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Lucy Potter by fullmoontonightO
Chapter 19 : Crescendo
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It was not long after this—whether a few days or over a week, all time ran as nothing more than a blur after that horrible night's realization—that Lucy woke up with tears in her eyes and no plans in her mind. Her heart was defined only by the sharp, throbbing pain in her chest as she lay in her bed and stared at the ceiling that had become so comfortably, reassuringly familiar, wondering whether it was worth it to get up. There was no question when that was concerned, of course; her students needed her, especially today of all days. Lucy shut her eyes tightly, a small whimper of pain escaping her as she forced herself to get up out of her bed. She got dressed slowly, moving as if her bones were brittle and would fall apart at any instant. She felt like she might crumble and fall to pieces at any moment, actually, now that she thought about it. Lucy felt like every motion she made could be the last she ever made. Whoever said that physical pain was the worst pain to feel? .....There's a reason it's the first to heal. Lucy shook her head sharply to rid her mind of the depressing thoughts. Now wasn't the time to push herself over the edge. It'd be hard enough today; she'd be on the brink of destruction all day. There was no reason to hurt herself more at the moment. Except….. Lucy couldn't stop thinking. Her thoughts ran with more destructive force than a herd of stampeding bulls. Each thought brought her pain, each memory made her want to die. What'll it be like when it's really—no, just stop. Stop that, right now..... Lucy swallowed forcefully as she put her hand on the doorknob leading from her rooms. "I can do this." She whispered softly. Determination and unshakeable courage gripped her as she nodded fiercely. If not for herself, she could do it for everyone else. She could get through this last day without loosing herself completely….. She just hoped she could remain this strong throughout the day, that she could continue to believe it when looking into the faces of her students and fellow faculty members.

"Good morning, Professor!" A bright voice assailed Lucy just as she began walking.

"Good morning." She greeted the boy with a nod as he continued running past her, pausing just before he turned out of sight to wave and beam back at her. She waved to him and he ran off. Clenching her hand into a fist subconsciously, Lucy shoved her hands into her pockets and headed to the Great Hall. She walked with the painful slowness of one heading to the gallows, head hung low, eyes devoid of any emotion that could betray how she felt inside. Well….. She did feel pretty hollow, but she considered that irrelevant at the moment.

"Hello, Lucy! How are you this fine morning?" Flitwick asked the girl professor. Lucy gave the tiny professor a hollow smile, a flash of pain sparking in her eyes. Flitwick blinked, confused. He opened his mouth to comment, but Lucy answered him before he could speak again.

"Not as well as the morning, I'm afraid, Filius." She commented lightly, voice full of an empty cheer that shocked and concerned Flitwick. Before he could speak, though, he was interrupted yet again.

"Professor Whit! Can you come here please?" Albus called. Lucy nodded, turning to Flitwick to excuse herself before leaving him.

"Yes, Albus?" She asked upon reaching him. She noticed the serious sheen hidden under the headmaster's otherwise twinkling eyes and knew what this was about.

"Lucy, do you recall what today is?" He asked her quietly. Lucy nodded slowly, resigned, refusing to hang her head as she had earlier; although she felt an overwhelming sense of defeat, there was no way Lucy would show it.

"Yes, I do. How could I forget?" She asked, laughing humorlessly. The sound of her 'laughter' made Albus flinch. It physically hurt him to see her like this, but what could he do? Her time had already been extended, miraculously. It was over today, though. There was nothing anyone could do to change that. Not even Albus could prolong it any further. It was over. It was time. It had to end at some time, after all….. There was no use in putting it off anymore. It would only create more time that would simply cause more pain and heartache later. Whether it was best that it would be over was unimportant in the face of the turmoil that would come soon.

"Would you believe me if I was to say that I am truly, truly sorry, Lucy?" Albus asked her quietly, sincerely. Lucy looked away from him and nodded, looking out of a window with sightless eyes.

"Yes. I know."

"…..A part of me wishes that all of this would've never happened. Then maybe we wouldn't have to go through this today." He confessed. Lucy surprised him with what she said next, even through the hurt that came from her hollow eyes looking at him.

