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Perfect by Yoshi_Kitten
Chapter 1 : It was the first of a lot of things...
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That summer still holds many memories, for it was the first of a lot of things for me. For starters, it was the first time that I had seen Sirius since we were kids. It was also the first time I ever got the chance to meet his three closest friends. But more importantly, it was the first time that I had ever fallen in love. 

That summer was the best summers of my entire life, and no, I am not exaggerating here. Did I know ahead of time that I would end up falling madly in love with her? Well, no. But I must admit that I had indeed planned for something to finally happen between us. I was sick and tired of James and Lilly always rubbing their, er, togetherness in my face all the time, and so I had decided that this summer I was not going to be the third wheel of the group any longer. This summer, things were going to be different. 

I will never forget that day, so long as I live. I can still remember the way the warm sun was shining down on me as I stepped out from the underground passage that lead to the ministry. The soft, cool June breeze wisped through my hair, tickling my ears. I looked up, and he was standing there waiting for me. At his right side stood a slim, bespectacled man with messy, jet black hair and warm hazel eyes. I deduced right away, based off of the description Sirius' letters, that that must be none other than James Potter.  

Man, when she stepped out into the sunlight, something unexplainable washed over me in that moment. She was like an angel, and the way the sun reflected off that soft, blonde hair of hers was like a halo of perfection. Before I knew it, I was taking a step towards her, completely oblivious to the fact that James was even there anymore. That is, until he elbowed me in the side and said; "Oi, is that her?" I just nodded. I mean, obviously that was her. Stupid James. 

I will always remember the way his face lit up as he looked at me for the first time in over seven years. His dimples were still just as cute as I had remembered, but I had never seen his fathomless grey eyes looked so full of joy before that day. He shook his dark hair out of his eyes as I walked up to him and pulled me into an enormous bear-hug as soon as I was within his reach. 

"It's so good to see you Lee," he announced joyfully.

"You too, Seir," I was barley able to spit out, for being squeezed to death. "Can't breathe."

"Oh, sorry! Don't always know my own strength ya know," he said as he quickly let go of me. James snorted and rolled his eyes, a huge awkward grin was plastered on his face. He cleared his throat, calling Sirius' attention back onto him. "Oh, right, where are my manners?" he said. "Lee, this is my best friend James Potter. James, this is Saleena. Saleena Blackwell. We grew up together."

This was it, I thought to myself. Time to get the awkward introductions out of the way… But what if Sirius' best friend didn't like me? What if he somehow felt threatened by me? It would surely ruin everything if James Potter ended up hating me for some reason.

"I've heard so much about you," James said pleasantly as he shook my hand. "It's a pleasure to finally be able to put a face with the name."

If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was hitting on me. But I, however, knew from Sirius' letters that James was engaged. "The pleasure is all mine," I said happily, relieved that he at least seemed to like me. For now. "Any friend of Sirius, is a friend of mine." 

She may not have noticed it at the time, but I was a nervous wreck about her meeting James for the first time. But man, was I ever relieved to hear her say that. James, Lilly and the guys had all been saying pretty much the same exact thing for some time now, and I was just happy that all my friends seemed to get on so well. The summer was off to a fantastic start, and to make matters even better, we were spending it at James' house! I then found myself to be overly excited for her to meet everyone else. 

Sirius had said he was in the process of getting a place of his own, but he was waiting for the right one to come available. It was for that reason that we went straight to James' house. He had run away from home back when he was sixteen, and had been living with the Potter's ever since. I can't say that I blame him for leaving home at such a young age. His mother, from what I could remember, was horrible. And my mother was actually friends with her, if you can believe it.

As the summer went on, I met his other friends; Remus Lupin and Petter Pettigrew, as well as James' fiancé; Lily Evans. He filled me in on the war that was going on there, and told me about an organization that they were all part of called The Order of the Phoenix. A lot of things had changed in the seven years I had been gone, but at least it seemed that Sirius Black had remained the same. Well, all except for the fact that the he was much, much more better looking now, of course.

I had been staying with him for about a month when he finally got up the nerve to ask me out on an actual date. It was a big deal for him, but mainly because he knew what an even bigger deal it was for me. I can remember him wanting the night to be perfect, and perfect is exactly what it was. 

The date was Sunday, July 17th of 1978. 

