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Sirrah Malfoy by EnigmaticEyes16
Chapter 3 : Incident
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Author's Note: So, just to warn you ahead of time, the POV swtiches several times in this chapter, between Sirrah and a certain boy whom you will soon discover the identity of. And it's all in first person. I do mark the switches with * which is the same thing I mark the passing of time with as well, but I don't outright tell you whose POV it is, that's your job to figure out by reading the story. I hope you all like this chapter and please remember to leave some reviews!

Chapter 3


“So, how was your summer, Sirrah?” Leighton asked me, choosing to deter the conversation away from the subject of Talon while Kenny was lost in another one of his daydreams.

“Leighton, we just hung out last weekend, and the weekend before that, and the weekend before that and so on. What could have possibly happened during my summer vacation that I haven’t already told you about?”

“I don’t know,” she stated stubbornly. “Did anything new happen this week that you haven’t told me about yet?”

“No, my week was boring as usual. My weekends at your place are the only thing that’s kept me sane these past two months.”

Yes, only two months.

The first month of summer, or June, was spent at our personal villa in Rome. There, I spent my days shopping and exploring the city in the mornings, lounging by the pool in the afternoons, and then spending the evenings out on the town at several clubs.

It was a very relaxing trip as I made a point of avoiding my family as much as virtually possible.

I was proud to know I still had a nice golden tan from all the pool lounging, too. When I decided to change my hair to a gorgeous light golden blonde, I looked like a Greek goddess out in the sun.

Sun-kissed, as I like to call it.

No, my ego is not that big. I know I’m pretty but I don’t flaunt it. I just like the happy, mischievous sensation that comes over me every time I see a boy grace me with an immediate second glance.

That’s how I looked now. I was blonder earlier this morning, but shortly after I got on the train and before Scorpius’ friends arrived, I had changed it back to that look. My hair now sported a light golden blonde color with razored layers that stopped exactly at my shoulders along with bangs that stop directly above my eyes that I causally swept to the side. I already wore heavy black eyeliner and mascara around my grey-blue eyes and nude lip gloss. For clothes I wore a white lingerie-styled dress that hugged my curves with black adjustable straps and a built in bra. Trust me, this dress gives onlookers no need for an imagination. Along with it, I wore black knee-high leather boots and simple gold jewelry.

“Do you think the trolley woman is going to pass by soon?” I suddenly asked.

“I doubt it,” Leighton answered as she flipped through the newest issue of TeenWitch magazine. “Why?”

“I have a craving for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans all of a sudden,” I answered.

“The trolley usually doesn’t come around ‘til lunch time,” Kenny piped in; finally having snapped back into reality with the rest of us.

“It is lunch time, Kenny,” I pointed out, annoyed. “I guess I’ll have to go look for it myself,” I said, sighing as I stood up to leave.

“Hey, would you mind getting me some Chocolate Frogs when you find it?” Leighton asked, glancing up from her magazine.

“Sure, no problem,” I answered. “Kenny, do you want anything?”

“A couple Licorice Wands would be great, thanks,” he replied as he propped his feet up where my seat used to be and laid down on the bench.

I nodded and then quickly left, off to find the trolley lady.


“James, truth or dare?” Dominique asked as we all passed around a just-opened box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

By we, I mean, Regan Finnegan, Shane Thomas, Evan Longbottom, along with my cousins Dominique, Roxanne, Lucy, and myself. The seventh year Gryffindors; well, most of us anyway. In order for all of us to fit inside the compartment, we all had to squish together on the benches so as not exclude anyone. There was also my other cousin Rose and my younger brother Albus, who were both a year below us. Although neither of them were playing. Instead, Albus was quietly staring out the window while Rose was (not surprisingly) absorbed in the giant book she held open in her lap.

“Dare,” I answered immediately, not afraid of anything Dominique would make me do.

“Alright then,” she started, and then paused to let out a chuckle. “I dare you… to kiss the next girl who walks by our compartment, on the mouth.”

“Okay,” I grinned mischievously as I ruffled my already messed-up hair.

I wasn’t against kissing girls. It’s not like I was taken.

“Oh, looks like here’s your girl now, James,” Roxanne laughed as she glanced out the window. “Better go get her before she’s gone.”

I quickly looked up to see a blonde girl walking by, wearing a dress I’m pretty sure should be illegal and a wicked pair of high-heeled boots.

Man, she is hot.

Even with all of that make-up on her face I would totally shag her.

Not that I’ve ever shagged anyone before, but you can’t tell that to anyone.

Immediately I went after her, I grabbed her by the wrist and roughly pulled her back to me, and, before she could say or do anything, roguishly pushed her up against the wall and kissed her for the entire world to see.


Okay, I want Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Leighton wants Chocolate Frogs, and Kenny wants Licorice Wands.

Ew, Licorice Wands.

Ew, licorice.

I shivered in disgust.

I don’t know why I’m friends with that kid.

I mean, seriously, who in their right mind likes licorice?

It’s utterly appalling!

Anyway, so I can’t forget that. What my friends want, I mean. Because then I’d have to go back and get the correct stuff.

So, I’m walking down the train isle, right?

Everything’s fine as far as I can tell.

And then all of a sudden, I hear a compartment door open behind me, a couple of male chuckles and a few female giggles before I am suddenly pulled backward and pushed up against the wall and kissed stupid.

No, I’m not kidding.

Some random guy just came out of nowhere and kissed me!

My first kiss, no less.