"I will never regret this, Albus." She said, with such honesty that it made Albus feel as though he were hearing something irreversibly private. Lucy hesitated momentarily before sighing and nodded resolutely. "I'm going to make an announcement at breakfast." She told him seriously. Albus opened his mouth to protest, but Lucy cut him off. "No. It's better this way. Get it over with early. Besides, I couldn't bear doing something so cruel as telling them at the end of dinner. I don't have that hard a heart. Regardless of what it brings, I have to tell everyone at breakfast. I can't just let them leave there without knowing. I can't just lie to them all day, not like that. I could never live it down if I hurt them all like that. No matter what it brings, Albus, I'm doing it." Lucy took a deep breath, and Albus could see the slight trembling that made her shake ever so slightly. She's a terribly brave one, isn't she? Albus thought sadly. "Don't try to stop me." Lucy added, voice cracking. She flinched at the sound, but Albus simply put a hand on her shoulder and smiled, a pained pride in his eyes.

"I would never." He swore. An honest smile blossomed on Lucy's face, tears welling in her eyes. She threw her arms around the older man and squeezed him tightly, knowing that the chances of something like this happening again were closer to zero than they were of her learning to fly without wings. "If it's any consolation," Albus whispered, hugging Lucy back. "I think you were amazing; one of the best I've ever seen in my life." Lucy choked back a sob as she released him and nodded.

"Thank you, Albus." He nodded sadly.

"I'll miss you, Lucy." Lucy nodded.

"As will I." She smiled sadly. "It's like I'm dying, isn't it? This goodbye. Like I'm leaving forever." Something told Albus to refrain from speaking at the moment; the grateful look in Lucy's eyes told him that he'd been correct in his assumption. She entered the Great Hall without another word to him, and Albus felt as if it truly had been a forever-goodbye.

And perhaps it had been, in a way. As Albus felt himself begin to mourn silently for the loss of a wondrous friend, he was filled with an almost desperate hope for the future; everything couldn't end today. Not whilst they were still alive.

"It's not over….. It's just on pause." Albus said aloud, a small half-smile crossing his face as he found himself speaking Lucy-like words. A pang of longing hit him as he found himself already missing her bubbly company. Albus took a deep breath and headed into the Great Hall himself, gathering all the twinkle left in him in order to properly hide his eyes as he did so.

As Albus entered the Great Hall, his gaze went right to Lucy, who was staring mutely down at her plate, unable to properly hide how she was feeling. It was a testament to how badly she felt that Lucy couldn't even pretend that everything was alright. Amazingly enough, Lucy looked only as if she weren't feeling well; she didn't look like she was on the verge of a mental and emotional collapse at all. Good at hiding..... How sad. Albus thought, mentally shaking his head as he took his seat. It was always sad, really, to meet a person so good at hiding what they felt inside. Seeing people who hid their everything behind whatever walls they constructed always made Albus sympathize with them. What was truly sad, though, was that Lucy hid behind such a wall. But what was she hiding? Or was this only a one-time thing, only for today? Was she only trying to be strong for everyone, or was this already a practice of hers?

No time for questions and wonderings. Lucy was rising.

"Hello Hogwarts." She said quietly, a deep sadness saturating her voice and filling the room as a poison would a person. Dead silence fell over the listeners; even the ghosts stilled themselves to stare at Lucy, who was taking a deep breath in a last-ditch attempt to steady herself. "I stand here before you all today for what will most likely be the last time akin to this." Lucy paused, and in the silence the entire room drew in and held their collective breath. A shaky smile found its place on Lucy's face. "I stand here now to inform you of a happening which will occur sooner than you would expect….. It seems to come without warning but has been morbidly anticipated for quite some time." Lucy paused, trying to find her words as horror seeped into the room as some realized where this speech would inevitably lead. "I stand here now to say goodbye to you all, though I will do so tonight as well." Lucy bowed her head as the Great Hall erupted in shouts of outrage and disbelief. She allowed this to continue for a few moments before holding up her hand and stopping them; the first time she'd ever done such a thing. "Today is and will be my last day as your professor and a member of the faculty here at Hogwarts." Lucy paused, taking another deep breath. The adults in the Great Hall stared at her with unchecked horror and disbelief; all but Albus, who'd been ready for this and hadn't forgotten that she wasn't there to stay.

