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Verità by i_forgot_my_name
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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Tittle: Verità

Disclaimer: obviously J.K. is the proud owner and creator of the HP-verse, I only borrow it for my story

Summary: Ginny has been hiding the truth for most of her life. When she is drawn to a certain blonde haired Slytherin she realises she is not alone, but is it true, or just another well spun lie?

Chapter Seven

Ginny sat at breakfast the next morning glaring over at the Slytherin table, in particular the handsome blond boy who was sitting rather close to a blonde fifth year girl. Ginny watch, annoyed as the girl fed Draco grapes and played carelessly with his hair. She was beginning to regret the proposition that she had made to Draco the day before. Why had she said it would have been better if they were friends?

Draco could not hide his shock; having been pushed away from Ginny whom had only moments before been kissing him rather eagerly. Ginny shook her head in confusion as she walked away from the boy.

“I don’t think...” she started but was unable to finish, shaking her head in confusion. Draco stood back, leaning carelessly against the table that seconds before Ginny had been against. Ginny tried to ignore the little smirk that played on his face as he watched her pace.

“It seems to be the opposite problem, maybe you’re thinking too much,” he told her confidently, his confidence infuriating her. He leaned back in complete ease, while Ginny’s head was spinning as she tried to figure out how to react, how to think about him.

He reached out, grabbing her wrist to stop her pacing, pulling her to stand in front of him. She purposefully looked at their feet, so close but not quite touching. She felt his hand gently pull her face up to look at him. She found it hard to meet his usually serious eyes; missing the usual mischievous look he gave her.

“Just talk,” he told her, as if it was the simplest thing in the world. She shook her head, aghast at the fact that it seemed so simple to him, though the feeling in her stomach told her otherwise.

She shook her head, meeting his serious gaze with one of her own. “I think we should just be friends,” she told him, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. “It was only a few weeks ago that I hated you, you were my sworn enemy, and now we…” she told him, pulling her hand way from him, taking a step away from him.

He looked at her, his face turning to stone, hiding his shock. It did not escape her attention that Draco’s attitude had changed from his previous teasing demeanour to the cold one that she usually saw in public. She realised her mistake and tried to step back in front of Draco, grabbing his hand to get his attention, but was met with a cold reception as he pulled away his hand, as if he’d burned himself. “You don’t want to get so close to the enemy Weasel,” he told her disdainfully.

“Do you ever listen?” Ginny asked angrily, stepping closer so he’d have to pay attention to her. “You used to be the enemy, not any more! I’m just not sure about what to think about all of this,” she told him clearly.

Draco leaned down, looking her in the eye. “I do not give up easily, I always get what I want,” he told her before walking out of the classroom.

Ginny’s friends, though, were oblivious to the fact that her head was somewhere else. Colin was vividly explaining the affect that rain could have on a photograph as Beth sat, unable to tear her eyes away from the boy.

Ginny, determined to get her mind off of Draco Malfoy and the girl that was currently in his lap, turned to her two best friends. She attempted to listen to Colin’s explanation but her concentration was quickly fading.

“Rain adds an extra dimension into a photograph that cannot otherwise be achieved through...” Colin explained excitedly to the two girls in sitting next to him.

Ginny found his excitement hilarious, Colin never seemed to get as excited as when he was talking about photography. She saw his eyes light up at the mere mention of it, his excitement hard to miss. She was amazed that such a thing as taking pictures in the rain had made him so animated in his explanation.

“How was Hogsmeade?” Ginny asked clearly and loudly so she could get the attention of her two friends, both caught up in Colin’s explanation of the affects of rain.

“It was wonderful, have I shown you the pictures I took?” Colin asked as he reached excitedly into his bag, and Ginny didn’t have the heart to remind him he showed her the pictures four times the previous night and twice that morning before breakfast. Colin had a habit of forgetting minor details when he was excited about things.

“How was your day?” Beth asked as Colin searched his bag for the photo’s that weren’t there, Beth had removed them that morning, not wanting him to pull them out at every opportunity. There was only so much a girl could take.

“It was fine,” Ginny told her friend, forcing a smile as she ignored the two Slytherin’s who were leaving the Great Hall, Ginny wondered how it was possible to walk while you were so entangled with another person. “Oh, Colin,” Ginny said in fake sadness as she turned to her other best friend. “Don’t you have the pictures?” she asked him sadly, as Beth attempted to hide her laughter behind her hand, practicing some deep breathing to calm herself.

Colin looked up at the two girls, the sadness on his face completely genuine. “No, I don’t know where they could be,” he told them, Ginny and Beth hadn’t seen him so upset since second year when he over exposed photo’s of a Slytherin falling off his broom in a Quidditch game.

