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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 4 : Secrets
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As Snape and the Dark Lord apparated away, Bella slowly got up to her feet. Narcissa ran in frantically. She said to Bella, “Are you okay?”

Bella cried, “Why doesn’t he want me? Why?”

Narcissa smiled sadly, “No one can understand him, my sister… He’s not a man… Besides, aren’t you married to Rodolphus?”

Bella snapped, “You, know as well as I do, that we had no say in our marriage!”

Narcissa was suddenly angry, “Well perhaps, next time, you won’t gallivant around with that crowd, dear sister.”

Bella nodded unhappily, “He’s the only one I want, though! Why?”

Narcissa’s expression softened, and she said softly “Come, sit down.”

Narcissa led the way to the sitting room. When they were both comfortable she said, “You aren’t the only one with a heartbreak, you know.”

Bella’s brows furrowed and she frowned, “What? I always thought you had a crush on Lucius, even when you were a child?”

Narcissa laughed softly, “Of course I wasn’t! The only reason I hung out with him was to get into that crowd!”

Bella persisted, “Well if not your husband, who?”

Narcissa glanced at her sister and said, “Promise not to tell… Pinky swear?”

Bella laughed. It was if they were two schoolgirls again, gossiping about boys. The hilarity of the moment struck Narcissa too, and she started laughing as well.

Once they stopped laughing, Narcissa started again, “No, but seriously… Not even the Dark Lord.”

Bella sobered up and nodded solemnly. Narcissa smiled briefly before she said, “It was…. Walden… Walden Macnair.”

Bella raised her eyebrow, “Macnair! Er, isn’t that fairly awkward? He only comes around once or twice a week.”

Narcissa ignored this and continued her story, “We were engaged once… Before I was engaged to Lucius. Of, course it was without the permission of our parents.”

Bella nodded and remembered something, “When you went to France for the week a few weeks before Lucius proposed… It wasn’t for work…”

Narcissa smiled sadly, “Yes, I met up with Walden there. We rented a cabin up in the mountains.”

She paused for a moment, remembering her week in France. Suddenly, without meeting her sister’s eyes, she said quietly, “Draco was conceived there.”

Bella reached out and touched her arm. Narcissa started crying, “I’m a failure… A terrible fiancée, a terrible wife, and a terrible mother.”

Bella growled, “You are none of those things! You are a great sister, a great housewife, and a great supporter of the Dark Lord.”

Eventually, Narcissa’s sniffles grew quieter. In a kinder ton, Bella asked, “What happened?”

Narcissa answered, “I told Walden that I was pregnant. He got scared and broke off the engagement. When I got home, I was already showing. I had to do something.”

Bella guessed what happened next, “You went to Andromeda.”

Narcissa looked warily at Bella and said, “Yes… She advised me to give in to Lucius’s advances. She said that Lucius was madly in love with me.”

Bella nodded and Narcissa continued, “Lucius and I started dating. I made it seem as if he was the father. He proposed to me and I accepted.”

When she finished her story she started crying. Bella stood up and walked over to Narcissa. She sat down next to her and put her arm around her shoulder.

In a soothing voice Bella whispered, “It’s okay. It’ll be our little secret!”

Narcissa nodded and tried to smile. She ended up crying harder. Narcissa sputtered, “I don’t deserve any of this… This house… Draco… I conned my way into this house.”

Bella smiled sadly, “It’s okay, Cissy. What’s important is that we have each other. Family!”

At this Narcissa managed a real smile and agreed, “Family!”

Suddenly an owl with an envelope flew into the house. Narcissa jumped up and took the letter. Narcissa opened the envelope and pulled out a letter. She read it and paled. Bella jumped up and demanded, “What does it say? Let me see!”

Wordlessly, Narcissa handed Bella the letter. It read:

Dumbledore has run away from Hogwarts after being accused of raising an army against Fudge. They say that he is gone for good. I have also been handpicked to be part of the Inquisitorial Squad under the new headmistress of Hogwarts, Dolores Umbridge. I’ll have more power than the prefects and will be able to give and dock points.


Bella frowned at Narcisssa, “What’s wrong? You should be proud of Draco!”

Narcissa whispered, “Dumbledore isn’t at Hogwarts anymore… He can hunt you and the Dark Lord down…”

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: Secrets


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