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Mission Malfoy by dramionefan_Rilla
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6
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A/N- Hey Guys! Here’s Chapter six, just like I promised. Thanks to all those who reviewed. It touched me greatly.

Also I would like to thank my BETAHermioninny9 for editing this and to gracea569 whose review made me laugh especially this line; “The description of the manor was gorgeous. I am pleased to find someone who hasn't written the house as though it was in a field of green stuff!” Thanks so much Grace!

Rilla :D

~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`Chapter 6~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~`~

The next morning, Hermione awoke to sunlight streaming thought the curtains, she sighed heavily.

The sun glimmered as it shone through the glass windows and lit up the the room. Hermione rolled over to look at the balcony.

The doors were wide open, she could hear the early signs of morning and feel the cool breeze on her bare legs; it felt wonderful! she sunk lower into her mattress it felt like sand. She wanted to lie here forever, feeling Nature.

She closed her eyes enjoying the calm peaceful moments of waking up to an early morning. Knowing that it wouldn’t last long.

After a couple of minutes, she got up off her bed and walked over to the washroom so she could be freshened up for today.

Thirty minutes later she stepped out of the bathroom, wearing skinny grey jeans and a grey long sleeved shirt with black stripes. Over that she had on a matching open black cardigan which came up to her knees, and she was wearing strappy black heels.

She felt dull but shrugged it off, this look suited her and she was keeping it.

She looked at herself in the mirror she was surprised that she looked very sophisticated, rich and educated; in short someone who was worthy of being on the arm of Lord Malfoy. She chuckled at how odd that sounded, she was turning into one of them!

She smiled to herself and headed for her door. She opened it to see, Draco standing there positioned to knock. She gave a little gasp and glared at Draco who was smirking at her reaction.

“Well aren’t we jumpy this morning Granger?”

She rolled her eyes at him, “What do you want?”

“There’s no need to get all upset, I need to talk to you in my study.”

Hermione gave him a curious look and nodded.

Draco held out his arm and Hermione took it apprehensively. Draco smirked wider at her reaction and proceeded to walk to his study. The long hallway looked even more magnificent in the morning, as the French doors were open showing a balcony; which faced the side of the manor. The slight breeze caused Hermione to shiver, and Draco looked at her oddly but didn’t comment.

They had reached Draco’s study and Hermione was shocked to see how light it was. There was a large window and the sun streamed through giving the light cream walls a glossy look.

In the middle of the room sat a large black Queen Anne sofa with dark green cushions, in front of the sofa was a small coffee table. But that wasn’t what stood out, she was surprised to see that Draco’s desk filled with paperwork, inkwells, quills, freshly new parchments. Etc.

She wondered why Draco had so many files on his desk if he didn’t work at the Ministry. Harry had accidentally let it slip, that he (Draco) didn’t work at the ministry. That’s why she hadn’t been surprised when she never saw him a lot after the war.

She pulled out of her ravine, when Draco coughed behind her. She glanced at him, and he motioned her to sit in the big green leather chair in front of his desk. She sat looking at him curiously.

He sighed dramatically, “Since you are now my fiancée- he grimaced at that- I’ve decided that you will need to learn the proper etiquettes and manners of being Lady Malfoy.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow at that and wisely choose not to comment, as Draco looked as though he was in emotional pain.

"Pansy and Blaise are coming over this evening for dinner and Pansy shall be your etiquette instructor for the time being; because next Saturday there's going to be a ball here in honour of our engagement. Pansy will be in charge of it all. And you will need to know how to behave with my guests."

Hermione snorted inaudibly which caused Draco to glare at her.

He continued on, "Since there all Purebloods and hate you and Potter very much so try to get along with them."

Hermione glared at him, "I do know how to behave in upper class society you know!" she snapped.

“hmmm... I suppose so, but you'll have to prove it too me."

Hermione glared at him and he just smirked wider than before. Just as she was about to open her mouth to retort a "POP" sounded in the room and a houself stood before them.

Draco looked at the elf. "Yes Twinkie

"Master breakfast is ready and little Master is asking for you and Miss," squeaked the elf.

