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Let's go back and then fast forward by Magic_Melody
Chapter 4 : fOuR
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Fast Forward Three Nights

Lily sat tapping her quill to some parchment in an unused classroom and checking the time.

She didn’t want to be here, she didn’t want to see James, he did things to her that she didn’t know if she liked or not, like he made her laugh and he made her pay attention and he saved little girls and he told her stories. Three nights ago he had spilled his guts and now she couldn’t sleep.
Sure he felt better but what about her?

She had avoided James at all costs, even going as far as to put Gloria Goldman on patrol with him, which four days ago, she would have avoided that at all costs. It was of course common knowledge that Gloria fancied James and had now for years and it gave her a funny twinge in her tummy when she thought that maybe right now James would be telling Gloria all the stories she liked hearing so much herself, the glimpse into the private James Potter with his private friends and private family, she bit the inside of her cheek and checked her watch again.

They were three seconds late.

‘Hey,’ said a deep male voice from the door
Lily looked up her heart jumping to her throat and then it sunk right past her navel
‘Hi Remus,’ she said and indicated that he should sit by her.

Soon after Remus had turned up so did all of the rest bar James and Gloria.

‘What are we waiting for?’ Andrew the other Ravenclaw prefect asked fifteen minutes after arriving
‘We’re missing a prefect and a head boy,’ Lily pointed out
‘Oh right, Gloria said she couldn’t do Wednesdays or Fridays,’ Andrew said
‘Okay well, why don’t we wait for Gloria to get here and then we can all figure it out together,’ Lily said trying to keep her voice calm and sweet
She was tired and now in a bad mood that James was keeping her waiting
‘She’s with James Potter, she said not to wait up,’ Andrew said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world and in it being the most obvious thing in the world Lily should have known this already.

Lily’s jaw clenched and her bad mood increased ten fold
‘Fine, who can do Monday’s?’ she said stiffly

Fast Forward 1 Hour And 30 Minutes

‘Gloria can’t do Friday’s,’ Andrew argued
‘Well neither can anyone else, but unlike Gloria every one actually has something on, Gloria just wants the day off,’ Lily said frustrated
‘But can’t you do it, because Gloria said…’ Andrew began
‘Look Andrew, Gloria isn’t here to speak for herself so if she has a problem with it she can she can come see me,’ Lily said sternly
‘But…’ Andrew began angrily
‘Andrew,’ Remus said softly and shook his head to indicate that he should drop it
Andrew huffed and crossed his arms 

Lily was sure if James was there he would have stuck up for her, her jaw clenched. If James was here I wouldn’t need sticking up for, Lily thought

Lily cleared her throat and gave Remus a thankful look before she made a copy of their schedule for everyone before they all departed.

Fast Forward Five Minutes

Lily and Remus were walking back to Gryffindor tower very slowly
‘Are you very angry with James?’ Remus asked casually

Lily looked to him, how had he known that she had been thinking of James at that very moment? Was she so transparent that Remus could see right through her?
He was giving her a kind knowing look and she knew she was safe in discussing James with him.

‘No, just … annoyed, he seemed to be taking the heads position really seriously and now...’ she trailed off as Remus nodded with a hint of a smirk on his face ‘I suppose I wouldn’t be half as annoyed if Dumbledore hadn’t specifically asked us to hold this meeting,’ Lily said throwing in a shrug in what she hopped was a casual way
‘Well I’m sure there is a legitimate excuse, I know for a fact that James has been wanting to talk to you for a few days now,’ Remus said
‘Really ‘bout what?’ Lily asked through a yawn
‘He wants to know why you’ve been avoiding him,’ Remus replied frankly 

Lily looked at Remus in mild surprise; he smiled to show that her reaction wasn’t wasted on him 

‘So why have you been avoiding him?’ Remus asked Lily innocently
‘I haven’t,’ Lily said
‘Lily you put Gloria Goldman on patrol with him, that’s avoidance and punishment,’ Remus smiled
‘I’m not punishing him,’ Lily said patiently
‘Is this because you asked what made you his type and he told you the ‘Lily glows’ story?’ Remus asked
Lily turned to him, her mouth hanging open slightly
‘We tell each other everything, well the important things anyway,’ Remus said with a shrug
‘You are such women,’ Lily laughed
‘Sometimes,’ Remus agreed laughing with her ‘But I don’t think it’s fair you punish him, you’re the one that asked remember,’ Remus said looking at her as though a teacher surveying a favourite, yet cheeky, student.

