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Let's Act It Out by Bookworm045
Chapter 1 : Take A Deep Breath, Don't Choke And Die...
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Take A Deep Breath, Don't Choke And Die...

"So Al," A very excited looking Rose Weasley said, rushing into the train compartment on the September 1st before her fifth year, "I found these lyrics to an old muggle song."

She shoved the parchment in her cousin's face and waited impatiently for him to read it.

Her mind drifted to the new schooling system the ministry had decided to try some ten years ago. Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh years were taught in a separate castle, a little way off from the younger students'. Of course there was still house Quidditch with members from both Age groups, and the younger students were allowd to visit the older kids, but they had decided that separating them would be good. Not as many kids in one castle equaled less trouble in their minds. Of course this wasn't strictly true, but what can you do?

"Erm," he said, finally finishing up, "What about them?"

"She looked out the window as her best friend joined them. Alice Root was in Gryffindor like the two cousins and had dark brown hair that hung in loose waves to her mid back, She grinned at her two friends, Rose who looked as if she were in deep thought as Al continued reading his book.

Finally, Rose spoke.

"I've decided to act out the lyrics. Just to see where it takes me, to spice up the year. Of course, I'll throw in my own touch, but I think it'll be fun."

Al stared at her.

"What lyrics?" Ali asked curiously.

Wordlessly, Albus Potter handed her the sheet of lyrics and both cousins waited with baited breath at how she would react. Rose wanted her to like the game, Al didn't.

"Sounds fun..." Ali said at last, "Who'll be Abigail?" Her eyes were dancing with mischief.

"You. I wanna date a 'jock'," Rose said with good humor, running through, in her head, the list of hot males on the House Teams, all of the Seventh Years.

"Excellent," Ali agreed quickly, and Al repeatedly banged his head against his book.

Both girls ignored him.


Rose and Ali, being fifteen years old, had very recently acquired (or discovered...) their curves. They, however, were born oozing with confidence few other fifteen year old girls had, and with their flawless complexions, long legs, flat stomachs, and said new curves, they had decided to abuse the new advantage.

The girls and Albus had changed into their uniforms, Ali and Rose spending extra time accenting each other's best features, going for a hot-but-not-slutty look. They didn't want to seem desperate. Which they weren't.

Both of them had settled on loose ties, hair down, shirts three buttons unbuttoned, with their tubetops peeking out, effectively hiding their bras. Their skirts had been expertly shortened, looking as if they had just gotten too tall over the summer to have them fit normally. Neither girl wore heals so they were clad in bright, attention-grabbing converse hi-tops.

As they made their way off the train, the continued to ignore Al, who was half-heartedly asking (more like begging) them to reconsider the idea as he followed behind them.

Now, Albus had filled out a lot over the summer as well. Muscles, tightened from wrestling, swimming, Quidditch, and American football showed much through his tight but worn green tee-shirt.

When the whole group reached the doors of Hogwarts The Second, Rose and Ali stopped suddenly. Al, being the only one who knew what was going on, began muttering about lunatic girls. They consulted the parchment that Rose had hidden in her bra and grinned at each other.

Both girls took over exaggerated deep breaths simultanously before choking hysterically on the air by mistake. Once they had finally calmed down, they linked arms and sauntered through the doors, the rest of the group following behind, not nearly as confident.

Take a deep breath,
As you walk through
Those doors, it's the
Morning of your very first day.

All throughout dinner, the girls chattered animatedly with their friends, laughing and catching up.

After dinner was through, Alice and Rose made their way out of the Great Hall, careful to grab the attention of the large group of seventh years, looking like it was unintentional. 

When they reached the dormitory, Rose took our the parchment, and, in the secrecy of the hangings pulled shut, a silencing charm cast around, they discussed in low voices the plans for the next day on Rose's bed.

Say hi to your friends,
You ain't seen in a while,
Try to stay outta everybody's way.

