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Promise by Eridanus
Chapter 1 : part one of many
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part one of many

She is a glittering void of blissful obscurity, drowning in waves which crash and fracture before her, left with naught but sandy stretches of self that she loathes. She has been stripped bare and it kills her - it leaves her wondering why she was chosen and she does not like to doubt. When she doubts she is no longer blind, and when she is not blind it is harder.

But she has two eyes - and they see devastation.

Then there is him. He is a man and she is a girl and she does not believe it to be impossible that she loves him. His scars whisper fables of battles and bravery, his eyes burn with the passion she longs for, and when he smiles she forgets that the Scottish countryside often makes her want to walk off the end of the earth. She does not know him, but what does this matter in the grand scheme of things? Admittedly, the answer to that question may be a lot, but to her he is not just a man, for he is greater than many, and she is being ambushed by the possibility of dreams Ė she is dreaming of possibilities.

He is not of this world (and please take note that this is intended in the most melodramatic sense possible, as it is only the country that does not become him.) He treats it like home, but it is a home when he is caged and longing to take flight. She watches as he itches, as his wings flutter, as he prepares to fly away home and leave her and her girlishness behind, ignorant of her admiration.

She wonders why it is she with champion emblazoned across her breast rather than this man, but it occurs to her that maybe it is due to the fact that he does not need fraudulent declarations. It is within him and maybe he will teach her. If she is lucky.

She thinks he does not notice her, but she is wrong, for how could he not notice her when he has almost killed her with the aid of a dragon. A common Welsh Green, to be exact Ė and it isnít very often that Charlie Weasley is not exact when referring to dragons. However, he neglects to notice her as she is desperate for him to. As it stands, her esteem is flooding her barren shores, leaving her breathless, letting her heart accelerate beyond.

Beyond the pale, and the black and white, and beyond it all.

They are to have many encounters over the years, but the moment for these has not yet arrived. For now, and maybe forever, she is the young girl in her motherís pearls trying so hard to show the world how she has grown and lamenting as the clasp collapses, the string frays and the beads shatter. And why he causes them to shatter she cannot quite say, but he does and they do.

So, this caused me quite a few problems, but I think it turned out to be a little tiny bit like Jo in the end? I highly recommend you visit Margravine's page for the proper experience though. I hope you liked this and I'd love to know what you think of both the story and the ship, credit for which goes to Jellyman who is a genius ♥

I also wrote this chapter in exactly 500 words as an unofficial part of Ilia's 500 word challenge at the HPFF forums. It definitely helps you to get right to the bones of a story!

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Promise: part one of many


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