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My Life as James Potter's Step Sister by MiaMarauder
Chapter 3 : Ignore Her
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Thank you so much to toxicity@TDA for a lovely chapter image!Photobucket
The great James Potter! The best step brother anyone can ask for.

"Get up you smurf!" Houston yelled.

"What the hell is a smurf?" I heard Ella ask.

She threw another pillow at me. "It's a small blue thing. Like this girl, that won't GET UP!"

"Just let her miss breakfast," Lily said in the bathroom.

"No! Cause than she complain about how she is soooo hungry!"

"I'm right here!" I yelled. It was probably muffled since I was under my blanket.

She threw another pillow, "Just get dressed!"

I pushed off all the pillows. Atleast five of them fell to the floor. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was barely up, I felt like a mummy.

After a short, 5 minute shower, I was up and alert.

I put on my skirt and put on my short sleeve blouse. I put my Gryffindor tie around my neck. I left it undone until I would get to classes. I wore my clothes loose. Put on my black low tops. I made my hair a bit shorter, so it would easier to put in a bun.

I threw all the pillows back at Hou. Houston wore her white go go boots. Her skirt just covering her arse. She buttoned her blouse to be just covering her bra. She didn't even bother with her tie.

Lily wore the appropriate attrite. Tie dyed. Robes on. It's like a million degrees out she'll get hot eventually.

Alice just didn't wear her robe, other then that she looked very appropriate.

Capella made me laugh must of all. She wore no shoes like always. Her skirt alittle askew and her shirt tucked in. She wore her tie around her head, like a headband.

"Why?" I asked looking at her.

"I have to stand out some how," she said simply.

"Let's go," Lily said putting her bag around her neck. I pulled my bag off the bed and let it drag on the floor.

"Must you treat your books like that?" Lily asked annoyed.

"Must you be the future Liberian?" I mocked.

Houston laughed and put her arms around our necks. "Guys first day back! First day for everything new! New classes, new hook ups, boys, schedule, boys.”

Lily walked forward, "Not everything is about guys."

"Not everything is about school," Houston retaliated.

"Not eve-"

"Guys, guys stop. C'mon I'm hungry," Alice grabbed my hand and Hou's running to the Great Hall.

I know that it seems Lily and Houston hate each other. But at times the can really show how much they love each other.

In fourth year Lily was upset over Todd Winter (a Ravenclaw) who broke up with her. It was only a two week relationship, but Lily really liked him. Lily was all sad at lunch and just staring at him. So Houston said she'll handle it. She went over to the Ravenclaw table and was seductive and such. Lily was getting really mad at first. But as Todd was leaning in for a kiss, Houston pushed all his food into his lap. The whole Great Hall was hysterical. Lily was very thankful of Hou. Last year Houston was totally failing Transfiguration and she really needed to pass her O.W.L. Lily stayed up late for a week with Houston studying. She got an O in Transfiguration.

"You just want to see Frank!" I yelled as she pulled. She ignored me.

We ran into the Great Hall getting some looks. We ignored them as we took empty seats. A couple of minutes later Lily and Capella came in. Some first years giggled at Capella. But other people just ignored her. There pretty much used to it.

I grabbed two pieces of toast, some eggs, a pancake, a muffin, three pieces of bacon, and some pumpkin juice. All the girls just stared at me, in disgust.

"Wha? I'm hungry," I said chewing on some bacon.

Capella just kept staring as she grabbed some toast and fruit.

Lily grabbed some eggs, "Capella, that’s all?"

"Well, yeah. I'll have a salad during lunch."

Houston stood up, "And where do you thing you’re going?" I asked.

She had some grapes in her hand. "To have a smoke."

Lily looked on disapproval. "You really shouldn't."

Houston ignored her as she walked on. UGH! Here comes the marauders!

"Incoming! Heads down girls," I alerted. They all looked in the other direction. I quickly turned my hair into a dark brown. I put my head down in my plate, hoping they'll walk pass us.

"Nice try. But I saw your blue hair a mile away," Sirius whispered into my ear. I looked up and saw him smirk. He sat down and took some bacon off my plate. I silently changed my hair into my normal blue.

James took my other side, as Peter took a seat next to him. Remus took a seat next to Capella. Capella was sitting next to Lily, who was sitting next to Alice.

"So you ladies miss us?" Sirius asked taking some bacon and eggs.

