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It's meant to be by distel
Chapter 2 : Confusing Interim
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Hermione still didn't know what the two of them where doing exactly, but she didn't care.

All she knew was that: If she stayed in the same room with Ron any longer, she would go mad.

She was crossing her room to leave when she saw Ron getting to his feet as well.

She felt her pulse quicken but didn't hesitate. She had to go. That was for sure.

When she noticed that Ron was drawing nearer, she changed her mind. Or rather, there wasn't anything left to change. All she saw were his eyes, blue like the ocean, longing for her.

She stopped. But Ron was still moving forward.

Everything around her became blurred, just Ron's face staid clear.

In less than a split second he was in front of her, and she felt his breath on her face.

Her heart seemed to burst and her stomach made funny jumps.

She knew it was stupid, but when the aching and desire in her heart became unbearable she didn't care.

She knew it would destroy their friendship. Even this one and only time. She knew that they would never be the same afterwards. She knew that Ron would perhaps never speak to her. But still, she didn't, couldn't care.

Hermione was standing on her tiptoes and lifted her head. Ron didn't turn away.

Taking this as an encouragement, Hermione moved further.

When there lips where an inch away from each other, she hesitated.

Is it really the right thing?

Should I really do this? she asked herself.

But before she was able to answer one of those questions, she felt warm, soft lips on hers.

In the first instant she was too shocked to react. Ron's lips were on hers. He had done it on purpose, not because of an accident. They felt so warm and familiar, even if she hadn't touched them like this before; it was like coming home. How long had she wanted to feel this?

She was sure that her heart wasn't any longer in her chest, but fluttering at the top of there heads.

Hermione awoke from her little daydream when she felt Ron back away. He seemed to think that she didn't wanted it.

"No," she whispered. "Please, don't stop."

But before Ron could move an inch, she had lifted her head again and was pressing her lips to his.

Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and felt his slide around her waist at the same time. His skin seemed to burn hers through her clothes.

They slowly deepened their kisses, her head began to spin and her legs became wobbly. As if she'd told him, Ron held her more tightly.

After what seemed like hours, Hermione had to break the kiss. She needed air.

Ron stumbled a few steps back but didn't let go of her.

His head was spinning, just like his heart, and his lips where burning.

The moment their lips met, he had felt as if he'd died and come to heaven. Now he was looking unsure at her.

Did I do something wrong?

Shouldn't I have done it?

His mind was so muddled, that he couldn't hear Hermione's voice at first.

"Ron, please, I know that it's maybe the wrong thing to do but, I," she hesitated, unsure how to express herself. He looked lovingly at her, then took her face in his hands. He knew what she wanted to say. They wouldn't be the same anymore, they would be different. How, he didn't know. All he knew, and there was nothing he was more certain about, was that he couldn't stop now. Not now. His mind was still racing, so was his heart. His lips wanted to touch hers again. His hands wanted to hold her again and do other things to her and her clothes. He took a deep breath.

"I know what you mean. I feel the same way. But Hermione, I can't stop it now, unless you really want me to. I can't think of anything else right now. Are we unanimous?"

He saw Hermione blinking a few times and stepping up at him. Her face was close to his again. Her breath warm on his face. He swallowed hard. What if she didn't want it?

But she wrapt her arms around him an stared deep in his eyes.

"You're right. I couldn't stop either. But … no talking, OK?"

"OK, no talking." And then he bent down and kissed her. Not surprised, not hesitating, but with all the love, emotion and passion he could master. And she kissed him back just as much.

Ron embraced her and stroke her back while they kissed. Hermione's hands rumpled his hair and he could hear her moan against his mouth as he deepened their kiss.

They didn't stayed this way for a long time. A few minutes later, his hands found the hem of her top and he slipped underneath to feel her warm skin against his. He needed more of her. Slowly he pushed her top further and further until she removed it herself.

He began to plant kisses on her neck and shivered when he heard her moan again. Hermione pulled at his shirt, and he understood. In no time he'd doffed it and sensed her hot fingers on his chest. It felt gorgeous.