The next morning, the two girls woke up late and spent the time rushing around the dorm, looking for clothes. Rose actually walked down the stairs while she was buttoning her shirt up. Getting distracted in the common room, she forgot about finishing the buttons as she and Ali made their way out of the Gryffindor Den. Ali didn't notice either as she attempted to tame her monster of a hair, aka, Bedhead.

They walked all the way to the Great Hall, and no one said anything, though the fifteen year old red head did get quite a bit more attention than the usual amount of a lot, if that was possible.

As they sat down, Al motioned wordlessly at his cousin's new 'get-up' and she looked down, confused, before her eyes widened an incredible amount as she finally realized that her shirt was only done up three buttons.

Eyes still wide, she swore loudly, attracting more looks, and furiously did up the rest of her buttons, her cheeks a bright red.

"Nobody tells me nothing," She muttered bitterly, glaring at Ali who was howling with laughter, attracting everyone's attention.

"Do you guys seriously not find the idea of losing your virginity in order to act out the lyrics to a song a bit over the top?" Al demanded of the two girls in hushed tones once the commotion had died down and both girls shrugged at the same time.

"Wouldn't it be better that we isinuate it instead of actually getting our hearts ripped out and stomped on?" Ali asked as she dug into her cheese omelet.

"I don't know..." Al trailed off, honestly unsure.

"Well I do," Rose finished the conversation in firm tones, and no one said another word on the subject, instead talking animatedly about the Cannons' spectacular loss to Puddlemere United, a grand total of 680 points to 20 points.

It's your freshman year,
And you're gonna be here,
For the next four years,
In this town.

As the girls were walking to Arithmancy, (Al was in Theory of Care of Magical Creatures), Rose bumped into a familiar someone. Literally.

"I must say, luv," said a haughty voice as hands found themselves on her shoulders as the person pulled back at arm's length as if the person wanted to get a good look, "I liked you far better with your shirt undone."

Rose violently shoved the arms off her shoulders leaving the owner of them to let them cross as he leaned casually against the wall, his friends sharing amused glances at the short girl who stood with her hands on her hips, she and her friend not in the least intimidated by the group of seventh years.

"I'm sure you did, Malfoy," Rose snarked back with a smirk on her face to match the one on the blond in front of her's, "After all, it was me. And it was you."

Scorpius gave her a once-over, as if trying to place a her body with a name.

The two groups stood in a bit of a stand off, the girls once again surprising the boys when they didn't scurry off as the bell rang.

"You know," he finally said, as if expecting her to fall at her knees and worship the ground he walked on, just as every other girl did, "I don't think," His voice was very slow and deliberate, slightly husky, "That I've seen you around before..."

Rose nearly snorted, but kept up her act, letting an innocent-and-slightly-dumb expression fall onto her face.

After just a few moments of silence, she finally responded in her I'm-a-little-girl's voice, "I think," She said slowly, mocking him, "That that is because aside from last night, I've never actually been here before." And refraining from smirking at the astounded expression on his face, she muttered, "Dumbass," just loud enough for everyone to hear, before she sauntered away, Alice following behind her, giggling madly.

After Rose had weaseled (no pun intended) their way out of trouble, the girls sat in the back of the room, whispering back and forth after they completed their worksheet.

"I can not believe you said that! And called him a dumbass," Ali whisper-yelled, a large grin on her face even though they had been over this multiple times already.

Rose, however, looked only mildly amused, mostly bored, "Yes, yes, I did that, Ali, okay? He deserved to be put in his place, and apparently, I happen to be the only one with the guts to do so."

Ali's excited expression did not fade, "So is he the one you'll be dating?" she asked interestedly, her voice dropping.

"I don't know," Rose mused, " if he can handle being caught in my tangled, sticky web of awsomeness. But if he is, he's up for a challenge. After all, if what my cousin Dom told me is true, he's never been rejected by a girl. Not once. Quite the womanizing prick, she said."

Ali's squeal of laughter through was cut short when Professor Vector gave her a stern look before the bell rang.

