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Choices and Chances by Pepper Finn
Chapter 2 : Reflective Beauty
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~ Chapter Two ~

I stared out of the slightly grubby window of the small cafe where I had agreed to meet Ron on my lunch break from the Ministry, unable to comprehend what I was hearing.

"Say something, Hermione"

"What do you want me to say, Ronald? You've just told me that you aren't in love with me and you want to see other people. What am I supposed to say to that?" My voice trembling slightly, betraying the emotion I felt.

"Letís be serious Hermione. We haven't really been in a proper relationship for the past two years and I am way too young to settle down." Ron explained, making no effort to spare my feelings.

"I've tried to make this, us, work. What more could I have done to make you happy?" I asked, my eyes locked on to Ron's face, searching for some sign that this was a terrible dream or joke.

"You really want to know?" He asked, a hint of coldness creeping into his voice which I could detect over the sounds of the bustling lunch crowd.

"I want to know where we went wrong." Where I went wrong. I thought silently.

"You really want to know? Fine." Ron answered, his normally pale face taking on a red flush as he continued to speak.

"I feel I'm always second to work with you, Hermione. And you always, always have to be right. Always.. I never feel like Iím smart enough around you. I feel like you are more passionate about house elves than you are about me! I want to be number one to someone for a change. I want to... I want to be young for a while, have fun, go out there and live a little before I commit to anything." He finshed passioantely.

"So you think I tie you down Ronald, is that it? Or do I not conform to your proper idea of a relationship because I don't drop everything in my life and fawn all over you?" I replied, enraged and flabergasted. "Well I'm sorry I have a life outside of you and that I need to work hard to be in a Department of the Ministry." I argued back loudly.

"Hermione.You. Are.Making. A. Scene." Ron hissed angrily.

"I don't care anymore, Ronald. And neither should you, as you have made so abundantly clear." I declared coolly.

I rose to leave the cafe he had met me in for lunch, tossing some muggle money on the table to pay for my coffee. As I opened the door to go, the thoughts tumbling over in my mind.

Please say something Ron. Tell me you're joking. Tell me that you've made a mistake. Tell me you love me. I looked back at our table only to see him flirting with the pretty, young waitress who came over to clear my coffee cup. I felt a prickling at the back of my eyes and left before he could see me crying.

"This is not how I planned today on going. This isn't what I thought would happen. I was sure he was going to say it." I cried to myself

I'd been dating Ron for the past 3 years, ever since the Battle of Hogwarts to be precise. I love him and I thought that he loved me. I thought he was going to finally tell me that and maybe ask me to move in with him. How wrong I was.

I headed home, glad I had taken a half day off so no-one at work would see me like this. As I turned the key in the lock of my little cottage my eyes were drawn to a picture on the hall table of Ron and me together at my 7th year graduation party, arm in arm, laughing and gazing adoringly at each other. I pushed the photo down on the table and headed to the bathroom.

As I slipped into the warm bubble bath I had time to reflect on everything I had shared with Ron. "How did we go from being so happy and in love in that picture to today?" I pondered.

"I know I've been busy at work but I would try to see Ron at least two or three times a week." I mused aloud to myself.

"But has he been trying to see you as often?" The talking mirror replied.

"To be honest he has cancelled on me a couple times in the past few months, and when we are together he has been so cold and distant, even a little insensitive. All he seems to want to do is make out and Ö. go further, even though he knows Iím not ready for that." I admitted uncomfortably.

"Isn't it better it happens now before you got too involved and gave all of yourself to him?" The mirror rationally asked.

"I guess so. Still it hurts. How do you just let go of the past three years? All the memories that weíve shared?" I siged sadly.

"Time will heal you. Besides what did you ever see in Ron? He isn't smart, he isn't charming, not bad looking but not exactly handsome either. And he could be terribly insensitive......." The mirror tried to reassure me.

"But I still want him. I still care for him." I sighed

"Forget about him tonight. You promised Ginny and George you'd be at the castle tonight for the new store launch. No use feeling sorry for yourself. Besides, plenty more fish in the sea." The mirror maintiained.

I headed to my room and pulled on the dress robes I had gotten especially for the occasion, moss green velvet with off-the-shoulder sleeves, scooped neck and fitted to the waist before falling softly to the floor with a full skirt. Slipping it over my head I went back to the bathroom to finish my hair and make-up. I pulled my hair back into an elegant twist at the nape of my neck and secured it with silver and emerald comb, letting a few strands frame my face. I then carefully started applying my green eye shadow to bring out the golden brown in my eyes before applying a soft pink tint to bring out the rose in my lips and cheeks. Adding the final touch my ďHint of AmortentiaĒ perfume, I stood back to admire the effect in my mirror.

"He is a fool to have let a woman as lovely as you go, Miss" The gentle male voice from my mirror said approvingly.

"Tell him that." I murmured as I headed out the door and into the night. I headed out the door and into the night.

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