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THE SNAKE IN ME. by M S Turela
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My name is Albus Severus Potter, son of the famous Harry Potter, grandson of the also famous James Potter, heir of the names of the great Hogwarts Directors and fearless wizards Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, the last one considered, for a very long time, a traitor.
They also call me Asp.
I am a Slytherin.



Some say there were signs.

That I was too much like him.

Black raven untidy hair, straight, shoulder length. Usually greasy, though I washed it everyday.
Black robes with the green and silver sign. Defense Against Dark Arts and Potions books on my arms.

Bright green eyes.

Like another version, just a bit out of place.

The day I was sorted into Slytherin made a commotion.

The day I discovered I was Parseltongue I decided to hide from everybody.

I was so tired of being noticed. Pointed. Commented on. Just for being there.

Of course, the remarkable sense of humour I inherited from my mother was never noticed at all.

Nor my grandmother’s green eyes ever eased the minds.

How could they, when I strutted around with the same black greasy hair and depressed looks as the man I got my name from, Severus Snape?

My curiosity towards the Dark Side was then a rather natural consequence.

I desired solitude. I could not find sympathy in people, so I sought it in books and knowledge.

It was a perfect relationship.

A misunderstood lonely boy in a school full of joyful youngsters is a perfect vessel for all sorts of deep learnings.

Oh, I was an eager learner. And I also learned fast.

Was I devoid of standards or feelings, I would have turned into a great dark wizard!

Like the man I inherited my name from and whom I most resemble, even more than to my own kin, I was an expert in the subject long before my schoolmates.

Like my own father, great things could be expect from me.

Like to my heroic ancestors, my blood would lead me far.

The only “but” in this question were MY own personal wishes, of course.

My brother wished recognition. James wanted to shine as a bright comet in the sky, the red and yellow quidditch uniform flapping to the wind high above the school fields, the golden snitch captured in his victorious hand! Father and mother and all of the school awing his brave dangerous acts! James was fearless. Nothing could scare him! Unfortunately for him, opportunities never came, so he had to make them happen. And sometimes, instead of the undeniable recognition he desired, he got unwanted detention...

My sister Lily was nothing but a child, at the time. She wished friends to play, sunny mornings to explore the garden and rainy afternoons to explore the attic. A mountain of books to read on her free time. She was sweet, caring, an angel in our home. Her smile was enough to ease a dark demeanour. And her laugh was bright and pure as crystal!

I wished quietness. To be alone. In silence. With my readings, my books, my stormy thoughts.

Why would I want to shine? Why would I want to talk? Why would I want to achieve others’ goals?

Never had three siblings been so different, and so loving!

James, the fiery comet.

Lily, the bright clear light.

Albus, the dark abyss.

It all started one day.

One dawn that brought both light and darkness in her arms for my eyes only to see.

The day was the 9th of March.

It was my 10th birthday, and it was the day my childhood undoubtedly ended.

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