Hoping one of those senior boys'll
Wink at you and say,
'You know I haven't seen you around,

"I don't really know how to act out the chorus," Rose said, rubbing her chin as she studied the parchment, which was quick becoming worn, in her hands, "Or the next verse for that matter."

Ali snatched the parchment out of the red head's hands and studied it as well.

Al just shook his head, occasionally glancing up from his book he was reading before turning back to it, just to make sure the girls didn't do anything stupid, like set the common room on fire. Again.

"Oh I know!" Ali exclaimed after a few minutes of silence.

Both Rose and Al raised an eye brow expectantly.

Alice took a deep breath and clutched her heart with one hand, throwing the other one out dramatically and accidently smacking a random passerby in the face. After one more breath, she spoke, "I feel at the top of the world! I know everything there is to know about everything!!" she ignored her friends' increasing laughter as heads turned to see what the steadily growing noise was, "THERE'S NOTHING MORE FOR ME TO FIGURE OUT!!!"

Alice's dramatic speech was cut short when somebody from the audience threw their shoe at her stomach. She doubled over, gasping out a 'Thanks' as Al and Rose roared with laughter.

"Well," Rose said finally, after her laughter had just subsided to the occasional giggle, "That takes care of that."

She got a withering glare in response.

Cuz when you're fifteen,
And somebody tells you
They love you,
You're gonna believe them.

And when you're fifteen,
You feel like,
There's nothing to figure out.

"One!" Rose yelled loudly in the middle of the corridor, the cool November breeze blowing in through the open windows.

A few heads turned.

"Two!" Ali yelled from the other end of the hall.

"Three." Al declared, loud, but in a monotone voice. He had been forced. And paid.

"Four!!" Rose cheered.

"Five!!" Ali.

"Six." Al, still monotone. At least he was loud.

"Seven!!!" Some random person supplied cheerfully.

"Eight!!!" Another passerby yelled.

"Nine." Al said.

"TEN!!!!" Most of the hall bellowed, Rose and Ali meeting each other in the center of the corridor, hugging happily.

"I don't know who I'm gorn- umm... gorn... gonna. GONNA! Ba... Be! I don't know who I'm gonna be," Al declared, reading from his palm on which some of the ink had smeared, as he met up with the girls.

Rose glared.

"When I grow up?" He finished meekly.

Alice glared.

"It smudged!!" he exclaimed defensively, hands up in protest.

They glared harder, for a moment, but let it go.

Well, count to ten,
Take it in,
This is live before you know who you're gonna be.

All three fifteen year olds sat side-by-side in Transfiguration. Right before the lesson started, Rose and Alice looked at each other and held out their hands.

"Hello, I'm Rose Weasley, this is my cousin, Albus-Severus Potter," Rose said formally, shaking her friend's hand.

"I'm Alice Root, but please call me Ali," Alice responded.

Al banged his head against the desk repeatedly.

"Let's be friends," Rose continued.

"Best friends," Alice corrected.

"Hug!" Rose said cheerfully, and the girls hugged.




"Mister Potter!" Scolded Professor McGonagall, "Kindly refrain from doing that. It is disruptive and can cause some serious damage to the desk."

You sit in class,
Next to a red-head
Named Abigail,
And soon enough you're best friends.

A month later found Ali and Rose talking to each other in low voices, occasionally snickering.

"You two planning a prank?" Came James Potter II's voice as he slid in next to them.

"No," Ali said.

"So shit off." Rose finished.

James held up his hands defensively and stood up chuckling.

"See you later Rosie Posie and Ali Walli," He said cheerfully, dodging the muffin thrown at his head.

Looking up from her breakfast once more, Rose watched, part in amusement, part in disgust, as a few of the other Fifth and Sixth year girls were all but throwing themselves at the very same group of Slytherins they encountered many times.

Ali snorted when a particular bold -or desperate- laid a hand on Scorpius's arm, her long manicured talon fingers curling around it tightly.

Even from across the Hall, both girls could clearly see the uncomfortable but amused look on the boys' faces.

