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Just Decide by katiefelton
Chapter 12 : Open Scars
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Hi everyone!!!

I'm back! And so excited about this chapter! The wait was a little longer than I wanted, but I spent a lot of time writing and revising this.

Without anymore delay, here's chapter 12!

"Tell them I was happy, and my heart is broken. All my scars are open. Tell them what I hoped would be impossible."

Impossible, Shontelle

“Hermione! Hermione!”

Everything was spinning in fluorescent circles as Hermione began to come to. Her mind seemed detached from her body, and dizziness overtook her. From a seemingly far distance, she heard her name being shouted in frantic and rushed tones.

She felt sturdy hands grip her back, pulling her upwards. The black trance that engulfed her slowly began to fade. As her body began to regain consciousness, she felt her heart fluttering in her chest. Her still trembling hands groped in mid air, colliding with arms of other officials trying to help her up. She was propped up in sitting position now, with both arms gripped by strong hands.

“Hermione! Are you alright?” came a still distant voice.

Hermione slowly lifted her eyelids with ease. Her lifeless pupils saw a room full of eyes upon her, and numerous others crowded around her. She saw Adelia clutching her left hand, her blue eyes drowning in worry. Ron was holding her up, a hand supporting her opposite arm. His fearful eyes traced over her pale face, waiting for a sign of her wellness. She had almost regained her composure now, and could see clearly around the room.

“Hermione, can you hear me?” This time Hermione matched the voice to Adelia. A strand of her blond hair hung over her eyes, matching her frantic expression.

Hermione took in a large breath of air as she prepared to speak.

“I’m fine.” The crowd released sighs of relief.

“Are you sure? You just passed out,” questioned Ron. He seemed to strengthen his grip on her as she began to regain her movement. She gave him a sturdy look.

“I’m fine Ron.”

Hermione slowly pushed herself off the cold floor, still supported by Ron and Adelia.

She turned to see Lenard and Harry by her side. Harry was supporting her shoulder.

“Are you confident that you are well Hermione?” A worried expression lay on his face.

“Yes Lenard, I’m fine.”

Adelia reached for her shoulder.

“What happened? You were fine, then suddenly you seemed lose your breath, and before I knew it you were on the ground.”

Hermione’s eyes met the opposite wall as the memories hit her full blast. She now knew the truth; Draco was innocent. And he was staying quiet to protect her. She lifted both hands to her face as her breaths began to quicken. Draco was innocent. She was the only one that knew the truth. Hermione frantically glanced around the room.

“I have to go,” she muttered.

Ron stepped towards her.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

She moved to the side.

“I-I need some air.” Hermione turned to Lenard.

“I apologize for interrupting your meeting Lenard.” She watched a puzzled look form on his face.

“Hermione, you just fainted. Shouldn’t you sit down?” he responded.

“No. No, I just need to go.”

Hermione glanced at a confused Adelia and a dazed Ron as she gave a forced smile and fled from the room. The world seemed to be collapsing upon her chest as she quickly sped from the room.

She needed to get away. She needed to be alone. Everything had finally fit into place, yet it was all falling apart. Draco was sitting in the solitude of a prison cell unjustly; he was innocent. The memory of his face haunted her mind, and she shook her head violently to shake off the thoughts.

“Hermione! Stop! Hermione!” She spun around to face Ron trailing her. He quickly caught up to her.

“Hermione, what’s going on? You need to sit back down. You just passed out for merlin’s sake.”

Hermione sighed.

“No Ron. I have to go.”

His eyes narrowed.

“What’s going on Hermione? You just passed out in the middle of a meeting, and you aren’t even sick.”

She opened her mouth to retort, but closed it when no reasonable one came to mind.

“Please Ron, I have to go.” She gave him a softened look and turned. Ron stopped her by jutting out an arm to firmly grab her forearm.


“Let go Ron! Please, let me go!” She ripped her arm from his grasp, and after glancing at his puzzled expression, began to rush down the hall.

Her mind was racing now, ignoring Ron’s shouts that echoed off the walls. She needed to get away, and she needed to be alone. No one could understand her now.