"I was actually hoping to miss you more," I asked moving alittle away from Sirius.

"Aw, come on sis!" James yelled into my ear. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "I know you missed me."

"Step," I squirmed out of his grip. "Sister."

"I always wanted alittle sister."

"You're older then me by a month. Exactly."

"I'm still older. SO that in fact makes me wiser," I rolled my eyes.

"I'm older than everyone," Sirius added.

"Mines January 30th. When is your’s Sirius?"

"November 5th," Lily looked defeated.

"And we will celerbrate!" James yelled hitting his hand on the table. But he hit his spoon instead and the spoon sent his porage in the air. You can just guess where it landed.

"Potter you idiot!" Lily yelled. How it even ended up on Lily, is a surprise. It was in her hair and even some on her blouse.

"I- but-" James stuttered.

"Shut up!" Lily yelled.

"Lily calm down. James didn't mean it. C’mon I'll help you clean up," Alice stood up and took Lily's hand

Lily walked off looking as mad as ever. After they were gone James slammed his head on the table.

Peter patted him on the back. "It wasn’t that bad."

Before the subject could go any further, McGonagall was giving out class schedules‘.

"Miss. Yucca I hope you can give these to your friends," she handed me three extra schedules.

"Yes Professor."

"Miss. Little please remove your tie from your head."

"Yes Professor."

"Mr. Potter I hope to see you on time today."

"Yes Professor," he said not even moving his head.

"Mr. Black I except the same."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever Minrverrna," Sirius said taking his schedule and waving his hand.

"Mr. Black! Highly inappropriate," she shook her head. "Here you go Mr. Lupin," she said it nice and sweet.

"Thank you Professor McGonagall."

"Here Pettigrew," she said it blunt and did I hear a bit of disgust?

"Thanks Professor," he said looking down.

I held back a laugh. I looked to Sirius who was doing the same thing.

I had a free right after Breakfast. I would go find the other girls and give them there Schedule’s. I had the same classes as Houston mostly. Lily didn't have a free after breakfast. She took Ancient Runes. Alice took Muggle Studies instead of having a free before lunch. Frank was in that class.

I looked over at Capella's schedule and noted we had no classes together. She was into more experimenting and didn't want to be an auor. She like the idea of becoming a nurse and coming up with idea's to save people.

I peeked over to see Sirius schedule. He has the same classes as me. Typical. Except I saw he had Muggle Studies as well. Giving him only one free. Weird for him wanting to take it...

Back to the main dilemma.

"I didn't mean it. She does know that right? I didn't mean it at all," James said his head on the table. He looked up and looked at me. "I listened to your advice. I didn't even talk to her. And- then- I-"

"It sucks doesn't," Capella spoke for the first time.

James looked at her. I don't think he has ever spoken to her. Now that I think about it. None of the Marauders ever annoy or even spoke to Capella.

"It seems the world doesn't want you together," she said in her dreamy voice.

James looked at her mouth open.

"But if you want it James Potter. You must go against the odds," Capella stood up and put her wand behind her left ear. She skipped out of the Great Hall.

"Capella is so weird sometimes," Sirius said looking at the door in awe.

"Hey! Ella's not weird. Just... unique," I said searching for words. And that word fit the spot.

"Just ignore Lily. It will drive her mad," Sirius said taking another piece of food from my plate.

I hit his hand, "Back off Black. James don’t listen to this idiot. Just-"

Then I really thought about it. She would start to question it. Why he all of a sudden backed off. And then he could start being civil to her. Perfect plan.

"That...might be a good idea," I said slowly.

There was a clatter of silverware dropping. I looked at Sirius who was looking back at me, mouth wide open.

"You actually agree with him?" Remus asked stunned.

"Well, not the way he said it. But one week just don't say anything to her. It will drive her into a compete nutter."

"Okay," James said slowly. "Why are you even helping me?" James asked suspiciously.

"I don't know... Maybe it's because we're step siblings now? Or I just want Lily to fall for you and stop complaining. It’s either those two," I said getting up. It was getting weird being the only girl. I had a free right after breakfast and I did not want to spend it with them.


I laid out and smelled in my favorite smell. Grass. It might be alittle weird but I can't get enough of it. I looked up at the lovely blue sky. The birds were chirping and the sun was shinning. I never get to enjoy the weather. We finally were out by the lake, just lying around.

