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Losing Innocence by Ravie_girl29
Chapter 5 : The House
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 Author Note: I was very happy to see less then an hour of being validated I had over 20 reads, :D This makes me happy, I'm rewarding you with another chapter!

  Rose walked up to the house. She was shivering, not just because she was cold, because she was scared out of her wits. She walked up to the door and knocked gentle; then she hid behind a bush. The door of the cottage opened and an elderly woman with dark gray hair pinned up in a bun stuck her head out of the door.


  “Hello?” Called the woman, she stepped out and looked around, “I see you there.” She said. She walked around the bush and knelt down in front of Rose, putting her hand out like she was coxing a frightened animal. “Hey, girl, what are you doing here?” She inched forward, “Hey, it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.” Rose crawled out of the bush. “What happened to you?” Rose didn’t answer, she shied away a little. “No, no, I’m not going to hurt you, come here.” Rose moved forward again, the woman gently grabbed Rose’s upper arms and pulled her out of the bush, and picked her up. “Who are you?”


  “Rose Weasley.” Rose whispered, barely audible.


  “What happened to you?” The woman asked. Rose didn’t answer she realized she didn’t have her bear, she started squirming and whining, the woman let her down and she immediately reached into the bush, pulling her bear out, she hugged it and pressed it to her face. The woman picked her up again. The woman carried Rose into the house. It was warm in there, the curtains and wall paper had pretty flower patterns on them. There was a plushy red sofa in the middle of the room with a basket of multi-colored yarn on it; a long book self lining one wall; a writing desk was adjacent from it.


  The woman put Rose down on the sofa. “What happened to you, sweetie?” She asked kindly. “Where did you come from?”


  “Who are you?” Rose asked.


  “My name is Nina Tue.” The woman said. “How did you come across my house?”


  “The centaurs sent me.” said Rose.


  “How did you get hurt?” asked Nina again.


  Tears started falling again, “There was a fire…” Rose cried, “My house…I don’t know where my mummy and dad are...I don't think they're alive...”


  “Oh, it’s okay,” Nina said, “You’re safe here. You’re going to be alright.” Rose sniffled and nodded. “Do you want me to fix up some of those injuries for you?” Rose nodded. Nina stood up and walked into the other room; she came back a few minutes later carrying a bundle of clean white bandages, a washcloth and something in a small amber bottle. She sat back down next to Rose, and used the wash cloth to wipe the ash, dirt, and blood off her face, then her arms and legs, finally her feet. Then she dripped some of the liquid from the amber bottle on the cuts on Rose’s cheek, it stung and burns. Rose cried pulling back, she went to wipe it off her face, but Nina grabbed her wrist.


  “I know it hurts, but it will make you heal faster.” She promised. Then she put the liquid on the rest of Rose’s injures, wrapping her arms and feet in bandages. Rose blinked the tears out of her eyes as the stinging faded away.


  “Thank you…” She murmured.


  “You’re going to be alright now, sweetie.” Nina promised. “Everything is going to be alright.


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  “Are you hungry?” Nina asked, as she put away the stuff she used to treat Rose’s injuries. Rose nodded. “I’ll make you something to eat, then.” Rose waited on the sofa, curling her body around her bear. Nina came back out a few minutes later carrying a plate with a sandwich on it and a glass of milk.


  “Thank you,” Rose said, taking the sandwich, she took a bite, flavor flooded her mouth; she had never tasted anything so good. She could identify the taste of ham, cheese, and tomato, but there was something else, too, something she had never eaten before, it reminded her of her mother’s garden in the fall, right when all the dark green veggies are starting to be picked. She finished the sandwich in a few ravished bites; then guzzled down the entire glass of milk.


  “Feel better now?” Nina asked taking the empty dishes away, Rose nodded, her eyes starting to droop. She wondered how long she had been up, her nap in the forest couldn’t have been longer than an hour, and she knew she woke up way earlier then she would’ve normally this morning. The sun was starting to dip in the sky.


  “I’m tired.” She murmured, rubbing her right eye.


  “You look it.” Nina said, “You can sleep in my daughter’s old room.” She picked Rose up again and carried her down a very short hallway to a small room with a wooden dresser and a bed with pink sheets on it. “No one’s slept in here for years.” Nina said, “So it may be kind of dusty, but I imagine it will be fine.” She helped Rose into the bed and pulled the covers over her. “You’ll be okay, Rose.” She said again, “Good night.”

Author Note: Before you ask, Nina is NOT a psychopathic serial killer. She's just a harmless old lady who lives in the woods, I kind of got the idea and personality of her from Ruvie Tuesti from the Final Fantasy novella One The Way To Smiles(note the name similarities Tue - Tuesti) because Ruvie's a sweetheart, and I was so sad when she died anyways I hope you like it, please review

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Losing Innocence: The House


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