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Catch Me When I Fall by thenewthing
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Nobody’s Home
Rating: M (for future chapters)
Pairings: I’ve pretty much wrestled with every pairing I could think of for this story… however I won’t say much more as I don’t want to give away too much.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the Harry Potter franchise unless the original characters. I am not J K Rowling. i’m not mega rich, yaddy-ya… you get the rest…

Authors note: The story is rated M due to the scenes of adult nature that may occur later on. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, and if you’re expecting a fluffy love story then I wouldn’t read. It is a romance story but Angst is my specialty, after all…
Based around the fourth-sixth book unless otherwise stated.
Please enjoy, and review too…



The sound of chaos ensued KINGS CROSS station as people ran around like maniacs trying to plan their journeys and catch their trains. People were reuniting, people were parting, people arrived and people left. That was how it normally worked, wasn’t it? in the midst of the chaos stood Remus Lupin. His surrounding never failed to take his breath away. To his right stood an anxious young man. He had been there for around an hour now, give or take a few minutes. He had watched as he glanced at his watch, anxiously. He had then watched his face light up as a train pulled up on Platform 3 and a young girl had jumped out, bags in tow. The look their face as their gazes met was simply beautiful… She had momentarily dropped her bags and was running towards them and no sooner had she reached within grabbing distance had he lifted her up in his arms, spinning her around, kissing her and telling her wonderful things.
He smiled, bitter sweetly. Their love was obviously a fairytale one… He had had that once. Although it seemed like a bloody long time ago.
He sighed, prying his eyes away from them and grabbing his bag before walking towards Platform 9. The place looked strangely quiet at this time of the year. It was a week before term started, and why he had been asked to come now filled him with much confusion… He didn’t understand what was so important that it couldn’t wait until peak… He took a deep breath as he made a run for it through the wall directly in-between platforms 9 and 10. And then he clambered to recompose himself as he looked around the new platform.
“Remus,” A voice startled him and he turned, coming face to face with a pale and dark haired man. Severus Snape.
“Severus,” He nodded
“You’re late” Was his sharp reply.
“I got held up”
“Oh yes, I’m sure you did”
“Why this place?”
“We can’t risk being overheard…”
“This thing you need assistance with-”
Severus nodded, before signaling his head to a small room behind them. Remus had to blink. In all of his years of coming here, he had never seen it before once… He followed suite, opening the door and gasping at what he saw.
“Merlin…” He gulped, holding his hands out in front of him in order to try and stop himself from shaking, “But this is- it’s impossible. She’s-”
Remus stared at the small timid girl in front of him. Dressed in a pair of denim jeans and a tank top fitted with a long hand-knitted cardigan she looked the spit of her. The spit of his beloved Susan… Everything from her long dark hair to the piercing green of her eyes told her so… but how was this possible?
“She was delivered to us via an Auror,” Severus drawled on, “Don’t ask us why, and how but upon having a visit from Professor Dumbledore, it looks like our suspicions have been confirmed,”
“Suspicions? What suspicions?
And then after a deep breath, Severus continued, “Remus, meet Emma… Emma Black.”

“There must be some sort of mistake…”
“There is no mistake. We checked the girls records, as well as drawing blood. The girls father is Sirius Black…”
“And her mother?”
Severus’ perfectly proper posture seemed to stiffen, however he had soon returned to normal and he turned, narrowing his gaze at him, “Died at birth.”
“Severus, she looks”
“The resemblance is uncanny. You don’t think?”
“I said ENOUGH Remus…” Severus drew out his wand, his icy cool exterior threatening to break by every word, “Do not test me on this. Do not ask me any further questions. I am simply playing the part of the messenger.”
Remus gulped and nodded before peering back through the door towards where ‘Emma’ sat, staring out at them. A look of confusion etched her every perfect feature and he swore he felt himself melt per every second.
“Here’s what the plan is…” Severus continued, snapping his fingers in front of Remus’ face, “You will continue as if we have never had this conversation. You will not tell anyone of it… nobody, let alone the Weasley’s.”
“And then-”
“And then what?”
“Then what will we do with the girl? Will she be returned to where she was found or what Severus? Surely you cant be thinking of putting her in school… Her father’s Sirius Black, for petes sake.”
“That is where you come in”
“Professor Dumbledore thinks it best if…”
“If you act as the girl’s legal custodian”
“He understands it’s a lot to take but- well, for some reason he thought you were the best man for the job.” Severus’ patience was wearing thin, it was obvious. He anxiously tapped his foot in the floor before staring at him coldly.
“The guy hasn’t spoke to me for years and all of a sudden he wants me to do him a favor”
“If you have any further pressing matters then please, feel free to take it up with him. I’m sure he’ll be happy to reminisce as to why your paths haven’t separated in such a long time… as for me, I have played my part.” Severus frowned, “Her list of requirements are here… you have until noon on Sunday to gather these things and I’m sure your friends the Weasley’s will help you should you require it. Should anyone ask, she is your daughter… You have only just met up again and she has just this week been accepted to Hogwarts.”
And with that, he had turned and left. Silence. Remus turned to where the girl sat fidgeting with her hands. He took a deep breath and perched himself infront of her, “Hello Emma…”
“Who are you?”
“I’m your father, Emma…”

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