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Double Trouble by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve: No Is A Dirty Word
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Chapter Twelve: No is a Dirty Word
By: Chaos


"No" is a dirty word
Never gonna say it first
"No" is just a thought that never crosses my mind


The morning sun shone through a break in the curtains shinning right into Remus’s eyes. Stretching Remus rolled over smiling at Sekhmet’s sleeping form. They had talked well into the morning before Sekhmet had drifted off to sleep.

"Hey Sek it's time to get up" Remus gently shook her shoulder.

"No go away. Night night." Sekhmet mumbled curling up against Remus' chest.

"Come on Sekhmet, we've got class and your still in yesterdays clothes"

"No I’m sleeping"

"Come on I’ve gotta get up." Remus said getting out of bed.

"No stay." Sekhmet whined reaching out catching Remus’s arm.

"Sek its time to get up now." Remus said as he pulled Sekhmet up and out of bed.

“Mmmm you’re mean." Sekhmet complained as she stretched.

"I know and now I understand why your sister, Lily, and Alice always complained about getting you out of bed in the morning." Remus laughed opening his trunk.

"Wait..... I’m in the boy’s dorm." Sekhmet said completely ignoring Remus

"Yes that you are."

"Wait where are the rest of the boys? Holy crap! Wait does this mean? Ah Remus!" Sekhmet flung her arms around Remus.

"Sekhmet Croft will you be my girlfriend?"

"YES! But wait we can’t tell anyone yet! I have to tell Isis, Lily, and Alice first. If they don’t know first I’m in trouble! We’re always are the first to know when someone hooks up! Oh my goodness breakfast has already started! Um, listen we’ll tell everyone tonight ok? Until than we act like nothing’s happened. Gotta go!" Sekhmet kissed Remus than dashed out of the room leaving Remus shaking his head laughing slightly.

Poor Sekhmet always the last to know. If she only she'd realize that it was pretty obvious that everyone knew. Otherwise I'd be shaking the guys awake. Remus thought as he finished getting dressed.

That day everyone played along with Sekhmet’s ruse that nothing had changed between her and Remus, but it was obvious to the whole school that something was up. The normally outspoken Sekhmet wandered from class to class smiling and humming. Even in the morning she was happy and bubbly.

That night during dinner Sekhmet decided to make her big announcement.

"Ok friends, I’ve decided you would be the first to know, that me and Remus are together!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah we know." Isis said hiding a smile.


"Sek, Sirius, James, and Peter were sleeping in the common room last night and you’ve been all smiles all day." Lily spoke

"You mean I could have spent the entire day snogging in broom closets and the classes Remus actually made me go to! I could have totally lsat on his lap the entire time than snogged in the middle of the Great Hall and not have worried about you lame assess? That’s totally not fair!"

"Well thank you for attempting to think of us" said Lily trying not to laugh.

"We have to go to classes Sekhmet." Remus replied.

"So you’re turning down snogging with me all day in broom closets to go to class? Um.... let’s see, that just doesn’t happen. No one’s ever said no to snogging me and skipping class. That just doesn’t happen. Um so what boyfriend girlfriend privileges do I get? This is so not fair Remus! We have to skip classes and snog the entire time. It’s just ... the rule!" Sekhmet finished her rant everyone just stared at her.

"Sek, Remus's right, you have to go to class." Alice said breaking the silence.

"So Isis, do we get to skip class to snog in a broom closet?" Sirius asked.

"No, we have class, just because Sek doesn’t care about her classes doesn’t mean the rest of us don't. Besides you should actually go to class once and a while." Isis replied.

"I think I’m dating the wrong twin." Sirius mumbled pouting.

The next morning Sekhmet and Remus walked into the Great Hall in hand in hand. Sekhmet expected to hear whispering or low talking, as the student’s had done with Sirius and Isis, but instead there was silence. Student’s mouths hung open in shear disbelief. No one had ever expected that Gryffindor’s good boy and trouble making girl would ever be a couple.

“Wow, you'd think none of these people had ever seen a couple before the way they’re staring at us." Sekhmet commented as the gang sat down.

"I think its cause no one would have ever pegged you and Remus for a couple." Lily stated.

"Why?" Sekhmet asked.

"Because he’s a good student and you’re not." James answered bluntly.


“The truth hurts.” James shrugged turning back to his food.