I was freaking out, if you can believe it. Me; Sirius Black, nervous about asking a girl to go out on a date with me. But then again, Saleena Blackwell was no ordinary girl. She was insanely beautiful, extremely intelligent, and also way out of my league. But in the few weeks that I had spent with her at the start of the summer, I had become completely captivated by her, more so even than when we were kids. I knew, however, that asking her out was a risky business. Not only could it jeopardize our entire friendship, but it could also put her life at risk even, and mine too, if her mother ever found out. If she said yes, that is...

But all the risks aside, I knew that I had to go for it, and this night was going to have to be perfect. So I took Saleena out for a picnic in the park that night. I was the place where we had first met as kids. And in order to make her more comfortable with the idea of going out there with me, I told her that we would be just going out on a date as friends, no strings attached.

I couldn't believe it when we ended apparating straight into the park, right near the very spot where I had very first met him at. I didn't think he'd remember it after all this time, because boys aren't usually sentimental like that. He told me to close my eyes and take his hand. I did so, and he lead me down the hill.

Of course I knew right where he was taking me to, but I never knew what I would see once we had arrived there. Sirius stopped walking and told me that it was alright to open my eyes now. I gasped at the wondrous sight that was laid out before me.

A blanket had been spread out between the two trees where we had met at. Food was delicately laid out on top of it, and candles were intricately placed around it. It was the most romantic thing I had ever seen, like something that was straight out of a movie.

"It's beautiful Sirius," I whispered breathlessly to him.

"I'm glad you like it," he said relieved.

"I'm so suprized you even remembered," I blurted. I really hadn't meant to say that.

He just shrugged. "How could I not? This was our spot." 

Haha, Lily had said she would be suprized by that. I had obsessed over where to take Saleena at for days. In the end; it had been Lily's idea to use this spot, but my idea to go with the romantic picnic setting, and James' contribution was to add in all the candles. Yeah, leave it to James to come up with something that could possibly start a forest fire. I laughed at that thought, and she looked at me nervously. 

I could tell she was waiting for me to go on, and so I lead her over to the blanket and we both sat down. 
I silently watched her for a moment as she took in all of our surroundings. 

"Is it too much?" I asked. "I'm sorry if it is, but I just wanted this night to be special, Lee."
"Oh no, it isn't too much at all Sirius," she ensured me. "It's all very lovely, really, it is..." 

Then there was a pause. "I feel like there's a big 'but' coming soon," I said sarcastically, just trying to lighten the mood. I had a tendancy of doing that a lot.

"It's just that I know where all of this is going, Seir" she said simply. 

I guess I knew that it wouldn't take long for someone as smart as her to figure it out... And now it was time for the part of the conversation that I had been the most nervous about. 

It would have been foolish of me to pretend that I did not know. Sure, I wanted to go on as if nothing strange was happening, and it would have been so easy for me to pretend like I was oblivious to this whole thing. But I cared too much about Sirius' feelings to do something like that to him.

"There's no 'but' really," I said. "It's just that --"

"Listen," he cut me off. "Can't we just eat first?" His voice suggested that he was merley jokingly, but his face on the other hand told me that he was only doing so to cover up the fact that he was more hurt than he was willing to let on.

"No we can't," I answered him hinestly. "You said that we were coming here just as friends, Sirius."

"Yeah, and?"

"Well, this looks like something that people who were more than just friends would do, Sirius." I had never expected to find myself yelling at him.


"Well maybe that's because I would like for us to be more than just that!" There. I had said it. And if she hated me now for doing that, then so be it. I had to be out with it, and that's all there was to it.

Silence now filled the air.

And just as I was about to break it by saying something awkward, and possibly stupid, she finally spoke up. "You know why we can't have that." It may not have been what I wanted to hear, but at least she was speaking quietly again.

"Sure I know why," I agreed. "I just don't understand why not." Now she looked like I had confused her. Good.

"Sirius, you know how my family is when it comes to, well, you know, relationships," she said sadly. "Things like love and romance are strictly forbidden where I come from. If they were to ever found out about this night, surely they would abandon me."

"But haven't you already abandoned them?" I reminded her as gently as I could. Saleena's family had always been a bit of a touchy subject for her, due to the fact that they were, well, not like us. Not exactly wizards, that is. "I mean, you're leaving the country here in a few more months, and you don't even talk to your mum anymore. I guess I just thought that the reason you left when you were ten is because you didn't want to be forced to follow their idiotic rules anymore."

"I-I did," she stammered.

"Then why not, Lee?" I demanded. "Why can't we be together. What in the world is stopping you from allowing yourself to be happy?"