Hermione dragged Ron further to the bed and felt relief when they where lying. She knew her legs wouldn't have carried her any longer. She let her hand linger on his chest. She'd never imagined his chest could be that muscular and soft at the same time. For years Hermione had wanted something like this.

To feel not just lust for someone and from someone, but to feel understanding and the love. This familiarity and certain connection between them. It was overwhelming.

Hermione buried her face in his shoulder. She felt so loved at this moment, that she couldn't bear it any longer. Silent tears made their way down her cheek and Ron tensed when they dropped on his chest.

He drew away from her.

"What is it? Did I hurt you, should…" he began but Hermione just shook her head.

"No," she whispered. " It's just. It's all right, Ron, really." She smiled before kissing him again.

"I've just never felt so loved in my entire life." She locked her eyes with his.

"Make love to me Ronald Weasley."

And that was all she had to say. Hermione was lost in his eyes as he stared back at her. Without breaking the eye contact, they slowly leaned forward until their lips met, soft and filled with emotions both familiar and new.


Hermione awoke early next morning. She blinked and yawned. The sun was streaming in her bedroom and cast a loving glance on Ron, who was lying next to her, still fast asleep.

For a moment she just lay on her side and watched him. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. Hermione sighed when the memories of the previous night came back to her. It was like a blur of colours. Each one better and nicer then the former one. She sighed again, then crawled out of the bed. She walked to her wardrobe and wrapped her bathrobe around her. Quickly, she went back to the bed, bent down and kissed Ron lightly on the forehead before heading for her kitchen to make herself some coffee.

She knew perfectly well that she and Ron had a lot to talk about and it hung over her like a heavy weight. But for the moment she just wanted to remember the best night she had ever had with the man she loved.

Love? Where did this word come from? She didn't know. But when she'd awoken this morning, she'd just known it.

Yes, she loved Ron. Not just as a friend, but as a man. As the most wonderful man she knew. He was so gentle in every way, her heart was already jumping again just by the thought of him.

Smiling to herself she sipped her coffee, still feeling his soft hands on her body. Still feeling his soft lips on hers, still …


Hermione shrieked and let go of her mug.


Hermione looked around, puzzled.

"Harry?!" Hermione beamed and then she jumped and threw her arms around her visitor.

"Hermione? Are you all right?" He asked through a lot of brown hair.

"Oh Harry, I'm so happy to see you! I missed you so badly! How is it that you're here? I thought you had to be at work!"

"Oh, I should, but it did go better than we thought so they gave us the weekend off. And I thought I should go and look what my two crazy friends are up to." At that Hermione's heart skipped a beat. What were she and Ron up to? Surely not the sort of things Harry thought.

"Oh … oh, we ..We didn't do anything big. Just a bit of fun … I think you know about the break up with Lavender?" she asked nervously. Harry nodded slowly.

"Yes, er… so we … I had some kind of building up to do, you know?" she couldn't stop the heat rising up her cheeks. Quickly she turned and began to clean up the coffee-mess so Harry wouldn't see her blush.

"Yes, I know. But he's doing better now, isn't he? I mean, it was just Lavender after all. I never thought they would end up married or something like that."

"Yes, he's feeling much better by now. I was just about to make breakfast, want some too?" Hermione went to the right side of her kitchen and picked up her wand before repairing the mug and cleaning the floor.

"Nah, I've had some, just a few minutes ago, before I came here. But where is Ron anyway? He isn't in the living room as I see."

Hermione went cold. No, of course Ron wasn't in the living room, on the couch where he was supposed to be. Ron was still in her bedroom, sleeping peacefully, completely naked in her bed. She swallowed hard, then turned and smiled at Harry.

"No, he is in the bathroom. He should be ready any minute. Oh, and, you don't mind but I will just go and get dressed myself, OK?" she didn't wait for Harry's replay, just hurried out of the kitchen and headed to her bedroom.

When she opened the door, she found Ron still asleep. Quietly, she crept to the bed and touch him gently at the shoulder.

"Ron!" she whispered urgently. He didn't move.

