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When It All Falls Apart by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : A beautiful lie
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A/N: Hey this is our new story and we hope you like it, let us know and happy reading!

"Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around,
I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound,
I won't tell anybody”

Parachute - Cheryl Cole

Hitching up the bottom of her long dark emerald dress, she made her way up the steps that led the front door of the magnificent mansion before her. Her father a tall, broad shouldered man was ahead of her, along with her mother a skinny, proud looking woman.

Her father reached the door first and rapped his knuckles on the mahogany door regally, before turning to give his family a quick once over to check that they were respectable enough.

They seemed to have passed his inspection as he turned back around and waited patiently for the door to open, which had slowly opened a few seconds later, a house elf standing before them set in a low bow.

“Welcome to the Black household Mr, Mrs and Miss Ardas” the elf continued its bow as it opened the door wider, letting them step into the grand mansions foyer.

The family walked into the warm room and began to remove their outer coats as the elf closed the door behind them and made its way over to where they had congregated with a click of the creatures fingers the families coats were transported to the cloak room.

“Sir and Mrs” the Elf put his arm out to indicate the room in front of them, a rising noise of talking, laughing and music were heard from behind the heavy doors. “Mrs Black is awaiting your arrival”

The tall man and his immaculately dressed wife nodded and walked towards the door, the house elf turned its attention to the young woman before him.

“Misses, Mrs Black would like you to head towards the room for the younger members of the families” the house elf bowed again and held his arm out up the stairs.

The young girl nodded and thanked the house-elf as she tugged her brown hair behind her ears, turning away from her family and headed towards the stairs. As she hitched up the bottom of her dress again to begin her walk up the stairs she was stopped by her father.

“Kaydence” came the deep important voice

“yes father” Kaydence replied turning to look at her father, he rose an eyebrow at her as he said one word “behave” it seemed to be almost a warning, Kaydence gave him a warm smile.

“Always father” she turned to give her mother a smile as she began her walk up the stairs.

Upon hearing her mother and father enter the room below she all but ran the rest of the way up the stairs, eager to get to the top of them. It had been weeks since Kaydence last saw him and she had missed him.

She tried to contain her smirk as she thought about the last time they had seen each other. She carried on down the corridor looking around her for a sign of the only reason she was going to enjoy this party.

“In hurry?”

Kaydence stopped as she heard the velvet voice behind her, her smirk widening into a smile as she felt someone walk up close behind her, their breath tickling the back of her neck, she felt Goosebumps coarse over her.

Turning around her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around the person, hugging them tightly. They wrapped their arms around her picking her up and swinging her around slowly as he sighed lovingly. He set her back down and placed kisses on her hair and neck before moving to kiss her lips.

“oh Sirius, how I’ve missed you”  she told him, breaking away from their kiss to look up at him, taking in his appearance for the first time since they had last seen each other at the start of the summer holidays.

She noticed that he’s black hair had grown longer and his eyes had got dark circles around them from lack of sleep and his face had become more pale.

“Have you been staying up late?” she asked him gently, he could tell by the look in her eyes that she was worried.

“yeah, it’s the only chance I have to talk to James and the others, when mother and father have gone to sleep” he chuckled slightly as he ran his hand through her hair and looking down at her a small smile playing at his lips.

 Kaydence smiled up at him as they began their walk down the corridor towards another door.

“How are they?” she asked keeping up the conversation, finding herself wanting to hear more of his voice.

Sirius nodded “they’re ok, James wants to come break me out of this prison” he indicated the walls around him as he laughed

Kaydence smiled “does he still hate me?” she asked casually, peeking a look at Sirius to check his reaction.

Sirius turned to look at her frowning slightly “he doesn’t hate you”

“He told me he hated me before we left for the holidays” Kaydence laughed staring at him as though he was being stupid.

