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My Life as a Snape by Wanted Free7
Chapter 14 : Uh Oh, We've Really Messed Up This Time. . .
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Author's Note: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever. Life's been busy, along with writer's block . You can thank amillionstoriestotell. They have given me ideas. I took one of them and sort of twisted it. Thanks so much!

Teens drink in this chapter and mild swearing!!! Just thought you guys might want a warning.


Its August now. We're all bored out of our minds. Matt, Harry, Sam keep trying to get Katie and I to play Quidditch. We told them no way. We love them, but a girls like us can only take so much. I mean, I love Quidditch, but if you play it every day for almost a month, you get tired of it.

Mum and Dad are going out to eat tonight, at some fancy restaurant and then staying at a hotel. Harry muttered about them having some "special" time to themselves. I blushed. I told him that they needed some time to themselves, because they now had three teenagers to take care of, two of whom were dating. Matt and Harry asked if we could have some friends over. They said yes.

They left around six. Harry had owled Hermione and Ron and they showed up around six-thirty. I had Katie, Mason, and Sam over. Matt had two friends of his, Max and Evangelina over. Matt, as he told us, had been dating Evangelina on and off since they were twelve.

When Max and Evangelina showed up, we hadn't expected them to come with friends. Max had two of his friends, and Evangelina (or Lina, as she liked to be called) came with six of her friends. Mason brought his girlfriend who brought her three friends. Mason also brought three of his friends.

Harry, Matt and I now had fifteen extra people we hadn't counted on. When Mum and Dad said that we could have some friends over, they hadn't meant twenty people! Being the way Harry, Matt and I are, we didn't really have the heart to kick the people out. We weren't expecting Mum and Dad to be home until around noon.
Someone had found my CDs and player, and was playing music. We spent most of the time dancing and having fun. I started getting tired. I danced with Katie, then Sam cut in. I smiled at him.

"Hey Sammy, miss me?" I asked. He pulled me closer. The song was a slow one and we swayed together.
"Yeah," he said. "I haven't seen you in over an hour!"

I giggled. He always did know how to make me laugh. He smiled and put his head on my shoulder. His breath tickled my neck.

"I love you," I heard him whisper directly in my ear. It was amazing I could even hear him over the music.

"Love you too," I whispered back. We continued to dance for awhile, until a few fast songs later. We stopped, tired out.


Close to eleven-thirty, Harry, Matt, and I had already gotten some punch and snacks out. Some of the boys had went outside and modified the house so that the neighbors couldn't hear the loud music. I was sitting next to Katie, talking with her and sipping my punch when Hermione walked up to us.

"Hey guys," she said. I gave her a hug. I hadn't seen her much this summer.

"So, you're what, sixteen, now?" I asked. She looked great. Her hair had lost its bushiness.

"Yup," she replied. She took a drink of her punch, and made a weird face.

"What?" Katie asked.

"The punch tastes funny. . ." she said, trailing off. I took of a sip of my own punch. Mine tasted fine.

"Mine tastes fine," I said, "here, let me taste yours and you taste mine."

We swapped cups. I took a drink of hers and nearly spit out the juice. Something was wrong with it. It tasted strange and really strong.

"Hm," I said. "It does taste funny. . ."

I got up and went over to the punch bowl. I filled another cup, and took a drink. Even this stuff tasted funny.

A sudden realization hit me. Someone had spiked the punch bowl. I looked around. Some people were dancing funny, others laughing a little too loud. They were drunk. Without realizing I took another sip. Then another.

Katie came up to me. "What's wrong with it?"

I drained the cup. "Its spiked."

Katie looked at me funny. "You're thirteen, and you just drank a cup full of alcohol?"

"Yup," I giggled. I got some more out of the punch bowl. This time, I only filled it halfway. I drank all that. I started feeling dizzy, then the world turned dark.


I woke up the next morning on the couch, dizzy and confused. My head pounded and suddenly I realized my father was standing over me, looking extremely furious. My mother stood across the room, waking up the friends of our friends.

"Hi dad," I said meekly, shrinking back into the couch. He just glared.

"Get up and wake up everybody. Send them home," he commanded in a dangerous voice.

"Okay," I said. I got up and promptly regretted my decision. I threw up all over the floor. My head gave another nasty throb and my stomach heaved.

Dad ignored me. He didn't vanish the vomit, nor give me anything. He glared and pushed me into moving. I started waking up the people and sending them home. I had to search all over the house.