"Should we go 'rescue' them?" Ali asked.


"To shock the girls. And to mix up the rumors."

"Won't it put us on the top of their 'hit-list'?"


"Let's go."

The two girls simultaneously stood up and, after pulling down their skirts that had ridden up, sauntered over to the group of Seventh Years, confident expressions on their faces.

"Oh Scorpius, dahling," Rose called out to the blonde in an over exaggerated accent, not only catching everyone's attention in just three words, but also signaling to Ali that they were using first names, "I haven't seen you in like, forever!" She simpered, sauntering right up to him, hips shaking more than usual, and expertly sliding the blonde girl out of his lap before perching on it herself and winding her arms around his neck, pressing her lips against his jaw bone and sucking gently for just a moment.

The Slytherins, to be completely honest, looked utterly bewildered. After all, these two girls had been giving them nothing but hell for the past three months. But they went with it as Ali greeted Scorpius's best friend, Lucas, similarly.

The trio of Sixth year Ravenclaws looked appropriately affronted, but stormed off after Rose, once she winced so only the Slytherins and Ali saw it, pulling Scorpius Malfoy's wonderfully confused face toward hers and snogged him deeply, him responding almost instantly. A few minutes after the girls had completely left the Hall, Rose pulled away from him, showing, once again, that she was the one in control,  and slid off his lap, Ali -who had been giving Lucus a free tour of the inside of her own mouth- following quickly behind, leaving three -now more than ever- shocked Slytherin Seventh Years in their wake.

"Oh my God, Rose, you should have Clarissa's face when he didn't pull away, and instead snogged you back!" Ali exclaimed, both of the girls giggling incessantly at it.

"So, you and Lucas?" Rose questioned, a smirk on her lips.

Ali bit her lip but nodded proudly. She'd always been labeled as the shyer of the two, and she was, though neither girl was particularly shy. She had a temper, it just didn't explode at every little thing like her friend's did. She didn't flirt nearly as much as Rose did, even though she was already labeled a flirt as well. "I know he's not Scorpius Malfoy, but he's cool. And reasonably nice, and hot and a good kisser. And let's be honest, if I had gotten Scorpius, and you'd gotten someone else, it would be unlikely that we'd be able to finish this. Because there are only so many guys that can handle your independentness for so long. And by independentness, I mean the urge to have complete control over everything and get everything your way. I think Scorpius is someone who can deal with that and your temper."

Rose scowled for a moment at the rude mentioning of her independentness, and replied, "Well, I think you and Lucas look good together. Much better than he and Trina. Or you and Trina!"

She was hit by a pillow before Ali responded, "Merlin those girls are going to hate us. They're Sixth Years! Older. And we made complete and utter fools out of them!"

"They were going to hate me anyways. Dominique slept with all of their boyfriends. Multiple times. And soon enough those girls are gonna lose the thrown of the school. Sluttiness is not a reason to rule. They won't like that we're a threat, Ali, they'll try to get us back, but we'll win. Ali, we have too. They won't rule the school for much longer." And after Rose's epic speech, both girls dissolved into fits of giggles as they made their way down to Care of Magical Creatures Practical, catching up with Al and informing him of the very recent events.

"Once this is over, Ally," Rose said finally, her voice serious as she addressed her cousin, "Once this is over, once they leave, the rest'll be a piece of cake. Easy. But first we have to get through it. Wait it out. Have fun. We'll be out of this school and into the real world sooner than you'll expect, and this will be all over."

"And I can't wait," Ali finished, grinning, as she ended Rose's uncharacteristically serious note on a happier light. All three of them grinned as they reached the cluster of students who were waiting for class to begin.

Laughing at the other girls,
Who think they're so cool,
We'll be outta here,
As soon as we can.

"Hey! Hey wait up!!" Scorpius's voice called out as Rose ignored him her best and continued down the hall. It wasn't her fault she was alone, she had DADA without any of her friends or Dorm mates.

