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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 27 : Counting Sheep
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Author Note.
Sorry this capter is so short! Eeek this story is so close to being finished i'm going to really miss it!

Chapter Twenty-Seven
The year was passing quickly. It was nearly summer now and the wedding was planned for the first of August. Fleur couldn’t contain her excitement every time it came up. She was thinking of the wedding even as she lay on Bill’s chest smiling at him.

“You’re going to be Fleur Weasley in almost less than two months.” Bill seemed to know what she was thinking and she started to beam at him.

“I like the sound of zat.” Fleur smiled her hair was long and flowing gracefully as it usually did.

“Me too.” Bill said using his finger to trail her own he hovered on her left hand on the finger that held her engagement ring.

Fleur yawned. Bill smiled wryly as he looked her in they eyes “Sleep this time.” she didn’t understand and he sighed. “I’m at Hogwarts again tonight.”

Fleur dug her elbows into him on purpose as she sat up so she could see him better. “For how long?”

“Same time as before hopefully. I’ve done it before I’ll be as safe as I can.”

“Safer.” Fleur glared.

Bill chuckled. “Fleur you should stop worrying. Its just a precaution while Dumbledore leaves. The chances are nothing will happen.”

“You don’t know zat! And why ees he leaving so much?”

“He says it is important.”

“So important he will not tell anyone else what it ees?” Fleur fumed.

“Don’t take it out on Dumbledore.” Bill smiled at Fleur.

“It either him or you.” Fleur pointed out. “And as much as wish I could I cannot stay mad at you.”

“Don’t be mad at Dumbledore, whatever he is doing he is helping us too.” Bill stroked Fleur’s cheek gently.

“I know. Dumbledore’s a genius we should all listen to him.” Fleur sighed.

“I love you.” Fleur smiled taking his face in her hands. She didn’t care that it was just their luck that his mum would walk in anytime soon.

“Love you more.” Bill grinned kissing her lip briefly.

“Be safe.” Fleur called after him as he left the house to disapparate.

Fleur sighed knowing that this would be another long night with her waiting for Bill to get home. Determined to not think about him she through herself into helping around the house she even coped with the silence of making dinner with Molly as the twins were coming home to the burrow for dinner.


The dinner was over quickly and Fleur cleared the table as the twins said goodbye to their parents. She had been distracted by their good natured humour and had to hide her laughter at plenty of times.

No matter how long it took her to clean the dished with help from her wand Fleur couldn’t help think that Bill could be under attack at Hogwarts, it was always a possibility.

Fleur began thinking about him again as she pulled on her night clothes, was he okay? She was concerned, tonight didn’t feel right to her and she just wanted Bill to get home.

Counting sheep didn’t work, Fleur thought to herself as she imagined the twenty seventh sheep in her mind. She checked her watch again. If he was back at the same time as usual he would be home in an hour. Fleur smiled at the thought.

Fleur frowned confusedly as she heard movement throughout the house. The door creaked open.

“Fleur?” Molly asked in a small yet urgent voice, Fleur sat up immediately her eyes wide.

“It’s Bill. He’s been hurt.”

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