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Transformation by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3- I Can't Sleep Without You Next To Me
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We walked down the stairs straight into my mother.

“And where were you three?” she snapped.

“Uh.” I was never good under pressure.

“Carlie wasn’t feeling well.” Alex quickly said.

“Yeah she got overheated with all those people in the ball room.” Draco added.

My mother eyed the three of us like we had plotting some dirty trick to ruin the entire evening, but she didn’t say anything just watched us walk back into the ball room.

I suddenly began to recognize people once back among the crowd, one being Blaise who was shifting uncomfortably off to one side of the room so I drug Draco over to talk to him.

“Blaise!” I hugged him.

“That desperate to talk to someone whose not 600 years old?”

I laughed, I hadn’t spoken to Blaise in ages it was true.

“Hey Blaise.” Draco put his arm around my waist.

“So tomorrow the one and only Draco Malfoy, Slytherin God, will be a married man, how does it feel?” Blaise asked Draco.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Draco kissed my cheek.

We stood there for over an hour chatting with Blaise and various people who would come by to again offer their congratulation because they were so drunk that they forgot they had already spoken to us. Alex was off chatting up one of the ministry workers daughters, pretty girl, probably Alex and Draco’s age, gorgeous chestnut colored hair that sat loosely on her shoulders, she was wearing a navy blue dress, and I had never seen her before to be honest, but Alex looked to be enjoying himself. My mother was drunk, which honestly was the best way for her to be, but my father wasn’t enjoying her light extra bubbly mood as much as the rest of us were. He had the annoyed look on his face that told me the party would be over shortly so he could fight with mother dearest about her drinking, it’s how all parties at my house went. We didn’t actually do any rehearsing for the wedding, everyone just got plastered, and life went on. People all became a boring blur to me, and if Draco wasn’t holding me up I would’ve fallen asleep standing up in those menacing heels. Finally my father got everyone’s attention, and mercifully my mother was sitting down quietly.

“I do thank every one for coming tonight, and I hope you all will make it to the wedding of my darling daughter, Carlie, tomorrow when she becomes a Malfoy.” He smiled, but it appeared forced.

An applause erupted and he continued, “Now I fear this night must end as we all need to rest for tomorrows big event!”

Even after dad’s short but to the point speech it took over forty five minutes to get everyone except the Malfoy’s out of the house. Dad helped mum up to the bed and than came down to say good night to everyone. As the parents chatted Draco pulled me aside.

“I’ll see you soon.” Draco kissed me on the cheek and winked at me.

I smiled too exhausted to speak, Alex walked over.

“Well Draco see you tomorrow.”

Draco nodded and went over to join his parents in apparating back to the Malfoy Manor.

“So who was that girl?” I rounded on Alex.

“Oh well,” he blushed slightly, “That was the Head of Magical Law Enforcement’s daughter Kirsty Marlown.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah I asked her to be my date to your wedding tomorrow.” he gave a sly smile.

“Well good. Is she pureblood?” Not that I cared but the budding romance would go no further under this roof unless she was.

“Yeah Car,” he laughed, “I hafta go write a speech now so I will see you in the morning ok?”

“Yeah.” I hugged Alex tightly and kissed his cheek, “Thanks.”

He just looked at me.

“You’ve been a pretty damn good brother.”

He just chuckled and we both went up to our separate rooms. I walked in and couldn’t wait to get out of this outfit, mostly the shoes, so I rushed to my bed and slipped them off and chucked them over by my closet door. Next, I slipped the dress off, and walked into my bathroom to have a nice hot shower. I stayed in the shower for an extra twenty minutes after getting clean just to feel the hot water, my last shower as Carlie Reeve, my last night in this bedroom, my last night as the me I have known all my life, well maybe not my whole identity isn’t changing just my last name. I giggled to myself as I left the bathroom wrapped in a large plush black towel. I almost screamed when I saw a figure in my room, than I saw the moonlight hit platinum blonde hair.

“What are you doing here? You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Well I nearly died of old age waiting for you to get outta the shower.” he retorted.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I began rummaging through my drawers for my pajamas.

I slipped on my flannel pajama pants and a loose t-shirt that was kinda old and holey. Draco was in a tank and his boxers and was beginning to situate himself under my comforter.

“And what in merlin are you doing?” I asked him.

“Getting ready to go to sleep.” he said as if there was nothing in the world more obvious.

“Uh don’t you have a bed at your house?”

“But I don’t have you at my house.” he smiled and folded down the comforter on my side.

I sighed and climbed into bed, “Anyone gets up before us not only with they freak, but we will be dead and Alex will have to marry the first girl who shows up tomorrow.”

