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Sheer Determination by dragoness97
Chapter 2 : Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabini
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To the order of the phoenix, Hermione Jean Granger and her parents died by killing curses. To the muggles, they died on a plane crash. Are either of the stories right?
No. Only one will will prove the order and muggles wrong.  
Ginny Weasley...........

"SHE'S NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!"
Ginny Weasley had just heard that her best friend, Hermione Jean Granger was dead. Harry ducked as Ginny chunked another vase at him. After all he was the one who told her. "THERE'S NO PROOF! THEY NEVER FOUND HER BODY!!"

Ginny was totally out of control. She stopped screaming only to start cursing Voldemorts name. "That jackass is going to wish that he already went to hell after I get through with him."

Somewhere outside a person yelled her name. "WHAT DO YOU WANT," She yelled back. THe answer was simple. They had found Hermiones body.
Ginny and Harry ran down the stairs in a way that would give mrs WEasley a heart attack. Ginny scrutinized the body and noticed something.

"Harry, this isnt Hermiones body," she said calmly. Harry turned around and looked at her like she was crazy. "Why the hell would I believe that?" 
Ginny slapped him for his obvious lack of intelectual and said, "the girls eyes are chocolat brown, Whereas Hermiones are Honey brown. The body has a mole under its chin, Hermione didnt. And last but not least, Hermione was plain not gorgous." 

Harry looked at her with disdain and said, "If I wasnt your friend, I would lock you up in Hogwarts dungeons until you haad some sense."
That did it. Ginny took out her wand and stupefied him, ron, and the other people present. Not only did she do that, She jacked Harry's broomstick as well.   

She pullled out her cell phone and called Luna Lovegood, her loony friend who had some serious battle skills. Her message was brief, "Get all of Dumbledores army and meet me in the woods next to the Zabini scums manor.

She hung up and thought, Zabini is going to be sorry if he had anything to do with Hermiones dissapereance. She could already smell the war that was brrewing underneath the surface. Her army was going to kick some ass.................

Harry and Ron woke up and noticed something............. they were hungry! THey grabbed some brooms and flew to the burrow, never noticing that Ginnerva Weasley was gone.  

They walked into the burrow and asked what was for dinner. THeir question was answered with,  ' Chicken Divine and marmalade.'  The thought of food made them realize that they had mud all over them. How weird was that? That was also when they noticed Ginny was not in the house. Where could she be?

You, dear readers, are the only ones who know. BLAISE ZABINIS MANOR.............

Ginny and Luna met the DA in the woods just as planned. About 30 people had joined, giving the army a total of 70 warriors. That would mean that their would be 20 scouts, 30 weopan makers, 10 council members, and 10 war strategiers.
The camp was in the the center of the forest, away from the prying eyes of muggles and the enemy.  

The Council were holding a meeting at the center of the camp when all chaos broke loose......... 

Authors Note:
Hey this is dragoness97! 
Tell me what you think and give me reviews with ideas please.



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Sheer Determination: Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabini


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