"Hogwarts is now and will always be my home; I hope you all know that. I also hope that none of you will hate or despise me for leaving you. Hurting you was not my intention, believe me. If I would wish for anything right now, it would be that none of you would ever feel a hurt like this, or any at all. But I cannot control this, nor can I stop the need for this goodbye.

"I'm leaving. Tonight. There's nothing I can do to change that. I've already extended my stay as a professor; today it's over. By Monday Professor Knot will have returned and I will return to my previous place as a student here. This cannot be changed." Lucy shut her eyes as if in pain, wincing. "I'm sorry….. After all that has happened, all I have left to say, all I can offer at the moment, are my apologies." She opened her eyes. "If even one of you can understand the depths of my pain and the sincerity of my apology, the overwhelming pain I feel" Lucy put a hand over her heart. "might lessen ever so slightly." She smiled sadly. "Alas, I doubt anyone understands what I feel at the moment." She closed her eyes again, bowing her head slightly. "So much; I'm feeling so much." She opened her eyes and nodded slowly. "The only thing I ask of you all is to remember me, and what I taught you. Not just Divination, either." She pressed. "Everything I taught you; anything I ever said that meant anything to you….. Remember it. That's all I ask for. Just for you to remember."

Truly a teacher's wish.

"I….. I have told all of you this now because I believed it to be a great injustice if I kept this announcement to myself until tonight." Lucy turned slightly to look at the other professors. "All of you." She added. "I know that a day of happiness and bliss spent unaware of this goodbye would have been enjoyed, but….. It would've felt wrong. I wouldn't be able to stand myself if I would've lied to you all about something so big." Lucy said firmly, seriously. "You all are far too special to be kept in the dark about something that will affect you so much." She stated. "Even if it's something as unimportant as my departure, it will affect the entire castle until things settle again. And" Lucy hesitated. "it would've been cruel if I would've just said goodbye and left. I can't do that to all of you; none of you deserve that.

"Also….. I would highly appreciate it if no one would speak to Knot about all that's happened as of now. And….. if she says anything bad—about me, I mean—just don't respond." Lucy looked down. "This was, after all, my punishment for falling asleep in class that one day." She laughed brokenly. "We can't let her know that we actually enjoyed it, right? Or at least I hope we all did." Lucy shrugged.

"I could go on forever with this goodbye, or I could just finish it now." Lucy's eyes shone brightly, eyesight severely blurred by tears. "And, as much as I'd like to keep talking forever—just to keep this from ending, just so you all know how much you've changed me—I can't." She smiled, and everyone saw the pain as clear as if it'd been their own. "It's time for me to say my final goodbye. Why now?" She asked rhetorically, laughing hollowly. "Simple; later I don't think I'll have the strength to go through this again. I may be a Gryffindor, but I'm still just a person. Flesh and blood, like each and every one of you. Cut me and I bleed, right? Just like any of you." Lucy smiled, a mixture of emotions swirling in her visage. "We're all just people, regardless of House, gender, whatever." Lucy made her way to the doors leading from the Great Hall. "People hurt, people feel. People leave large pieces of their hearts behind when the time comes for them to leave." She put a hand on the door, opening it slowly. "People loose their appetites and leave the Great Hall for a time of solitude before classes." A small smile twitched at a corner of Lucy's mouth. "People love other people." She looked back at them, shocking all of them with a small ray of happiness bright in her face. "That's what makes us human, doesn't it? Feeling, loving, living, dying? That's what it means to be truly alive. Not just the happy parts, but the sad and painful parts too." She smiled fully. "All of it; that's what lets us know that we're actually alive.

"…..Goodbye, Hogwarts. By Monday I'll be nothing more to you than another student. I only hope you'll remember my time as a professor fondly. I know I will."

As the door slowly shut behind Lucy, the Great Hall exploded in uproar. No one could believe what had just happened.

No one wanted to believe what had just happened.