For the first time in my life, I hated Sirius in that moment. Why did he have to try and complicate things by putting labels on them? Why couldn't he just let things be, and remain satisfied with everything staying the way it was? Especially when he knew, more than anyone, knew how complicated relationships were bound to be for someone like me... a gypsy.

"You just don't understand," I snapped at him.

"Then help me to," he said pleadingly.

I shook my head. "You wouldn't get it… I just - I can't. I can't go through with this Sirius. I'm sorry."

He shook his head too, disappointedly. "That's a damn shame, Lee, you know that?" he said. "Because I've always felt something for you, always, and I know you've felt it too... Tell me I'm wrong."

I was stunned into silence. Sirius seemed to be acting so… so real in this moment. I had never seen him be so genuine before. He seemed to be on the verge of tears now, and it ws all because of me. I knew then that I had to finally tell him. The time had come. I could no longer continue keeping my secret from him anymore, because it was destroying our friendship.

"You can't, can you?" he went on after a brief moment of silence. "You can't say that I'm wrong, because you know, deep down, that I am right. But what I don't get, Lee, is why you just won't come out and admit it. I mean, are you really that ashamed of me, that you can't even admit it to yourself that you may have the slightest bit of feelings for me?"

"I am not, in no way, shape or form, ashamed of you; Sirius Black. If anything, I am quite the opposite of that, for you are the greatest part of my entire existence. That is no exaggeration either." I knew he most likely would think that is was, had I not specified that.  

I drew in a deep breath of air before continuing. I was time. "Listen, I want to tell you something - something that I have been meaning to tell you for a very long time now."


Every muscle in my body seemed to tighten when she said that, and I immediately became more focused on each and every word she was saying. For as long as I had known Saleena, every time we were together, I had always gotten the sense that there was just something she wasn't telling me. I couldn't believe that, after all this time, she was finally about to tell me what the big secret was. It meant the world to me to see her finally opening up, and it was a step in the right direction.

"You already know what I am," she began and I nodded my head. I actually found myself nodding along in agreement a lot as she spoke. "Well, for starters, the simple fact that you already know that little bit of information, and yet you still want to engage in an actual relationship with me is scary enough."
I was slightly taken aback at that statement. "Scary? Yeah, you're a Gypsy. So what! How is that scary?"

"Because, Sirius, most wizards would be afraid of someone like me," she snapped. "The ministry has been locking Gypsies up left and right, and the simple fact that you are sitting here, having a picnic with me right now, would be enough to get even yourself locked up for association. Don't you get it? You are supposed to be running away, wanting nothing to do with me; not asking me to be your girlfriend! That's just not the way things work. We are at war here right now and, unfortunately, my kind are suspected of partnering with you-know-who. If word got out of what I was, I would have to go into hiding just to avoid Azkaban… or in my case, it could be worse"

"I know that," I told her. "Which is why I swear I have never told a soul about you're past to anyone, not even James, and he's my best mate."

"And I appreciate that, Sirius, I really do," she said solemnly. "I trust you entirely, which is why I am even speaking to you about this right now. There is more to the story than even you know... Way more."

There was no backing out of it now, I had already started telling him. But somehow, I was not as afraid as I thought I would be. Just knowing that he wasn't afraid of me, not even in the slightest, had given me a new kind of courage. I knew now that there was nothing I could say that would make him reject me… or at least, I had hoped there was nothing.

"What all do you know about how Gypsies pick their leaders?" I asked him.

"You mean, besides from what you have told me? I know a lot actually," he said. "Not to freak you out or nothing, but I actually did an independent study on them in school, just so that I could understand where you come from better."

I smiled. How sweet it was that he actually took the time to study the historical background of my people before attempting to woo me. Boys were so weird and so complicated sometimes. "Oh no, that's not weird at all," I lied.

"Well, to answer you question, I learned in my studies that the Gypsies don't pick their leaders. Their first leader; Mikenna, I believe her name was, was chosen for them because she was in possession of all three of what they called magical gifts. The leadership has then been passed down through the first queen's descendants ever since. But because Gypsies tend to live for such an extended period of time, it is within their custom to skip a generation when it comes to passing along the leadership rights."

Ok, so I may have been a little weirded out at first, but now I was mainly just impressed. "Wow, Sirius, you've really done your research. I'm impressed." There. I had admitted it to him. "Everything you said was exactly true. And having you know all of that already will certainly make this a lot easier to explain, that's for sure."