She was alone in her suffering.

Hermione raced past various wizards and witches, some mingling in groups, and others going into their offices. Each glanced at her with puzzled looks as she sped by. Small tears began to form at the sides of her eyes, threatening to slide down her flushed cheeks. It felt as if the entire ministry was collapsing upon her, constricting her breaths, and placing a giant weight on her chest. The only image in her mind was of Draco. It was of Draco sitting in his frigid cell, with sallow cheeks and lifeless eyes.

When she reached the atrium of the ministry, Hermione ran through hoards of witches and wizards, past groups of daily reporters, past wizards reading over the morning paper, and past wizards who starred at her. When she reached the entrance to the visitor’s door, she threw herself into the weathered phone booth, and jabbed at the buttons to take her up. Safely tucked inside the booth, she clutched her arms across her chest, and frantically gasped for air. For some reason, she thought that knowing the truth would relieve her in some way, but now she knew that the truth was worse than she possibly could have imagined.

Hermione watched the booth slowly creep up its shaft, until beams of sunlight began to stream through the glass. With a click and a slight jolt, it stopped in its resting place, and Hermione threw herself out the door. She still kept her quick pace as she sped though the morning London streets. This time muggles gawked at her as she ran by, and shouted as she pushed her way through them. But she had no time to apologize. She needed to get away. Going back to her flat wasn’t an option, due to the fact that Ron would go their first to find her.

She turned yet another corner to find that she had discovered a hidden alley between two stone buildings. Hermione threw herself against the cold wall, and slowly collapsed to the ground. It felt like the truth was stabbing at her chest with each breath that she took. He was suffering, alone in a cold cell, to protect her. Hermione let a sob escape her. How could this have happened? Why did she lose control that night?

The sound of muggle feet made her catch her breath. Two muggles dressed in work attire passed by the alley. She needed a place where she could think, somewhere in which she could be alone. But where? The option of her flat was ruled out. Hermione buried her face in her knees as her mind raced. Suddenly a thought crossed her mind.

Hermione laughed aloud at herself of the image that projected in her mind.
It was of the astronomy tower at Hogwarts. She spent many hours atop the highest place at Hogwarts, contemplating about the war, her life, and of him. The thought of his name sent a new wave of pain through her stomach. They would meet at the tower during the evenings; it allowed a place of refuge for Draco and Hermione when their world seemed to be falling to pieces. But she couldn’t apparate to Hogwarts. That was out of the question.

But she was reminded that after the war, the no apparating within Hogwarts grounds rule was abolished, so it was a possibility. Not to mention that it was during summer vacation, and the students were all at home.

Hermione needed her place of refuge, and even though it seemed as if she was losing her mind, the astronomy tower was the only place that offered it. So with shaking legs, Hermione slowly stood to her feet. After checking for any more muggles passing by, she closed her eyes and pictured the tower in her mind, feeling the twisting sensation within her as she vanished from sight with a loud crack.

Since she didn’t have much strength left within her, Hermione collided with the wooden floor as she landed inside the tower. She then placed her hands firmly on the ground, and pushed herself off the floor.

A smile formed across her face as she surveyed the tower. Everything was as it used to be when she was here. The creaking floorboards, the twisting staircase, and the picturesque view overlooking the rolling landscape. Hermione slowly walked over to the edge, and placed each hand on the weathered railing. The scenery was the same. Below her, the green Hogwarts grounds rolled across acres, and the darkened Black Lake sat silently in the distance.

Hermione closed her eyes as a soft breeze touched her face. She smiled, remembering all the memories that lay within these floorboards.

But not all of these memories filled her with happiness. There was one painful memory from sixth year that suddenly resurfaced in her mind. Hermione stood in the
whirling breezes, and let it take her over.

She stood where she always did; hands grasping the railing, overlooking the darkened lake. A permanent canvas of somber grey clouds seemed to always be filling the skies. They choked out any form of sunlight, chilling the air.

Today, Hermione was hurting. A saddened expression lay upon her face, and her glazed eyes stared into the distance.