I found Matt and Evangelina lying on the floor in Matt's room. They were, thankfully, still fully clothed. I knew that alcohol could make you do things that you wouldn't normally do. They both looked at each other and blushed. They got up, both clutching their heads. I told Evangelina that she had to leave.

She gave Matt a peck on the lips and said goodbye. He smiled, and kissed her back. I looked away and cleared my throat. We all headed downstairs and Evangelina used the fireplace to get home.


Ten minutes later, Harry, Matt and I were sitting in the messy living room, on the couch. We all were nursing a sore head and a upset stomach. Mum and Dad sit across from us. They both glared at us. I noticed that the clock read 8:48, which meant they had gotten home around eight-thirty. We hadn't expected them to get home so early. I noticed a list in Dad's hand.

"What's the list for?" Harry asked.

"The names of everyone who attended. There were twenty-five present, including everyone we, personally, knew about. What the hell is with the fifteen extra people?" Mum said.

Harry and I looked at each other. We knew, from experience, that Mum only swore when she was really angry. Now, she must be beyond that.

"Um, well," I started, looking at Matt and Harry. "The fifteen extra is because some people showed up with friends. We didn't know about them until everyone was here."

"Why didn't you tell them to leave?" Dad asked.

"Because we didn't have the heart to kick them out," Harry said. Dad snorted and Mum glared at him.

"Oh really?" she asked. "You can get into fights at school, but can't kick extra people out of your own home? I have trouble believing that."

"Its true!" Matt insisted.

"Well, seeing as you three are hungover, how did you get the alcohol?" Dad asked, his eyes glittering in a dangerous way.

"We have no idea," we all said together. Dad raised an eyebrow. I hoped we weren't making him more angry.

"I really have trouble believing you," Dad said.

"But it's true!" Harry said.

"Dad, honestly, we don't know who spiked the punch!" I said. "I drank some, and noticed that it tasted funny. I kept drinking it though."

"The punch was spiked?" Mum asked. We all nodded. "And, yet, you continued to drink it. Why is that?"

"I don't know," I replied sheepishly. "I knew someone spiked it, but I didn't know with what they had spiked it with."

"It was rum," Dad said. He glared at all three of us. "How much did you all drink?"

"Two cups," Harry said, rubbing his temples as he spoke. I knew for a fact he'd regretted that decision.

"One and a half," I said. Dad raised an eyebrow.

"You would of passed out a lot sooner, Emma Marie," Mum said.

"My first glass was only half full. . ." I said. "So I think I only drank about a whole cup full."

"Matthew, how much did you drink?" Dad asked him.

"Uh, two and a half cups I think," he replied respectfully as he could, even though he must of felt awful. I sure did.

"Moving on," Dad said, taking a few seconds to glare at us individually, "did any of you do anything. . .irresponsible? Tell the truth."

We took a few seconds to digest what he had asked. I blushed when I reliazed what he had asked. I hung my head. I didn't want to be the first one to answer that question.

"Meaning, did we have sex at all?" Harry asked, blushing slightly.

"Yes," Dad answered.

"No," Harry and I both answered.

"Dad," I added, after Harry and I had said no, "you never found any of us. . .naked or anything. . ."

"We still need to know," Dad said. "Matthew? Answer the question."

"Came close," was his mumbled reply.

"Why do you need to know?" Harry asked.

"Just as a precaution. I would of made you deal with the consequences had you had sex."

"This is awkward. . . " I muttered.

"Yeah," my brothers agreed.

Mum cleared her throat and we looked at her. She still looked angry, but she also looked disappointed. I felt kinda guilty. After all, she had lost many children and now we could of poisoned ourselves with the rum, or. . . possibly, had a child when we were still children .

"Now, for part of your punishment, I want you all to clean this house, top to bottom, by yourselves," Dad said. We dared not let a groan out, not wanting to have more punishment added, "without magic."

Mum and Dad took in our reactions. Dad continued to glare at us, trying to see if we'd groan or moan or something. We didn't dare let any negative emotion or action show. Dad would use that against us. I guess the no negative emotion came threw by Matt throwing up on the floor near his feet. I saw Dad clear that mess.

That grossed me out. A LOT. I ran to the bathroom and emptied my stomach into the toliet. Mum followed me and pulled back my hair for me. She then led me back to the living room without saying a word. I sat back down on a couch.

"That, however, is not all of your punishment," Dad continued. "You will all sober up without magical help. Now, I want you to clean the house and we will discuss the rest of your punishment later. Hop to it."