"I don't understand what any of that has to do with us though," he said. "I mean, obviously, I can see what it has to do with you, being that that is where you come from and all. But Saleena, you've left all that. That life is behind you now."

"For now it is, yes," I agreed. "But I fear that it will soon be catching up with me someday, no matter how far I try to run away. Sirius, when you were researching my people, did you happen to find out who their leader right now is?"

"Yes, as a matter-of-fact I did," he said, nodding excitedley. Sirius seemed to be happy to have another chance at impressing me with his vast amount of Gypsy knowledge. "All I know about her though is that her name is Carla, she has a gift for seeing things before they happen, and she has apparently been in power for a little over 200 years now."

"Well Sirius, you're probably not going to believe this," I said as I took another deep breath. "But Queen Carla is my Grandmother. My mother, Kireonna, is her daughter."

Sirius' eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of his head. "But, then that would make you…"

"...The heir to the Gypsy throne," I went ahead and finished his sentence for him. "Yeah, I know."

At last, it was out there. After Seventeen years of keeping it a secret, I had finally told someone. It was the first time that I had ever entrusted someone with that part of myself before, and I was glad that that first someone was Sirius. Now I could only sit there and hope that knowing this information would not change his opinion of me any.


Wow... That was all I could seem to think was wow. I was shocked into speechlessness. I had never expected her to be hiding a secret like this. Of course, I should have expected something to this magnitude. But then again, this was Saleena we were talking about here. Saleena, my best friend. Saleena, who I had known since I was six years old. Saleena, who I had wrote to everyday for the past 8 years now. Surely she wasn't royalty… I could have never expected something like that to come out of her. She just seemed so normal, so ordinary.

And that was when it hit me; Saleena was normal. Just because her grandmother happened to be an infamous Gypsy clan Queen, it didn't change the fact that she was still the same girl I had met here at this park, in this very spot, nearly twelve years ago. I had grown up with this girl. I knew her better than her own mother and father even. Nothing could change the way I felt about her, not even this.

"So…" I stated.

"So," she repeated.

"I suppose you only told me all of this because you wanted to try and scare me away again, right?" I said jokingly. There I go attempting to lighten the mood again. Only this time it actually worked.

She cocked an eyebrow at me. "That depends… Is it working?" I could tell she was trying so hard not to laugh at that one.

"Absolutely not," I shrugged. "So you're supposed to be a Gypsy Queen someday, big deal! It' would take something much, much more than that to get me to change the way I feel about you, and even then, that still probably wouldn't even be enough to make much of a difference. You will always be that same sweet, innocent little girl that I met here in this very park twelve years ago. You're still the same person I've known since I was the age of six, and everytime I look at you, that is all I see. Nothing will ever change that, Lee. Nothing, you got that?"

She nodded her head slowly, looking like she was almost on the verge of tears now. "So about my offer to be more than just friends with you," I said, attempting to lighten the mood a little. Again.

"You are so impossible, Sirius Black!" she exclaimed, rolling her eyes at me. "Don't you get it? One of two things are bound to happen in my future... Either one; my grandmother will die and I will be forced to go back and lead them, or two; when that day comes, I will have to go into hiding and just hope that they never find me. And even then, I would be the one held responsible for destroying Mikenna's line of power forever. Her descendants have been leading my clan since its very beginning, and if I were to refuse to accept my duties, then they would be forced to elect a new family to take over the leadership. The Blackwell's would then be stripped of their honor and possibly even banished from the clan altogether. Of course, my mother and I would be the only one's left at that point, so it really wouldn't matter. But still, I would be remembered throughout all of Gypsy history as the one who abandoned Queen Mikenna's power and gave up her throne forever. They would mark me as a traitor, and I would never be welcomed there again."

"Hmmm..." Saleena was right; this was all a very complicated situation now. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and I was not about to give up on trying to win her over. "Well both of those options just suck, in my opinion. That's why I think that you should go with option three."

I was almost certain that he was loosing it, for I had only listed two possible alternatives; not three. "Sirius, I only mentioned two. There is no option three."

"Of course there is," he said confidently. "There's always an option three, Lee. You just have to dig a little deeper sometimes in order to find it."

"Well if you have found it already then please, enlighten me," I said sarcastically playing along. There was simply no way that he had already come up with an alternative to my situation after just moments of knowing about it. I had been going over all the options for years now, and that was all that even I could come up with.