The Monday after this horrid announcement was full of silence, anger, and tears. Despite the many ways everyone—from students to professors—had tried to do in order for Lucy to remain as a professor, she was, as of today, a student once more. Many had forgotten that she'd ever been a student; it didn't make sense that she had to be one once more. All that Friday, many people approached Lucy, hoping that she could do something to change what had to happen. All it did was make Lucy go into hiding during lunch and her free time, returning for classes with burning red eyes and a painful light that canceled out any false happiness she might've attempted to muster up. Dinner had been absolutely horrid; so many students were crying and so little was eaten by many that Lucy had finally risen from her seat, eyes shining with unshed tears, and walked into the middle of the Great Hall. She'd said nothing, only held her arms open and waited. That was all she'd needed to do for many to run to her; even through her own pain, Lucy wanted only to comfort and alleviate others of their own.

The weekend she'd been gone, her faux vacation time; she was supposed to rest, but instead Lucy spent literally the entire weekend working on the assignments she'd missed during her months as Professor. She needed to make them all up, and worked with a wild fervor that couldn't mask her suffering even from herself.

Monday morning, Lucy's entrance into the Great Hall was noticed by all; whatever meager noise there had been, silenced as the doors parted to reveal what looked to be the world's most miserable little girl. Only Knot had a vindictive smirk on her face; now, perhaps, Lucy had learnt her lesson. It hadn't been easy, or fun, being a professor, huh? Look; the deep circles under her eyes clearly said that she'd gotten no rest. The students must have driven her completely mad. True, Knot would have to catch her students up in all they must have missed thanks to Lucy, but it was worth it. The little Gryffindor wouldn't disrespect Knot again.

Just to make sure, and to further her pleasure at the situation, Knot waited until Lucy had seated herself before clearing her throat and speaking, oblivious to the disgusted stares she was receiving.

"Miss Whitaker," Knot called loudly, pleased with the sharp wince that hit Lucy. "if you could come up here, please." Knot's voice dripped with happy acid. Lucy said nothing, only rose from her seat and made her way to where Knot wanted her, turning her empty stare from the table to the floor. What Knot took to be a humbled Lucy was really a Lucy so wracked with pain and anguish that she couldn't bear to lift her head, let alone look at anyone. If seeing Lucy this way wasn't bad enough for everyone but Knot, what came next was worse—so bad that there wasn't any one person who didn't want to severely harm the true Divination professor.

Right there, right in front of the entire school, Knot began tearing Lucy down piece by agonizing piece. She sneered and mocked the poor girl mercilessly, becoming bolder and harsher when no one stopped her. At one point Knot had even risen from her seat so as to address all in the Great Hall to bear witness to Lucy's lesson. Knot was enjoying herself so greatly that she hadn't noticed the silent tears that slipped down Lucy's face, dropping to the ground and wetting her robes as she took everything without a sound, still as death. The only thing that kept the entire Great Hall from jumping down Knot's neck simultaneously was the heartfelt plea of Lucy's from Friday; they would not respond to anything Knot said about Lucy, no matter how much they wanted to. It was one of Lucy's last wishes as a Professor, and they would respect that. Even Dumbledore remained motionlessly, silent and looking pained.

At length, Knot ran out of both steam and words to hurt Lucy with and sat back, satisfied. Lucy remained as silent as she'd been previously, but now she was shaking violently; it had begun with small, trembling tremors and escalated to the point that Lucy was clearly at her limit. Still she said nothing in response to Knot's derogatory words, knowing that Knot wasn't a bad person, really; Knot simply had a pride and ego that couldn't stand to be bruised. The Divination Professor took things a little too far, true, but it was only to reassure herself of her position and to make sure that her pride and ego remained intact.

For a suspended forever, no one moved. Then, Knot spoke once more, bitingly telling Lucy to return to her seat. She stopped the girl on second thought. "Tell me, Miss Whitaker" Knot began with acidic sweetness. "will you so disturb my class once again, or disrespect me in such a way? Have you learned your lesson, dear?" Lucy flinched sharply at the term of affection before shaking her head. "I want to hear you say it. Look at me, as well. Otherwise, how can I know you're telling the truth?" Lucy lifted her heavy head with an enormous show of strength and spoke, her hoarse voice cracking audibly.