Her life seemed to be collapsing around her. Ron spent endless hours with his brainless girlfriend, Lavender Brown, and Harry spent most of his time alone with Dumbledore. It seemed as if her two best friends had deserted her in a time when she needed them the most. But what hurt greater than all of these things, was that she felt as if she was losing Draco.

He was so distant, and so occupied with something that she couldn’t understand.
Dark circles lay under his eyes, and his pale skin seemed whiter that it had ever been.

Hermione couldn’t lose him. Draco Malfoy had become her very existence.

Hermione turned as she heard his heavy footsteps echo as he climbed up the stairs. When the door opened, Hermione didn’t seem to recognize him. Draco’s expression was so pained, and his eyes tormented. His robes hung around his thin but muscular frame, and moved with his slow breaths. When he saw her, a small but seemingly forced smile appeared over his features. He made his way over to her, and wrapped her in an embrace, resting his head on hers.

She wrapped her arms around his torso tightly, and buried her face in her chest, listening to it rise and fall. She clung to him tightly, as if she wouldn’t have him for much longer. It was almost if she stayed closer to him, then she could never lose him.

But the outside world had other plans. Hermione knew that Voldemort was gaining power, threatening to tear her world to pieces.

Draco released her, and planted a soft kiss on her lips as her made his way over to the railing. He rested his elbows on the edge, and stared blankly into the distance.

Hermione stood in silence.

“Draco, what’s wrong?” she softly questioned.

She watched him close his eyes in some sort of torment as he formulated a response to her question.

“It’s a pain that I can’t share with you Hermione.”

In an instant, frustration overtook her.

“Why can’t you tell me what’s going on?” she asserted.

Draco, recognizing her agitated tone, rested his tormented eyes on her. After a few moments, he turned away. She watched him absentmindedly run his hand over his left forearm.

Hermione made her way over to his position, and leaned against the railing beside him. She turned to him with a pained expression.

“Draco, don’t do this. Don’t shut me out. I can help you. Please let me in.”

She watched him turn to her, his lifeless eyes now expressing some sort of sorrow.

“This is a burden that is for me to bear only. Not you.”

He turned back to the darkened skies. Hermione stood beside him, holding back the tears from forming in the corners of her eyes.

“I knew it. I am losing you Draco. Why are you pushing me away?”

She paused.

“I love you.”

Draco turned once again, but this time cupped her face with a hand. Hermione attempted to turn away, trying to shield her tears from him. Draco held her face and wiped away her tears with his hands.

“Hermione, you can’t even fathom how much I love you. You are my world, my universe, and the only sunlight in my life. You alone are the reason that I am alive. You will never lose me. I will always be yours, until I breathe my last and final breath. Don’t you ever worry about that. Promise me you won’t. Never doubt my love you for
Hermione. I love you more than you could ever understand.”

Hermione lifted her own hand to brush away her diamond tears, and gazed into his grey eyes. She watched him grasp both of her hands in his.

“Look at me Hermione. I promise you that I will never hurt you. I swear it on my life. I promise that I will never let anything hurtful happen to you. Hermione, I promise to never hurt you. I promise.”

She softly smiled at him, and he returned with a small grin. Draco then pulled her close, clutching her to his chest. He then looked into her eyes, and leaned in for a kiss….

Hermione shook her head to wave off the memory. It brought new painful memories to mind, ones that she had repressed for years. She had forgotten how much she had loved him. That had been one of the most excruciating parts of her life, watching the person she loved slowly fade in the distance. It was not long after that discussion that Draco had explained everything to her in detail, went to the room of requirement for the final time, and cornered Dumbledore atop the astronomy tower. His absence was as if someone had punched a giant hole in her chest. But she had learned to live with the pain. After Harry’s defeat of Voldemort, her and Draco said their last goodbyes, and went on to their separate lives. The pain from that memory still stung as much as it did during sixth year.

His words and promises haunted her as she stood in the breezes. Draco had promised to much to her, but yet they hadn’t remained together. She grabbed her shoulders as she suddenly became chilled.

Hermione gazed into the distance once more, and attempting to focus on the issues at hand.

First, there was the truth that Draco was innocent, and that he didn’t murder Terence.