Unfortunately though, my body works a little bit faster than my brain and, before I could do anything about it, I found myself kissing the boy back!

It was a pretty nice kiss, too.

I mean, I have no experience in things like this but as far as I could tell he was a pretty good kisser.

I’ve heard plenty of awful bad kisser stories from other girls and this guy didn’t fit any of their descriptions.

There was no excessive saliva, no tongue being shoved down my throat, no teeth clashing, or painful biting.

There wasn’t even any groping! Although, his hands were placed lightly on my waist and my hands were placed randomly on his chest because I really didn’t know where else to put them.

It was perfect.

And then I heard a couple more girlish giggles, followed by a few wolf whistles.

Immediately, I was brought back to reality and realized exactly what was happening.

This boy was kissing me without me telling him he could do so.

He just stole my first real kiss and I won’t refrain from giving him hell for it.

Quickly, I removed one hand from his chest and slowly brought it up, just before I broke off the kiss, and slapped him right across the cheek, causing him to immediately back away from me.

“Ow! What the bloody hell was that for?” He yelled as he lightly touched his cheek and glared at me.

“That was for kissing me without my permission, you imbecile!” I shouted angrily as I backed away from him.


“Well, sorry, I didn’t know I needed permission to kiss a girl,” I shot back, annoyed after she yelled at me, and stared into her eyes.

At first, I thought they were blue but looking closer, I realized they were a swirl of blue and grey. A dark swirl of blue and grey, like a storm coming in from over the horizon.

They were beautiful.

“Well, now you do!” she yelled, obviously quite furious with me.

“Jeez, you act as if you’ve never been kissed before,” I hissed as I stopped rubbing my sore cheek, ready to have a full-blown verbal fight if it comes to that.

But then she stopped short, as if I had been the one to slap her across the face, and nervously bit her lip for just a moment before returning to her angry state. “Well, you don’t just go kissing random people thinking it’s okay!” She stated firmly, refraining from shouting this time and then, with a final angry huff, she stomped off in the direction she had been originally headed in.

I just shook my head as I stared after her retreating form before turning back to my friends.

“Mate, do you realize who you just kissed?” Shane Thomas asked as he gawked at me after I reentered the compartment.

“No, who was that?” I asked curiously.

I had no idea who she was; probably some stuck-up Ravenclaw for all I knew.

“You seriously don’t know who that was?” Dominique asked, looking at me in shock.

“No,” I repeated. “Who is she?” I asked again.

“Sirrah Malfoy,” Rose suddenly answered in her typical apathetic voice; she didn’t even bother to look up from her book.

“Sarah, who!?” I practically shouted.

She did not just say the surname I think she said.

Sirrah,” she reiterated clearly, finally looking up to meet my gaze. “Malfoy.”

Malfoy?” I asked, still in complete shock. “You’re joking, right?”

“Nope,” she replied as she returned to her book.

I looked to my other female cousins, Dominique, Roxanne, Lucy, and the boys.

“Please tell me she’s joking,” I pleaded as I felt the color drain from my face.

They all smirked back at me and shook their heads no.

“I ju--- I just---“ I couldn’t even speak, I was so horrified.

“You just kissed Scorpius Malfoy’s twin sister,” Dominique happily spoke for me.

Oh, I feel sick.

“Potter!” I jumped back up out of my seat just as the compartment door was slammed open and the very same rival I was dreading to face was standing in front of me.

Scorpius Malfoy.

“I hope that wasn’t my sister I just saw stomping off in a rage,” he stated protectively.

“No, of course not,” I answered just a little too quickly.

Scorpius Malfoy may be a year younger than me, but I definitely didn’t want to fight him, physically or in a duel.

He stared at me for a moment as if he knew I was lying and then gave a curt nod, “It better not have been.”

“What are you doing here, Malfoy?” Rose suddenly piped in, taking the attention off of me and putting it onto her.

Although she didn’t have a problem with putting the attention on herself because she was so damn good at ignoring everyone’s existence when her nose was stuck in a book.

She could probably be interrogated by McGonagall and, as long as her nose was stuck in a book, she would be able to answer every question calmly and without even breaking a sweat and she would still be able to recite everything on the page she just read.

“The Prefects’ meeting is about to start and half of the Gryffindor Prefects are still in this compartment,” Scorpius stated, answering Rose’s question smugly. “I figured I’d stop by and remind you all that you need to be there.”

“Oh no!” Lucy suddenly squealed. “It the first day and I’m already late!” She quickly rushed out of the compartment as Scorpius obligingly moved out her way so that she could storm off ahead of them.

Rose sighed and closed her book. “Come on, Albus,” she stated as she grabbed her bag and the two of them headed out of the compartment and down the aisle with Malfoy on their heels.

No insults. No fights. No nothing.

Rose had just simply obliged to Malfoy’s whim and left the compartment with him.

That was strange.

Last time I checked, my cousin hated Malfoy’s guts.

And Malfoy usually made more of an effort to insult us.

“That was weird,” Dominique commented and I nodded slowly as I watched the three of them walk away together. “Well, come on, Roxanne. Let’s go find the other girls. See you boys later!”

And now all the girls were gone and it was just Regan, Shane, Evan, and me.

I looked to them for guidance, feeling lost, but they only stared right back at me looking just as confused.

What was going on between Rose and Malfoy?

And even more importantly, why couldn’t I get Malfoy’s sister’s furious grey-blue eyes out of my head?

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