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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 6 : Nina
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  For a second when Rose woke up she didn’t know where she was or how she got there, then she remembered the fire, the centaurs, and the little cottage in the woods.


  She sat up, clutching her teddy bear to her chest; a thick pink blanket fell off her. She crawled out of the bed she was in and walked outside the room. She could smell eggs coming from the other room, she walked through the door Nina had gone through yesterday and found herself in a small kitchen. Nina’s kitchen, like the living room, had flower patterns on the curtains and walls, a small table with three mismatched chairs was in the corner, a counter wrapped around most of the wall, broken up by a small sink with a window above it, a black oven which Nina stood now, and an old fashion refrigerator.


  “Good morning.” Nina greeted. “I was wondering when you were going to wake up. Did you sleep all right?”


  “I had a nightmare.” Rose confessed, sitting down on one of the chairs.


  “I’m sorry.” Nina said, walking over and setting down a plate of eggs and a bowl of porridge in front of Rose, “Hopefully tonight you’ll have good dreams.”


  Rose nodded, taking a bite of the eggs.  “Are you a witch?” she asked, her mouth full, she wanted to know because she hadn’t seen her use a wand or anything.


  Nina smiled, “I am not, I’m what you call a ‘Squib’, my parents were both magic, as were my children, but I’m not.”


  “Do you want to be?” asked Rose.


  Nina laughed, “It would’ve been nice,” she said, “but, no, I’ve got on just fine without magic.”


  Rose nodded; Nina sat down and ate, too. As soon as they were both done Nina took the plates away and started washing them. Rose sat and watched. She picked at the seam of her dirty white and violet nightgown.


  Nina must have noticed because she said, “We’ll find you some new clothes in a second. There are some in the cellar that will fit you.”


  Nina dried and put away the dishes; then she turned to Rose. “Alright,” she said, “follow me.”


  Rose jumped off her seat and ran after Nina who hurried down the hall to a small trap door; she pulled the ring up and walked down a flight of dark steps. Nina turned on the light, the cellar was small and dark, it smelt like earth, mostly it held vegetables and herbs, hanging from the ceiling; boxes were piled in the corner. Nina piled on of the larger ones out from the stack and opened it.  Rose looked into it; it seemed to be filled with old clothes. Nina picked out a long sleeved, knee length, green dress and held it up to Rose.


  “This should fit you.” She said, she took several other outfits out of the box and put them over her arm.  


  “Where did you get all these cloths?” Rose asked.


  “They were my daughters’, Emily and Ruthie.” Nina answered as she closed the box put it away.


  “Where are they?” Rose asked.


  “Ruthie lives in Wales with her own kids,” Nina said, “And Emily likes to travel, she’s in France now, they both write, and visit periodically.”

Authors Note, So lately I've had writer's block to the extreme, I haven't been able to make myself right, so I have to admit, this is kind of a filler chapter, but it explains some things that will come into play later, hopefully I'll get over my writers block and have another new chapter soon



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