"Ron! Please wake up. Harry is here! Come on now!" she was still whispering but it got louder with every word. Ron murmured grumpy and opened his eyes. When he saw her, he smiled sleepily.

"Hey," he rose and was about to give her a kiss but she pushed him away.


"Harry is here! He's in the kitchen, waiting for you. Quick!"

Ron sat up straight, looking shocked at her. "Harry's here? But…how…you didn't, he doesn't know that I'm up here, does he?" he asked nervously.

"NO! I didn't tell him anything. I thought that we should … get it clear for ourselves before we induct anyone else. We still have to talk about it. But now go on, hurry!"

Ron stumbled out of the bed, and Hermione turned around so he could get dressed. Even if their relationship had changed, she still couldn't bring herself to look at Ron Weasley naked while changing his clothes.


When Ron finally came in the kitchen, Harry had already placed plates and other breakfast ingredients on the table, and Ron could see fresh coffee on the counter top. Sighing he flopped on a chair and grinned at Harry. He felt both nervous and happy about Harry being there. Of course he was happy that Harry had come, he hadn't seen him in a couple of weeks. But on the other hand: he wanted to clear things with Hermione as fast as possible. He wanted to tell her that the last night was the best he'd ever had, wanted to tell her how wonderful she looked, smelled and kissed. Wanted to tell her that he loved her. Yes, he loved her. He loved her with all his heart and nothing would ever change this.

"Hey mate, it's good to see you again. How are you feeling? I heard about Lavender and you. Are you all right?" Harry's voice broke through his thoughts and he grinned at him before hugging him heartily.

"Yes, I'm all right." He helped himself to some coffee before turning back to Harry. "And how's your training? Why are you here anyway?"

"It 's not bad. Could be better, but…" he trailed of. "All the time I have to be stuck in bloody Siberia. It's really dragging my nerves you know." He shook his head. Ron looked sideways at him.

"And?" he asked teasingly.

"And what?" asked Harry a bit too innocently.

"Your girlfriend." grinned Ron.

"She is not my girlfriend!" he said looking teasingly at Ron. But without saying it loud he thought: She's so much more.

"Yes, I know. But you want her to be … and she wants it too."

"No." Harry answered plainly.

"Of course she wants. Don't you think I know my own sister well enough to realise that?" Harry just looked at him before pouring himself a cup of coffee too, then looked out of the window.

Ron shook his head. Ginny and Harry acted around one another as if they where strangers. He knew that Harry fancied his sister. And that Ginny did fancy Harry, but they couldn't gather the courage to admit it. He, on the other hand, was relieved that they where on a safe subject. He couldn't imagine to talk to Harry about Hermione at the moment.

"Oh, Harry, you're too nice. Thanks for setting the table." Hermione was back in the kitchen, wearing a knee long skirt and a long-sleeved shirt.

"Hey, who told you that Harry did it?" Ron asked mockingly. Hermione was about to grin at him, but froze when their eyes locked. So did Ron. So it's clear, he thought, that we can't act normal around each other any longer.


The breakfast wasn't as calming for Hermione as she thought it would be. She was sitting next to Harry, and Ron sat across both of them. After her first toast, she stretched her legs under the table, where they immediately came in contact with Ron's. At first, she took them away from his as fast as possible, but after another couple of minutes she couldn't resist to stick her foot out again. And so did he.


After a day which had been a bit unusual for the trio, Hermione was sitting in her living room, reading a book while Harry and Ron were playing chess. She watched Ron over the rim of her book. He was laughing over Harry who, yet again, had lost a game. She had to smile. That they never get bored of it, she thought. Ron wins every time and yet, Harry tries and tries it again and again.

Harry began to line up the figures for another game and Ron leaned back in his chair. Hermione tried to look away before he caught her, but it was to late, he was already watching her too. She smiled shyly at him and he grinned back nervously. She could feel the heavy weight of the conversation they still needed to have towering over both of them. Why did it happen now? After all these years of close friendship? She didn't know. All she knew, was that she wanted nothing more than walk over to Ron and snuggle herself to his chest while watching him and Harry play chess, maybe plant a light kiss here and there and feel him stroking her back and giving her a quick peck on the forehead.