"No, Professor Knot, ma'am. I'll never disturb your class again."

"…And the other part?" This, to many, seemed to be going too far, but Lucy's plea restrained them. Just barely, and Lucy knew it. The little Gryffindor took a deep breath, steadying herself and somehow stopping her tears before speaking.

"I…ve… learned my lesson. I'll ne…ver do it again…" Knot gave Lucy an expectant look which sliced at the girl painfully. "Ma'am. Professor Knot." Knot smiled, finally finished, finally satisfied.

"Very well. You are dismissed." Lucy nodded, head dropping; she looked exhausted to the point of no return from what she'd just done. She trudged half-heartedly towards Gryffindor before turning abruptly and simply leaving the Great Hall altogether. No more. I can't take any more. The broken girl thought, sobbing mentally. I just can't..... I've been cut too much; I'm loosing too much blood. I need sleep..... Lucy didn't even have the energy to run; she felt empty, hollow, and yet so, so heavy.

Glares full of hatred and hearts filled with mutiny were all that was left in the students' minds for Knot.


Lucy had somehow forced herself into the Divination room, feeling as though she was about to throw up the entire time. She even looked sick, though she said nothing. She hadn't said anything at all since breakfast. She took her seat all the way in the back of the once-again smoky room, looking as though she was in physical pain. Knot began the class by bitingly informing them that she wasn't sure if the damage Lucy had done to their education could ever be repaired, or if they'd ever catch up. She also gave the class her sympathies for being stuck with incompetence and the detrimental effect on their entire educational life and future that only a miracle could ever possibly hope to repair. All through this, Knot seemed to be addressing Lucy, pointedly cutting her down and spending what was basically the entire class verbally abusing the silent girl. Never had so much accidental magic had to be reigned in as it had in that classroom.

When what was perhaps the most grueling dose of public humiliation ever given over such a long time was over for the time being, the bell rang, signaling the end of class. Knot told Lucy to stay after and she did so, many staying to listen from outside the open trapdoor. Those who watched were shocked when Lucy carefully shut it as she passed by the trapdoor to the front of the room. When she finally left the Divination room, Lucy was practically in tears as she walked away without a single word.

Not one of her friends, not even James, could comfort Lucy, or get her to talk. She was completely destroyed, and Knot wasn't helping. Lucy still went to every single one of her classes though, including Divination, which consisted mainly of Knot taking jabs at the girl whenever the opportunity arose during her time teaching. Which was often. It got to the point that Lucy would start shaking when anyone mentioned Divination; that was how badly Knot was treating her.

No one could think of a way to help Lucy; therefore they were all forced to watch as she sunk deeper and deeper into a place where no one could reach her. Then a miracle happened, for nothing else could come even close to what the simple exchange did for Lucy and her well-being.

"Hey, Professor!" Lucy jumped instinctively, just barely stopping herself from turning at the familiar title; it wasn't for her, after all. She was no long a professor. "Professor! Professor Whit!" The voice shouted insistently, a hand touching Lucy's shoulder and turning the shocked girl around. There was Stephan, panting heavily and grinning widely. "Sorry to bother you, Professor, but I wanted to tell you something!" He exclaimed happily, eyes bright. He then proceeded to tell Lucy all about the surprise quiz he'd just taken in his last class, which he'd gotten a perfect on. His face shone and he was beaming ecstatically, prouder of himself than he'd ever been in his whole life.

Not two seconds after he'd finished telling Lucy about his test, as well as showing her the paper itself, Megan and Carly appeared at his sides from practically nowhere. They looked indefinably proud of their younger brother and began babbling thankfully to Lucy for helping them so much; all three of them had been doing significantly better since her tutoring. The overjoyed triplets hugged Lucy tightly and continued talking to her, merrily filling her in on how they'd been doing in their classes and telling her how much they missed having her as a professor—she was the best they'd ever had!—and would it be alright if she still helped them out every now and then when they needed it?

