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A Witch Named Bellatrix by nitenel
Chapter 1 : The Dark Lord
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Bellatrix Lestrange got up from her cot in Azkaban. She smiled to herself thinking of the Dark Lord. Her left arm had burned yesterday. Purring, she said softly, “Soon… Master… Soon we will be reunited.”

The door to her cell opened. In stepped a haggard wizard from the ministry. He cleared his throat loudly. “Ms. Lestrange, some rumors of You-Know-Who’s existence is being spread around. I will have you know that those rumors are false. The Dark Lord is dead ---“

The man was interrupted by Bella starting to laugh madly. The wizard hurriedly said, “Good day, Ms. Lestrange!”

He left the cell, carefully shutting and locking the door behind him. Bella got up from the cot, still smiling to herself.

After five minutes of pacing back and forth she laid down on the cot. Eventually she fell asleep. Her dreams were filled with visions of the Dark Lord, her husband and brother-in-law, and her two sisters.

Halfway through the night a burning pain woke Bella up. Her left arm was on fire. She pulled up her left sleeve and revealed a strange tattoo on her arm. It depicted a skull with a serpent coming out of its mouth.

She touched her tongue to the tattoo and let out a moan of pleasure. Bella’s eyes widened and she cackled madly.

Eventually she laid back down on her cot and fell back asleep. When she awoke the following morning her arm still burned. Once again she purred, “Soon… Master… Soon we will be reunited….”

Bella’s cell door opened and a dementor glided in. Usually when a dementor neared her, a wave of cold washed over her and she remembered all the bad times in her life. But today, she felt nothing.

The dementor glided closer. Bella’s skull started hurting as if someone was using the Cruciatus curse on her. A voice entered her mind, Bella… Be ready… Soon…”

Bella grinned; she had recognized the dark tones of her master. The dementor glided out. Hurriedly, she yelled out to it.

“Wait! Warn the others!” she said gleefully.

The dementor stopped and turned back. Bella could’ve sworn it smiled. It turned back around and left the cell. The door closed again and automatically shut.

Bella collapsed on her cot. She needed to preserve her energy for the main event. She fell into a kind of stupor. Not asleep, but not awake.

When night fell she heard a wailing sound. Bella jumped up from her cot. Someone had set off the Caterwauling Charm. He had come!

Bella’s cell door opened with a loud clang. A cloaked figure stepped into the cell. It said, “Bellatrix…”

Bella fell to the floor, kneeling before her master whispering, “Master… You came… My lord…”

“Rise, Bella,” the Dark Lord murmured.

Bella did as she was commanded to do and looked deeply at her master. She would do anything he said.

“What does my master command? What does the Dark Lord wish?” she hissed.

“Why Bella? What use were you to me in Azkaban. At least Lucius has funds for me!” he taunted her cruelly.

“My lord! I have always been loyal to you!” Bella cried.

The Dark Lord started to talk but Bella interrupted him. “Who searched for you? Who gave up their life for you?”

The Dark Lord’s eyes flashed and he growled, at her. “Right though you are, Bella, it’s not wise to interrupt me.”

Bella’s gaunt face paled and she fell to the ground kneeling crying for his forgiveness. The Dark Lord surveyed her for a few moments.

“Get up Bella! I did not come to have you grovel in front of me!” he commanded.

Bella slowly got up from her fetal position still staring at the Dark Lord. He pulled something out of his robes and handed it to her.

Bella reached for the object. It was her walnut wand made by Ollivander. She put her hands around it. Sparks flew out of it as it was reunited with its master.

Bella grinned as the Dark Lord declared, “We have work to do, Bella!”

The Dark Lord and Bella left the latter’s cell. Bella skipped down the hallway waving her wand all over the place. Doors flew open around her and the walls started to crumble.

When she reached the main door of Azkaban she paused. Next to the door was her husband Rodolphus. They hadn’t seen each other since the trial that had doomed them to Azkaban.

“Rod, so nice to see you,” Bella greeted her husband.

“Well, Bella, long time no see! Are we having fun?” Rodolphus asked, grinning. He motioned to the path of destruction that she had come from.

“Yes dear husband, we are having the time of our lives!” Bella snapped back.

More prisoners gathered near them. The Dark Lord pushed his way towards the door. He waved his wand and the doors flew open. Fresh air rushed into the building.

Bella sniffed the air appreciatively. It was the first time that many of the Death Eaters had smelled fresh air in a long time.

The Dark Lord made his way to the front of the assembled Death Eaters. He looked around at his surroundings carefully.

“My Death Eaters! Do I have your loyalty?” the Dark Lord roared.

His followers yelled their support of him. Bella stared at the Dark Lord with devotion in her eyes.

“I am your master! Loyalty will be rewarded. Treachery will be punished!” he continued.

The Death Eaters were silent. Many of them had cursed the Dark Lord while they were trapped in Azkaban, slowly going mad.

“Come, we must leave before the Ministry arrives and find their prized prisoners gone!” the Dark Lord cried, smiling a terrible smile.

He spun around and disappeared with a loud crack. The remaining Death Eaters followed his lead and disappeared.

Bella paused and thought of her sister before she too disappeared. It would be very nice to see her again. And Lucius too. Oh, she would enjoy tormenting him very much too.

A/N: So yeah, I'm going through and editing this story. Shudder. The dialogue I'm not too thrilled with...

She said, "I love you."
as opposed too
"I love you," she said.

The second one just sounds better, doesn't it? It's also now 1000+ words now too! That'll be another thing I'm going to work on too. I'm going to (hopefully) increase each chapter so it has at least 1000 words to make this story longer. I've gotten a few reviews about the length of this fic.

I think that's all...

Review! :D

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A Witch Named Bellatrix: The Dark Lord


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