Scorpius Malfoy caught up to her and she sighed inaudibly before turning to greet him with a warm smile, her special 'Charmer' smile. He smirked at her apparently satisfactory welcome and leaned against the wall nearest them.

"Would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend.. Love?" He asked smoothly.

Rose refrained from snorting at the nearly unnoticeable hesitation at her name. He didn't even know it. She also took note at how he seemed to expect her to fall at his feet. Didn't he ever learn?

"I am sorry Scorpius," She emphasized his name, "But I can't go with you for a few reasons."

He raised his eyebrow expectantly and she continued in the same sweet, polite voice, "A) You don't even know my name. I absolutely refuse to be one of your brainless bimbos whom you snag-and-shag. B) You asked me so impolitely, I am utterly appalled. I am positive that Daddy Draco didn't teach you like that. Is that really how you treat woman? And C) I don't want to right now." He looked shocked, so she continued, "So if you could change those few things, maybe my answer would change. But for now, its no."

"I won't ask again," he warned, recovering, as she started to leave, "You'd be lucky to date me."

"I highly doubt that you'll be able to refrain from asking me again," She murmured seductively, stepping close to him and running a finger so lightly along his jaw that she was barely touching him, "You find me fascinating. And as for that other thing, whatever keeps you happy."

She sauntered away again, her hips swaying naturally, his eyes following her lone figure in the deserted corridor until she turned a corner.


"I cannot believe you said yes," Albus said disbeliveingly as he stood at the doorway fo the girl's dorms and watched his favourite cousin and their best friend get ready for their dates.

"Don't worry, Al, we're not getting married, yet, just goin' on our dates." Alice said comfortingly as she blended her eyeshadow colours.

"YET?!" Al exclaimed.

Rose handed him the sheet of lyrics silently and he calmed down, rereading them as she jabbed her earrings through her lobes.

"So there is no yet?" He asked and both girls snorted.

"Well, good luck," He said after a few minutes of comfortable silence as he exited after the girls grinned at him,

"I hate to say it," Rose faltered, staring out the window above her bed, a slight blush creeping up her cheeks.

Ali finished for her friend, having been thinking the exact same thing, "But I'm kind of excited for the date."

Rose nodded and both girls silently bit their lips for a moment before continuing on easily.


Albus-Severus Potter, despite the newly originating rumors, was not a ladies man. He didn't take advantage of them -yet- and he hadn't eve went to the first Hogsmeade trip.

No, Albus Potter sat in the Gryffindor Common Room, reading a novel, waiting for his favourite cousin and her best friend to return from their dates.

'I swear to Merlin, if you two are not back by ten, I will personally hunt  you down and shoot those boys good and dead,' He had promised them as they left earlier.

They had reassured him that they weould most likely be back way earlier as they planned on keeping the relationships long-term and so they wouldn't be sleeping with their dates yet.

Al shuddered and turned another page.

Here he was, waiting like and anxious mother for her daughters to return, he thought amusedly, but didn't move.

As long as they knew what they were doing....



That evening, after the dates, both girls huddled on Ali's bed, with Dominique, and a muffaliato over the hangings, discusing the dates excitedly. They had invited Albus, but he declined, saying that a girly sleepover in which his two best mates and his cousin discussed the pros and cons of the blokes they were dating would be a harsh strike to his manliness.

"Oh, and Rosie," Alice began innocently, "Is our Scorpius a good kisser?"

Rose merely grinned, "The best," She said, tapping her lips knowingly and a smirk on her face as Alice and Dominique shrieked with laughter.

"And Alice," Rose said after the laughter died down, "How was Lucas in that field?"

"Amazing," She said as her cheeks continued to redden.

Rose and Dom shrieked with laughter as Alice's cheeked continued to get darker and darker.

"Amazing..." Dom mocked in a dreamy voice, ducking as Alice's pillow flew at her head.

"Oh it's on," Dom roared, swinging her own pillow back at Ali, missing and hitting Rose by mistake.