"Saph,” No I don't want to be disrupted. Maybe if I close my eyes they'll go away.

"Sapphire,” No such luck. Maybe if I-

"Fire!" Ew. I looked up into green eyes. Oh, thank Merlin.

"One, don't ever call me that again. Two, What?"

"I thought maybe you want to come in for lunch," Lily said. I just had a Double Potions and Transfiguration. No way was I going back in there.

"I think I'm going to stay out here," I said closing my eyes again. I had History of Magic next. I am so not looking forward to that. I'll probably die of boredom.

Being James Potter step sister was not as bad I thought it would be. I thought maybe James would expect me to get him Lily. Even though I am giving him advice, it's not like I'm actually helping him. Is it? Well who cares. They really do belong together. James has liked Lily every since fourth year. Well that's when he started to ask her out.

I opened my eyes again to see sparkling grey ones staring back.

"AUGH!" I screamed wiping my head up. "BLACK! How long have you been there!" I put a hand over my heart.

"A few seconds," he shrugged taking a seat next to me.

"What do you want?"

He grinned, "I was bored. I came to annoy you."

I looked at him with a glare. It seems all I ever do is see him, through my squinting eyes.

"You are trying out for keeper right?"

"Yeah, probably, Frank is captain this year. Are you going to finally try out?”

"Nah. I'd rather watch."

"I don't get it. Don't you love to play?"

"Yeah tons. But I'd rather not have to wake up early and follow other people orders," he shrugged

"Typical," I muttered. I stood up and cleaned my self off. I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy the outside anymore.

He stood up. "I thought we were having a moment," he smirked.

"If you smirk again, I'm going to rip it off," I said starting to walk back to the castle. He caught up.

"What do you have next?"

"History of Magic."

"Me too."

"Good for you."

We walked back into the castle in silence. We both went into the Great Hall. I thought that we wouldn't be sitting with them, but I was wrong.

I sat next to Lily, who was across from James. Guess who sat across from me? Sirius.

I grabbed some grapes and listen to everyone else around me.

James was talking about Quidditch with Frank, Peter, Sirius and some other boys. Go figure. Alice was talking to Remus about books. Lily was just sitting quiet reading a book. Houston and Capella were no where to be found.

I poked Lily in the arm. "Where are Ella and Hou?"

She looked around, "Oh, I thought they were here." She looked to Alice. "Ally where's Capella and Houston?"

Alice shrugged. "Houston grabbed her and they left somewhere," Alice looked back to Remus.

"Oh Lily I meant to say sorry about before," James said looking at her.

"Whatever Potter," she said it with disgust.

James went back to talking to the other boys. Lily just looked at him in confusion. Usually James would say something clever. I couldn't hide the smile on my face.

We all left a couple of minutes later and walked to History of Magic. We didn't really mean to walk together but it just happened that we all left together.

I sat down in the back, leaving a seat open for Houston. Lily and Alice went in the front row. It was normal. I sat in the back with Houston and Lily, Alice and would sit in the front. Remus and Peter sat in the front row. James and Sirius sat right behind them. There was a couple of Ravenclaws in here as well.

Mr. Binns came in a couple of minutes later. Where is Hou? He started to write stuff on the board. I put my head down on the desk.

I looked around the room to keep preoccupied. I tried to hold back laughter, as I watched the four boys.

Remus was taking notes like always (how he can actual pay attention is beyond me). Remus was in front of Sirius and he was leaning back on his chair, mouth wide open sleeping. How did he get to sleep that fast?

I looked at James who was next to Sirius. James was doing a spell on small paper balls. To make the little paper balls come from all directions, hitting Peter. Peter was swatting them like little fly’s attacking him. It was pretty amusing, especially when Peter turned around to James and asked "Do you know whose doing this?" Good thing I can read lips. Or I would have missed James say "Peter are you feeling alright?" Giving him a confused look.

I laughed to myself. I thought of what actual made these four boy best friends. They were all so different but yet in some strange way all the same.

I took out a peace of paper and started to doodle. As I was working on my masterpiece (a cartoon Sirius with a really big head and a small body) Houston came in. Professor Binns didn't even notice.

"Where have you been?" I hissed at her.

She leaned in close and whispered, "You'll find out at dinner."

"No. Tell me now," I hissed trying to keep my voice low.

"Don't worry your pretty little head," she said patting me on the head.

I pushed her hand away and put my head on my arms.

