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Ladylike. by ilharrypotter
Chapter 6 : Of Middle Names and Secrets.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter!

Hello again, everyone! Sorry I'm a little late this evening. Blame Courtney. I won't disclose her address or anything, but if any of you feel the need to go after her with torches and pitchforks, trust me- she'll understand why.

I've been having the worst week ever, but your reviews make my day! (: Keep 'em coming, you guys. Criticism, lovefests, neutral indifference. I don't care. Just give me your views. I love reviews! 

Made by Camila at TDA! And this is Lily, by the way. :)

All proper young ladies must know that secrets, whether theirs or someone else’s, are dangerous weapons to disclose to other people.

“Hello, Lorcan!” I call out to my friend as James, Fred, and I approach him. We left the Great Hall after dinner to journey back to our common room for the first time since we’d left for the summer holiday, and now the Gryffindor students are collecting near the staircase as they meet up with the friends they missed at dinner, preparing to ascend the stairs and go to the common room. We- or I, because the boys never mention anything- didn’t see Lorcan at the feast, which is odd, as he generally sits with us. He doesn’t even turn around when I say his name.

The two boys on either side of me make suspicious coughing sounds in almost perfect sync. They have something to say, obviously. I elbow James in his tense stomach first, guessing he will crack faster than Fred will, and glare at him pointedly. Despite being Harry Potter’s son, he isn’t nearly as stubborn, especially when it comes to menacing females. “What is it, James?”

This time around doesn’t merit a staring contest, thank Merlin. James shrugs carelessly. “Looks like someone is a bit sore with you,” he chuckles.

I look up at him. Any inkling that James is just joking with me is in no way present in his features. I grimace. “What the hell have I done?” I grumble to my cousins, before looking up ahead at Lorcan again.

Lorcan walks alone towards the Gryffindor common room. Generally, when he isn’t with the three of us, he is with his twin brother, Lysander; however, his brother is a Ravenclaw, and that leaves Lorcan by himself on the walk to his dormitory. I immediately look down at his feet. His new robes, for some reason, never quite cover his shoes, so everyone around him snickers at his mismatched socks- one is covered in darting golden Snitches and the other in scribbling quills. Oh, Lorcan… At least he is identifiable, and completely immune to their teasing.

“Lorcan!” I call again. Nothing… Okay, maybe James isn’t so far off. Fred snorts at me. I suppose I have a rather dejected look on my face by now. I hate being ignored, no matter who is doing the ignoring. It hurts and severely bothers me, no matter who it is, whether I hate them or love them. James snorts to follow after Fred properly. I give him a rather obscene hand gesture before trying to catch my friend’s attention a third time. “Lorcan Newt Scamander!”

The use of his awful, loathsome middle name does the trick. It really is terrible- it is his grandfather’s first name, that poor old man, and Lorcan hates it passionately. (He told me his middle name once, during a childish exchange of secrets when we were third years; in reply, I believe I disclosed to him that I’d never yet had my first kiss. I remember that day perfectly, for the events that followed after our game of the transfer of secrets are unforgettable. Shortly thereafter, he informed me he as well had not yet had his first kiss. It was at that time that Lorcan and I came up with the brilliant idea to be each others’ first kiss, therefore avoiding all awkwardness with anyone else. I will never forget that.) With the use of the middle name, Lorcan stops in his tracks at the foot of the staircase, slowly turning around.

“Erm, hi, Dominique,” he replies. At least he isn’t stuttering. That’s a plus. However, he’s still using that strangely anxious tone. So odd.

“Where were you, Lorc?” I ask amiably, pretending like he wasn’t acting odder than odd. I stride forward to his side, dragging my two cousins along behind me. At such close proximity, I notice that Lorcan’s usually clear grey eyes are clouded with some unknown emotion, his always neat blond hair is strangely tousled, and his hands are jammed in the pockets of his too-short robes. All three changes in Lorcan’s usually confident while unaware persona are unbelievably curious, and I raise my eyebrows alertly.

He look down at his mismatched socks. At least something is normal- he never wears matching socks unless something is dreadfully amiss. So whatever is wrong with my L- erm, with Lorcan isn’t too incredibly severe. That’s a relief.

“Lorc?” I prompt for the fourth time.

Lorcan won’t look at me. “Hello, Dominique,” he greets me for the second time. He isn’t even talking like Lorcan, let alone thinking like Lorcan. Usually, he says my name with an almost musical quality. It’s melodic, and I love hearing him say “Dominique”, even though I generally hate my full name being spoken aloud. Now, his tone is dull and emotionless.

“How about that prank?” Fred laughs, nudging Lorcan with his elbow. At the sound of Fred’s voice to break the awkward moment between us, Lorcan brightens. “It was really somethin’, eh, mate?”

“Yeah, Scamander! What do you think?” James chimes in.