‘I’ve just been busy,’ Lily said as they approached the fat lady

Remus had said the password and allowed Lily to ponder what he had said, after all it was true, she had asked.

Lily climbed through first she saw someone sitting in front of a fire with his feet up on the coffee table in front of him looking transfixed, into the fire with his arms crossed over his chest. Lily knew who he was instantly and she stood up straight. James had turned around to see who had entered and his face lit up slightly when he saw her and then seemed to dim down as he saw Remus climb in after her

‘Where have you two been?’ James asked in what would have been a casual tone
Lily raised his eyebrows at him
‘We could ask you the same thing,’ Remus said
‘I’ve been here, and you?’ James asked with a shrug
‘At the heads and prefects meeting that Dumbledore asked us to hold, you know the one where all the leaders were meant to figure out the patrolling schedule,’ Lily said hinting heavily at her disappointment in him
‘What?’ James asked confused
‘The meeting James,’ Remus said
‘Gloria told me it had been cancelled,’ James said uncrossing his arms and setting his feet down
‘Gloria?’ Lily asked
‘Yes she said she was filling in for you on tonight’s patrol because you were ill and that the meeting was cancelled because you didn’t want me to run it on my own so you pushed it back till tomorrow night,’ James explained now standing 
‘Oh,’ Lily said her tone still disapproving ‘she lied,’
‘I can see that,’ James said slightly irate ‘I’m sure if you weren’t avoiding me I would have been there tonight,’ James muttered 

Lily opened her mouth to reply but Remus cut across her 

‘Anyway,’ he said
‘Yes well we figured it out anyway here’s your copy, if there’s any problems let me know,’ Lily said handing him the parchment as she made her way to the girls staircase ‘Good night boys,’ Lily said continuing on her way
‘Uh Lily,’ James said studying the schedule
Lily turned to look at him
‘Almost every time you’ve put me down I’ve got quidditch,’ he said looking from the parchment to her
‘Darnnit,’ Lily said sighing heavily she was tired and she didn’t want to have to figure it out now
‘Never mind, James and I can swap,’ Remus replied looking at his own copy
‘Thanks mate,’ James smiled
‘Yes thank you,’ Lily agreed turning around again and heading up to her bed

As soon as her head hit her pillow she realised she had partnered herself with Remus on almost all her patrolling duties and now she would have to do them with James. She let a little groan escape her, then her brow furrowed.

Remus would have known about James’ quidditch schedule but he let Lily go on. Could Remus have foreseen the problem and planned that he and James would need to swap, thereby forcing Lily and James together?

No, Remus wouldn’t do that, Lily thought as she rolled on her side and fell asleep.

Remus went to bed with a smug smile on his face, a smile that clearly stated “what a clever boy am I”

Fast Forward To The Next Morning

Lily sat herself at the breakfast table and picked up a cup of tea, she was still in a foul mood even though she knew that James and Gloria hadn’t spent the whole time together, she was now annoyed at herself for being annoyed that James being with Gloria annoyed her. 

‘Hey Lily,’ Rose said happily from behind her
Lily smiled her hello as she brought her tea to her lips
‘Hey girls,’ came Autumn’s chipper voice as she approached them
‘Morning,’ Lily replied bringing the tea to her lips again
‘Lily,’ someone demanded behind her
Lily closed her eyes and took a deep breath before putting down her cup and turning in her seat
‘Yes Gloria?’ Lily asked calmly
‘You’ve put me on for Friday’s,’ Gloria said brandishing her copy of the timetable
‘Yes I know,’ Lily said calmly still
‘But I told Andrew to tell you that I can’t do Friday’s,’ Gloria said
Lily saw James approaching them from the corner of her eye
‘You’re the only one that was free for Friday’s Gloria, the rest of us have clubs or teams they must attend to,’ Lily continued
‘But I didn’t want Friday’s that the only one I didn’t want,’ Gloria huffed
‘You also told Andrew to tell me that you didn’t want Wednesday’s either, so I gave you Wednesday off in exchange for having to do Friday’s,’ Lily said her voice less calm and more stern 