They got up to leave. Mum accidently stepped on a beer bottle and started to fall, but Dad caught her in the nick of time. He did glare at us. I dared to ask a few more questions.

"Where are you guys going?" I asked, wondering if we'd get more punishment.

"I," Dad said, whirling around to look at me angrily, "I am going to call the parents of these unfortunate. . . teenagers. Any more questions?"

"I have one," Harry said, "Why did you guys get home so early?"

"Your mother wasn't feeling well. She must of ate some bad fish. We came back after a long night of her being sick. She didn't want to stay in the hotel any longer, so we came home to get her some potions, and found. . . this."

He gestured around the room. It was incredibly messy. "Now, start cleaning."


Cleaning the house was absolute torture. Our heads pounded and our stomachs heaved. Of course, we tried not to throw up, because, as Dad had so kindly pointed out, we would be the ones to clean it up.

We picked up many paper cups, plates, and beer bottles. My headache seemed to get worse, but I knew that if I stopped now, it wouldn't be fair to my brothers and also that I didn't want to be called lazy by Dad. I just ignored it and kept cleaning.

We finally finished cleaning around noon. We all sighed and flopped onto the couch. Mum came in a few minutes later. She leaned against the doorjamb, staring at us. I could sense that she wasn't angry. She looked tired and pale.

"How are you, Mum?" Harry asked. She sighed.

"I'll be fine, but I feel really weak. I'm really disappointed in you three. I expected to go out with your father for one night, and I come home, sick and tired, to find you three drunk, passed out around the house! I don't think I can trust you anymore. It's going to take awhile to get back to our original trust level. "

She sighed and rubbed her forehead. She looked a little worse, as if we were making her ill. She looked at us, and just smiled faintly.

"Well, I still love you. Yes, even you, Matt. Lunch is ready, by the way. I have coffee, which should make you feel better. You cleaned the house pretty good, probably better than what I could of done. Good job."


After lunch, we sat on the couch in front of only Dad this time. His anger seemed to of gone away a little bit. But, with Dad, you never really know how angry he really is.

"We are severely disappointed in you. As your mother pointed out, we no longer have the same level of trust. Therefore, you three are grounded until October thirtieth. You are not allowed to see your friends the rest of the break. Emma, Harry, you may see them during school. Harry, I will be keeping a close eye on you. Emma, your mother will watch you. You may write your friends, but that is it."

"What about me?" Matt asked. "I'm just a Squib."
His voice sounded heartbroken. I realized that he wouldn't be going to school, unless he went to a muggle school, but I don't think Dad would want that. Dad's eyes softened a little.

"That doesn't matter, your mother and I still love you. You are grounded. You also may write your friends. Lily will probably home-school you, or I will arrange with the Headmaster at Emma's school to accept you," Dad told him. His voiced seemed a little more gentle than when he had talked to Harry and I. He probably didn't want to scare Matt or anything.

"Okay," he mumbled.

"Fine," Harry and I agreed.

"Oh, no," Dad said. He almost chuckled, I could hear it in his voice. "I'm not done."

We looked at him, shocked. He already grounded us until October. We also couldn't see our friends or anything. It was almost like house arrest.

"Emma, you will help your mother, whenever she needs it. Harry, Matt, you will help me whenever I need it. Harry and Emma, I'm taking away your brooms. No TV and computer. For school, Emma, you come home right away. No sports."

"Okay," I said. "Anything else?"

"Yes, you will all have to come down with me to my lab to help me cut up and brew potions for the rest of the summer. Also, no magic at all, unless you are in a life threatening situation," Dad said. "Punishment starts today."


The rest of the summer seemed to drag on. I didn't get to see Sam at all, and Harry didn't see Katie. We were all fed up with each other by the time when my first day of school rolled around.

Its August 19th now, and I think we've all vowed to never touch alcohol until we're over 17 years of age, or risk getting a punishment like this. If we were older, we all would of killed each other by now.

I'm excited for school tomorrow, which is a first. I can't wait to see my friends. We didn't write very much, as the beginning of school was so close. Our punishment had started August 3rd. Only two months and eleven more days to go!


AN: I promise to try to keep this story going. This is my longest chapter so far(including the really long ANs!!!). I'm really proud of my self as I can never get enough ideas for a long chapter.

I love this story, but I do have a busy life sometimes, so it sometimes gets in the way. Thanks to everyone for reviewing/and favoring it. I can't believe 18 people like it!! Sorry, I'm rambling.

Please leave a review. Ideas are appreciated and please let me know what you think of the latest chapter of Emma's life!

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