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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 29 : Ginny.
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Erm Guys? Two more chapters left after this one! Chapter Thirty is off course called ‘The Wedding‘. I was going to leave it there but I wrote an Epilogue so I will leave it up to you if you want to read that as well if not Je t’aime is very nearly over! :’) 

Chapter Twenty-nine

The Burrow was packed with people with only a few hours until the wedding was due to begin. Last minute tidying was going on at Molly’s orders. The bride-to-be was in Bill’s room preparing.

Fleur let out a frustrated growl as she felt the tear prickling at her eyes. Why did she think it was a good idea to try the dress on by herself?! Her mother had offered, but Fleur had seen she was already helping Molly out and didn’t want to interrupt. She continued trying to pull the zip up with her arm twisted awkwardly. Finally when the dress was done up and Fleur could relax. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, the dress fitted perfectly. 

She span and the smile vanished. At the bottom of her gorgeous stunningly white wedding dress was a single rip. Fleur pursed her lips fighting back the tears. She could hear Molly shouting from somewhere in the house and from the returning shouts she assumed it was with Ginny. Fleur sighed sitting down on Bill’s bed.

She wiped her eyes tearfully, it was a bad start to her day. She jumped as the door burst open. Long red hair whipped in the room as Ginny threw herself in slamming the door behind her. She growled under her breath before looking up.

“Oh.” Ginny said making a perfect circle with her mouth. “You look great.” she admitted grudgingly.

“Thanks.” Fleur said slowly hiding her tears from the younger girl.

“Are you okay?” Ginny asked frowning, Fleur was surprised she actually looked concerned.

“No!” Fleur almost sobbed. “The wedding is tomorrow and my dress just broke!”

“It broke?” Ginny laughed putting down the dusting cloth which still looked unused despite Molly asking Ginny an hour ago.


Ginny noticed the tear at the back of the dress. She looked at Fleur concerned. “You know Fleur you’re getting married not becoming a muggle, you can still do magic.”

Fleur could’ve slapped herself. “I didn’t think!” she picked up her wand and extremely carefully she waved it in circles. The material began to fit together again.

“See there, no reason to get upset.” Ginny shrugged and she picked up the duster to head to the way out. Before she managed to leave the room Fleur’s mother ran in the room.

“Monique broke her leg and wont get out until tomorrow.” Appolline said worriedly.

Ginny looked at Fleur concerned as the blonde paled so much she looked like she may faint.

“I can’t do this.” Fleur started hyperventilating.

“Yes you can Fleur.” Appolline encouraged worriedly.

Ginny interrupted, “Can I have a minute with Fleur?”

Appolline left immediately without question.

Ginny joined Fleur on the bed. “Fleur, Bill loves you. You love him. You look beautiful. Calm Down!” she said this very slowly and calmly.

Fleur looked close to tears again, “I don’t mind not getting married in France, but since we swapped eet, everything seems to ‘ave gone downhill.”

“Fleur listen, me and Gabrielle will do it without Monique, she’s a genius she’s probably seen this all in her head anyway.” Ginny said casually.

Fleur was still looking pale so Ginny gave up. Ginny stood up. “Right get this off.” she said pointing at the dress.

“What?” Fleur looked shocked.

Ginny laughed. “I’m getting Bill, and he can’t see you in your dress.” Fleur had already started struggling with the zip by the time Ginny had finished her sentence. Ginny laughed unzipping it for her. “He’ll be up in a minute.”

True to her word just as Fleur hid the dress in the wardrobe there was a knock on the door. “Fleur?” Bill’s voice called through the door.

Fleur tried to pull open the door handle but it was stuck. She tried again. Bill chuckled. “I’ve got hold of it, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding…or something like that.”

“You are joking?” Fleur said settling with her back to the door. She felt Bill do the same on the other side.

“Nope.” Bill smiled, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing now.” Fleur said quietly.

Ginny appeared at the top of the stairs carrying two scarves. “It’s the best I could do.” she told Bill shrugging. He turned around so she could fasten one around his eyes. Ginny opened the door and stepped into the room. Fleur looked confused as she felt a scarf fall around her eyes and tighten.

“I will direct you to each other but I will not witness you snog.” Ginny pointed out pulling Bill so he was opposite Fleur. “Right, call me when you want to leave Bill, I’m outside the door.”

Fleur raised her left arm and felt something hard. She followed his shoulder to his neck and continued upwards when her hand found his cheek she smiled. They moved a little closer carefully. Her fingers stroked his scars lovingly and she pressed her lips to them equally carefully. He moved his cheek slightly finding her lips with his blindly.

Bill moaned a little too loudly because Ginny burst through the door. “Ew, Time to go.” Ginny left pulling a reluctant Bill by his shirt.

* * *

This time the smile stayed on her face as she looked in the mirror before twirling. Her make up and hair had been done and she stood in her complete outfit ready to walk down the aisle now.

She turned to Ginny and her little sister now. She smiled at them both and they smiled back in their low cut golden dresses, both of them looked beautiful.

They descended the stairs to where Fleur’s father was waiting patiently. He beamed at the sight of her. She linked her arm in his as she placed a soft kiss to his cheek.

A tune started in the distance and Fleur followed her bridesmaids out to the marquee. They paused in the doorway and Fleur cleared her throat.

Monsieur Delacour looked at his daughter reasuringly and said quietly, “It’s time.”

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