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Lily, Lily, Quite Contrary by katebabelovesharrypotter
Chapter 1 : Family, Gossip and a Party
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^Our heroine, Lily Potter :D ^

Just a little discliamer: I own none of the recognizable characters or places. They all belong to J.K. Rowling. I do own any and all original characters and the plot of this story.

A/N: This is my first novel and it gets better as you go, I promise! Thanks for choosing my story to read and I hope it lives up to something good in your mind :)




The sun poked its way through the light curtains into my sensitive eyes. Ergh.

“Lily?” My mum’s voice seemed louder than normal. “Lily Potter! You had better get up and get ready to go or I swear to you we’ll leave you behind.” What was with the threats so very early in the morning? 

I rolled over slowly onto my back and through the slit in my eyes I could see her standing over my bed. She had her hands on her hips in an unusual display of annoyance and discipline. Ginny Potter was usually more calm and down to earth than she appeared at this moment. 

“What’s going on?” I asked innocently as I kicked my twisted blankets off, slightly confused by her tirade. 

“What’s going on is that you were supposed to be up nearly thirty minutes ago,” she exhaled in frustration. She had stopped guarding my bed and was now throwing open the powder blue curtains. Sunlight and heat streamed in with her movements and I closed my eyes for a second before they could adjust to the brightness. 

“Wh-?” I started to ask before clamping my mouth shut. “James’ birthday is today. He’s sixteen.” Realization dawned and I shot out of bed, running straight for the bathroom before turning back and grabbing the outfit my mum held out with a sigh. 

Our house is a good size. My brothers and I each have our own spacious room and we have additional space on the first floor, but we are seriously lacking in bathrooms. There are only two. Two! In a house of five people who usually have about twenty plus guests in their home at any given time, seeing as our family is extremely huge. 

Anyway, I ran into the only hall bathroom and slammed the door shut only to trip over my brother’s trainers lying in the middle of the floor. Stupid Albus! He never puts anything away. After I pulled myself up using a hand towel, I rushed to get ready. My pajamas flew off and I showered as quickly as it is humanly possible. Next thing I know I’m sprinting down the stairs with my toothbrush still in my hand and only one shoe on. 

“Can we go now? Since Lily is finally here?” Al can really make his voice sound whiny when he puts an effort into it. My dad must have given him a look because he shut up rather quickly. 

“Are you all ready to go? Everyone got their things for staying the rest of the summer at the Burrow with Nana and Grandpa?” Mum asked like we’re all still five and not teenagers. Thankfully, I was actually packed last night as there is absolutely no time left to get things together unless we want James late for his own birthday party. Dad threw a bit of Floo powder into the crackling flames and we kids took it in turn to step into the flames and yell “the Burrow!” before our parents disappeared on the spot with loud cracks. 

I arrived swirling in green flame in my grandparents’ kitchen and of course fell straight on my face. Someone helped me up and I had to look up from dusting myself off before I could see who. 

It ended up, as you probably guessed, to be one of my many cousins. Lucy let my arm fall and asked if I’d broken anything (it was only the one time- fine two times- that I actually broke anything falling and it was only a few fingers). 

After assuring her and the room at large that I was really okay, they felt it was then perfectly fine to burst out laughing at my expense. Some family I have. Laughing at people’s pain, the sick blokes. But I digress. It was most likely quite hysterical to see me whirling around and then land face first on the hearth. I would’ve laughed too, you know if they hadn’t been laughing at me. 

“Are you alright Lilykins?” my nana asked with concern clouding her wrinkled and kind face. My cousins had stopped laughing at this point and started all over again to see Nana treat me like Roxanne, who’s nine as opposed to me, who is thirteen and a half. At this point I’m just glad I haven’t sustained any injuries. Well real ones because I know my ego is seriously bruised. I pulled myself together enough in the wake of their laughter to answer her. 

“I’m fine Grandma Weasley,” I muttered, barely audible. My cheeks were on fire so I must have been blushing. And that always looks so good with red hair. 