She had been right the entire time. To be deemed innocent, he would need an alibi of where he was when the murder took place. And that alibi was that he had been intimate with her in his office at midnight. That had the potential to expose their past love affair at Hogwarts. That would tear apart everything that she held dear.

She moaned as she placed her head in her hands. There seemed to be no way out. For him to be deemed innocent, he would have to admit that he was with her. And exactly what he was doing with her. But Hermione knew one thing; she could not watch him die as an innocent convict. She couldn’t.

Hermione lifted her head to face the lake once more. As she gazed over the grounds, she realized that she couldn’t stay hidden away here forever. She was going to have to face Ron, Adelia, and everyone else eventually. But for now, she stood perched above the highest place at Hogwarts, immersed in memories, and the smooth breezes that twisted around the tower in the morning sunlight.

Barry Sumsburg had stayed late in his office once again, just as he had for the past few days. His large office was beginning to dim with the approaching night, and the twilight shadows were starting to thicken. He adjusted his spectacles to read over his notes once again.

He had been interviewing Draco for the last few days, attempting to gather as much information from him as he could. But what was the most aggravating part of this case, was that Draco wasn’t divulging much information. In other words, he still hadn’t produced an alibi. Barry had pressed him again and again for hours, but Draco still wouldn’t give in. What Barry didn’t understand, was how saying where he was that night was worse than being sentenced to death for murder. As talented as Barry was, he didn’t know how to win a case like this without an alibi.

“Mr. Samsburg, there’s someone here to see you.”

He lifted his face to meet the kind eyes of his secretary.

“Who is it Nora?”

“Narcissa Malfoy sir.”

Barry sighed.

“Send her in.”

Nora responded with a smile, and exited the office. Barry had not been expecting Narcissa, but he assumed that she would want to know how his defense was developing. The answer was, however, that he barely had a defense case at all. Barry stood from his seat as Narcissa entered the room.

Her face was tightened and cold, with pursed lips and intense eyes. She wore an midnight black traveling coat, and her long blonde hair cascaded down her back. She removed her leather gloves as she reached for Barry’s hand.

“How are you Barry?”

He gave her a small smile.

“Just fine Narcissa. And yourself?”

Barry watched her sigh as she sank into a leather chair across his desk.

“It’s been difficult. I’ve barely slept for the past two weeks.”

With understanding eyes, Barry sat down his own seat, resting his elbows on his desk as he leaned towards Narcissa. He watched her sit gracefully, with her legs crossed, and her arms in her lap.

“How is he Barry? I haven’t been able to visit him. Is he holding up?”

“He’s physically fine, but he looks emotionally exhausted. Being in prison can do that to a person.”

Narcissa turned away from Barry, almost to compose herself before continuing with her conversation.

“I came by to see how the case is coming.”

Barry bit his bottom lip as he replayed his planned speech in his head. He let out a large sigh as he removed his spectacles.

“The truth is Narcissa, that at the moment, I have no defense case.”

Her piercing eyes narrowed.


Barry rubbed the back of his neck and readjusted his tie.

“Well, you see Narcissa, when you construct a defense case, you build it around the defendant’s claim of what truly happened in any particular situation. In this case, a murder. And at this present time, I don’t have a claim of what really happened.”

He watched as Narcissa’s brows furrowed in frustration.

“Barry, you have been grilling Draco for days on what he thinks what happened and now you tell me that you don’t have anything to work with?”

He glanced to his sides, attempting to form a new response to the question.

“Barry, why don’t you have Draco’s alibi?” Narcissa asked coldly.

Barry sighed as he placed his spectacles back on his nose.

“The reason that I don’t have an alibi, is that Draco won’t give me one.”

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed even further.

“What do you mean he won’t give you an alibi?! That’s absurd!”

Barry shook his hands in his defense.

“I’m telling you Narcissa, he won’t give me an alibi. He won’t tell me where he was when the minister was murdered. Without an alibi, the jury will assume that Draco committed-“

Narcissa stood from her chair.

“My son is not a murderer Barry! He would never do such a thing!”