“Ok maybe he hates you, but it’s only because you’re in Slytherin, we’re meant to hate rules” Sirius said with a shrug and a goofy smile

“Well you don’t hate me and you’re in Gryffindor” Kaydence said crossing her arms at him as they stopped in the corridor to face each other.

“Yeah well that’s different” Sirius beamed down at her

“How is it different?” Kaydence challenged raising an eyebrow at him in question.

“it’s simple” he grabbed for her hand and pulled her towards him to whisper in her ear “I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a rumour going around that I kind of - actually -  love you”

Kaydence pulled away a mock look of shock on her face as her eyes widened “really!”

“Yeah don’t tell anyone though” Sirius said looking around him for eavesdroppers “because I was told in confidence by the man himself” he gave her a wink before opening the door behind him, they both entered, Sirius closing the door behind them.

“Well he is quite a charmer if I say so myself” Kaydence said placing a hand across her heart as she thought lovingly “I remember the day he asked me out!”

Sirius smiled as he walked over to his bed and sat down on it, as they had just entered his room “the first time or the second time?”

Kaydence walked around Sirius’s room her fingers running over the furniture “oh the first, the most romantic thing he’s ever done for me” Kaydence said with a loving sigh at the memory.

A reminiscent smile spread across Sirius face as he thought back to the time when he first asked Kaydence to be his girlfriend.

“We were ten, innocent, naive, full of adventure. A much simpler time -” Kaydence told him as she continued her walk around his room, Sirius’s eyes followed her. “- I remember it being a bright sunny day, the birds were singing songs of love, whilst flowers were in full bloom. Their beautiful scent like a perfume filling the air –“

“Funny how I don’t remember this part.... or remember the story being this long as a matter of fact” Sirius told her, she turned to give him a quick glare for interrupting her, he closed his mouth yet a hint of a smirk was still there

“Would you like to hear the story or not?” she asked, looking over at him. He smoothed down his dress robes as he urged her to continue with a wave of his hand. “Oh no you go on; I’ll just wait for the good part”

As I was saying was during a game of chase that I first saw him, he was making his way over to me. Eyes blazing with what I thought was love, but turned out to be pure evilness –“

At this Sirius scoffed, Kaydence carried on as though he hadn’t made a noise “- as he tackled me to the ground rather harshly, grazing my knees quite badly if I remember right. And as I was crying my little heart out he had the audacity to ask if being his girlfriend would make me stop crying”

“Hey don’t mock it! It worked though” Sirius said standing up and walking over to her “you became my girlfriend”

“Until we were thirteen” Kaydence shot at him, as he wrapped his arms around her, she slid her hands up his arms to around his neck.

“And then I got you to be my girlfriend again” Sirius said with a smile

“You must have put a potion in my food” Kaydence told him jokingly

“Oh you are evil Miss Ardas” Sirius told her as he placed a light kiss on her lips.

“Would you have me any other way?” Kaydence said flirtatiously

Sirius chuckled again as he kissed her, Kaydence tightened her hold on him as she felt him deepen the kiss. This is what she missed, just being with him.

They had been unable to see each other in weeks as they had to wait for an excuse to see each other. As Sirius was a traitor to most of the purebloods for being in Gryffindor, he was classed as not good enough to be with the daughter of a pureblood who was living by the rules that muggles and muggleborns were the bane of the wizarding world, and that the new uprising wizard who was intent on riding the world of said “parasites” as her father called them, was the way to go.

Kaydence didn’t know what to believe as she was torn between being a Slytherin and being with Sirius, who had friends who were muggleborns. She didn’t despise Lily Evans but she didn’t like her, purely because of how she was brought up. This was partly the reason why James hated her.

She had tried to be more like Sirius but realised that she wasn’t strong enough to turn against her family’s beliefs and risk being disowned from her family, whereas Sirius seemed like he didn’t care what the pureblood families thought anymore, they had since lost their hold of him.

She could tell that the way they treated him was getting to him, but he tried not to show it. He was firmly against their relationship being out in the open when Kaydence had suggested it to make the families see that Sirius wasn’t as much of a traitor as they believed.

