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The Weasley Charm by Estelle Black
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: On the Train
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Chapter image by me, this is Cad :)

Wonderful chapter image by fayeswonderland... go check out her work out at TDA

Cady’s POV 

The clickety clack of the train wheels on the lines droned through the compatment, where my friend and I were sitting. I rested my head on the window pane and watched the greenery that passed me by. My name is Cadence Allison Murray, I know, weird name, but that’s what I was given, please don’t question it. I think the doctors might have given my mother a little too much morphine or something because I don’t think she knew what she was calling me. Even my father doesn’t really like my name, so he calls me Cad or Cady for short. 

My family and I are originally from Australia, one of the smaller places. But since my family found out that I could do magic, they had to send me off to a school on the coast. But out of sight of normal people. of course. I really don’t like calling them muggles because I would be calling most, if not all of my family muggles and I think it’s mean and rude. 

I went to the magic school on the coast for a few years, it was where I met my best mate Kacey Houston. But then mum got a letter from this school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and well then it was settled that I had to move over to Europe to live with my aunty Elsie. She is a sweet heart, very warm and kind but she can get a bit shy. We two get on like a house on fire, considering she is only a few years older than me 

When I first flew into London, I had no idea that my mate was on the same plane as me. So when we got off and saw each other, you could only imagine what we did. Well there was a lot of Screaming, hugging and laughing; everything normal girls do when they see a mate. 

Even thought I was accepted into Hogwarts, it defiantly didn’t mean I was a model student. In fact I was very close to being expelled from my old school. My mum was at her wits end with all the trouble I was causing. But she couldn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t my fault that none of the girls could handle the way I expressed myself.
Although now I have decided to turn over a new page and stop tormenting everyone around me. But I am most defiantly not giving up my sarcasm, it is the only thing that makes me… well me. If you take that away from me, I wouldn’t be me… and probably go nuts. 

I will tell you that I am different to a lot of the girls at my old school because most of them were what you’d call skinny and perfect. And if they weren’t that they would be classified as fat. I thought this was rough, I mean some girls weren’t all skin and bone they actually had meat on them and were still pretty. But despite that they were still called fat. Well if they were fat then I am huge. 

I have a healthy figure with a fair bit of curve on my hips and breasts, but to be honest I try to hide them with the baggy clothes that I wear, I also very rarely wear my hair down it is normally up in a messy bun or ponytail. If people aren’t happy with the way I dress or act I don’t care because this is who I am and I am not changing for anyone. To be honest I feel that no one should change unless they want to. They should not be forced into anything they are not comfortable with. 

My family has grown to know my fashion sense and also that no matter what they say I am not going to change. But there are a few who still have not grasped my fashion sense, one of them being my younger brother’s girlfriend. Now my younger brother Johnny is only one year younger than me, and looks completely different to me, but I will tell you a little story. 

Okay here goes, one day I was walking through the back gate of my house minding my own business when I felt two hands wrap around my waist. Oh, and I was single at the time. Then a female voice whispered something in my ear, I can’t quite remember what it was but it sure caught me off guard. I quickly pulled her arms away from around me and turned to face her. 

Her face went from the bright smiling face it normally was to a very pale shocked face. She looked like she was about to be sick. I think I asked if she was alright, but she didn’t answer she just shook her head before whispering a hoarse ‘sorry’ and ran out of our backyard. 

I continued inside and didn’t bother telling my brother because it wasn’t that bigger deal because I knew that she had just got me confused with my brother. Then later that night there was a phone call it only lasted a few minutes before my brother burst into my door, demanding to know what happened when I was walking through the back gate. I told him calmly what had happened and he ran out of the room and I am sure I heard him dry reaching into the toilet. 

Another few random facts about me are that at parties, my favorite games to play is truth or dare, because it is funny to watch what they have to do or admit. I love to sing, but I never sing in front of anyone because it embarrasses me. I also don’t mind fighting even if it is only with a pillow it is just fun. That was one of the reasons I caused havoc in my old school was because I used to get in fights if someone said something wrong or just hurt someone I knew. 

I know it might be a little hard for you to grasp me fighting, but I am not one of the girly-girls as you can see I am not into painting my nails and talking about guys. I like to eat a meat pie compared to a fruit bar for lunch. I like to drink lemonade compared to water. That’s all I can think of telling you. 

I looked over at Kace and saw that she was still reading her book, now the thing with Kace is that she may seem to be very quiet and she is, but she is a girl none the less, so she is a bit of a flirt, okay she is a fairly big flirt and she loves talking about boys and painting her nails. I know we are two completely opposite types but we are great friends. Doesn’t the saying go; Opposites attract? 

“Hey babe, how is the book going?” I asked she looked up at me, her sky blue eyes met my mud coloured ones before she replied with a smile. 

“It’s good.” 

I smiled before rising to my feet and groaning as I stretched out my body and began to walk toward the exit of the compartment. 

“Where are you going?” Kace asked looking at me. 

“Going to pick a fight with an innocent first year.” I stated sarcastically making a smile appear on my mates face. 

“Have fun with that, try not to make him bleed too much.” I chuckled before leaving the compartment and walking along the walkway. 


Kace’s POV

I giggled as I watched Cady leave the compartment, I flicked my eyes back to my book which pointless romance but I felt like reading one since I had nothing better to read. Well I did but it was in my suitcase, which was somewhere in the baggage department of the train. 

The book that I was reading was pretty predictable. The main character was a female, who was kidnapped by pirates and taken to the captain he was extremely good looking and they both fall madly in love with each other. Then he decides to take her back but she doesn’t want to go back, so he lets her stay and they get married and blah, blah, blah. 