“I know he is your son Narcissa, but-“

“Draco has an alibi Barry. I know he does. If he won’t divulge it to you, then maybe he will to me.”

“Be reasonable Narciss-“

“I am being reasonable Barry,” she snapped, “I will not lose my son like this. I won’t. I refuse.”

Barry sighed again in defeat.

“Alright, Whatever you say Narcissa. Maybe he will listen to you.”

He watched Narcissa’s face soften as she gathered her things.

“I’ll visit him tomorrow.”

Barry said a short goodbye as he watched Narcissa exit the room. He was beginning to get back to his notes, when she turned to face him.

“And Barry, you must fix your disheveled robes. Emily would be given a fright with your ghastly appearance,” she snapped.

In an instant she gave him a Malfoy smile.

“Good day Barry.”

Barry gave her a forced smile as he responded with a goodbye. He watched Narcissa’s form disappear from his office, and listened until the clicking of her heels had vanished in the hall. He sighed aloud as he sunk into his chair.

“Mr. Samsburg, is everything alright?” asked his secretary as she entered the room.

“Oh yes, everything is fine.”

Nora turned her head to the door, almost checking for someone.

“She appeared rather cross with you sir.”

Barry grunted from his desk in agreement.

“And from the sound of it, it seemed like she usually gets what she wants.”

A small grin formed on Barry’s face as he lifted his head to face his secretary. He began to nod in agreement.

“That Nora, is Narcissa Malfoy.”

There was somewhat of a chill in the morning air as Narcissa entered the ministry the following morning. As her heels clicked across the polished tiles of the atrium, she pulled the collar from her coat to her chin. Her maroon polished nails brushed against her cheeks as walked across the opening. On either side, a few wizards mingled quietly in groups, for the morning rush had not entered yet.

She walked in the same direction she always did when she visited her son; to the auror’s offices. Here, she would receive an escort to take her down to the cells. After quickly stepping down halls and turning corners, Narcissa stood at the entrance to the auror department. After tilting her chin upwards, she lifted a gloved hand to knock on the wooden door. After a few quick raps, Narcissa stood back, crossing her arms across her chest.

A beam of light streamed through the door was pulled open. It revealed a rather large collection of offices, where a few halls branched off. In these other hallways were the offices of the higher ranking aurors. Narcissa eyed the younger looking man holding the door.

“How can I help you Ms.?” he kindly asked. Narcissa cleared her throat as she responded to his question.

“I am Narcissa Malfoy, here to visit my son.

She watched him quietly gulp as he ushered her inside, and offered her a seat.

“I’ll send someone to escort you to the holding area Mrs. Malfoy.”

Narcissa grunted as he turned and rushed out of sight. She daintily sat on the stiff chair that had been offered to her, and elegantly crossed her legs. Naricssa was beginning to get impatient.

She glanced up as the man returned with a more muscular built auror. He was tall, with broad shoulders and thick eyebrows. The smaller man coughed, a signal that he needed her attention.

“Mrs. Malfoy, this is Martin Briggs. He will escort you to your son.”

Narcissa surveyed him with narrow eyes, and gave a small nod of approval.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I would prefer to be on my way. May we depart now Mr. Briggs?” she asked impatiently.

Martin looked surprised for a moment, then responded with a yes. He opened the door and ushered Narcissa outside.

After taking the elevator down numerous flights, and watching the light disappear into darkness, they had finally reached the holding area. The hall was dim with a few lights eliminating their path. Martin, attempting to be civil had tried to start a few conversations, but would only receive impatient one word answers to his questions.
The two now walked in silence.

Narcissa waited as Martin pulled open the doors to reveal the rows of empty holding cells. She rushed inside after he was finished. The two continued past the rows of empty cells, and after a few minutes, reached the opening to Draco’s cell. She watched Martin lift a muscular arm to unlock the cell and disarm its enchantments.

After he was finished he turned to her.

“I’ll be standing right outside the opening to the cells Mrs. Malfoy. You have ten minutes. Come back when your visit is finished.”

