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Breathless by dream_BIG
Chapter 3 : Captain Obvious, to the Rescue!
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okay, i'm not even going to lie - i am not happy with this chapter. whatsoever. 
i just...had to give you guys SOMETHING! you've been waiting forever. and for that, i apologize. 
you see, a terrible plague has hit me - it's called writers block and it sucks majorly. 
i dont want to abondon this - i love the idea so much. i just dont know what to write anymore, you know? i have some ideas but i never know what to do with them. 
in short, this sucks. 
so, this chapter is completely filler and short, and SORRYSORRYSORRY for being so suckish!
please forgive me :(

ps - Just Dance belongs to Gaga :D
and Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling.
....this laptop belongs to me! YEAH!

One, two three, one two three….wait! Was there a four in there?! CRAP. One…three! No, wait, two! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!

These were the exact thoughts running through my head as I attempted (and failed) to dance with Albus, who was wearing an expression similar to that of someone going through excruciating pain.

…though that might be because I’ve been repeatedly stepping on his foot for the past three and a half minutes we’ve been up here.

“OUCH! Watch where you’re stepping, that bloody hurts!” He hissed as I stepped on his foot again, making an odd crunching sound.

“Sorry,” I muttered, looking down and watching my feet to make sure they didn’t veer crazily out of the way and step on him again.

“Just relax.” He said. Yeah, okay. Your hand is sweating on mine, and you’re telling me to relax?

“I will, after you stop making a hand-shaped sweat mark on my dress.” I said, glaring at him. He narrowed his (gorgeous, emerald-green, almond-shaped, sparkly pretty) eyes at me.

“This isn’t working.” He said in frustration. “I can’t dance like this.”

“Me neither.” I grimaced and glared at my foot as it got dangerously close to his again. Stupid foot! Bad foot!

“What kind of dancing can you do?” He asked, sounding amused.

“Crazy dancing.” I said matter-of-factly, looking up at him. “Drunken baboon, jumping up and down crazy dancing.”

His mouth curled into a smile. “Drunken baboon?”

I grinned. “That’s what Scorp calls it.”

“Drunken baboon it is.” He let go of me and turned around to holler at the guy doing the music (I think it might be one of his cousins…I’m not sure, though, since he’s got about a million of them. Merlin, Daddy was right – they do breed like rabbits). “Oi! FRED! Put some real music on!”

I cheered as a fast paced song came on and started jumping up and down, ignoring the dress that poofed up around me and made it rather difficult to do so successfully.

The crowd watched in horror as we both jumped up and down like…well…drunken…baboons…yeah.

“Alright, guys, the bride and groom have shot one of our oldest traditions to hell and demanded for some real music, so if you would please join them on the dance floor, it’s open for everyone!” Fred (right? Fred, right?) whooped as he danced over to us and started jumping up and down as well.

“Rose is going to kill me!” I screamed ecstatically as we continued to jump.

“Me too!” Al yelled back, grinning like crazy. “But it’s so worth it!”

Suddenly, the large dress got transfigured into a comfortable, casual blue dress, and I turned around to see Rose, who was grinning and grinding with Scorpius (who looked a little too thrilled for it to be normal). “Are you kidding? Rose loves baboon dancing!” She laughed, slapping his hands away when they lingered on her hips for too long.

I giggled as my dad appeared and picked me up, then accepted Mr. Potter’s hand, continuing to giggle as he spun me around and around…

…and then I was dancing with Scorpius, who managed to extricate himself from Rose, who had gone off to dance with Al…

…then with James, who was, might I add, a fabulous dancer…

…and then Fred, who’s hilariously funny and insisted on grinding with me, but stopped at the look on Al’s face (Merlin, overprotective already! The bloke doesn’t even like me!)…

…Hugo, who’s awkward to dance with, but so sweet…

…this blonde kid who kept reminding me that his name was ‘Louee’ or something, and that he was Dom’s brother…

…an attractive bloke with blue hair by the name of Teddy Lupin…Dominique Weasely’s dad…Rose’s dad…


….augh! Albus’ uncle George, then his uncle Charlie, then his uncle Percy, then his Grandpa Weasley…

“Finally!” I exclaimed as the last Weasley passed me on to Al again. “Someone I know!”