Hearing Stephan, Carly, and Megan's easy, excited chatter and seeing that it was to Lucy that they were talking too, many students passing by stopped and added their own words; it didn't take long before the stunned girl was surrounded by numerous of her previous students, all rambling on about how much they missed her teaching and how well they'd been doing since she was a professor and so much more. At one point, as her vision went blurry thanks to the tears she was holding back, Lucy was able to make out Stephan's broad grin and knew that this was all his doing. Without so much as a word of warning, Lucy threw her arms around Stephan and hugged him tightly. He might not have expected so many students to join in, but he'd known that Lucy needed some uplifting and had convinced his sisters to help him out; they'd been happy to, and now look.

Later, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Lily would find Stephan and thank them like no one would ever thank him again, swearing that if he ever needed anything, ever, that they would do everything in their power to help him. He shook his head at their thanks, firmly insisting that he would've done what he'd done for Lucy regardless, but the five wouldn't leave him be until he agreed with them; Stephan made his first real friends that day.

Things got better for Lucy after that, slowly. There were moments when it seemed that she might get lost again, because Lucy refused to skip Divination—even though Knot was purposely failing her—but whenever it seemed that she was slipping away, the entire student body was there to help her right back up. Even the faculty had taken to helping Lucy in whatever ways they could, and it was in this way that Knot gradually lost her grip over the girl. Lucy would never entirely get over the things Knot said to and about her, just as she would never entirely get over the things that happened at her aunt's house, but she healed and got better. She began smiling again, and the light that had previously disappeared from her eyes made the flecks of color in her eyes dance once more. She was talking again, and her assignments began to fill with the life that had been emptied from them. In every way and every thing she did, it was clear to everyone that the dangerous void Lucy had been trapped in had been demolished. It was on that memorable, much loved day months after Knot's return that Lucy burst into laughter that everyone knew that Lucy was finally, finally back. The laughter that had escaped her was the first laughter anyone had heard leave the girl since before Knot had returned, and it was considered to be what was probably the most wondrous sound any of them had ever heard in the entirety of their lives. It was like the hope that had previously been lost had come back once more; Lucy was laughing again.

"Hey Professor!" Lucy, who'd been talking to Sprout at the moment, turned, smiling brightly at both the familiar nickname and the voice that called her.

"Hey Stephan." Lucy said, greeting the boy happily. She loved the boy to bits; he was the one that had brought her back, and had made all of Hogwarts Lucy's family.


The released eyes of a Wild Magician are unlike any that one will ever see in the entirety of their life. Upon the mortal birth, the main, truer color of the Wild’s eyes are replaced with the first he truly sees; thus is his first connection to the world he is to repair made and stabilized. This is how the process begins--not just the creation of a connection and love for the mortals who dwell in the Wild’s new home, but also the process of hiding the Wild’s true identity.

A Wild Magician is not to know his true status in life. Not a single Wild has ever known; it is inconceivable to believe that one will ever know. Many have tried to convince a Wild of his true power, but none have succeeded.

It is said that the person who can successfully make a Wild acknowledge what should forever be hidden will be blessed with the ability to wield unimaginable power; the power of a true Wild.

The Power that comes with a truly pure being; the Power that must never be controlled by any mortal, whether he be Muggle or Magical.

The Power to move mountains. To shake the very core of the Earth.

To split the world in two, then ten; to rip the sky apart.

It has been told that the Power of an ignorant Wild left even the great Merlin himself frozen in awe and unable to fathom what had just occurred until long afterwards. A Pure Wild, with no clue as to his own real identity, and no clue as to the limitless, absolute control he could seize with the ease that one lifts a quill with.

So what, then, could a Wild who knew the Truth about himself do? What unsurpassable power would he possess? What would become of the Earth, and all its inhabitants? What would happen if he who enlightens and convinces the Wild of the Truth gains this power, along with the influence over the Wild that would surely come with it?