A pillow fight ensued for the next 20 minutes until the girls, tired, and laughing, collapsed back onto Rose's bed, ignoring the glares coming from the other three Gryffindors.

"Oh!" Rose exclaimed, "I feel like flying!" She said, her voice purposely giddy.

"Then why don't you ride your broom?" Nicole sniped, gesturing at Rose's state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line broom leaning against Rose's wardrobe.

Rose ignored her and hopped off of her bed, flapping her arms around and running around the dorm. She exited it quickly, her cousin and friend following behind, and 'flew' down the stairs and around the common room a few times, to the general amusment of hte occupants in it, before flapping all the way back up the stairs and collapsing on her bed.

"Well that's done," She said, and the girls collapsed into fresh fits of giggles once more.

And then you're on you're very first date,
And he's got a car,
And you're feeling like flying.

And you're momma's waiting up,
And you're thinkin' he's the one,
And you dance around your room when the night ends,
When the night ends...

"He told me he loves me," Alice breathed to Rose after she successfully dragged herself and her friend out of class with a passable excuse.

"Oh my God," Rose whispered back, looking around the washroom once before returning her attention to Ali.

"Yes, and I think it's true," Alice contninued, the expression on her face neither smug or joking, it was serious.

"Shite," Rose muttered, but her giddy friend didn't hear her. "It's happening. Too soon. It's only December!"

"I think I'm in love too," Alice murmured, "And I told him."

"That's great, Alice," Rose said, a fake smile on her face -one that Alice should have been able to tell was fake- as she tried to hide her worry, "I'm happy for you, Ali."

Alice Reed simply beamed, nodded and waltzed -yes, waltzed- out of the loo, headed toward the grounds. Rose bit her lip worriedly, and headed toward the Gryffindor Common Room. Maybe Dom would have something encouraging to say.

Cuz when you're fifteen,
And somebody tells you,
They love you,
You're gonna believe them.

"It was just like our first kiss," Rose explained to her cousin Dom after New Years, and the party that had taken place at hte castle, "Sweet but reckless. It made me dizzy again."

Dom merely listened to her younger cousin and their friend reaccount their New Years dates. She didnt' want to point out to Rose that both of them were in love, not just Alice, but she knew that that was the deal, and it worried her as much as it had worried Rose before she fell under the spell too. It hadn't been that much later until the dangerous emotion had taken place in Rose's hear as well.

Dom didn't want to admit it, to even herself, but it seemed that even though intentionally acting out the lyrics to the song had been forgotten a while ago, it was still happening to the younger girls. And she was scared for them.

And when you're fifteen,
And you're first kiss,
Makes your head spin 'round.

"There are better things to do in life than date Quidditch Stars!" Al exclaimed in mid May.

"I love him, Al," Rose said quietly, "I really do. And you should be happy for me."

"Rosie," Al started, his voice much calmer, "Ali and Rosie. I'm happy you guys are happy, but you guys are going to get hurt Both of you. And I might not be there to fix you up when you're broken! You're young! Too young to be genuinely in love!"

Alice Reed and Rose Weasley fixed the black-haired boy with the most hurt, betrayed looks he'd ever seen before they both stormed off.

He pressed his palms hard into his temples and turned on his heel to go out onto the Hogwarts grounds.

"Too young to be in love," He repeated.

I'll always be there to pick up the pieces, he thought.

In you're life,
You'll do things,
Greater than,
Dating the boy on the football team.

I didnt' know it at fifteen.

"I love you," Scorpius murmured in her ear as his hands fiddled with the button on her torn jeans.

She remembered what Al said, and Rose didn't stop Scorpius this time.


"I love you," Alice breathed in Lucas's ear as his warm hands slowly pulled down her skirt.

"I love you too," He replied automatically and she glowed.

Remembering what Al had told them, Alice allowed Lucas to continue.


And they did.

When all you wanted,
Was to be wanted,
Wish you could go back,
And tell yourself what you know now.