‘Morning, what’s going on?’ James asked coming to a stop near the two girls
‘Lily won’t change the timetable,’ Gloria turned appealing to James and batting her eyelids
‘Lily’s not unreasonable; she changed them for me, what’s the problem?’ James asked
‘I specifically asked not to be put on Friday’s and she put me on,’ Gloria said smiling that she’d gotten James on her side
Lily jutted out her bottom jaw and closed her eyes
‘Here then, we’ll figure something out,’ James said grabbing the parchment and sitting next to Lily, Lily could smell him and she opened her eyes
‘No we won’t,’ she said sternly
‘I’m sure there is a simple solution,’ James continued looking at Lily
‘stop trying to be the voice of reason,’ Lily whispered 

James looked at her and raised his brow, Lily felt instantly guilty 

‘Look Gloria I’m sorry but no one else can do it,’ Lily said with a tone of finality
‘What about the Hufflepuff’s?’ James asked buttering some toast
Lily’s eyes shot to James, why was he undermining her?
‘Gobestone and chocolate card clubs,’ Lily said
‘Okay what about the Slytherin’s?’ James asked biting into his toast as he studied the parchment
Lily watched his jaw muscle as he chewed, he turned to look at her when she hadn’t replied
‘Oh uh, potions,’ Lily said
‘I didn’t know they had a club,’ James said with a bit of toast on his lip
‘Slughorn asked you to be president,’ Lily pointed out still looking at his mouth, his tongue slid out and collected the stray bit of toast
Lily watched almost hypnotized
‘Well what about you?’ Gloria asked 

Lily turned slowly to look at her as though Gloria had just demanded her to strip off all of her clothing 

‘If you care to look at the time table you will see I’m on four nights a week, plus I have study session on Friday’s,’ Lily said in her best how-dare-you tone
‘Well what about...’ Gloria began
‘Don’t bother asking James he has quidditch and then study session same as me,’ Lily said now thoroughly frustrated 

James looked at Lily, the corners of his mouth twitching

This is your own fault anyway, if you hadn’t of lied causing not only you but Potter here to miss the meeting then we wouldn’t be having this discussion, but no you had to create some fallacy so you could have some alone time with perfect Potter, I had to do the best with you two gone Merlin knows where doing Morgana knows what,’ Lily said heatedly 

Gloria had gone silent and turned slightly white, staring at Lily as though she were mad 

‘you’re not the only one that’s been inconvenienced you know, because you ensured he pulled a no show, I put him on for all the times he was busy and now I’m stuck with him,’ Lily said hurridly
James looked at her a little confused
‘Had you of just shown up I would of happily of put you two together and you might even of gotten Friday off,’ Lily finished turning her back to Gloria and picking up her cup of tea

Out of the corner of her eye Lily saw James pass Gloria her parchment back with a shake of his head, Lily waited till she heard Gloria’s footsteps fade away before she brought the cup to her lips again, she saw, once again, out the corner of her eye that James was watching her, she turned her head to look at him
‘What?’ she asked innocently
James just continued to look at her
‘I know it wasn’t your fault I made it very clear that I thought it was hers,’ Lily said
Rose and Autumn shared a glance and an unseen smirk
‘Right well transfiguration it is,’ James said grabbing Lily’s cup out of her hands and taking a sip to wash down his toast and then putting it back into her hands
‘Ta,’ he said with a wink and then departed

Lily watched him leave and then turned back to her friends smiling and shaking her head
‘What?’ she asked when she saw their faces
‘You read his looks and share tea now?’Autumn asked coking an eyebrow
‘Not to mention knowing when he’s free,’ Rose added
‘I know his schedule because I have to I’m sure he knows mine,’ Lily said simply
‘Yeah since second year,’ Rose snorted
‘Third,’ Autumn corrected
‘Are you sure?’ Rose asked cocking her head in thought and they began discussing between themselves, Lily rolled her eyes 

‘If either of you were actually listening you would of noticed I know all the prefects schedules not just James’,’ Lily said smugly
‘It’s James now is it,’ Rose said just as smugly
‘Every one reads looks, it’s body language, everyone takes notice it’s how human beings communicate silently and if you two could read it you would know what I’m thinking right about now,’ Lily said putting her cup down and standing up
‘And you were right Autumn, it was third,’ Lily said with a wink and left
‘She’s even winking like him,’ Rose muttered
‘I heard that,’ Lily called back as she kept walking
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Let's go back and then fast forward: fOuR


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