"Alright then,” he said looking at Hermione and gesturing her to take his arm and together they walked downstairs to the dining hall.

Adrian was already eating Pancakes with Maple syrup when they arrived he smiled up at them from his chair his mouth covered with sticky syrup. "Morning Daddy. Morning ‘Mione" he said smiling his mouth full of food.

Draco grinned, “Morning Adrian” he walked over to him and kissed his head, and took a seat beside him. Hermione smiled at the scene Adrian grinned at her and she went up to him and kissed his check and took a seat on his right.

As she filled her plate with some pancakes with maple syrup. She glanced around the room; it was a very spacious room with a long banquette table which she was sitting around with a large window, allowing sunlight to fall in the room. The window had two curtains each pulled to the side of the window with a clip. The room had a royal look as did most of the Manor.

She looked over at Draco who was eating his pancakes frowning. She rolled her eyes and continued to finish her meal. After a couple of minutes later as she was finishing her meal Draco stood up from his chair, "Adrian, Gra... Hermione, I'm off to work so don't disturb me and your welcome to tour the manor. Adrian will show you around. And if you need me I'll be in my study.”

He left and Hermione looked over at Adrian who was beaming, “Come on ‘Mione please, I want to show you the grounds.”

“Alright then Adrian led the way” she said walking towards one of the double doors that led them out of the first floor hallway and onto the grounds.

As she stepped outside she was dazzled by the sunlight, she and Adrian continued to walk down the gravel path into the grounds, she glanced around; it was truly magnificent almost double the size of Hogwart’s grounds but more lush and green with a huge fountain of cascading water with flowers all around it, It was really beautiful!

She realized that there was also a Quidditch pitch. She sighed happily Ginny and Harry would really love it. She couldn’t wait to see them. The light breezy wind danced lightly the leaves swaying in the wind- she shivered, winter was on its way.

She looked across the yard at Adrian who was swinging on the swings. So she conjured up a bench and sat down to watch him. She marveled at how happy he looked, his eyes shining, his joyous laughter ringing in the air, his cheeks so rosy.

She smiled softly he was so adorable! She already loved him like crazy; she couldn’t wait to be his mum.

She sat there for awhile watching Adrian as he played in his mini playground then as she looked at her diamond watch she saw that it was almost lunch time, so she called Adrian and they both went inside through the same path of gravel which led to a different hall and into another dining room, to eat lunch.

Although this dining room was different from the one in the morning. It was a bit smaller and the table was not as huge, it was a Queen Anne cherry wood dining table with eight chairs.

She sat down with Adrian who had already started eating his lunch. Hermione smiled as one of the houselfs set down her plate. As she began to eat she noticed that Draco hadn't arrived yet. She frowned Where could he be?

They were almost finished their meal when Draco came in through the door as though he always came to eat lunch at that time. He was wearing black jeans with a blue long sleeved polo shirt. He smiled at Adrian as he sat down next to her; and filled his plate and began to eat.

She was shocked a his behavior, does he really come this late to eat? she felt terrible realizing that Adrian must have always eaten his lunch by himself with the houselfs for company only.

She made a note to talk to Draco later. She looked at him from the corner of her eye as he ate, he seemed worried about something. "Is everything alright?"

Draco looked at her for a moment and spoke, "Everything's fine, though I thought that you would like to know that Pansy and Blaise will probably be here in two hours to dine with us.


"Also I left you a gown in your room so when you go to change this evening I expect you to wear it; as a token of appreciation.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows at his words and nodded stiffly, hating this man even more than before.

"Fine” I will she huffed getting up from the table and leaving through the double doors heading out into the large corridor and up the marble stairs straight to her room; deciding that she wanted some time to herself to think.

She sighed as she opened her huge bedroom suite door, and went to stand in the balcony. She missed her friends a lot even though she had only been away from them for twenty four hours, although it felt like days.

She didn't understand how Draco could be so cold, but he did seem worried about something, she wondered what was plaguing him. She could feel a dull pounding in her head, great with all this worrying she had bought on a headache. She decided to have a small nap. She set her watch to wake her up after an hour and went to sleep.


