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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 3 : Duels and Rejections
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“Don’t call me Trixy!” Bella yelled as she flicked her wand at Sirius. A green beam of light shot at him.

Sirius dodged it and grinned, “What’s up Trixy? Haven’t seen you for a while!” Bella screamed and shot another curse at him.

Sirius deflected it too and shot back a curse at Bella. She deflected it and yelled, “I hate you!”

Bella yelled, “Incacerous!” Rope shot out at Sirius and flew around him.

“Incendio,” Sirius said. The ropes burst into flame around him and he flicked his wand. The ropes disappeared. Sirius sang, “Bella Ella Cinderella! She now needs an umbrella!”

Bella screamed in rage and waved her wand at Sirius. A wave of water descended on him. Sirius sneered, “Flammavalde!” A great wall of fire surrounded him like a shield of fire. The moment the water reached the firer, it fizzled up and evaporated.

“Fiendfyre,” Bella whispered. Suddenly the fire lashed out at her. Bella quickly yelled, “Aquavalde!”

The water rushed out to meet the fire and the two met with a bang. The fire and water exploded. When the area cleared, Bella looked around. Sirius wasn’t there.

Suddenly there was a loud crack and he appeared right next to her. He said, “Bella, Bella, Bella… What are we going to do with you?”

Suddenly, there was another loud crack and Rodolphus appeared in front of Sirius. Rodolphus punched Sirius in the face and said, “We can lay off her!”

Sirius growled and disappeared with a pop. He appeared a short distance away. Bella said to Rodolphus, “Nice of you to stop by, love! How’s it going?”

Sirius waved his wand at them and beams of red light shot at Bella and Rodolphus. While they were dodging them, Rodolphus replied, “Oh nothing, dear. Just livening up a dull weak. Oh, just a sec.” He waved his wand and Grass started growing around Sirius slowly entangling him.

Rodolphus winced as the grass covered his face, “Ouch, that’s going to hurt tomorrow…”

Bella grinned, “Yes, it will.”

Rodolphus frowned as a wailing sound came from the surrounding hills. He said, “I recognize that noise. It’s the aurors. We’d best be leaving…”

Bella nodded and responded, “Wait, there’s something I want to do…”

She walked over to Sirius and waved her wand. The grass disappeared around him and he jumped to his feet.

Just then, the first aurors apparated in to the square. One of them yelled, “It’s Black!”

An auror stepped forward and took a picture of the three of them, “And Bellatrix and Rodolphus! Arrest them!”

The three of them disapparated. The last thing Bella saw was Sirius glaring at her. Rodoplphus and Bella reappeared at Malfoy Manor.

The Dark Lord was waiting for them and he said, “Well? What happened?”

Bella smiled, “We were seen… with Sirius Black!”

The Dark Lord looked delighted, “Now they will definitely think that Black broke you out! Well done…”

Bella and Rodolphus bowed deeply. A voice sounded from behind the Dark Lord, “Well, well, Bella… well done.”

Bella sneered, “Snape.”

The Dark Lord spoke up, “Rod, go. I have no more need for you. Go back to Crabbe’s.”

Rodolphus nodded respectfully and apparated away. Snape drawled, “You actually didn’t fail Bella…. A first…”

Bella lunged at Snape with her wand out. The Dark Lord cast a shield charm and spat, “Enough!”

Snape sneered, “As you wish, master.”

Bella glared at Snape and said, “Yes, master…”

The Dark Lord nodded and hissed to Snape, “Continue.”

Snape smirked at Bella and continued, “Dumbledore will be angry at Black. One, he disobeyed his orders. Two, now more people will think that he broke you, Rod, and everyone else out of Azkaban.”

“Well done, Bella,” the Dark Lord whispered. Bella’s heart throbbed, if only he wanted her, as she wanted him.

Snape watched as Bella sauntered to the Dark Lord. Snape’s eyebrow shot up. Bella reached up and kissed the Dark Lord on the cheek.

The Dark Lord pushed her away, his eyes flashing. Bella fell to the floor. Snape smiled smugly as the Dark Lord said quietly, “Let us go, Severus.”

Authors Note: Flammavalde is latin for great fire and is my incantation for Fiendfyre. Aquavalde is latin for great water and is the incantation for the equivalent of fiendfyre except for water.

This chapter was originally 1200 some words long, but I cut it in half to make all the chaps relatively the same length. The second part will be up soon.

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: Duels and Rejections


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