After breakfast everyone made their way down to the dungeons for potions class. Once everyone was in their seats a quiet Professor Slughorn announced that they would be working in pairs today. As he read off the lists of pairs Lily and James, and Isis and Sirius were paired together, but Sekhmet was paired with Snape. Cursing under her breath Sekhmet walked over to Snape’s table.

“I noticed that you’re with Lupin.” Snape said casually after several minutes of silence.

“Yeah what of it?” Sekhmet asked irritated.

“I don’t think that’s wise.” Snape paused then added, “He’s dangerous."

"Ha! Remus dangerous? I don’t think he would hurt a fly even if it did piss him off! Come to mention it I don’t think remus even gets pissed off" Sekhmet laughed while noticing Remus was trying to act like he wasn’t listening. James and Sirius on the hand were obviously glaring.

"Listen Sek he’s dangerous. Where do you think he goes every month?"

“He’s visiting his sick mother, duh!" Sekhmet was very annoyed.

“Merlin why do I even like her" Snape mumbled to himself.

"Cause I’m amazingly, wonderfully cute, duh." Sekhmet answered sarcastically. When would he take the hint that she disliked him and his greasy hair.

"Seriously Sekhmet think about it, how long has his mother been sick?
Think about when he goes. It’s every month and only once every month." Snape slammed his hand down on the table.

"You listen here Snape!” Sekhmet yelled standing up knocking over the table spilling their potion all over the floor, “Remus would never ever lie to me! So butt out of my business! And I don’t know where you’ve come up with your crazy idea that Remus is dangerous! God I swear your inhaling to many potion fumes asshole!" Everyone was dead silent.

"Ms. Croft!” Slughorn cried from his office door, “What do you think you are doing? Clean up this mess right now!" Slughorn ordered.

"Make him do clean up the damn mess!" Sekhmet pointed to Snape. “I’m tired of him insulting my friends and my boyfriend.” Sekhmet yelled before storming out of the classroom.

Sekhmet did not return to the dorms till well after dinner. Everyone knew better than to find her when she was in one of her tempers. Sekhmet was best left alone until she calmed down. When Sekhmet did return she found everyone studying around the fire.

"Hey Sis." Isis said as the portrait door swung close.

"Hey sis. What are you doing?"

"Homework which is what you should be doing."

"I finished what I needed to. So …” Sekhmet walked over Remus and sat on his lap, “class is over, can I have my girlfriend privileges now?" Sekhmet asked with a slight pout.

“Just let me..." Sekhmet didn’t even let Remus finish. She jumped up off his lap and drug him up to the guy’s dorm.

"Well at least she dragged him upstairs first so we didn't have to watch." Lily said looking up from her book.

"They better not be using my bed cause if they do your sisters dead." Sirius said in a slightly threatening manner.

"All I can say is they better vacate the room before we head off to bed" James added, “I don’t want to sleep down here again.”


"You know what? I feel like we never have any girl time anymore. We are always either with the boys or with our boyfriends." Lily commented the next morning during breakfast.

"I know what you mean. I feel like it's been ages!" Isis agreed

"I know!” Sekhmet said “Let's have a sleep over!”

“Sek we sleep in the same dorm.” Alice laughed.

“I know but instead of sleeping in our beds we’ll sleep on the floor! We’ll turn blankets into sleeping bags, play truth or dare the grown up way, do nails, hair, and all that good stuff!”

“That actually sounds like a lot of fun.” Lily said smiling.

“Excellent! Isis you get the food and I'll take care of the drinks! How about we start at eight?” Sekhmet jumped up grabbing Remus’s hand.

"Where are we going?" Remus asked getting to his feet.

"A broom closet for a quick snog before class.”

"Do I get a choice?"

"It’s either you come along or I find some unsuspecting soul and jump him"

"Alright let’s go." Remus grabbed his bag turning beat red as James and Sirius whistled.

"So am I invited to this sleep over?" James asked smiling at Lily.

"Nope girls only it’s just going to be me, Isis, Alice, and Sek, all girls, and only girls. Though maybe if you’re lucky, and we remember, well come down to the common room and tell you guys good night." Lily replied as they got up to go to class.

Sekhmet disappeared right after dinner and Isis snuck down to the kitchens. Isis returned to the dorms to help Alice and Lily set up the sleeping bags; shortly after House Elves appeared in their dorm room with an array of snack foods both healthy and unhealthy.

