's robes, he dragged Potter's face down to his level. He stared into the emerald green eyes, and knew why. He was looking into those eyes, and the reason became clear.

He was looking into Lily Evan's eyes.

His hand thudded to the floor, lifeless, as everything went black...

He was in a place, he did not know where, for he was focused on the most beautiful thing that had ever existed.

Lily Evans.

And he knew he was dead. But he did not care, for he was looking into her eyes, and drinking in her face, her body and her smile, and her eyes that were dancing with laughter...

She took his hand, and they walked away....

Into he did not know what, but as long as his Lily was there, Severus Snape would be happy.

A/N : If you liked it, if you hated it, if you think you could have written better, tell me why! Please, please review. And check out my other story, it's based on my favourite ship, Sirius/OC. If you like deep, dramatic stories like One Last Time, you'll hate the first chapter but (hopefully) like the second one a teeny bit. Again, please review. :)

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