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Come Back to Me. by ilharrypotter
Chapter 5 : Come Back to Me.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and the lyrics from Heels Over Head are the property of Boys Like Girls. 

Here we are! Last chapter! Oh, how I love this story. But what's better is, that after this story is posted and validated, I can start updating Ladylike. Which has me quite excited, if I do say so myself. Oh, and I'm working on chapter images for this story. I had one made for Chapter One, and it should be validated- again- in just a few days, and I'm in the process of getting the other four. So be sure to check it out if you haven't already. 

Read & enjoy.


And when you hit the coast,
Maybe you’ll finally see.
And then you’ll turn it all around.
And you’ll come back to me.

Lily Luna Potter is perfect. Even after breaking my heart, running away from me, her family, and the world she grew up in, and going an entire month without sending me one letter, she will always be perfect. Even after she closed the ring box on that horrible afternoon, I will never stop believing that. Lily Luna Potter is perfect, and I love her.

And Lily Luna Potter is standing in front of me, looking as perfect as ever.

I could very well faint. It’s been exactly a month since I saw her last, and even though I haven’t for one second forgotten her flawless profile, her warm brown eyes, and the long auburn curls that now reach far past her waist, it’s still a massive shock. For one month, I have been wishing and hoping and praying to Merlin that she would return, whether it be for me or for anyone else. I just wanted to see her again. And here she is, right in front of me. I think I might vomit.

Dominique and Lorcan touch hands in front of me, before slipping away down the hallway to Dominique’s bedroom to give us a few minutes by ourselves. I appreciate that. I don’t want anyone to see me vomit out of shock. Including Lily, but I could tolerate that.

“Hello, Ly,” she says softly. She looks down at her bare feet.

Ah, she is still Lily, I see. No shoes. Never any shoes. I take one step towards her. 

“Why are you back?” I ask. 

It sounds harsher than I intend it to. Maybe I should have greeted her first. Or said something other than the first demanding thing that came to my mind. I didn’t want to come off as if I’m angry with her. Because really, I’m not. I’m hurt and crushed, and I have been for a full month now. But I’m definitely not angry. No, I couldn’t be angry with this beautiful girl. 

“Why did you come back here?”

Her brown eyes meet mine as she looks back up. “I felt like a bloody moron for leaving.”

Is that supposed to be her strange, Lily-like way of saying, “I’m sorry for running away. I miss you.”? I can’t really tell. I hope so.

Why?” I know how much she hates explanations and the question ‘why?’. But this time, I ignore that knowledge. I deserve answers this time.

From the look on her face, she knows I deserve answers, and she seems prepared to give me them. “I came back because I had to check on you. I had to make sure you were okay,” she shrugs her tiny shoulders, and then looks back down at her feet. “I regretted leaving without even checking on you once. I couldn’t stand that.”

She came back to check on me? Not what I want to hear.

“I didn’t want to think that I left for your own good, and in the end hurt you more than sticking around would’ve,” she continues. She hasn’t taken her eyes off of her feet yet. This implies that she’s even more uncomfortable than I am. “I had a reason for leaving from the very beginning, Ly. But I thought it would be good for you. I can see now that isn’t the case.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Lily gestures towards me, her eyes wandering around the room but refusing to meet mine again. “Your hair is all messed up- not in its normal purposeful way, but in the way that suggests you haven’t bothered with it in quite a while. Your khakis are wrinkled, and you never forget to iron them. And your buttons are mismatches,” she says, a little bit of pride showing in her voice. She likes being able to figure people out, and she definitely has me figured out. “Not to mention you’ve got a bit of a beard growing, and you hate facial hair. And your eyes are a little red- you haven’t slept in a while.”

“I meant, what did you mean by your reason for leaving being good for me? You thought leaving me and telling me you didn’t love me anymore would be good for me?”

Lily nods. Her eyes drop back on her feet.

“Are you bloody insane?” I snap at her. “Not only did you tell me you didn’t love me and then run away from me after I proposed to you, but you did it because you thought I would benefit from it? What kind of barmy thinking process is that?”

She whispers something in reply. I can barely make out what she’s saying. The word perfect appeared in the sentence, but other than that, I can’t understand any of it. Why does everything about Lily and I have something to do with perfection? It’s almost as if she is trying to rub in my face that I’m not the perfect one, but she is. If that seemed like something Lily would do, I would accuse her of it.

“What about being perfect? I’m not perfect like you are, and you thought leaving me would help my self esteem?”

“No!” Lily stomps her foot on the ground. “I left because I didn’t want you to regret marrying me once you realized I’m not as incredible of a person as you seem to think I am. I didn’t want you to regret being with someone that wasn’t as perfect as-”

“I don’t think you’re an incredible person,” I interrupt. “I know.”

She ignores me and continues to talk, but I know she will mention my simple statement again later. Yes, that is why we always worked so well before. Lily never listens to half of the things I say, especially in the midst of an argument. But whenever the argument or the conversation ends, she comes back with a response to everything she ignored. “You. I thought maybe, if I left you, it would make you realize how flawed I am. I was only trying to save you.”

“You really are insane,” I inform her. “You really are. There’s no doubt about it now. Completely, totally, one hundred percent insane. You tried to save me by leaving- you know what can save me now? You coming back.”

“You deserve someone perfect,” she responds. It is a mild response for the very fiery Lily Luna Potter. She usually never gives up on a fight so easily and with such weak retorts. “You deserve someone as perfect as you are. No matter how much I loved you then and love you now, I can’t come back- you’ll change your mind, I know you will. I need you to save me, but I can’t save you. You don’t deserve this mess.”

In two quick, long steps, I’m standing only a few centimeters away from her. I lean forward, placing my hand on her trembling chin. I lift her head to face me. “Lily, you’re what I deserve,” I whisper to her. Before, I thought myself a lucky fellow for snagging such a girl. Now, I know we deserve each other for everything we are; for the flawed mess that she is, and the flawed mess that I am, we deserve no one but each other, for the rest of our lives. I am completely sure of that.

Usually, she is the one who kisses me first. But this is different. This is much different. I press my lips against hers gently and let go of her chin, wrapping my long arms around her slim waist and pulling her against my chest. I am not the bold one. I never have been. That has always been Lily, and surely, if she has come back to me like I believe she has, it will remain that way. But for just one second, as I pull her even closer to me with one hand and knot my fingers in her long curls with the other, as her hands press against my chest and her lips move against mine, I can be the bold one.

Lily pulls her lips away from mine, still staying in close proximity to my body. “Lysander, I love you.” She moves one hand from my chest, reaching into the pocket of my pants.

I raise one eyebrow as I watch her hands. “What’re you doing?”

She pulls out the black velvet ring box that has been living in my pocket since the day she ran away from me. I said at the very beginning that I would never get rid of that ring. I haven’t changed my mind yet. Lily smiles when she sees the box in her hands, like she knew I would have it. She opens the box up herself, the amethyst stone of the ring reflecting in her chocolate brown eyes like it did a month ago. Then, Lily looks up at me, still smiling in that childish way of hers.

“I’m back now, Ly. You’re saved. And I’m saved,” she whispers happily. “Can I have the ring?”

And it's done! What do you think?

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