"I don't think that keeping a relationship is going to work out. I mean, you'll be in school, and I'll be traveling, and we're young, and I'm not ready to settle down yet," Scorpius told Rose three nights before the graduation cermony and party, "I think we should break up. I'm sorry."

Rose looked up at him with glistening eyes, forbidding her tears to fall. To be honest, he didn't look all that sorry, and everything clicked into place at that moment.

He didn't love her; he never had. She had turned into a snag-n-shag, even after she had fought against it for so long.

And all of the begging and pleading she had been about to do dried up on her tongue at that realization.

She watched his eyes, cold and stormy, and wondered how she had ever believed he loved her.

"Bastard," She finally said, her voice colder than ever before, before she walked away from him.

To quickly to see the flash of regret in his eyes.


"When you get out of school," Lucas continued, "We'll get married, and you can be a stay-at-home-mom while I go on to be a healer."

Alice listened to his robotic voice, and watched his hazel eyes until what he was actually saying sunk in.

"So you want me to give up all of my career plans and dreams so I can become an eighteen-year-old stay at home mom?" She asked disbelievingly.

"Alice, it would be good for us. Climb the social ladder. You know. And a good wife only speaks when spoken too. You would do well to remember that. You tend to talk a lot." Lucas said in the same robotic voice.

Her eyebrows rose.

"I cannot believe I was ever under the impression we were in love," She said, packing her things.

"This is how my family does things. We marry for social standing."

Her eyebrows reached her hairline.

And something clicked.

She surveyed him once.

"Goodbye, Arsehole," She said after a moment, walking away from him.

She didn't look back to see him taking out a ragged letter and reread it, running his hands through his hair sadly.

Back when I swore,
I was gonna marry him someday,
But I realized some bigger dreams of mine.

Both girls locked eyes in their empty dorm, and the past school year flashed through their minds.

Rose: who had taken longer to convince to fall in love, had lost her virginity to Scorpius Malfoy, who soon decided that he didn't want her anymore.

And Alice: Who'd dreamed of marrying Lucas young, had thought that he'd support her dreams and decisions, had let him take her virginity as well.

What a waste of a year.

And Abigail gave,
Everything she had,
To a boy, 
Who changed his mind.

As they stood silently in the dorm, watching the other, the year's memories kept floating through their heads.

And the long overdue tears started flowing down pale cheeks as the girls collapsed against each other in the center of the dorm, crying their eyes out.

Not too long later, Dominique Weasley and Albus-Severus Potter, both whom had predicted this in the beginning, appeared at the doorway of the dorm, taking in the sight before them.

And they silentley moved in to comfort both girls.

And the tears continued.

And we both cried.

"I believed him," Rose whispered, her voice hoarse from not speaking in two days.

It had taken two days and twenty pounds of chocolate to get them to finally talk.

Al and Dom listened.

"I believed it everytime he told me he loved me. Even though I had warnings and signs  telling me different."

She fell silent again and the stories had been told. Everything.

Her eyes stared blankly out of the window across from her as she perched on he bed, her knees up to her chin.

Alice was laying stiffly over the covers of her own bed, facing Rose's bed, where Dom and Al were also sitting, but she didn't show any recognition either.

"I was so dumb," She finally whispered, "But I'm getting over it."

She slowly stood up and, ignoring the utterly shocked looks coming from her cousins, Rose continued in a stronger voice, picking up where Via left off, "We're going to that graduation party. After all, we all know a party isn't a party unless Rose Weasley and Alice Root are there."

A slow smile tugged at Dominique's lips, but Al still looked worried.

Alice, hearing Rose's speech, got up as well, loyal as always, looking a bit excited, as small smile on her lips as well.

"Let's get reddy. Show those boys what they lost," She said softly, and Dominique whooped as Rose nodded resolutely.

Cuz when you're fifteen,
And somebody tells you,
They love you,
You're gonna believe them.

"Are you sure about this?" Albus questioned the newly cleaned-and-dressed girls.