“What happened?”asked Uncle Ron’s voice. Oh fantastic now the whole family’s here to share in my humiliation. 

“Nothing of your concern, Ronald.” It’s funny to hear my grandma scold her fully grown children. I smiled then because now all the attention was on Ron. Grandma knows what she’s doing. 

“Fine then, I won’t bother you all.” My family can be so childish. 

“Oh, Ron, don’t act so childish.” Aunt Hermione, here to save the day and somehow always voice what I’m thinking. 

“I’m not acting ‘childish’, Hermione, dear. I’m simply stating that if my own mother wants nothing to do with her youngest son than I will oblige her wishes,” Ron said with an air of contempt, as if he was being so self-sacrificing and we should all feel horribly for him. 

“Were you now? Well aren’t you just the little martyr.” That was Mum. She’s really funny. Al and James get that from her. I don’t know what I got, except the X chromosome. 

“Ginny, this has nothing to do with you.” 

“You’re acting like a fool to Mum, so it has everything to do with me.” Her tone was heated. There they go. They argue more than us kids. And they’re supposed to be the adults. My family is so ridiculous sometimes. 

A few hours later and the entire Weasley-Potter clan was crammed into the overgrown garden behind the leaning tower that is the Burrow. Mum and Uncle Ron were sitting as far apart as possible after their argument. 

“…yeah, that’s what I heard from Ellie Perkins,” Rose’s sentence carried over to me across the packed table. 

“But Ellie’s kind of dumb Rose. She’s must be lying. There’s no way she could know even if it were true, anyway,” responded Lucy with conviction. 

“What are you two talking about?” I asked curiously. 

“Well Rose heard from Ellie Perkins who heard from Anna Creevy who heard from her dad at the ministry that they were going to try to do the Triwizard Tournament again at Hogwarts this year,” Lucy spouted off. 

“What?” was my brilliant answer to her information. 

“Do I really have to repeat myself Lily?” she asked, sounding slightly exasperated. 

“No, I just…I just think it’s a totally bollocks story of Ellie to make up that’s all,” I said. 

“See Rose. Lily even agrees with me. And if it were true don’t you think one of our dads or mums or someone would’ve told us as over half of our family work for the ministry too?” Lucy inquired with an air of satisfaction at her argument. I had to agree with her. It seemed pretty unlikely that the Triwizard Tournament would happen, let alone at Hogwarts. 

“Everybody ready to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to James?” Nana Weasley sing-songed as she carried out his cake. 

There was a general muttering in response and we all started to sing. It wasn’t that we were all horrible at singing, it was just that nobody really stayed together or on tune very well. 

When the song ended on a high wailing note from Uncle George we all kind of laughed and clapped and those nearest him thumped James on the back. There was a lot of gulping going on around me already when my dad finally passed me my own piece. It was really good. The chocolate was warm and gooey and the whipped frosting my nana had handmade was surely like tasting a bit of heaven itself. As soon as the entire cake was consumed (which of course took very little time), the talking resumed to a higher level making it seem as if the garden was full of buzzing bees at work. 

“Dad?” Rose was asking. “Is it true that they’re gonna have the Triwizard Tournament again? And that it’s gonna be at Hogwarts? Cause that’s what Ellie Perkins and a bunch of other people are saying.” 

“Well…umm…erm…we…that is, ministry employees aren’t supposed to really say anything, but there has been talk of reinstating the tournament. That said it wouldn’t happen this year. Maybe next year though,” Uncle Ron ended somewhat lamely and smiled.
An “I told you so” was certainly unnecessary, but of course Rose had to say it, her being Hermione Granger’s daughter and all that. 

“Yes. Fine. Whatever, Rose. Nobody really cares anyway. It was all just stupid gossip that none of us even cared about.” Lucy sort of trailed off and stopped talking completely before getting up slowly, wishing the table at large a good night and walking away. 