I looked up ahead and saw Sirius leaning his head back, looking at me upside down.

I gave him a look (why-are-you-staring-at-me-you-ugly-monkey.)

He started to mouth words, that was making any sense.

“What?” I whispered.

He mouthed it again and it really seemed he was saying nothing.

“What?” I mouthed again.

A small smile was on his face, as he mouthed it again.

“WHAT!” I didn’t even realize I shouted, until I got looks from my classmates. Professor Binns stopped and looked at me.

“Yes Miss. Yucca?”

“Sorry Professor I- I just didn’t hear what you said. I’m sorry for shouting… I didn’t realize.”

“Oh It’s perfectly okay,” he turned back around and started the lecture again.

I looked at Sirius who was hysterically silent laughing. I hate him.

I put my head into my arms. I’m seriously (no pun intended) going to kill Sirius one day. How can one person make me so mad. He practically lives to make my life miserable.

The bell woke me up. When did I fall asleep? I scooped up my bag and shoved my book inside. I saw Lily waiting for me by the door.

‘Why do you let him get to you?” I looked up and saw Remus Lupin in front of me.

“Excuse me?”

“Sirius,” a small smile went to his face. “Why do you let him get to you?” I waved Lily to go on without me.

“I don’t know… he just knows where to push my buttons. He just lives to make my life horrible,” I started to walk down the corridor.

“There might be a reason,” Remus said catching up.

“Yeah. We hate each other.”

“I doubt that,” Remus said going ahead. I ignored his comment as I walked along the corridor.


FOOD! I dug my teeth into the chicken. Mmmm tasty. I ate some mash potatoes quickly adding some graving and getting some pees.

I looked up to a disgusted Sirius Black.

“Dovohhhaveofproblam?” I asked him.

He looked confused, “Chew.”

I chewed down my food. “Do you have a problem?”

“Yeah. I do actually. You eat like James and I. And that’s saying something.”

“Shut up Sirius. How am I supposed to enjoy this food with you bothering me? Go away.” I started to eat my food again.

“So James and Sirius. Are you going to eat the dessert tonight?” Houston asked.

“Yeah probably… why?” James asked looking up.

“Just wondering,” Houston said sharing a look with Capella. James just shrugged ignoring her. Sirius just looked on in suspicion.

“Potter pass the ketchup,” Lily said, not very politely I must add.

“Here,” James said bluntly.

I looked at Lily she looked baffled. Usally James would make a remark of how she was rude. But looks like James’ is taking my advice.

After a couple of more minutes later and two chickens later, it was dessert time.

“I love chocolate pudding!” I heard Capella scream. Houston passed her chocolate cake to James, “I’m on a diet… enjoy.”

“Thanks! Houston I think I love you!” He dug into the cake without seconds to waste.

I looked at Hou and a small smile came to her face. I looked at Capella and she was eating her pudding with a big smile (nothing odd there). I looked back at James who was done with his cake. He tried to talk but nothing came out. He started to get alittle excited and started to talk again. He turned to Sirius and spoke silence. Everyone started laughing.

Sirius got angry and turned to me, “What you do?”

“I didn’t do anything! Ask them,” I pointed to Hou and Ella who were laughing hysterical.

“We put sticking tongue potion in his food,” Houston said looking smug. “We were hoping you would eat it too. But no such luck I guess.”

“It was your plan probably!” Sirius pointed at me.

“How dare you! You blame everything on me! For once Sirius this brilliant plan, wasn’t mine. Not everything is about me and you.” I was getting angry. I bet my hair was turning into a light purple.

“It will go away by tomorrow morning,” Capella said quietly.

Sirius smirked, “Sapphire, Sapphire. Everything is about me and you.”

I looked at him and shock. What does that even mean? I got up slowly and grabbed Capella’s arm.

“Sirius Black you are the most stupidest fuck on the planet! I ha-”

Sirius stood up on the bench, “Love me and want to be forever with me!” We got stares from everyone in the Great Hall. Just what he wanted.

“Sirius Black go die.” I started to walk off, pulling Ella with me.


I was already out the door by the time he finished. No one will every believe him.

A/n- Hey there! I have been getting some complaints about my grammar and spelling. So if anybody would like to be my betta, tell me! It will be much appreciated!

So what you guys think? Short? Long one next time promise.

Leave a review I hope you enjoyed!

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