Rose was wearing a navy blue strapless dress with a low cut v-neck  that only went up to her mid-thighs, hugging her form up until about three inches under her chest where it fanned out ever so slightly. She had paired it with a pair of silver strappy stillettos, a silver series of chans on her neck and bangles on her wrists, and long dangly earrings. Her dark red, curly hair was down t her mid back, and her unusually dark blue eyes shone extra bright with excitement, lined in black eyeliner, black mascara, and silver eyeshadow. Clear lip gloss sealed the deal.

Alice, on the other hand, was wearing a blood red dress, also stopping at her mid thighs, bt a halter neck and the same length dip-line, but a more rounded one. It hugged her form completely, like a second layer of skin, and she paired it with black strappy stilettos and a couple of painted-black chains, dangly earrings, and bangles. Her hair was up in a messy bun, tendrils of it falling out in light wave all around her face, eyes and lips done the same as Roses, except for she had red eyeshadow.

Dom was wearing a pale green dress, much like Alice's, but strapless and a v-neck like Rose's,  and had the same accessories as well, in gold. He golden curls were hanging down her back.

Al was wearing simple dark jeans, a white dress shirt with red pinstripes on it, shoved up to his elbows, and new sneakers.

"We're sure," Alice and Rose said together, giving Al the exact same reasuring smile. He sighed, but nodded, and together they made their way to the Room of Requirement.

"Watch out for the trick ste-" Rose tried, but Al's foot hald already sunken in, causing a string of curses from the boy.

"On three," Dom said as she and Rose each grabbed one of Al's arms and tugged, "THREE!"

Al was out.

And when you're fifteen,
Don't forget to look
Before you fall.

Two hours into the party and several warm Butterbeers later, both Rose and Alice felt much better having been chatting up any boy who wasn't related to them (which included Rose's older cousins and Alice's older brother, Willy).

Seeing their recent ex's look extremely uncomfortable as girls clung to them might have helped as well.

But not that much.

Over all though, the pain ahd finally faded away into a nice small dull in the back of their hearts, and both girls were enjoying the party immensly.

I've found time
Can heal most
You just might find
Who you're supposed to be.

At hour four, each girl had snogged a dozen guys.

They were quickly gaining a reputation.

I didn't know who I was 'sposed to be.
At fifteen.

Neither girl noticed two pairs of eyes watching them the entire night.

La la la,
La la la,
La la la la.

Rose and Alice stood at the refreshment table, eating mini finger sandwiches.

La la la,
La la la,
La la la la.

The current song playing died away, ending on a long, loud note.

People drifted off the dance floor as a slowler song began.

La la la,
La la la.

The familiar start music played softly, getting a bit louder as the volume was turned up.

You're very first day...

Across the room, eyes locked for the last time, as the music continued.

Both Rose and Alice took deep breaths and accepted the invitation to dance with a pair of Ravenclaws.

Take a deep breath girl,
As you walk through the doors.

The singer's voice floated gracefully through the room as couples danced, the lyrics being sung peacefully.

"Take a deep breath,
As you walk through the doors,
It's the morning of your very first day."

Hello readers. I wrote this a while ago, and figured I'd post it, see what you think. I was really into it while it was being writen, but now... not so much...

But I just want to clarify a few things:

1. The whole song:
Fifteen By Taylor Swift, is not mine.

2. I am in no way making fun of this song or whatever. I love this song. Would never make fun of it.

3. I don't own Harry Potter. *sigh* Bet that was a HUGE shocker.

4. I happen to be aware that Scorpius was written to be in Rose's year. I figured that since so little about him was written, few people would mind if I just... switched that around a bit... I call it writer's freedom. Or whatever. If you were offended in anyway (not that I can think of any way that you'd be offended, but, again, whatever) I am sorry. Just don't favorite the story. Or favorite the story. Anything is good with by me.

So I really hope you liked it, I had fun writing it while it was being writen. I wrote this whole thing by hand. Like in a notebook. With a pen. Boy do I most likely have carpal tunnel.

PLEASE review! It makes me ever so happy(:

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