Both boys step forward to be on either side of Lorcan, and the three divulge into a discussion of my brilliant idea to suspend the tables of the other three houses in midair and twirl them around the Great Hall over the heads of the laughing Gryffindors. All in the middle of McGonagall’s end-of-feast speech, in which she reminded us about the inappropriateness of pranks and mischief at Hogwarts. Right as she mentioned the list of prohibited Weasley Wizard Weasley products, I sent the Ravenclaw table soaring into the air, students attached. I even remembered the Sticking Charm to make sure no one flew off. It was excellent work, if I do say so myself. All the boys did to assist me with the prank was levitate the Hufflepuff and Slytherin tables; with the assistance of Lorcan, we could have sent the teachers for a bit of a ride, as well. The prank eared all three of us detention for Friday night with our Head of House, Professor Bill Weasley, also known as my father, but I find it worth it. I expect a compliment from Lorcan on the brilliant execution of our prank, but instead, the three boys walk away to ascend the stairs to the Gryffindor Tower. As if I have nothing to do with the prank. Typical.

“Did they leave you for Lorcan?”

I spin around, seeing my twelve year old cousin, Lily Potter, standing at the head of the stairs. She looks relatively innocent, with her bright red hair hanging almost to her waist in loose curls and big brown catlike eyes. She is petite and slight, like her parents and brothers, but she, like her mother, is quite fierce when she wanted to be. I, of course, know she’s far from innocent; already, her eldest brother has corrupted her, and what little he hasn’t done is left for me. Lily and I are oddly similar, and I love watching the younger girl grow up to be exactly what no one expects from her.

Lily slides her arms out of her long black Gryffindor robes, pulling out her wand to shrink them to a pocket-friendly size. (I should ask how she knows such advanced magic, but she’s a Potter. It’s expected from her.) She hates her Hogwarts robes passionately, and she is constantly stashing them away in her pocket whenever she doesn’t have to wear them. I glance down at my Muggle clothing, smiling very weakly at the similarity between my cousin and I. At least she’s growing up properly.

“Did they?” she repeats impatiently.

I sigh. “Yes, they did.”

Lily pouts sincerely, approaching me quickly. Oh, please, Merlin, don’t let her give me a hug. I’m rather fond of my youngest cousin for this moment in time, so please don’t ruin it by letting her hug me. I really hate hugs. Instead of a hug, Lily links her arm through mine. Much more tolerable. I stifle my relieved sigh. “It’s just because he’s upset,” she informs me.

Why does everyone think- or know- that Lorcan was so upset!? Am I totally out of the loop or something? I’m missing everything now. I hate this feeling. “About what?” I grumble to Lily. Merlin, is the only friend I have to talk to, other than James, Fred, and Lorcan, my twelve year old cousin? Bloody hell, that’s quite depressing.

Lily sighs, rolling her brown eyes at me. “You miss everything, my dear cousin,” she says, reaching into the pocket of her thin emerald jumper. Out comes two sets of Extendable Ears. Lily hands one set to me, and then closes her fingers over the other set, smirking. Oh, she’s James Potter’s little sister, alright. The smirk tells it all. “Come on, then. The boys will be heading up to their dormitory any minute now.” She reveals her set of Extendable Ears again, and then turns on her heel to walk away from me.

I stare wordlessly back at Lily. Who is she, and where is my twelve year old cousin? Bloody hell, we really have corrupted the little girl. “Are you sure you’re not secretly Fred’s little sister? Did Aunt Ginny steal you or something?”

My cousin stops halfway up the staircase and turns around to face me. She puts her hands on her tiny, undefined hips, looking like a smaller, more redheaded version of me. Merlin, that’s creepy as fuck. Lily raises her eyebrows, only furthering the similarities between her appearance and mine. “Are you stupid? Come on, Dom. Merlin, you’re slower than Hugh,” she complains rather rudely. She’s always rude, though. I suppose I really am rubbing off on her. “Everyone knows you fancy that Scamander boy, and- oh, don’t you try to deny it, Dom.”

In fact, I am preparing to stubbornly deny her accusation. However, my cousin catches me before I can do so. She’s good. Very good. I look away from her piercing eyes for a second, wondering how my own fierceness is hiding away for the time being as Lily commandeers the situation. “Yes,” I whisper quietly, but I know she could hear me. “I like Lorcan.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever said that aloud. Not even to myself have I allowed my lips to speak those words. Instead of feeling frightened and uncomfortable, or feeling like I have betrayed myself by telling a family member, I feel like I have made more progress than I thought by telling Lily. As if I’m one step closer to telling Lorcan. Strangely freeing. How clichéd is this.

“Yes, you do like Lorcan,” Lily smiles at me. She’s pleased that I admitted it so willingly, and I know that while she would be tempted, she wouldn’t expose me to anyone else. I love that she is so much like me. “Now, let’s go.”

I glance down at the Extendable Ear Lily had handed me, and then I run forward and up the stairs to catch up. Yes, it’s a little sad that I can only go to my youngest cousin to spill my secrets. And yes, eavesdropping is incredibly wrong and against the rules for “proper young ladies”. But the urge to discover anything about Lorcan and what all is on his mind is much more powerful than any of that. 

I have a challenge for you: give me your favorite quote from the chapter! In a REVIEW! Thank you!

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