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Green by liza_potter
Chapter 1 : Green
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Disclaimer: I own nothing! It’s all Jo’s! 


It is the color of grass, of leafs, of the roof of forests and jungles. It is the color of emeralds, the color of jade. Green is pickles and peas, spinach and broccoli, brussel sprouts and young apples.

Green is the smell of clean air, when the rain has just stopped. Green is the smell of freshly-cut grass. Green is the first gentle raindrop of spring. 

Green was her eyes, a startlingly green. Her eyes were her most distinctive feature. No one else had her eyes, the exact brilliant shade she had. I will never forget them, her bright green eyes. 

Green was the new leafs on the trees, when I first saw her. She held a small flower in her delicate hand, that was twirling, revealing her magical talent. Her eyes, her green eyes, were watching, mesmerized, fascinated. 

I was fascinated and mesmerized by her. By the way her hair shone in the sun, by her loud laughter, by her kind face, by her pretty smile, by her eyes. Her unbelievably green eyes. 

Green is envy, what I felt when I saw her with him. It was what I felt when she laughed at his joke, when she held out her hand to him, when she kissed him. It was what I felt when she married him happily, when I learned she was expecting his child.

Green is pain, like the day she walked away from me. She walked away without a backwards glance. Green was her eyes, giving up on me, leaving me behind that day. I never forgot her eyes that day: first painful, then icy cold indifference. 

That day, I learned that indifference was the opposite of love rather than hate. That day, I knew that I would love her forever, until my dying day, while she never would. I didn't deserve her, in any case. Then again, he certainly didn't deserve her either.

Green is betrayal, that one word that left my lips in a moment of humiliation. I had gone too far, I realized that, but she was already gone from my life. I have not uttered that word since. I never will.

Green is one of my House colors. It is the reason why she ended all ties with me, why we have not spoken since we were both fifteen years old. It is the reason why I have not seen her since I was seventeen, why we were on opposite sides of the war.

Green was the room where I received the Mark. It was dark green, dangerous green, Slytherin green. Green was the Mark when I first conjured it into the air, above a Muggle-borns house.

Green is death, the light that killed her. The bright green light took her away to Death's open arms. I could not have done anything. All it took was a flash of blinding green light and she was gone. Instantly. Forever. 

Green was her eyes, her beautiful green eyes. I will never forget her eyes. How they showed all her emotions, how they sparkled with life and joy, how they glared with the deepest loathing. I could never forget her eyes.

Green was her. 

I cannot think of green and not think of her.

Green was her color.

Green is the vibration of life.

Just like her eyes used to be.

Just like she used to be.

Author’s Note: Did you guess who it’s about? I hope so! This is my shortest story yet, I think, but my favorite so far! Review please!

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