If a Wild did not hide his eyes through that first connection, there would never be the slightest rest. Beings of all ages would flock to the babe, and all through his life, the Wild would grow up hearing words that should be left unspoken in his presence. Young ones, even Pure Wild Magicians, always reach a point where they are especially impressionable; this would be the moment in which the universe could be thrown so viciously out of balance that it would become beyond repair. What if someone was able to reach out to the Wild in this delicate stage, and make him believe the truth? What would happen? Would there be anything left?

Upon birth, the first eyes a Wild makes contact with are copied, and then projected upon another. This assures a familial bond is established and rooted. This bond is needed for more reasons than that of an attachment to the creatures a Wild instinctively protects; this bond also protects the Wild. This bond, this hiding, is the only protection a Wild is offered; and even this can be eventually taken away.

Beware, friends; only two type of beings have ever seen the true power that is contained within the eyes of a Wild. Those being protected, and those who are threatening them.

For a Wild Magician will never act for his own safety. If one ever is witness to the--

“Hey, Whit!” James called, waving as he jogged up to Lucy.

“Yeah?” Lucy asked, giving James a happy grin.

“Me and the guys have found another secret tunnel! We’re going to go exploring! You want to come?” James asked eagerly, practically bouncing up and down in his excitement. Lucy laughed a bit at his excitement before nodding and bouncing up onto her feet. “Oh?” James asked curiously, just taking notice of the book Lucy had been reading. “What’s this?” He mused aloud, picking up the book and reading the title out loud. “The Eyes of the Wild.” James blinked. “Huh. Sounds interesting. What’s it about, Whit?” He asked.

“Wild Magicians, mostly.” Lucy answered with a shrug and a slight smile. “It’s actually really interesting, James. You wouldn’t believe how significant a Wild’s eyes can be!” She said, shaking her head bewilderedly, looking amazed.

“So I’m guessing they can’t be blind like me, huh?” James teased lightly, making Lucy laugh at his words.

“I’d take you up on that bet if it was fair, James, but that book is supposed to talk about a Wild who was actually, literally blind.” Lucy’s eyes glittered enthusiastically as she and James began walking.

“Why do Wild Magicians interest you so much, Whit?” James asked curiously. Lucy thought for a moment before shrugging.

“I don’t really know, James. I guess it’s just because of how they use their magic. They’re strong, and they can do just about anything, but they never hurt anyone. They come here to take care of us, and to fix all the bad things we do to the Earth, and then they leave. They go back to wherever they came from, trusting us to do it right this time, even though we never stop screwing everything up anyway. And they always come back. To take care of us, and to make sure the Earth keeps going. Don’t you think that’s just amazing?” Lucy asked, eyes glowing brightly. James nodded, smiling fondly; Lucy was really passionate about that kind of stuff. Taking care of the Earth, and making sure there was as little suffering going on as possible. It was no wonder that, upon learning about Wild Magicians, she would become enthralled with the subject. Because in all honesty, if one was to really study them, Wild Magicians were unbelievably good.

With all that James had learned about Wild Magicians from Lucy and her books--he did like reading, after all, and Lucy always picked interesting books--he found it hard to believe that these people weren’t just fairy tales told to children over the years. The whole concept of Wild Magicians struck him as something that would be found in The Tales of Beedle the Bard, to be perfectly honest. Not because it sounded ridiculous, but because it was really just too good to be true. There was no way that a person could be that powerful, or even that good. No one was capable of being as forgiving and, for lack of a better adjective, kind as the Wilds were depicted as being.

And who knew? Maybe they were just fairy tales. Maybe they didn’t exist at all.

But, looking at Lucy’s shining face, James couldn’t bring himself to voice these thoughts. Lucy was a good person, and it was easy for her to believe the best in people. Was it so wrong, really, to wish that people like Wilds existed outside of books? Especially when it made someone like Lucy so happy?

James didn’t think so. He didn’t think it was one bit wrong, not if it made the girl he saw as his little sister this hopeful for the world. After all, if it made Lucy this happy, there was no way it could be bad. It was that simple.

So, as James led Lucy to the passage he, Sirius, Remus, and Peter had found, he more than willingly absorbed the--truthfully interesting--information he was being offered. He never once stopped smiling, nor did the happy feeling in his heart lessen even the slightest. Lucy was happy. Which meant James was happy, too.

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