An hour later she had woken up and showered. She hummed to herself as she tied her hair into a light green towel and pulled on a light green slip dress. She was about to go to her closet to see what dress Draco had left for her when someone knocked on her door.

She went over to the door and opened it; to see Draco standing there in the doorway, speak of the devil. He was looking quite awkward as he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and a slightly nervous look on his face.

“Yes” she asked coolly her eyes flashing with anger.

“Hey Granger, look I know your mad at me and all, and I know I shouldn’t have been so harsh but I have a lot on my plate right now. So will you stop being a pain and try to act like you enjoy talking to my friends tonight.”

Hermione who had been listening to Draco's talk with rapt attention had to bite her lip to stop herself from smiling; at his attempt to apologize as she remembered his words from last night “Just remember Granger, I don’t thank or apologize to people, so don’t expect this often.”

She looked up at Draco her eyes softening, "You're forgiven" she said with a small smile.
Draco's relief was evident. "But"- she continued - "Just remember I don't forget or forgive easily, because I cannot fully forget I cannot fully forgive.

Draco gave her an odd look but nevertheless nodded, "So does this mean we have a truce.”

She smiled and nodded "truce”

Draco grinned, “Alright then, in that case would you mind going to Adrian’s room and picking out an outfit for him to wear; for some reason he insisted that you be the one to pick out his outfit.

“Sure why not, see you in half an hour, and with that she left Draco and walked over to Adrian's room. However she was in for a surprise, as Adrian's room was a mess; clothes scattered everywhere!

As she scanned the room she saw Adrian by his wardrobe standing on a mini stool in front of a floor standing mirror. She giggled at the expression he made when Tokin showed him an outfit; it was just like Draco's. Yup this boy was just like his father in attitude.

"Someone hasn't been cleaning out there room have they? “ She teased.

"’Mione!!!" Adrian shouted with glee

“Hey Adrian"

“’Mione can you please help me pick out an outfit?”


She began rifling through his clothes until she found out what she was looking for, she looked questioning at Adrian.

His eyes lit up "Perfect" he grabbed the green shirt and black slack and ran into the bathroom to get changed, and Tokin went after him to help.

She shook her head with a chuckle and turned around to see Lulu looking at her with wide eyes. “Mistress would you like some help with your dressing?"

“Yes that would be lovely” she answered. Lulu nodded at her and together they walked back to Hermione's room.

Lulu insisted that Hermione sit down while she got the dress from her closet. So Hermione sat at the vanity table looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Then after five minutes Lulu pulled out a red Temperley London Dominica floor length dress. It was stunning!

Hermione gasped it had a sliver bead embellished scalloped neckline with the trim sitting on the back of the dress. It also has a zip fastening running down the left hand side. A perfect fit.

It also had a pair of matching sliver flats and a matching sliver clutch. Also with a pair of long sterling sliver earrings with a ruby stud in them and a sterling silver necklace with a ruby pendent. Overall it was a gorgeous outfit. She stood gaping at herself in the mirror she couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked.

"You look lovely Miss” Lulu curtsied and left the room.

Hermione pulled her hair out and drew her wand, she mutter a drying spell that she had long used. She also muttered a spell that she had developed herself that applied just the right amount of make-up that she liked.

There was another knock at the door, "Enter" she called, while she threw the towel into the bath room and opened the door.

"Ready?" Draco asked as he stepped into the room.

“Yes” She said beaming with happiness and twirled around showing him how she looked.

Draco looked at Hermione his face had gone uncharacteristically soft; but only for a moment as he let a smug smirk spread across his face. "I do have an eye for colour"

"Yes, it’s lovely thank you” she said softly, knowing that was his way of complementing her

"They will be here in ten minutes or so, I will get Adrian and then we shall go down to greet them" he nodded curtly though a small smile played on his lips as he left the room.

Hermione smiled at him uncertainly, she hoped everything would be alright tonight with Pansy and Blaise. Mostly Pansy than Blaise as she and Pansy weren’t the best of friends at Hogwarts

She sighed as she left in search of Adrian and Draco.
A-N- Let me know what you think?

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