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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 3 : Ivy in Wonderland
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I used to have these dreams when I was a kid about escaping into Wonderland like Alice.  It used to be my favourite movie and every afternoon I would watch it and every night I would dream of it.  Me, in Wonderland.  With the Hatter and the hare and the smiling Cheshire cat.  Except in my Wonderland there was no red queen and everyone was happy.  And my name was Ivy, not Alice.  Ivy in Wonderland. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.


After I had, had my temper tantrum, spaz attack, fight or whatever you would like to call it I wished that I could have that dream again.  Wished that I could be Ivy.  The little kid with no worries or troubles and just slip into my dream world.  But before I go all deep and profound on you let me rewind a bit…


I had just noticed the lipstick mark on Michelle’s guy ‘friends’ jacket and was positively fuming.  It was obviously not from another girl because Michelle had been using the same bright red lipstick all her life.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I should be confused and curious as to who my best friends secret lover was but I hadn’t been having a good day and I have a small anger management issue.  I skidded to a halt (literally skidded) and just stood there shaking.  Michelle realized this and turned around to see what I was doing.  She immediately became Miss Perfect best friend who never hides things and is always awesome and said in a fake (though I don’t think it was actually that fake) concerned voice “Ivy what’s the matter?”

I just stood there for a moment more glaring at her and then I had no idea what came over me but I promptly slapped her in the face.  She winced and her eyebrows rose in shock.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!” she screamed.  I had never thought she could scream that loud.

“What did I do that for?  You know perfectly well what I did that for.  Thanks for telling me about your knew boyfriend by the way.” I answered scathingly.  I turned to go and make a dramatic exit but she wasn’t done with me she grabbed my arm and whirled me back around.

“What the hell?  So I’m not allowed to have secrets now?”

“No you’re not.  You never were!” I exclaimed.

At this point I knew I was probably over reacting but I’m not only bad-tempered I am as stubborn as a hippogriff.  Which by the way is very stubborn. 

“Oh right I should have.  You can’t let anyone else have a boyfriend while you don’t.  You can’t let anyone have fun while you’re having a crap day.  Everything is about you!  Well guess what screw you, I’m sick of it.”

She was then the one to turn and walk away.

“GO DIE IN A HOLE!” I called after her retreating back and then I left to take the other route to the common rooms.


I had been sitting in the common room for the past hour and had cooled off enough to realize what an idiot I had been.  I cried and my usually pale face had gone blotchy and red.  My stomach rumbled because I still hadn’t had food and my anger had been overtaken by my curiosity.  I desperately wanted to find out who this mystery man was.  I wondered if he was hot.  I wondered if he was in our house or another one.  I also wondered what was so different about this guy that she wouldn’t tell me who it was.


 It was unusual for me to be just sitting and thinking in silence.  I was probably the most talkative person in Ravenclaw.  I think by most of the others in my house I’m described as easily bored, overly sarcastic and violent. I mean it isn’t a very nice way to be painted but I kind of am.  I didn’t like to be thought of like that at first but in the end I kind of got used to it and embraced it.  Plus there was always Michelle beside me saying ‘they forgot fun, smart and beautiful.’  I’m kind of the outsider in my house.  I get along with everyone but I’m different then all of them.  Sure I’m smart but everyone in my house is kind of caught up in the whole I’m smart, I’ve got to prove my smartness, study, study, study thing where as I just do my assignments in the morning before class and pass with flying colours anyway.  They are also all kind of socially inept, even Michelle.  I must admit that I am no social butterfly, like I just said easily bored, overly sarcastic, bad tempered, stubborn and violent.  I kind of scare people off.  But no matter how unsociable I am, I am nowhere near as bad as the others.  They will be sitting studying while I’ll be talking to people actually getting to know people out of my little group, out of my comfort zone.  I am also kind of one of the boys, I love quidditch and hate makeup and I just get along with them better then I do with most girls but I still have that secret girly side that only comes out sometimes. 


Michelle and I are Ravenclaw’s mental pair.  One gets obsessed with things, giggles to much and is really strangely overly super sweet (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) and the other the bad tempered, stubborn, talkative, easily bored, overly sarcastic, fun, guyish, complete and utter idiot.  Now we aren’t the mental pair as I hardly think that Michelle will ever talk to me again.