"When your Grandmother's time is almost at its end, you could always go back voluntarily," he said. Now I knew he was crazy.

"Why on earth would you suggest me to do something like that?" If he was still trying to get me to change my mind about going steady with him, he sure had a funny way of going about it. "You know how they are about the male gender in general, seeing how as you've done your research and all that. You should know then, Sirius, that if I were to do that then you and I wouldn't be able to even be friends with one another anymore."

"True," he calmly agreed with me. "But then again, if you were their leader, then that could be the first rule you change. Think about it Lee, you would have the power to re-write all of the unjust rules the Gypsies have ever came up with. You could put a stop to everything bad you don't agree with, and they would have to obey your commands."

Wow. Sirius had actually brought up a very valid point that not even I had thought of before. Now I was definitely impressed, even more so than before. "So none of this worries you at all?"

"I'm not concerned in the slightest," he reassured me. "On the contrary, I think you'd make an excellent leader, Lee."

"HA!" I couldn't help but laugh at this. "Obviously you don't know me as well as you think you do then, because I am anything but a leader, Sirius." At least he did believe in me though, that was a plus. 


The fact that Saleena wasn't one of those girls who was overly confident was kind of a turn-on for me, I'll admit. But now, what little bit of confidence she did at least seem show before, appeared to have been stripped away from her and that alone had me concerned. I reached out and placed my hand delicately upon her chin, turning her face to look at mine.

"Saleena, you are beautiful, intelligent, courageous, and loyal," I spoke softly to her. "You are not afraid to stand up for what you believe is right, and you are one of the most kind and giving people I have ever met. You should not fear of failing at anything, for you are talented and gifted enough to accomplish all things. Never forget that."

She was staring straight into my eyes now, and I watched as a single tear slid down her cheek. "Thank you for believing in me Sirius," she whispered. "Thank you for being so understanding and so trustworthy. But above all else, I wish to thank you for not turning me away once you learned exactly who I am. Your friendship means the world to me, Seir, and I would never compromise it for anything."
"Nor would I ever ask you to," I reminded her. "If you're worried that by changing one thing we may ruin all things, then I understand completely. I want you to know that I am in no way trying to pressure you into anything you don't want. I simply just wanted you to know how I truly feel, because I could not bear to keep it a secret from you for any longer."

"I do feel the same way about you too, Sirius," she finally confessed to me. My heart felt like it was trying to escape from my chest, as it began to beat even faster with excitement just then. "I really do have feelings for you, and I admit that I have for some time now. But like I said before; me loving you is forbidden. I just do not see a way that we can make it happen and have it last."

I don't know what came over me in that moment, all I know is that I suddenly had a strong urge to do more than just tell her how I felt. I realized that I also needed to show her.

Sirius moved his other hand up so that both of his hands were resting on my either side of my face now. He looked deep into my eyes and I seemed to be lost for one quick moment. And then, without warning, he suddenly leaned down and kissed me.

The voice in my head screamed with pleasure as something new and exciting erupted inside of me. Not only was this the first time that I had ever kissed Sirius before, it was the first time that I had kissed any guy before. And how many seventeen-year-old girls do you know that can honestly say that? Either way, I found myself glad that Sirius Black was my first. It even felt as though a small part of me had known all along that it was always going to be Sirius.

I reached up and grabbed a lock of his thick, long hair, drawing him in closer to me. Not a single thought in my mind was concerned with the fact that I knew nothing at all about kissing, because with Sirius, it all seemed to just come to me naturally. With him everything felt right and perfect, and even though it was unplanned, it had happened at just the right time.

After what turned out to be the greatest minute of my life, we finally pulled apart and just sat there, staring at one another. Neither one of us spoke a word for a while. We remained still, basking in each other's presence for a while, soaking in what had just transpired between us.

My mind was a whirlwind of scattered thoughts, each one of them telling me that this was all wrong, that he and I shouldn't be together. But my heart on the other hand, was screaming in protest and telling me otherwise. It felt so right, and yet so wrong all at the same time and I was so confused.

"Alright, you win," I said at last. I was slightly suprized at how shaky sounded, once I had finally found the words to speak. "Maybe I do want to be more than just friends with you Sirius. Maybe there really is something else there, and perhaps I have just been denying it for all this time." The goofy, lopsided smile that was plastered on his face almost made me laugh aloud, but I managed to maintain my composure somehow. "There are going to have to be limits to this though, you know."

