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Cupid's Arrow by Dramione_4ever
Chapter 3 : Broom Closets
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                                                           Chapter 3

           After Ron left and I made sure Draco was okay, I sat on the bed and stared into space for awhile. Draco came up and put his arm around me, holding me I in his protective embrace. Tears rolled down my face as the reality of the situation set in. “Why did he come looking for us?” I sobbed to Draco. “I don’t know ‘Mione. I really don’t know.” He said as he held me. It was then that it hit me. “Ron is in love with me!”, I half-whispered, half-shouted at Draco. 

        His brow furrowed at this sudden piece of information. “But are you in love with him?” he asked, wary of my reply.  I smiled and shook my head, “No I’m not. I love him like a brother and nothing more.” Gently I took his face in my hands and kissed him lightly. “I’m in love with you, Draco Lucius Malfoy and that’s not going to change.”  

      The smile that lit his face was one I hadn’t seen since we entered Malfoy Manor hours before. He sighed and said “You’re right. I was just worried that your feelings had changed or maybe you realized what you’re getting yourself into.” He flashed me another brilliant smile.


                                                    Ron’s Point of View    

                “How could she do this to me Harry? How could she hook up with that ferret?” I ranted at my best friend as I pace up and down the common room floor before the fireplace. “Ron she’s happy with him. Why don’t you find someone who makes you that happy?” Harry persuaded me gently. “Maybe, I’m going to take a walk.” I said as I crossed the common room and went out the portrait hole.  Inside I was still fuming as I strode down a empty corridor That is until I bumped into something or someone.                                       

        “Oh hello Ronald. What are you doing out in an empty corridor at this hour?” Luna Lovegood asked in that breathy sounding voice of hers. I looked down at her (I always have to look down at people due to my height) quizzically. She tilted her head to one side and looked at me with those pale blue eyes of hers. ‘I never realized how beautiful she is.” I thought dreamily. “Well Luna, if you care to take a walk with me I’ll tell you.”


                                                Harry’s Point of View


           I sat alone in the common room after Ron stormed out.  ‘I’ve already done what homework I can do, without Hermione’s help of course. I’ll take a walk around the castle.’ I thought before heading out the portrait hole. I walked down a corridor in a random direction, hoping I wouldn’t get lost. Then, after I turned a corner, I heard a sound like someone was crying. I followed the sound and came to a halt in front of a broom closet.
         “Hello. Is anyone in there?” I asked, cautious of who it might be. As I turned to walk away the door opened. Pansy Parkinson, Slytherin’s’ resident gossiper, crept out, wary of being seen. Her soft brown eyes alighted on me, showing a mixture of surprise and secret longing.
             “What do you want? Come to ridicule the poor helpless pug-nosed Parkinson?” she sniffed, malice evident in her voice. “No. I heard you crying and I thought I could be of some help. And you don’t have a pug nose. It’s actually kind of cute.”  I said softly, shyly. Pansy blinked in surprise at my answer. “Really? No one has ever actually been nice to me unless they wanted something. “, she said wiping her eyes. “Why are you crying?” I asked. “Draco…he broke up with me for your friend Hermione. I have nothing against her but I really hate him right now.” She sighed. I placed my hand on her shoulder, “You’ll find someone who cares for you as much as Malfoy cares for Hermione.” “Do you want to go somewhere and talk some more?” Pansy asked, hesitantly. “Sure.” I said offering her a warm smile.


                                               *             *             *

                                            Draco’s Point of View


          When Hermione and I got back to the castle everything seemed eerily quiet in the Gryffindor common room. “Where are Harry and Ron? I hope they haven’t got into some sort of trouble.” Hermione said, frowning and shaking her head. “I’m sure they’re fine. But just in case we should look around.” I said. Once we were out in the corridor outside of the common room we began our search. “Let’s look in the Great Hall first then the bathrooms and broom closets. If they’re not in the castle we’ll search the grounds.” Hermione said, taking charge once again. They weren’t in the Great Hall or any of the bathrooms. For good measure Hermione had me look in the dungeons and near Ravenclaw’s tower but they weren’t there either.

        Finally we began to look in the broom closets. One by one we opened the doors and found nothing. Then finally we were down to the last two closets in the castle. Hermione went to one and I went to the other. “On 3, okay?” I asked as Hermione nodded yes. “1, 2, 3!” we exclaimed as we opened the doors. Our mouths fell open at the same time as Hermione yelled “Ron!” in a shocked tone. I just stared blankly at Pansy as she kissed Harry “Wonder Boy” Potter like her life depended on it.  I cast a glance at the other couple in the broom closet near Pansy and Potter and smiled to myself. “Ron and Luna…I expected that somehow.”  As I drew out of my thoughts I heard Hermione shriek “Ron I’m not mad that you’re with her! I’m mad because you didn’t tell me!” I just shook my head and turned again to focus on Potter and Pansy. “And how did you two get together?” I asked coolly. “Well if you must know Draco, Harry found me crying in this broom closet. Over you.” Pansy said, somewhat haughtily as Harry tightened his hold on her. ‘He feels about Pansy the way I feel about Hermione.’  I observed. “Pansy, you’ve known me since we were kids; you know I’d never be mad at you for hating me, especially if you’ve found someone who has made you happy.” I said in reply to her anger. Pansy smiled in relief as she leaned against Harry.



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