 I think that I may have to add melodramatic to that list…









I had been so lost in thought that I hadn’t noticed that morning had come and other students were waking up.  Michelle and a massive group of girls came out first, they were rubbing there eyes sleepily and putting the final touches to their makeup.  I realized that I was still in a crumpled t-shirt and jeans, my dark brown, wavy hair, that was in serious need of a cut (It fell down to my waist) was a complete mess and my face was completely clean of makeup.  I didn’t like makeup but that didn’t mean I didn’t put at least a little bit on in the morning.  I rushed up the stairs barging my way through the group of girls who had to scatter quickly.  I changed into my school uniform brushed my hair and put a little bit of concealer on to cover up the bags under my eyes.  I decided to leave my hair out and did nothing else, I really was very lazy.







Another one for the list.




After I had finished beautifying myself I rushed back down the stairs, dodging a first year, and down to breakfast.  I WAS STARVING!!!  There were only a few early risers in the hall and I searched the hall looking for someone I knew, so that I didn’t look like a complete loner. My eyes landed on Potter and the events of the night before flashed through my mind, I fought back the urge to vomit and swallowed.  It looked like I would have to sit alone.  I sat grumpily and began to eat.  The hall gradually became more and more crowded with people and I saw Michelle sitting down with her big group of new friends.  Making a face I decided to make a run for it and get to my next class early.


I got there very early and was confronted with an awful sight.  James Potter and his little whore of a girlfriend had decided that broom closets weren’t there thing anymore and were snogging very indiscreetly right outside the door to my defense against the dark arts classroom.  I had a very big decision to make.  Do I interrupt or walk away quietly without saying a word.  I weighed the pros and cons. 


Interrupting- pros- it would annoy Potter and he would stop snogging in front of my classroom and making me feel sick.

Cons- he would be VERY, VERY annoyed, he would probably murder me in my sleep and I would be extremely embarrassed like I was last night.


Leaving them be- pros- I would not be embarrassed, I would be healthy and alive and if I left I wouldn’t have to watch them kiss anyway.

Cons- I would not have the pleasure of making Potter very, very annoyed.


It seemed that leaving had come out on top so I turned to go but before I could someone next to me decided that they didn’t like Potter and his girlfriends PDA either.

“Jesus Christ, Potter get a room!”

Why do my days just keep getting worse?

Of course it was Derek.  Derek, of all people it had to be him.  I kept bumping into him.  I wondered if he was stalking me.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Potter and his girlfriend parted and looked at us.  Potter glared at me.  Stupid Potter always blamed me.  It wasn’t my bloody fault that my psycho ex didn’t like watching people kiss. 

“Oi, Potter!  Stop glaring at my girlfriend you stupid prat!”

Potters eyes flickered to my boyfriend in annoyance.  Wait my boyfriend.  I realized what Derek had said and turned to him. 

“For the last time Derek, I AM NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND!  I BROKE UP WITH YOU!”  I rolled my eyes and walked off.  But of course my days can never be good; of course Derek decided to follow.  Protesting that we were just going through a rough patch.  He followed me all the way to the Ravenclaw common room and then when I raced up the stairs to hide all I could hear was him calling my name down the bottom of them.

“Ivy!  Ivy, please babe, come down we can sort this out!” 


After about an hour or two I had missed defense and charms and Derek was still down there calling my name.  He was very persistent.  I was so annoyed that I came up with the dumbest idea I have probably ever have.  Even dumber then stalking my best friend. 


I was going to use the windows. 


I am not under any circumstances suicidal so I got the blankets from every girl’s bed and strung them together.  After that I tied it to my bed post and flung it out the window. 

“Don’t look down, don’t look down.” I muttered to myself as I climbed out the window, hanging onto the blankets for dear life.  I am dead afraid of heights.  I began to very slowly edge my way down the wall.  I kept my eyes closed and had to stop regularly and breathe so I would calm down. 

“What are you doing?” 

The voice came out of nowhere and I looked down in fright to see who it was.  I immediately regretted it.  My stomach began to flip flop and I clutched a hand to it…


And then I fell…

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Ivy in Wonderland: Ivy in Wonderland


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