Draco laughed, “That’s why we will definitely get up first.”

“We better.”

Than I cuddled up into him, and couldn’t make another argument because this was exactly where I wanted to be. I knew he was awake just as long as I was, just laying there silently staring at the ceiling while I had my head on his chest. We didn’t move, didn’t speak just lay there, both thinking the same thing, we would be married in less that a day. When we finally got to sleep, we didn’t get nearly enough because Alex came waltzing in to wake us up.

“Draco get the bloody ‘ell outta here before our parents or yours wake up!” Alex hissed.

Me and Draco sat bolt upright.

“Oh my merlin we’re getting married today!” I gasped and jumped outta bed running into the bathroom to start getting ready.


Car was awake and in the bathroom before anyone could say a word. I just looked at Alex and he burst out laughing.

“What time is it?” I asked him.

“Oh I don’t know around 8ish.”

I rolled my eyes and got out of the warm bed which I swear was begging me to stay.
“Uggg my parents will be up any minute, please tell Car I love her.”

“Will do bro.” Alex winked at me, and I apparated.

As tired as I was I was shocked I ended up in my room, I rushed over to my bed and threw most of the pillows on the floor, and than I jumped on it a good dozen times, making it look more like a pub fight had occurred under the blankets than that I had slept in it. So I straightened out the blankets a bit and than as I heard my parents bedroom door open I jumped under the covers face down in the pillow and pretended to be asleep.

“Draco darling!” my mother, “It’s the big day get up.”

I stretched and yawned, trying to convincing. I mumbled pretending to be groggy.

“Come on Draco time to get up and start getting ready. It’s already 8:30 your wedding is in four and a half hours!” she chimed.

I rolled over and sat up and rubbed my eyes, “Alright mum.”

She smiled, and I got out of bed and jumped into the shower. After a thirty minute shower I looked in the mirror hunter green towel wrapped around my waist, I picked up my wand from the dark granite counter top and magically dried my hair before exiting the bathroom and heading over to my closet to find my tux, wondering what my darling bride to be was doing at this moment.


I stared at myself in the mirror, I had brushed my teeth and cleaned my face five times a piece.

“Carlie Reeve are you awake?” my darling mummsie.

“Yes mother.”

“Good your hair stylist and make up artist are here.”

I heard multiple voices in my room so I exited my bathroom and stared at the short thin woman with sky blue hair and very large eyelashes and the taller thinner woman with black hair, gold eyeliner, and bright purple lips. I looked from them to my mother.

“Okay mom.” I said, and the two women swooped in on me like vultures and began to work.


I heard that my mother was awake as I was getting out the shower, I magically dried my hair and spiked it up, smiling at myself in the mirror. I pulled on a button up shirt and some slacks because I didn’t want to put my tux on this early. I left my room and walked down the hall and past Car’s room, I peeked in and there were two very odd women poking at her hair and face. I laughed to myself and went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. The house elves were bustling around, but this was probably nothing compared to at the Malfoy Manor where the wedding was actually being held. I stopped one of the house elves whose name was Koi and asked him to make me something quick before mum realized I was up and tried to force me to do something. He obliged and within ten minutes I had eggs and sausage sitting in front of me. I quickly ate and left the kitchen going back upstairs I checked the clock in my room it was almost 10am, 3 hours left and counting. I could hear my mother picking at my father, his tie, his hair, this and that. I just shook my head and I would never understand how father didn’t throttle mum in her sleep.


I stood looking at myself in my full length mirror, I had already eaten breakfast, and was standing in my tux, adjusting myself. Trying to make sure everything down to the tiniest piece of hair was perfect. My mother was flitting about back and forth between hear and the Reeve Manor, and father was downstairs doing what he did best, ordering house elves around, this kind of food, this is where the chairs go, the altar, has anyone heard from this person or that, I had learned long ago how to tune his booming voice out. I looked over at the digital clock on my bed side table, 11am.


After what seemed like years the two women backed off, and conjured a mirror. I stared hard my hair was up in a beautiful up-do with small white flowers adorning it, a few small curls framing my face, my eyes were lined tastefully in black with a pale white eye shadow to accent, and my lips were perfectly painted in a gorgeous pink color. I smiled, and the women sighed with what I knew was relief. Than the real judge walked in.

“Carlie you have never looked more beautiful.” probably the only genuine compliment I had every gotten from my mother, and I swear I saw a tear form in her eye.

“Uh thanks mum.”

My mother paid the two crazy women who I found out were sisters Whitney and Trinity, though I forgot which one was which.

“It’s time to get you into your gown.” my mother beamed at me. 

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Transformation: Chapter 3- I Can't Sleep Without You Next To Me


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