She sighed. Bloody difficult, she thought before putting her book down and yawning heartily.

"Are you going to sit here the whole day playing chess?" she asked the two men in front of her. "Sure," was Harry's grinning replay. She glared at him for fun. Out of habit she turned to Ron, he looked at her questioningly.

"I… I'm…we could go outside, for a bit of a walk or something, don't you think?" she asked unsure.

"Of course Hermione," answered Harry. "Anytime, whenever you want. Now would be perfect considering it's raining cats and dogs." He started laughing at her surprised expression. "Really Hermione, you are a bit strange today. Anything the matter?"

"No, it's nothing." Harry looked at her. "OK, maybe I'm a bit out of order today." She admitted. "But it's nothing I'm going to talk about with you Harry Potter!" She grinned at him.

"So, as we can't go outside, let's at least do something different. How about watching a movie?" Ron looked surprised at her but she ignored him.

"Watching a movie?" Harry asked bewildered. "Really Hermione, you should leave the thinking to me and Ron today. On the other hand," He eyed Ron suspiciously. "He's acting a bit odd too. What's the matter with you two? Did you have a fight again?" It would be wonderful if it had only been that, Hermione thought crestfallen. She had to find an opportunity to talk to Ron in private.

"OK, if you're so great at thinking today, Mr. Potter, than please tell me what you have in mind for us to do." Harry laughed again.

"I don't have anything in mind. Actually I'm kind of tired. My recent weeks weren't that relaxing you know. I, personally, would prefer to go to bed. Naturally you two can do whatever you want." There it was, the opportunity Hermione had been waiting for since Harry had apparated in her kitchen this morning. She felt her stomach flutter and closed her eyes for a second.

"Yeah, I think I'm pretty tired myself," she heard Ron say and her eyes flew open. He wouldn't dare to crawl himself out of this one!

"Are you really?" She asked, glaring at him. His eyes widened an he gulped. "A…a…actually not that tired ..." He stammered looking from the floor to Harry and back.

"It would have been very sad if you were … remember, we thought about," Hermione paused. What should she say now. Firstly, she'd thought about saying they would go watching stars, but wasn't that too obvious?

"Yes?" Harry asked innocent. She could see a certain twinkle in his eyes and wondered if knew more than they thought.

"Watching the stars!"

Hermione was almost in tears. Oh, Ron, she thought dryly, that was exactly the wrong answer! She shook her head, defeated.

"I thought so." She heard Harry laugh. "Like I said, you can do what you want, I'll just go to bed." He gave both of them a stare and was about to turn, when he paused. "Er…Hermione, tell me. If Ron is sleeping on the couch,…er…where do I sleep?" Hermione stared at him. She hadn't thought about that. She began to wreck her brain for another possibility.

"You…you're right. I mean." She grinned, embarrassed. She glanced at Ron who had gone a deeper shade of pink though he seemed to want to say something.

"You know Harry," He said, not looking at him. "As you want to go to sleep now, you can take the couch. Hermione and I will find another possibility. Right?" Were Hermione a violent person, she could have punched Harry just to wipe that stupid grin off his face. He knew, of that Hermione was suddenly certain. Or at least he had taken a pretty accurate guess.

"I think that's a smashing idea, Weasley. Let's do it that way, yeah? OK with you, Hermione?"

Still with the grin … Hermione thought and just nodded to answer his question.

"OK, then, let's get started.”


Oh my, I had NO IDEA I never fully uploaded this story to HPFF! So, uhm, yeah. This and the last chapter will be posted as quickly as possible and, as an added bonus, I am going through the entire thing again to update and polish it.

You have to know I wrote this story when I was 15, still living in Germany and with no REAL clue what to do with the few English words that I knew. Now I'm in my twenties and actually living in the UK so I thought this, my first FF, deserved me looking through it again.

I hope you enjoyed this bit and that you won't kill me for not updating in ... I think it's been three years?



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