Narcissa gave him a scowl as he turned to walk back down the hall. She now stood by the entrance to Draco’s cell, her mind racing. Narcissa hated seeing Draco like this; vulnerable, lifeless, and wasting away in the darkness. She loved her son more than anything on the face of the earth, and it murdered her to see him in this state.

She paused at the door of his cell, and took in large breaths of air as she composed herself. Narcissa sighed as she lifted a gloved hand to the handle, and slowly pushed it open.

Her heart plummeted when she saw Draco.

He was hunched over the stiff cot, his usually tamed blonde locks were disheveled, and his white shirt was dirty and torn in some areas. His forehead was resting in his palms, and he took in deep, slow breaths.

Narcissa pushed away all of her emerging tears as she stood before him.

“Hello Draco.”

She watched him lift his pale face to hers. In an instant, a grin broke over his features, a grin that did not match his exhausted eyes. He slowly stood on his feet, and wrapped his mother in his arms. Narcissa placed her hands on the back of his neck, and pulled him tightly to her chest.

‘I’ve missed you mother.”

Narcissa, unwilling to release her son, responded.

“I’ve missed you too.”

After a few moments, she pulled away, placing both hands on his cheeks.

“How are you Draco? You look so tired.”

Draco placed his hands gently on his mother’s wrists.

“I’m getting along fine mother.”

Narcissa pulled her son into another embrace. This time she wrapped her arms around his torso tightly, and fought with all of her might to hold back the tears that threatened to escape her hold. Draco pulled away, and Narcissa failed to brush away the tears that fell down her face. She turned away from him, trying to hide her slow falling tears.

“Please don’t cry.”

She laughed aloud to herself, and chocked back a new batch as she composed herself.

“Now my son is telling me what to do. Things have changed since you were a little boy.”

Draco grinned as he placed a hand on his mother’s shoulder. He escorted her over to the cot, and the two sat facing each other in the cell.

“I was wondering when you would visit again.”

Narcissa smiled.

“I’m here now.”

Draco returned the grin, and pulled his mother into yet another hug. Narcissa clutched her son’s palms in her hands, and smiled at his face. The truth was eating her insides; the truth that she had come here not for a visit, but for an answer.

“How is everything going up there?” Draco somewhat playfully asked.

“Fine. Just fine.” She left out the details that the wizarding world was distraught over the murder case.

Narcissa turned away from her son. This was hard on her. Draco, sensing his mother’s uneasiness, questioned her.

“Mother, what’s wrong?”

She smoothed her skirt, and wringed her hands as she prepared to answer her son’s question.

“Draco, I visited Barry yesterday to check up on his developments. When I asked him what he had gathered so far, he told me that he hadn’t compiled much in the past few days.”

She paused as Draco’s expression dropped, but continued.

“Barry told me Draco, that you didn’t tell him your alibi.”

Draco turned from his mother, and released his hands from her grasp. Narcissa waited for a response, but none came.

“I assumed you were uneasy around Barry for some reason, but don’t worry, I came instead. Draco, you can tell me. Where were you the time of Terence’s murder?”

Narcissa eagerly awaited an answer. After a minute of silence, fear began to creep over her chest.

“Draco, what is your alibi? Barry needs it as soon as possible.”

She watched her son cover his mouth with one hand, and clench his cheeks in his fingers. Narcissa began to panic.

“Draco, please. I’m running out of time.”

After a few moments of silence, he slowly turned to her. Narcissa’s eyes widened at a new expression of torment that lay on his face.

“I can’t give it to you mother.”

Narcissa’s heart plummeted to the floor.

“What?” she questioned.

Draco tore himself away from his mother’s stare. Narcissa’s breathing began to quicken.

“Draco you have tell me your alibi. You have to!” the desperation in her voice began to seep through.

Narcissa shook her head in bewilderment as he remained silent. In one motion, she grabbed his shoulder and pulled him towards her.

“Draco listen to me. This alibi can save you.”

Draco shook his head.

“No that’s just it. It would destroy everything.”

“I…I…I don’t understand.” Muttered Narcissa as she brought a hand to her forehead, “Why can’t you give me an answer!”

He paused.