“Oh, that’s too bad,” Ginny told him, trying not to look at Beth who was continuing to take deep breaths in an attempt to calm down as she purposefully looked away from Colin. Ginny reached out and squeezed her hand in what would have looked like a comforting manner, but was indeed a way for Ginny to hold in her own fits of giggles.

“You must have left them in the Common Room after you showed them to Harry and Ron before breakfast,” Beth told him sincerely, finally having calmed down.

“I could have sworn I put them in here,” Colin mumbled to himself, confused as he stuck his head back in his bag.

Ginny and Beth grabbed each other as they shared in silent laughter while Colin searched in his bag, not noticing his two friends amusement.


Ginny walked into Potions, and for the first time that year did not see the blond Slytherin sitting at her seat, talking to his best friend. Instead, Ginny saw from the corner of her eye that Draco was at Padma Patil’s bench. Padma sat facing Malfoy, who had himself situated between her legs, his hands on her hips as he leant far closer than necessary in order to talk to her.

Ginny walked to her bench and sat next to Blaise, studiously ignoring the Public Display of Affection that was going on two benches over from hers. She carefully placed her bag on the desk and started to get our what she needed for the day, her facial expressions remaining neutral.

“Hi Gin!” Blaise said, a little too enthusiastically. “Did you have a good weekend?” he asked her hopefully.

Ginny smiled at Blaise, realising what he was doing. Not even Blaise’s feeble attempts to distract her could draw attention away from the couple to their right. “Wonderful,” she told him dryly.

“Really? Too bad,” he told her sadly before he went into a great description of his weekend, not missing a single thing. He told her everything from what he had to breakfast on Saturday morning to making out with a cute 6th year Ravenclaw girl at Hogsmeade.

Ginny breathed a sigh of relief when Snape walked into the room and ceased Blaise’s verbal assault, of sorts. Ginny appreciated the effort he put in, but sometimes she’d rather if he just didn’t.


Ginny’s friends didn’t miss her strange behaviour, the next day, or the next, or the next. Thursday morning Beth was watching Ginny out of the corner of her eye while she listened to the clueless Colin. Ginny wasn’t even pretending to be interested in what Colin was telling them, as she usually did, instead she was attempting to ignore everything around her, not lifting her head for anything. Beth suspected that someone could shout an Unforgivable Curse and Ginny wouldn’t blink.

“When you develop the photos with a mixture of...” Colin continued as Ginny glared down at her cereal, having resigned the day before not to look up at Draco and the girl that would undoubtedly be hanging off of him.

“Are you okay, Gin?” Harry asked quietly from the other side of Ginny. Beth pretended not to be listening in, only slightly moving closer to her best friend.

“I’m fine,” Ginny answered quickly. She sat straight up and picked up her bag quickly. “I need to go to the library before class, I’ll see you in class, Harry,” Ginny told the boy as she all but ran from the room.

Beth watched her best friends retreating back sadly, while Colin didn’t seem to notice that he no longer had an audience as he continued with his explanation. Beth wondered how the boy could be so clueless to what was happening around him.

Harry moved closer to Beth. “Do you know what’s wrong with her?” Harry asked. Beth looked over to see him watching Ginny walk out of the Great Hall, the look reminded her of her older brother when he was worried about her, it was sweet.

Beth shook her head, sadly. “I have my suspicions but I don’t know for sure,” she told him, turning to watch Ginny walk through the doorway and into the Entrance Hall before turning back around, her eyes glued to the empty plate before her, not wanting to look Harry in eye. “Hey, Harry, thanks for...thanks for hanging out with me at Hogsmeade,” Beth told the boy, looking up at him, finding him looking at her.

Harry smiled at her, the older brother look gone now. “Anytime Bethany,” he told her, bowing his head a little.

Beth nodded embarrassed as she thought of what had happened. She and Colin had gone to Honey Dukes, but one minute he was there, the next he was running around Hogsmeade taking photos, not seeming to realise that he’d left his friend behind and by herself. Beth was left alone with nothing to do. Harry had found her looking lost and upset in Honey Dukes, he instantly appointed himself her entertainment for the day.

“Colin can get a bit... a bit caught up sometimes,” Beth tried to explain, as she felt her face get warm from the way Harry was looking at her. She remembered how sweet he had been, not seeming to mind that Beth had ruined his previous plans for the day.

Harry laughed. “I’ve noticed,” he told her, amused as he looked back at the babbling boy, who was still yet to notice Ginny had left and Beth was no longer listening. “ I just don’t understand how he can manage to pay attention to anything when he’s with such a pretty girl,” Harry told her then winced. “Wow, that was corny!” he admitted, laughing at himself.