Sirius was doing nothing to contain his excitement. He was about as giddy as a child in a toy store. "Yeah, sure thing, Lee, anything you say," he happily agreed. "I'm just so happy I finally got you to see that there is definitely something more there when it comes to us."

I couldn't help but smile too. As it turns out, Sirius' good moods were infectious like that. "I'm still going to America for four years at the end of the summer, you know that." He nodded. "But we can continue to write to each other every day like we have for the past seven years we've been apart. And once my studies abroad are all over with and I come back home for good, if there still remains to be something there, then we can see where it leads us. I will not stop life from taking its natural course, and I will not hold back on whatever feelings I may still have for you at that time, I promise."

He was still nodding his head, and it took him a second to realize that I had stopped talking. "Oh, right," he blushed. "So I guess now I'm just wondering… Well, where does this leave us for right now?"

I smiled brightly at him. "As of right now we are still just in the dating stage, I reckon." 

"I suppose I can live with that," I laughed. I couldn't have asked for anything more. Perhaps I should have just started off the night by kissing her right from the start. That certainly would have saved us a lot of time, and caused for less arguing. "I do have one question for you though."

"Oh?" She looked up at me, clearly concerned. I hadn't meant to frighten her. "What's that?"

"Well, from what I've read, all of the Gypsies have special types of magic that we wizards do not have," I began. For example, they have the ability to perform spells without the aid of a wand. But those of royal bloodlines though are said to have certain abilities that they call gifts. There are three of them and, well, I was just wondering which of them do you have?"

Then unexpectedly, she smiled at me. "Guess," she said playfully.

"Well I think its quite clear that you're obviously not a seeier like your grandmother is, otherwise you would have known ahead of time that I wanted to be more than just friends with you." That actually got a laugh out of her, surprisingly. "And I don't think you could be a rememberer, because if you had the ability to look into people's pasts, then there is no way you would ever want to be friends with me because, well lets face it, my past isn't exactly the greatest. So that only leaves the Healer, which would make total sense for you, seeing how as you've always been involved in medicine and all. It's just that, well, I have never actually seen you heal anything in the sense that the Gypsy books I've read talked about."

"You are so wrong right now, I think I'm just going to have to stop you right there," she giggled. "But if I tell you, you have to promise me that your opinion of me will not change."

"Haven't I already explained that to you once?" The tone in the conversation had changed once more. It seemed to be doing that a lot tonight. "Nothing you say at this point will ever change the way that I feel about you. I need you to start believing that, alright?"

She silently nodded her head. "I do believe you," she sniffled. 

It was foolish of me to think that telling him what I could do would change anything after having dropped the biggest bomb on him already. The worst part of it was already out of the way and he still hadn't started running in the opposite direction yet. "I'm the second one you mentioned; a rememberer. But it's not about seeing into people's pasts. I just read people's memories, that's all. It's not like it's anything as cool as mind reading or something like that," I joked.

"So, if you can read memories, then read mine right now." He wasn't asking me to, he was telling me to. I liked that. "Ok," I agreed to do it. "Think of a memory, any memory. It doesn't have to be something you can recall all the way. You just think of it and I'll do the rest.

"Alright," he said. "I've got it."

I took him by the hand and closed my eyes. No sooner had the memory started playing in the back of my mind and I was in tears, for this was a memory that I had seen hundreds of times before. Sirius was thinking about the first time we met. And even though it was something so familiar to me, it also felt differently this time, because now I was looking into the past from his point-of-view.

"Oh Sirius," I exclaimed once it was over. We embraced and nothing had ever felt more perfect in my entire life. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted now that there were finally no secrets between us.

When we pulled apart, he looked down at me in a very playful manner. He had that silly little mischievous grin on his face that only he could pull off. "You're not going to expect me to start calling you 'your majesty' or anything like that now, are you?" He said sarcastically.

My mouth dropped open in pretend shock. "I cannot believe you would even have the nerve to ask me such a thing," I exclaimed in a mockingly serious tone. "Of course I will be expecting that of you!"

There was a beat of totally silence before we both exploded with laughter. Once we were finally able to breathe freely again, he took out his wand and reheated the food. We ate together in total bliss and even after the food was gone, we still found ourselves sitting there, not wanting our first date to end. We sat there and watched the sunset, talking, joking and laughing together the entire time until the night ended.

To others, this night may have been considered a disaster. But to us, it was perfect. 

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