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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 28 : Scars
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Im so sorry this took so long to post but I had a disaster and it got rejected because of the amount of quotations from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince therefore if you notice the sentences aren’t exact to what they are in JKRowling’s book then its to keep to the site rules. Quotes are from ‘The Phoenix Lament’ in Harry Potter Half Blood Prince, written by the amazing JKRowling!

Chapter Twenty-Eight
Fleur’s heart was still at the burrow she couldn’t summon the thought on how to breath as she followed her future parents-in-law through the gates of Hogwarts school. They were almost running, all three of them desperate to see what had happened Bill. Fleur held back the tears and tried to block out the worst thoughts. She couldn’t, wouldn’t cope without him.

The walk was taking ages their footsteps echoing. They ignored the few people in their way too intent on reaching Bill. It was Molly who made the doors open with flick of her wand the bang sounded through the surprisingly crowded room.

He was there laid in the midst of them.

Bill was unconscious. That was what Fleur noticed first. Her feet guided her to his bedside. Everything was quiet to her the voices in the room didn’t register, all she could take in was her fiancée’s face. His beautiful face was slashed. The skin ripped and ruined. Fleur bit back the tears. He didn’t deserve it, not Bill. Bill who was one of the most selfless, most loving, people in the world should not be the one on the bed, it should be the one who did this to him. The one who had caused so much pain shouldn’t be free still.

“He was always so handsome…but it doesn’t matter how he looks really….” Fleur heard Molly saying faintly. Fleur agreed, Bill had been handsome. “..but he was going to get married soon!”

This snapped Fleur from her shock. “What do you mean, ‘e was going to be married?” she asked angrily not caring how loud she was being.

Molly looked at Fleur shocked.

“You don’t theenk Bill will wish to marry me any more? That because of these bites he wont love me?!” demanded Fleur though she couldn’t bear this thought.

“No I didn’t me-”

“Because ‘e will!” Fleur continued throwing back her hair. “It would take more zan a werewolf to stop Bill loving me!”

“I’m sure he will, but I thought- that given how- perhaps you-”

“You thought I would not weesh to marry him? Or maybe you ‘oped I wouldn’t!? I do not care how he looks. All these scars do is show everyone zat my husband is brave! And I will do zat!” Fleur took the ointment from Molly none too gently. She was furious, how dare she assume that. He was her Bill. The one person she would love even if he a werewolf. She didn’t care, if she loved him and he loved her they would survive this. She looked down at Bill’s scared face and held back the tears that threatened to fall.

“In our family there is a beautiful goblin made tiara, I could persuade great auntie Muriel to lend you it for the wedding. She likes Bill and it will look lovely with your hair.”

“Thank You” Fleur tried to clear her throat but it was still tight from anger. “I am sure that will be lovely.” her voice cracked and she could feel Molly’s hand on her back now. She turned to the older woman and was surprised to see her expression mirrored back at her. She realised now, Molly loved Bill just as much as she did. She almost fell into Molly’s arms as they embraced for the first time.

The tears were flowing now Molly placed her hands on Fleur cheeks as though she was daughter taking in her face tears were coming from both pairs of eyes now as Molly pulled her in for another hug.

Fleur took in a deep breath now, she could hear nothing again she was numb. It was upsetting to realise that it took Bill getting injured for Molly to realise that Fleur did in fact love her son. It took scars that may not heal for them to accept her as part of the family.

And all that mattered now was being with Bill. She let go of Molly as Remus and Tonks were finishing arguing. She took up the ointment again and began soothing Bills sores lovingly.

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