Lucy’s abrupt departure seemed to signal to the adults that it was time to call it a night. Audrey got up and followed her daughter, Percy and Molly following her. They all called hasty goodbyes over their shoulder and disappeared into the darkness beyond the garden gate. Fleur, Bill, Dominique, Victoire and Louis quickly followed after a round of “Hug the Family Even Though You Will Probably See them in Less than 24 Hours Anyway”. George, Angelina, Roxanne and Fred went more quietly, with little fuss and only a couple hugs, as surprising as it may seem. 

Finally, only mine and Rose’s families and our grandparents remained. 

“Well, James, dear, happy birthday.” Hermione squeezed her nephew briefly, patted Al on the shoulder, and kissed my head. “We had a lovely time, Molly. Thank you. And of course you, too, Arthur. It was wonderful being with you all today. Goodnight everyone.” She grabbed Rose’s hand with one of her own and Hugo’s with the other and shot her husband a glance before exiting the garden and spinning on the spot. A small pop was the only noise she made as she Disapparated. She was good at everything she did. 

“Well I suppose I should be off. ‘Night Harry. And you too kids. And Mum and Dad. Happy Birthday, James.” His conspicuous lack of farewell concerning his sister was not missed and my mum, being who she was, did not miss her last chance to goad him. 

“Goodnight Ronniekins. Don’t let the hippogriffs bite,” she smiled. 

“Goodnight, Ginevra,” Ron replied through tight lips, with just a bit of satisfaction at the red tint now adorning his sister’s cheeks upon the use of her full name. With that he walked away vanishing at almost the same place as his wife and children. 

“I guess that’s what we get for having so many smartas-alecks in one family huh?” James asked the table at large. His stupid little grin was enough to lighten the mood and everyone laughed, even Nana, who doesn’t allow James or any of her grandchildren to get away with nearly swearing very often at all. 

“I think it’s time we head home,” my dad announced. “You kids were supposed to be staying, but if your grandparents would rather us take you back we will of course.” He chuckled a bit and set his eyes on the grandparents in question. 

“Of course we want the little buggers here, Harry! Don’t be silly. We love the time we get to spend with our grandchildren,” Nana responded before her husband even had a chance to blink. 

“Are you sure, Mum?” my mother asked. “I’m sure the kids wouldn’t really mind one way or the other.” Before I could protest that I did indeed mind, Nana was on her feet ushering my parents away. 

“I said we would honey, and I certainly meant it. We never have enough time with them as it is. Just go. They’ll be fine, Ginny! They aren’t so little anymore, you know.” Like I said earlier, Grandma Weasley knows what she’s doing. 

“Oh, alright. Behave you three! I mean it. Don’t act like wild little hooligans and help your grandparents if they need anything and don’t eat too many sweets and… And have fun. We’ll see you guys on Platform 9 and ¾, okay?” Mum was nearly breathless by the time she stopped talking, hugged and kissed us and Disapparated with Dad’s hand in hers. 

“Okay. So we should get you all set up! Lily, you’ll be in your mum’s old room. Al you can have Uncle George’s and James you can either take Uncle Percy’s old abode or Uncle Ron’s. It’s your choice, but I must warn you that Ron’s is probably still filled with a million and one pictures of him and Hermione so you might not want to sleep in there,” Nana finished with a laugh. 

“I’ll definitely be going with my first option,” James informed her with a slight shudder.
“I thought as much,” she smiled. "Now you all know where the bathroom is and everything so I’ll just leave you to get settled. Sweet dreams darlings.” I watched  as she walked up the stairs and I found myself following her, drawn to my new room by exhaustion. 

I flipped the switch of my mother’s old bedroom and smiled at the similarities to my own room back home. I guess we are alike after all. I noticed my bag on the bed and walked to it, my feet dragging with tiredness. I opened it and pulled out my pajamas. They were the ones Rose got me last Christmas. She thought it was ironic that they had a rose print. I guess it is sort of funny. I pulled them on and let my bright auburn hair fall out of its elastic and flopped onto the bed that had once been my mother’s. I had barely hit the mattress when my eyes closed and I was fast asleep.




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