He had told her that he could handle what was thrown at him but couldn’t handle the thought of how much it would hurt her going through what he has.

“So how’s everything been here?” Kaydence asked as Sirius and Kaydence decided that now would be a good time to head to the hall before people began sending a search party out for Kaydence, the people being Adrianna.

They exited Sirius’s bedroom, carefully looking around to see if anyone was looking for them, the corridor was empty so they continued down it.

“The same, mother still thinks that she can change me back to the way that I was before I joined Hogwarts. The only reason I haven’t left yet is because until I turn seventeen I am unable to go anywhere, and she knows that and is using it to her advan – “ Sirius was cut off however by a loud female voice ringing down the corridor

“KAYDENCE!” A blonde haired girl ran towards them, engulfing Kaydence in a hug and ignoring Sirius’s presence. Kaydence hugged her friend back. Kaydence realised at once that it was her best friend Adrianna Peyton. Adrianna took a step back and looked her friend up and down

Kaydence had known Adrianna since her first year and the girls had become fast friends, yet over the years their relationship had started to unravel when Kaydence learnt that she was the one normally going around causing rumours to start and would often become two faced for her own personal gain.

She never dared tell Adrianna that she was going out with Sirius, it would be spread around the school and every family member she knew before the day was through.

“That dress is beautiful on you” she told her, Kaydence laughed.

“You’re the one who picked it Adrianna” Adrianna smiled as she took hold of her friends arm and pulled her into the room where the others were. Sirius followed behind quietly.

“I have great taste as we can very well see” Adrianna said with a flip of her long blonde hair, winking at her friend who rolled her eyes.

“come see Alexis, apparently she has some amazing news to tell us all” Adrianna pulled Kaydence away from where they were standing, Kaydence knew she couldn’t say goodbye to Sirius, but they realised that this was the way that it would have to be for them a long time ago.

She turned to look at Sirius and gave him an apologetic look; he nodded once at her and turned to leave the room. He felt uncomfortable here and she knew it.

She turned back around and saw a bright blue eyed blonde girl in front of her, a scornful smirk on her face as she looked at Kaydence. Kaydence had never really got on with Alexis, who was Adrianna’s older sister.

She had graduated from Hogwarts two years previously and seemed to idolise Bellatrix Lestrange, before Alexis had left school she was seen dating a member of the Flint family, Kaydence had no idea who it was, but apparently he was important.

“Hello Kaydence how are you?” she enquired, the tone of her voice showing that she didn’t really care but was being friendly

“Very well Alexis and how are you?” Kaydence replied as politely,

“Very well” Alexis’s eyes lit up as she ran her fingers through her hair

Adrianna’s eyes were the first ones that caught sight of the sparkle, she let out a screech as she snatched for her sisters hand and pulled it in front of her, and Alexis’s smug smirk took over the whole of her face.

The other girls all gave their congratulations, clapping excitedly, Kaydence herself beamed at her friend’s recent news of engagement. Looking down at the ring, she could tell that it was worth more galleons then she could guess, the encrusted jewel must have been goblin made.

“Why couldn’t you tell me this in your letter?” Adrianna growled at her sister as she continued looking at the ring, even Kaydence had to admit that it was breathtakingly beautiful.

“And miss the look on your face? Not for a million galleons” she laughed haughtily, taking her hand away from her sister’s grasp and holding it up in front of her examining it, a greedy look on her face.

“Congratulations Alexis, tell us everything! How did he propose?” came one of the girls squealing, Alexis took great pride in reliving the way Flint had proposed to her, Kaydence zoned out as they all hung off of Alexis’s every word.

Kaydence looked around the room, hoping that Sirius had come back in. But sadness crept over her as she realised that he hadn’t. Turning back to the group she was standing with she noticed that they were still gossiping excitedly about Alexis’s engagement, sighing heavily with annoyance at the girls she excused herself from the conversation and headed out of the room, she knew none of them would notice. And glancing back she knew that she was right.

