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The Proposal by ronhermione4evr
Chapter 1 : Feeling Betrayed
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I simply have an overactive imagination.

“We are full-grown men. We faced Death Eaters, Imprisonment, and even Lord Voldemort without fear.”

Yet you are scared of giving a ring to your girlfriend. A voice inside Ron’s head jerked him out of the pep talk he and Harry were giving themselves. With a sigh, he turned around and flopped down onto his bed.

“Why is Voldemort suddenly seeming like a little bunny rabbit compared to this?” Ron asked aloud.

Harry was trying to think of an answer. “I dunno, mate. Maybe we’re just getting worked up over nothing, right?” He sounded like he was trying to reassure himself more than Ron.

They heard a pop from the living room, and quickly sat up.

“Oh, hello, Hermione.” Ron said nervously. “Fine weather, we’re having, aren’t we?” His attempt at casual conversation was horrible, and Harry nudged him nervously.

“Um…..yes, divine?” Hermione seemed to know that Ron was hiding something from her. “Hello, Harry. Ginny wanted to know if you two could manage without coming over dinner tonight.”

Ever since Harry and Ron had moved into their apartment, they had gone over to the girls’ apartment for dinner, considering that neither Harry of them could make more than breakfast and sandwiches.

“No dinner? That’s okay, Ron and I have to………….work overtime. Yup, that’s it; we just have a lot of work to do, and we don’t have enough time to do it. Okay, bye Hermione.” Harry said very fast.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. Considering she had to watch over these two for seven years before they stopped becoming dependent on her, she knew from experience that Ron and Harry tended to talk fast when they were lying or hiding something.

“Okay, well I guess I’ll see you two later. Bye.” Hermione said skeptically as she walked into the living room, spun on the spot, and Apparated.

“I’m actually glad that we don’t have to go to dinner tonight. We can practice what to say to them when we propose.” Harry said.

“Yay.” Said Ron glumly, knowing that he was in for another couple of hours of uncomfortable silence while he and Harry thought of the proper ways to propose.

Ginny was shifting nervously, reaching for a bag of popcorn as she waited for Hermione to come back. She was bursting with news, and not good news, either.

When she heard the reassuring POP, she fingered a bag next to her chair.

Hermione walked into the room with news. “They’re hiding something from us.” She proclaimed, taking the chair next to Ginny’s.

“Did they give you the shifty eyes, or talk really fast?” asked Ginny, who was also familiar with Harry and Ron’s emotions.

“They talked really fast, and actually seemed like they were happy to not come to dinner tonight.”

“That’s strange, but I have worse news at the moment.” Ginny pulled out a folder from the bag next to her. Hermione leaned in so she could read what it said.

The words American Auror Facility were at the top in a fancy golden font. Underneath that were the words Addressed to Mr. Harry Potter.

“Ron’s got one, too.” Ginny said pulling out another folder, identical to the first one, except that the name Ronald Weasley stood in the place of Harry’s name. “I was waiting for you to come back to show these to you.”

Hermione took the folder from her and opened to the first page, which was titled Benefits of Joining the American Auror Facility. Underneath that were several reasons of why the American Auror Facility was a good place to go. The sentence that read “Get far away from you homeland, travel to new places and meet new people!” was circled in a red pen.

Hermione’s eyes filled up with tears. “I can’t believe he didn’t tell me. Why would he want to leave here?” A sudden thought struck her. “Maybe that’s why he didn’t care about coming to dinner tonight. He was trying to tell me that he didn’t care about us anymore and was leaving.”

Ginny nodded grimly. “The brochure isn’t the only thing. I found reminders on both Harry and Ron’s office bulletin boards, reminding them to send a reply to America.” Ginny sounded like she was on the verge of tears, as her voice was starting to get thick.

“What!” Hermione exclaimed, jumping up. “Sorry, Ginny. Guess we can’t have just a girl’s night out after all. I need some time to think about this.”

“I understand. I feel the exact same way.” Ginny said miserably, putting away the popcorn.

Once Hermione had left to go to her room, while still holding the folder in shock, Ginny lay down on her bed and rethought that day.

