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La Lavande by Eridanus
Chapter 2 : A Train of Scarlet and Survival
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The year Victoire is gone passes in a haze of laughter and tears and Louis. Dominique and her brother grow closer and Victoire grows up. When the newly inseparable pair see her it is alien, and they run to each other, whispering in corners and glancing at her from behind partially closed lashes.

And the next year it is her turn, and Dominique wonders how she could have ever thought that everybody wanted to go to Hogwarts. The train appears from behind a cloud of smog like it has done many times before, but this time it is more ominous and she recoils from the smouldering scarlet future before her. Louis waves her off as Victoire bounds onto the train, distancing herself from the camaraderie she is not invited to be a part of and inviting Dominique to discover loneliness of her own.

Dominique hates Hogwarts. She remembers the days when Hogwarts was a far off dream, eclipsing real life in its majesty, but now it is the place where people know who she is before she does. It is the place where she is a Hufflepuff, rather than a member some other house abundant in noble traits.

Victoire flourishes and flies and flutters.

Teddy lounges and laughs and lives.

James settles and savours and saunters.

Dominique is decaying. It happens before their very eyes and they neglect to see it – they do everything in their power not to. Dom dissolves. Dominique disappears. She is gone.

And it is the next year and Molly has come to Hogwarts and Albus and Rose will soon follow. But Dominique will not see any of this, for she has left. She has fled to Beauxbatons where the world is a lavender field and where she is the daughter of a champion. And it may be that she is more of an outsider than ever, but she is herself, not anyone else who she has been raised up and defined by before, and as such she is beloved.

Beauxbatons is not grandeur, but it is elegance; it is not ceremony, but it is tradition; it is not hatred, but it is home. She loves her mother even more for instilling France within her being. It does not bother Dominique that through the halls roam prettier girls with that irascible Veela ancestry fluttering in the air around them, and it does not bother her that there are more intelligent girls gracing the library with their presences, for one day she knows that she will be one of them. She will be more than Hogwarts.

But there is one problem. Her cousins believe that she thinks herself more than them. The years pass, their differences manifest themselves and Dominique speaks to her mother in French. They find her to be haughty, to be arrogant, to be different. She discovers them to be elitist, to be excusatory, to be inane.

And when her time is over she is at a loss for what to do. She must return to the place where everything is the same and all of it has changed. They are all doing the same now, in dribs and drabs, but for the rest of them it involves only a train ride – for Dominique it involves her heart dropping and the possibility of losing it forever. She swears to herself that she will not be careless with it.

She has recently heard that the on-again off-again exploits of Victoire and Teddy are most certainly on again and she does not know what to make of it. Her mother always said he was a silly boy, but now he is the silly boy belonging to Victoire and she doesn’t know if she is quite happy with that. She will have to be, at least until it is off-again and the possibility of friendship between them returns. For now, she will see if there is anyone who is willing to humour their eccentric cousin.

Once again, I own nothing in this story AT ALL. Shame really.

Do you think Dominique going to Beauxbatons is a feasible idea? Or is it a bit far fetched? I'd appreciate any feedback or CC you have! ♥

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