“Er…hi to you, too…?” He said unsurely.

“Your family,” Here I paused to look at him with huge eyes. “IS HEE – YOOJ!”

“Um. Yeah.”

“I was like, whoa! There’s so many people. It was like, cousin, after cousin, after cousin, then uncle, after uncle…whoops!”

I giggled as I tripped over my own foot. Stupid foot! Always getting in the way.

“Are…are you okay?” Al asked unsurely, looking down at me as he caught me. I looked up and saw three different Als.

“Oh, wow!” I said in a dazed voice, swatting the air around his head. Wow! He’s transparent. “There’s three of you! How’d you do that?!”

At this, I collapsed into a fit of irrepressible giggles. Well, not collapsed, since Al was still holding me up, but, you know…I laughed a whole lot.

“Your eyes are pretty.” I announced to him after I was done giggling. He looked positively alarmed.

“Uh…” He started, looking around for someone.

“NO! Look at me!” I grabbed his face and pulled it closer, squinting so I could see his eyes again. “Woo-oow.” I breathed. “They’re like…sparkly big green emeralds! So pretty.”

“Yeah. Thanks.” He pulled away, then looked at me for a second. “Are you drunk?” He finally asked, surprised.

I shrugged. “I dunno. I feel awesome! Is that how you feel when you’re drunk?”

He groaned. “Who gave you liquor?”

“Your uncles! All of them! Uncle George is awesome, he gave me…” Here I paused to think back. “Uh…eleventeen whole bottles!” I held up a couple of fingers.

“Eleventeen?” He sounded bemused.

“Wait.” I frowned and looked blearily at my fingers. “That can’t be right…”

My brow furrowed as I thought some more. Finally, I grinned and stumbled out of his grip. “Let’s dance!” I said enthusiastically, grabbing onto his hands and jumping up and down.

“I don’t think –”

“JUST DANCE!” I screamed, shaking my head around wildly. “GONNA BE OKAY! DA DA DOO DOO DOO, JUST DANCE! Uh…”

“Spin that record, babe?” He offered, looking profoundly amused.

“SPIN THAT RECORD, BABE!” I stopped jumping and looked at Al. “Wheee!” I squealed, spinning around and around and around and around…

“Whoops!” I landed on the ground with a thud, then looked up, confused, at Al. He looks like an angel! See? He’s got a halo of light around his head.

“Are you alright?” He asked concernedly.

“Did you see that?” I asked excitedly. “I was like, wheeeee! And then I was like, whooooaaa! And then I fell! BAM! Just like that! BAM! Like a gun! BAM, BAM, BAM!”

I laughed crazily, then fell back, looking up at the stars. Somehow, we had managed to just dance aaaall the way over here, where it’s green and grassy and I can see the stars.

Hey! Al is blocking the stars!

“Don’t block the stars.” I ordered, closing my eyes. HA! He can’t block them now!

***AL’S POV***

She’s cute when she’s drunk.

I sighed and looked back at the party for a moment, noticing that almost everyone was veering around crazily in some way or another. Even Aunt Hermione was letting loose.

Lovely. Everyone except me gets smashed at my wedding.

Shouldn’t I be the one drinking?!

I glanced back at Adele. “What are you doing?”

“I’m making a snow angel.” She said, perfectly serious. She started waving her arms and legs back and forth again.

“But there’s no snow.”


I rolled my eyes. Here I am, wasting my time arguing with a drunken person. Stupid.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle tugging at my hand, and looked down again to see that Adele was looking up at me with huge, adorable silver eyes. “Come and look at the stars with me.” She said, pushing out her lower lip in a slight pout.

I wonder what she would do if I said no.

Better not risk it.

Sighing resignedly, I lay down next to her, pushing her blonde curls out of the way. The grass tickled the back of my neck and I glanced sideways to see her silhouette, which was facing towards the stars. Her large silver eyes reflected them, and it looked like fairy dust.

“That one’s my favorite.” She murmured, pointing up. I followed her finger, and saw…well, stars.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Sagittarius.” She said, still pointing. She scooted over closer to me – ignoring that I was slowly moving away – and dragged her head onto my shoulder. “See? That one.” She pointed her finger up, and I saw it.