Ginny had been going to the British Auror’s Facility to see if Harry could give her any help for her job as a Quidditch reporter.

“Harry?” Ginny said peering through the door of his office. There was no sign of him, though a folder lay open on his desk. She walked toward it and noticed that it was some kind of brochure. She felt nervous as she looked down upon the brochure on his desk, though she didn’t know why.

Without a second thought, Ginny picked up the folder and put it into the tote bag that she had been carrying. As she walked out of the office, she noticed a yellow post-it on the bulletin board.

“Reply to American brochure.” Was what the post-it said.

Ginny went to Ron’s office, where she was pretty sure he would be. It was either that, or the men’s bathroom, and Ginny had no intention of searching there.

Ron’s office had the same folder open on his desk. Ginny, knowing that Hermione would want to know about this, slipped the folder into her bag. She was so immersed in wondering what the mysterious brochure was about that she didn’t even notice that she had knocked over a photo frame. A post-it identical to Harry’s was on Ron’s bulletin board, though Ron’s board was so much messier.

As Ginny walked to the fireplace to floo back to  her apartment, she reached into her bag and pulled out Harry’s folder. The gold script on the front read “American Auror Facility”.

With a sinking feeling that this could mean nothing good, Ginny flooed back home.

Ginny thought of the day, and tried to put it behind her, letting sleep finally claim her.

Hermione’s thoughts were much less calm than Ginny’s. She couldn’t sleep, so she started to read the brochure.

The second page was titled Why the American Auror Facility is one of the best in the world! Hermione read the list.

As we have no big villains in our area, the American Auror Facility is safer than anywhere else.

Witches get an equal salary as men.

We promote mingling with new people without interference from boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, and family back home!

Hermione felt sick as she noticed that the last sentence on the list was circled with a red pen as well. However, Hermione made herself continue reading, no matter how painful the truth was.

The American Auror Facility has many more comforts than anywhere else in the world! The next page was titled.

24 hour food buffet with cuisines and delicacies from around the world!

Flat screen TV, Laptop, and lavishly furnished rooms for those of you who enjoy Muggle things!

Many activities such as swimming, Quidditch and other sports available during break times!

Enjoy massages from exotic people as you relax!

Underneath the last option was a picture of a lady giving a man a massage. This too was circled in a red pen.

Hermione flipped through the brochure. Everything that was circled had to do with getting away from London and meeting new people. Hermione’s tears trickled down her cheeks and fell on the brochure.

“Can he be cheating on me, or is he trying to break up with me?” Hermione thought.

She imagined a devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other.

“Of course he’s cheating on you!” the devil on her right shouted at her. “Why would he have circled all this stuff if he wasn’t?”

“Now, now, be reasonable.” The angel on her left shoulder chided. “Would Ron cheat on you?”

No, Hermione thought, but he might be trying to break up with me.

“Oh, don’t listen to her.” The devil said. “She’s just trying to cover up the truth. You see the evidence plain on the brochure. Ron doesn’t want you anymore. He wants some foreign, American woman, not a boring bushy-haired girl from London.”

“My hair is not bushy!” Hermione argued. It was true, ever since her 3rd year at Hogwarts, her hair had gone from bushy to curly, and now was steadily become more wavy. Now that Hermione thought about it, the angel might actually be right.

“Ron would not break up with you.” The angel said confidently. “He actually cares about you!”

Oh, blah, blah, blah ,Hermione thought. Now I think that the devil is actually making a better point.

“Here’s what you should do.” The devil said, leaning in now that she knew Hermione was interested in her offer. “You get revenge. Confront him until you get the truth out. Use Veritaserum if you have to.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Hermione agreed. She stood up and the angel and devil disappeared. Were they real, or just a figment of her imagination?

She walked down the hall to Ginny’s room and shook her awake.

“Ginny, here’s what we have to do.” Hermione described her plan to the still-sleepy Ginny, who smiled mischievously.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it. This is my first fanfic that is half Ron/Hermione and other half Harrry/Ginny. Please read and review!

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