"You wouldn’t understand mother. And I don't think you ever could.”

Narcissa was taken back by the sharpness of his tone. In desperation, she grabbed her son by the shoulders and pulled him towards her.

"Draco, this alibi will save you. Listen to me, it could save you.” Draco pulled away from her grasp.

Narcissa stood from the cot.

“I don’t understand Draco. How could releasing this alibi be worse than….than….death?”

She choked out the last part as best she could.

“I’m sorry mother. But if I gave it away, it would ruin so much. I can’t.”

Narcissa released a sob as she turned away. Draco faced her.

“I’m sorry mother.”


“Mrs. Malfoy! Your time is up!”

Narcissa whipped around to see Martin standing at the door. With a saddened sigh, she looked at her son, who had retaken his place on the cot.

“I’m coming.”

She walked to Draco, and planted a soft kiss on his head. As she turned to leave, she bent down to whisper a message in his ear.

“I won’t lose you like this Draco. I won’t,” she whispered, “I can’t.”

Narcissa felt her son cringe in sorrow at her plea, but did not respond. After one last glance, she walked through the opening of the cell, and watched as Martin closed the door behind her. This time she would not look at the auror. It was the only way to hide the tears that were falling freely down her cheeks.

Hermione shouted in pain as she collided with her coffee table, for she had apparated right into the edge of pointed wood. She had spent most of the day atop the astronomy tower, and had even fallen asleep during the night, lost in memories and her racing thoughts. She had awoken to the morning sun, which revealed a scenery even more breathtaking that the previous day’s.

She did feel slightly recharged, and was still running on a high of returning to her former home. Hermione was just about to walk towards the kitchen, and make a cup of tea when a scream halted her.

“Hermione Granger! Where the hell have you been!”

She watched Ginny launch herself through the kitchen door and wrap Hermione in a hug. After a few moments, she abruptly pulled away.

“We’ve been worried sick!! Ron told me you fainted at the meeting, and then you ran off! I’ve been waiting around here to see if you came back. Oh, Hermione, Ron has been so worried.

“I’m fine Ginny, really.”

Ginny eyed her curiously.

“Well, where were you?”

Hermione cringed. She hadn’t prepared an excuse.

“Um, well, er I went to London for the rest of the day, and then I, er, stayed at my parent’s place for the night.”

Ginny crossed her arms.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone where you were going?”

“It was spontaneous. And since I was in muggle London, I really didn’t feel it was necessary to send an owl. And my parents wanted to see me.”

“Well next time, you are letting us know where you vanish to.”

“I will Ginny.”

Hermione sighed as she eyes Ginny.

“I’m going to change out of these clothes.”


Hermione hurried from Ginny’s sight, and closed the door behind her. After hearing it click shut, she gave a sigh of relief. She them threw off her attire and put on a new outfit for the day. Hermione grunted as she realized that she couldn’t find the shirt that she had in mind. Knowing Ginny would be impatient, she hurried about the room, looking under her bed, and in various drawers.

“There it is.”

It was laying beside her bed, curled on the rug. After pulling it over her head, she noticed that something was hiding beneath it. In an instant, her stomach plummeted.

It was the Daily Prophet article of Draco shaking the Bulgarian minister’s hand. Her stomach twisted as she saw Terence smiling beside him, and the giant grin upon Draco’s face. The emotions and feelings in her stomach were whirling together, and a new batch of memories washed over her.

Hermione slowly stood from the ground. After taking one last glance at the article, she reached for her bag of her dresser, and quickly left her room. She found Ginny sitting impatiently on the sofa. When Hermione entered, she stood.

“Alright Hermione, we’re going to the Burrow. Everyone is worried sick.”

“I can’t go.”

Ginny turned.

“What do you mean you can't go?” she questioned.

“I’m going somewhere else Ginny.”

The look on Ginny’s face was of pure confusion.

“And where is that?”

Hermione paused as she took in a deep breath of air.

“I’m going to see Draco.”

Get ready for another Hermione/ Draco reunion;) It's going to be filled with lots of emotion...yay!! I hope all everyone is excited for what is coming next! I sure am!!

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