“Why?” I asked her. She frowned and moved my arm so that it was around her, nestling into my shoulder again.

She grinned. “That’s my zodiac sign. December! That’s my birthday. December…” Her brow furrowed. “I think it was December. December 20th, right? That’s my birthday, right?”

Her sparkly, star-dust eyes latched onto mine. “Yeah, sure.” I said.

“Happy birthday to me,” She sang. “Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear…Adele! Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” She laughed crazily for a moment, then dropped her head back onto my shoulder. “You’re comfortable.”

“Um.” I responded brilliantly.

“You’re comfortable, and your eyes are pretty, and your hair looks really soft.” Her land reached up to run through it. “It’s very soft. Like a puppy! I bet you were a puppy last birth!”

“A puppy.”

“Mmm-hmm. I was Voldemort. And before that, I was Hitler.”

The way she stated it, completely matter-of-fact, made me laugh. “Really, now. And how do you know that?”

“Because Karma hates me.” She said desolately.

“I’m sorry.” I responded, smiling.

“Karma hates me. And I don’t get why! I mean, I love Karma. Karma is my best friend. Just like Lena. Lena is my best friend. But I think Lena will hate me now.” She said sadly.


“Because I married you.” Her big eyes turned towards me again, making her look like an innocent, sweet angel. “Lena loves you. And I got married to you. That’s not what best friends are supposed to do!”

“But you had to.” I said, while mentally wracking my brain. Lena…Lena…How come I don’t remember a Lena?

“Wait. Maybe her name was Leah.” She said, frowning. “It sounds very similar.”

“Leah?” I don’t think I know a Leah, either.

“Wait! My best friend is Daphne. Leah…Leah loves you.” She said decisively. “She thinks you’re…”

She looked bashfully up at me.


She shook her head.

“Tell me.” I said.

“Okay.” She whispered. Then, she leaned into my ear and breathed, “She thinks you’re sexy.” She giggled and leaned away.

“Oh.” Who’s Leah?!

“Leah’s my next-door neighbor. She saw a picture of you in the newspaper…no, it was Witch Weekly, ‘cept she’s not a witch, so we had to change it, but you were on Witch Weekly!” She said excitedly. “You’re famous!”

I rolled my eyes. “No way.” I deadpanned.

“Yes, really!” She exclaimed. “You’re famous! You’re Witch Weekly’s Hottest Teen of the Decade!”

I groaned and banged my head on the grass. I hate this kind of attention.

“And!” She said, looking triumphant. “Your dad is Harry Potter. He saved the world!”

Captain Obvious, to the rescue!

“Oh my god, really?!” I cried, making my eyes large. “I had no idea!”

“Well, ya should!” She laughed, slapping my chest feebly with her hand.

Apparently sarcasm has no effect on inebriated people. Keep that in mind, Al.

I rolled my eyes, and she cuddled into me with a sigh again. “You’re comfortable. Leah is twelve. She loves you.”


Just bloody fantastic. Witch Weekly’s Hottest Teen of the Decade, and I only manage to attract a twelve-year-old.

Life sucks.

“You’re pretty.” She mumbled, still nestled against me.

“Excuse me?” I spluttered. “Pretty?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Her wide eyes came up to my face again, looking all dreamy and sparkly. They really are rather nice eyes, I must admit. “You have pretty eyes and nice hair and you’re comfortable, and you look nice. You’re pretty.”

“Boys are not pretty.” I argued.

“Yes, they are.” She said earnestly, her brow furrowing a little. “Scorpius is pretty! Your brother James is pretty! But you’re prettier.” She dimpled at me.

Hold on, dimples?! She has dimples? Since when did she have dimples? Why does she have dimples?!

She yawned. “I’m sleepy. You’re pretty.” Then she giggled sleepily for a while, finally cuddling into me again and drifting off. Her warm breath fanned across my chest every now and then, and I sighed, looking up at the stars.  

She’s cute when she’s drunk.


please review! they're my inspiration :)
maybe i'll be free of this horrible writer's block :(
ps - check out my author's page! i'm rather proud of it. ;D

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