"Alright ladies, I’ve got the goods!” Sekhmet came bursting into the dorm room carrying two large bags, “Now what I am about to show you is for the girls only and let me tell you, you ladies will be thanking me!” Sekhmet began pulling bottle after bottle out of the bags which seemed to have never ending bottoms. “I got all the alcohol I could get my greedy little hands on both muggle and wizerding. I’ve got fire whiskey, vodka, rum, some peach snopps for some fuzzy navels cause trust me you all will love them. I grabbed some tequila for some good old margaritas, and the stuff to mix the alcohol so we aren’t just taking shots! Oh and I got us some jello for shooters."

"This is a lot of alcohol" Alice exclaimed wide eyed.

“I told you we’re gonna have fun!”

"I’ll try a fuzzy naval.” Said Lily.

"Wait no talking to us about how this is breaking the rules and we need to be good?" Sekhmet asked confused.

"No and don’t you dare tell anyone.” Lily warned.

“Ayah Captain! Now who wants what?”

Sekhmet readily played the part of the bar tender pour drink after the girl had consumed a dew drink apiece the gossip started flying, there was plenty of dirty jokes and stories involving their boyfriends. Around midnight Lily, Isis, and Alice were drunk and had chosen to stop drinking well they could still think, Sekhmet on the other hand was still going strong.

"Sek I think you should slow down just a bit." Lily suggested attempting to grab Sekhmet’s drink, but managed to fall over causing the girl to erupt in a fit of giggles.

"Nah, I’m perfectly fine, just a little klutzy. Trust me I never lose my mental capability, just coordination." Sekhmet answered.

"It’s true. Disgustingly true. If it wasn’t for the fact she’d get alcohol poisoning she could probably finish off the alcohol and do nothing more than fall down the stairs." Isis laughed.

"Hey I promised the guys we'd come down stairs and tell them good night.” Lily paused and then added, “But I’m thinking we may want to just send them a letter, cause I don’t know if Sek will make it down the stairs." Lily laughed.

"No I’ll be fine. Besides I wanna see my boy." Sekhmet mumbled taking a swig of vodka wincing as it burned.

"Well I’m grabbing my robe. I don’t want everybody seeing my sleep wear." Isis said as she searched for her robe in the mess the girls created of blankets, pillows, and magazines.

"Would you grab me mine too?" Lily asked.

"Yeah here you go.” Isis handed Lily her robe, “Sek you want yours?"

"No. I don’t see why you guys are so paranoid, you’re wearing tanks and shorts, your fine. Besides who else would be in the common room right now? You both are wearing more... more... clothes than me. I’m in a... a...shirt” Sekhmet paused to think, “yeah shirt that’s the word I was looking for … ouch!" Sekhmet had run into the door.

"I just don’t want some random kid seeing me." Isis stated."And I think you should grab yours too Sek. That shirt you’re wearing just barely covers your butt!" Isis added.

"Whose shirt is that any way?" Alice asked

"Remus' and I don’t care how short it is."

"But if you lift your arms up the entire common room will see your red panties!" Lily exclaimed as the girls followed Sekhmet out the door as she ran down the hallway almost losing her footing and falling down the stairs.

"Like I said I don’t care!" Sekhmet said waving the bottle of vodka still in her hand while stumbling down the stairs.

The boys had been sitting in front of the fire playing chest and exploding snaps. Hearing noise from the stairwell they look up shocked by the sight of Sekhmet wearing just a shirt, a bottle of vodka in hand, and nearly falling down the stairs. Remus ran quickly to her side steadying her.

"Hey Sek you going to share that?" Sirius ask as he met Isis at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey Remus lets fuck." Sekhmet suggested wrapping her arms around Remus’s neck, the group fell silent.

"Sekhmet your drunk." Remus said calmly.

"No shit Sherlock! I’ve been drinking all night! If you’re a good little boy maybe I’ll share." Sekhmet slurred.

"Sek, I’m not going to take advantage of you while you’re drunk." Remus stated matter-of-factly.

"So Isis,” Sirius said snacking his arms around Isis’s waist, “are you that drunk too?" Sirius asked.

Isis turned in his arms an eyebrow raised, "I’m not nearly that drunk.” Isis pushed out of his arms, “Why can’t you be more of a gentleman?” Isis asked well Sekhmet snickered.