Pretty pathetic book I know, but still it’s something to read. It’s a book I found in Cady’s library which she has at her home. Yes she does know that I have it, and she thinks I am an idiot to read it. But then again she reads romance too, only she won’t admit it to anyone who doesn’t know her. 

The only bad thing, (Well I think it’s a bad thing) is that my mother and father think less of her because she is a muggleborn. Only one of her parents is magical, it was one of her ancestors or something. My parents, on the other hand are pureblood. My mother a witch and my father a wizard. My brother is also a wizard but he has left us. He left us right after he finished his schooling and he hasn’t been in touch with any of us since. To be honest I don’t blame him, I mean when I am old enough I am most defiantly moving out. I don’t know where I am going to go, but Cady says that I always have a place at her house. 

When my family found out that I had become friends with Cady they were most certainly not happy. But to their disappointment I still hung out with her and talked to her even though it just about killed my mother. 

Even though I am only fifteen but my mother has been hunting for a perfect pure blood for me to marry for years, it’s insane I know. But each suitor that my mother had made me meet had been so awful; their noses where that far in the air that I could have mistaken them for a street light pole. 

I have told my mother that it was pointless for her to keep bringing them here to meet me for I wasn’t going to marry any of them, maybe be friends but most certainly not marry. 

I am the type of girl that if she marries, she wants it to be for love. I also want to have known the person for a while and not just a few small hours where all they do is look at you like you have some sort of disease. I also am a flirt and proud of it, the only people I don’t flirt with are people that my friends like, or people I don’t like. As you can see Cady and I are really different, but that’s what I like about our friendship. It’s always fun and there’s never a dull moment. 

While I sat in the empty compartment I heard a heap of commotion from the back of the train, I got to my feet and walked over to the doorway and looked out, I saw nothing. So shrugging my shoulders I turned back and sat back down on my seat and pulled my book out, waiting for Cady to return. 


Cady’s POV

I was walking down the carriage of the train just minding my own business and looking around; I was halfway down the carriage when all of a sudden a body flew out of a compartment. I jerked to a stop and looked down at the person laying on the floor of the compartment. I saw that it was a teenage boy about my age, maybe a few months older. He had flaming red hair and freckles all over his face. He was laughing extremely hard because his face was flushed red. 

“I’m going to kill you Fred!” a male growled, making the teenager in front of me laugh harder. I guessed that his name was Fred. 

“Sure you are George.” ‘Fred’ called back as his laughter subsided slightly. He slowly got to his feet. 

It was amazing that he hadn’t noticed me because I had been standing next to him for about five minutes. 

Another red headed male popped his head out of the compartment; he looked exactly the same as ‘Fred’ only his face was covered with boils or something along the lines of them. I felt laughter building in my chest, but I had to mentally slapped myself to stop, I didn’t want to seem rude in front of a person I didn’t even know. 

The male that had boils all over his face turned to look at me, he actually noticed me unlike ‘Fred’ who I suspected was a little slow. “Who are you?” he shot sharply at me.
The sudden question made me jump, only slightly though. “Uh… Well, straight out. Anyway I’m over it. My name is Caddy, or Cad, and is that your normal face?” I asked raising my eyebrow at the fiery headed male who had just snapped at me. 

“Oh…. And no!” the male growled looking at ‘Fred’ who was still on the ground. “This is not my normal face.” I watched as he bent down and pulled something out of ‘Fred’s’ pocket. It was a small vile filled with a reddish kind of liquid. Popping the top he skulled the contents inside down and the boils started to disappear. 

“Well that looks a lot more normal.” I stated. “Anyway seeing as I have introduced myself, who are you two?” 

“Well, I am George and this git down here is Fred.” George pointed at the ground, I looked down at him. 

“Hi.” I greeted 

“Hello.” He waved, at me before getting to his feet and walking over to George and draping his arm over his shoulder a smile printed across his face. 

“Get your arm off me you bloody git.” George said. 

“Git, mmhh… that’s a keeper, I’m but I am still gonna use knob.” I whispered to myself. 

“Did you say something?” Fred asked, as George grabbed his arm and pulled it off his shoulder and took a step away from him. “And you get back here, I need an arm rest.” He called to George not even turning to look at him. 

“No, just talking to myself.” 

“You know talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity.” 

“Really, then Fred that must mean you’re nuts.” George stated looking at his brother. 

“I don’t talk to myself… very often.” 

“Bullocks, you always talk to yourself.” 

I smiled at the two brothers arguing between one and other. “Are you guys always like this?” I asked looking at the two. 

They kept arguing between one and other, “I’ll take that as a yes.” 

“Yes we are always like this.” Fred stated turning to look at me. “And another question, what are you wearing.” 

I looked down over my outfit which consisted of a pair of Doc Martians, a pair of baggy jeans with big holes at my knees and a florescent colored shirt with the words ‘Love Life then a jacket pulled over the top. 

“Well I am wearing clothes, I thought that was obvious.” 

“But they make you look male.” 

“But they are comfortable.” 

“But a person who doesn’t know you could get you confused with a male.” 

“Don’t worry buddy it’s already happened.” 

“But then… HUH?” 

“Well I will be seeing you around.” With that I quickly turned on the heels of my feet and began to walk off. 

“Don’t think you will get away… WITH NOT TELLING ME!” I heard Fred call after me. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk. Nice going Cad, next time think before opening your mouth, or don’t say anything at all. A little voice in my head told me. 


I made it back into the compartment only to find that Kace had fallen asleep on the seat with a book covering her face. 

A/N: well here is the first chapter of The Weasley Twin Charm, i have edited it a fair bit making it longer, i would like to thank my dear friend Ava Pearce for helping me with my grammar and my other friend Ninja for helping me with the ideas :)
So read and tell me what you think it would mean a lot to me :)
Estelle XOX

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