Beth laughed too, and blushed at the same time, not caring about how corny his comment had been as he looked down at her.


Ginny stormed into Potions, glaring at anyone who got in her way. For the fourth time that week Draco Malfoy was not sitting in her seat, talking to his best friend, this time he was in fact in his own seat, but he was sharing it with Pansy Parkinson.

She sat violently next to Blaise, who for once did not instantly start talking the minute she touched the seat. Ginny looked over at Blaise to see him staring back at her in curiosity. She was shocked to find him quiet, and missed his nonsensical chatter that usually greeted her once she entered the room, not that she would ever admit it. Ginny sat calmly, staring at her books set out in front of her, trying not to pay attention to the unusually silent boy beside her.

“You started it, you know,” Blaise said, pulling Ginny out of her thoughts, they mostly included a beaters bat and Draco Malfoy’s head.

“Started what?” Ginny asked, looking up at the boy next to her, noting his very serious expression as he studied her.

“Don’t act dumb Ginny, it doesn’t suit you,” Blaise told her and Ginny’s shoulders visibly sunk in defeat, Blaise took this as his cue to continue. “You shouldn’t have told him you wanted just to be friends,” Blaise told her.

“I know,” Ginny, told him sadly, she had realised her mistake of words almost instantly, though she didn’t regret the meaning behind them. “That doesn’t mean he has to act like this,” Ginny told Blaise, as she sent a quick glare over at the canoodling couple.

Blaise laughed a little, causing Ginny to look up at him, shocked that he would laugh when she was in so much obvious pain. “Yes he does, Gin. Would you be rethinking the friends thing if he hadn’t?” Blaise asked her, smiling simply. “He was really hurt when I got back from Hogsmeade. Part of him was sure that you really only wanted to be friends with him,” Blaise told her, studying her closely for her reaction.

Ginny shook her head. “I’m still angry at him,” Ginny told Blaise.

“Good, he needs someone else to stand up to him and tell him when he’s being a jackass,” Blaise told her smirking.


Ginny angrily walked into breakfast on Saturday, refusing to look over at the Slytherin table as she took her seat next to Beth. Ginny watched in awe as Beth was turned to her other side, talking to Harry, as Colin sat across the table talking as though nothing was any different.

“The new film I brought at Hogsmeade last weekend is really going to improve the depth...” Colin continued talking; while Ginny looked on in shocked as her other best friend flirted with Harry.

“No, stop it!” Beth giggled as she swatted away the cereal Harry was throwing at her.

Ginny chose to ignore the couple, rather than throwing up. She faced Ron and Hermione in front of her, both of whom were paying full attention to their meals. Hermione was delicately peeling and cutting a banana into her cereal, while Ron didn’t waste time with such things. His aim was to get the food from his plate into his mouth as soon as possible, no time was taken for preparation, except to maybe pour milk on his cereal or put jam on his toast. Ginny did remember one morning when Ron was running late and such luxuries were not afforded, she giggled at the memory of Hermione’s disgust as Ron shovelled cereal into his mouth before pouring in some milk.

“So... what are you doing today dear brother?” Ginny asked him as she slowing began to butter her toast.

“Uh...” he said, or rather grunted as he chewed his food. He drank some pumpkin juice to wash down his mixture of foods before speaking again, and even then he continued to eat, though slower than before, as he answered her. “Um, I don’t know, probably practice some Quidditch with Harry, we’ve got our first big game in two weeks. Want to come too? It would be a lot easier to practice with a Chaser,” Ron offered hopefully. Ginny took a sly look next to her at Beth and Harry as they played some game that involved slapping each others hands and deduced that Harry might have other ideas for his free time.

“What?” Hermione asked angrily as she heard Ron’s answer. She turned to look at Ron and Harry in rage, and finally Harry looked away from the girl next to him, a feat that Ginny didn’t think was possible. “We have a Defence Against the Dark Arts essay due on Monday, it’s meant to be 10 inches. Have either of you even started?” she asked, glaring at the two of them.

“I finished yesterday,” Harry told her, raising his hand as though he was answering one of McGonagall’s questions before turning back to Beth.

“And you?” Hermione asked accusingly, and Ron looked halfway between a frightened Hippogriff and an angry one.

“You can’t just boss me around,” he started, bad move. Ginny rolled her eyes as realisation of his mistake hit Ron’s face, before he started taking the defensive again.

Ginny stood, toast in hand and walked out of the Dinning Hall, not in the mood to laugh at Ron and Hermione fighting.

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