As she exited the room she hurried down the corridor hoping to find Sirius before she would have to leave, but she had no clue where he would be. She headed for his room but before she could knock on the door she was interrupted by her father.

“There you are young lady” he said haughtily, Kaydence jumped as she whirled around, to face her father and the person he was accompanying, she recognised him but wasn’t sure where from.

“Why are you rushing around?” he scolded her as he frowned at her disapprovingly.

“I’m not father, you just frightened me that’s all” she admitted somewhat truthfully. Her father stared her down for a moment.

“Then tell me why are you sneaking around, it’s rude to sneak around someone’s house, I thought I taught you better then that”

“I wasn’t father, I can assure you. I was merely looking for the ladies room. I wished to powder my nose” she hoped that her father would believe her and not look at whose door she was standing outside of.

Her father continued frowning at her, she knew that he would lecture her later on when they got home, about the proper etiquette when at someone else’s house, not that she hadn’t heard it a few times before.

“I actually was on my way to find you” he admitted to her, causing Kaydence to feel her stomach sink. He was coming to tell her they would be going home and she knew that would mean she wouldn’t be able to see Sirius again until the train ride to school in a week’s time.

“Really father? And what did you wish to find me for?” she inclined her head slightly, respectfully.

“This” her father indicated, puffing himself up slightly in importance as if it was a great honour to be introducing this person to her. “Is Master Aedan Carrel”

The person standing next to her father took a step towards her, grabbing her hand tenderly and placing a kiss on it in greeting.

“It is an honour” he said smoothly smirking at her as he stood up straight. Kaydence found herself lost in his deep green eyes; she pulled herself out of her thoughts and addressed him back

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” she smiled warmly. Aedan smiled back at her yet addressing her father

“You must be proud to have such a beautiful daughter”

Kaydence felt herself blush; she dipped her head slightly as she tried to regain her composure. She saw her dad nod proudly as he patted Aedan on the back.

“I would like you Kaydence to show him around, maybe you two could get to know each other a bit more. It’s good for families to mix with each other” he beamed at them, before nodding at Aedan in leaving. He walked away from them and down the stairs.

Kaydence turned to face Aedan a questioning look on her face “I recognise you from somewhere” she stated

Aedan chuckled “well you should I’m in your year” he run his hand through his brown hair, before letting it drop down beside him.

It suddenly hit Kaydence as it all came rushing back to her “Oh you’re the beater on our Quidditch team”

Aedan chuckled as he nodded at her “yes I am, I take it you remember me now? I tended to not socialise much but after some persuasive conversations with my father I now see that I should put myself out there and ‘make friends’”

Kaydence laughed “yes fathers like to tell you what you can and can’t do”

“Then we’re on the same page” Aedan concluded “we’ve both got pushy fathers who think they know what’s best for us”

Kaydence nodded and they stared at each other for a few silent moments, she took in his features and noticed how handsome he was, he had a strong jaw and defined features, most of the purebloods prided themselves on, but the thing that stood out the most were his green eyes.

“Shall we get started on you ‘showing me around’?” Aedan said leaning close to her, causing her to break out of her thoughts about his eyes.

“Erm... yeah... what would you like to see first?” Kaydence scratched her head slightly as she looked around them thinking of where to take Aedan first.

“How about we venture to the garden? I hear rumours that Mrs Black has the most beautiful lights, apparently it really sets the mood”

“Erm, yeah’s just down the stairs” Kaydence said pointing down towards the stairs

Aedan held his arm out for her to go before him “Ladies first”

“Thank you” Kaydence said warmly as she walked down the stairs first.

As Kaydence walked down the stairs she didn’t see that Sirius was standing on the floor above her, leaning over the banister. He let out a sad sigh before walking back into the room he had been hiding in. It would seem that he wouldn’t be able to see Kaydence until they started school.


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