“Why can’t you be more like your sister? You know skipping a class here and there for make out sessions or getting drunk and having sex?" Sirius asked arms folded across his chest.

"Because if I did that than I’d be Sek and let’s face it you wouldn’t want to date Sek." Isis retorted.

Lily, James, Frank, Alice, and Peter sat on the couches and chairs doing their best not to laugh at the scene before them. Isis glared at Sirius who pouted like a child. Sekhmet was all over Remus who was trying to get her off of him.

"Listen Sek the answer is no, you’re drunk!" Remus was trying to calm Sekhmet down well she tried to take off his shirt; finally he got her at arms length. Looking annoyed Sekhmet made a funny noise and throwing her arms in the air, and falling onto the coach.

"I give up! You are no fun!" Sekhmet whined as she downed more of her vodka. Remus attempted to pull the bottle out of her hand but she slapped his away, "You have not been a good boy! No alcohol for you! You lose! Not only do you not get any alcohol you can’t have this now!" Sekhmet exclaimed motioning to her body.

"Remus what are you doing? Just say yes already! When a girl offers you don’t say no!" Sirius stated pushing his friend forward.

"Yeah! No's a dirty word! Sex is always the answer!" Sekhmet jumped up from the couch glaring at Remus.

"Let’s get you back upstairs." Lily said taking Sekhmet’s arm leading her back towards the stairs while Sekhmet continued to mumble about how no is a dirty word.

"You know Remus, she’s in her right mind, as right as Sek’s mind can be. She can drink till the cows come home and still have the same mental capability as if she were completely sober, she’s just even more of a klutz." Isis said as she watched Lily help Sekhmet attempt to climb the stairs as she sang some made up song. “Oh and Sirius you should learn to be more of a gentleman.” Isis turned and headed back upstairs.

“Sekhmet’s right.” Sirius grumbled watching Isis walk up the stairs.

“About what?” James asked.

“No is a dirty word.” Sirius flung himself down on the couch, "Why oh why did you get the twin who’s willing to snogg through class and wants to, well as she put it, fuck you. And you said no! It’s not fair! Why the hell did you say no?" Sirius asked.

"We've only been dating for a week." Remus stated simply.

"And best friends since forever." James pointed out. "She obviously trusts you."

"She shouldn’t." Remus muttered heading to his room.

The next morning, Isis, Lily, and Alice head down to breakfast looking slightly tired but otherwise fine. Sekhmet, on the other hand, was so hung over she looks like death warmed over. Sekhmet saw Remus and blushed furiously staying close to her sister.

"Morning." Sirius, James, Frank, and Peter said Remus stared at his plate.

"Don’t yell." Mumbled Sekhmet putting her head in her arms trying to block out the light and noise.

"Some ones a little hung over." Sirius laughed.

"I hate you" Sekhmet glared at Sirius as she stood up.

"Where are you going?" Lily asked.

"Up to the dorm to finish the rest of the yummy yummy drinks" Sekhmet said with a smile, “If you aren’t drunk by noon you aren’t trying." Sekhmet took a deep breath, “Besides it’s the best way to get rid of hangover. Glancing quickly at Remus, Sekhmet blushed furiously once more before turning to go.

"I’m sure she’s thankful that it’s Saturday.” Lily commented watching Sekhmet go.

“I’m sure she doesn’t care" Isis shook her head.

"So is she really going to drink the rest of the alcohol you ladies smuggled in?" asked Sirius.

"No, she’s probably going back to bed." Isis commented, “Remus you should have said good morning to her, she would have been less embarrassed.”

“I thought maybe she was still mad at me.”

"Actually she’s pretty embarrassed about last night. She’s been mumbling about why she said what she did and wasn’t more, I guess, sexy about it.” Isis said.

“She was drunk.” Remus said flatly.

“This is true, but like I said last night Sek doesn’t lose her mental capabilities, just her balance.”

“Ok. So why is she embarrassed than? She was just being Sek.” Remus asked confused.

“You don’t get it Remus she wants to be sexy for you and not sound like some guy.”

“I…I already think she’s sexy.” Remus said flabbergasted.

“Then tell her that!” Isis said exasperated, “Come on Lily let’s go to the library I don't know about you, but I've got homework to finish.” Isis and Lily left the Great Hall leaving James and Sirius to explain to Remus what Isis was saying.

Lyrics: S.E.X by Nickelback
Amazing chapter image by Jazzi @ TDA

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