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Ivy in Wonderland by emerald_princess
Chapter 2 : Stained with Kisses
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Thanks to love_jillmarie @ TDA  for this CI.  It is flawless.


After a few weeks at Hogwarts everyone was completely settled in.  I had completed my detentions and somehow found the money to pay Michelle.  The castle was the same as it always was.  It was grand and beautiful yet it still felt like a home away from home.  Everything seemed pretty much the same, Potter and I still fought like crazy, Michelle and I were still the best students that had ever walked the halls of Hogwarts (and most modest!) and Delilah was still completely fake and brainless.  There were though a few things that had changed.  For instance Michelle seemed to be acting weird, I couldn’t get her secret out of her no matter how much I bugged her but I was determined to and I had concocted a flawless plan to find out.  I was going to stalk her.


I had thought up this plan just the other day and was currently putting it into action.  I was at the library ‘reading’ a very interesting book on the wonders of grindylow plants well at least everyone who saw me would think I was.  Really I was secretly spying on Michelle over the cover of my book.  Her day was quite boring, I was seriously considering taking a break and having a nap, she was currently doing an essay that we had for charms, it was due in three days, I mean who seriously does an essay three days before it is due when you can easily pass if you do it last minute.  Why on earth would you waste your time trying so hard?  She kept looking around though.  I think she was waiting for someone but no one seemed to be turning up.  All of a sudden her eyes seemed to be on me.  I quickly ducked behind my book and waited for a few seconds before checking.  I breathed a sigh- she wasn’t looking.  I watched her for what seemed like forever when it had really only been a few minutes when I heard an all too familiar voice behind me.

“What the hell are you doing?”

It was a deep and slightly husky voice, the voice of James Potter.  I turned my head slightly to look at him.  His white school shirt was soaked right through revealing a well toned chest, his black hair was soaked and sticking to his face, his stupid, perfect face, and his brown eyes sparkled with fun and he wore the same cocky smirk that he always seemed to be sporting.

“None of your bloody business Potter.” I answered.

He raised an eyebrow and bent down so that his face was right next to mine.

“It kind of looks like your perving on your best friend.  Are you secretly a lesbian?  To be honest I’m kind of not surprised.” He laughed at his own completely not funny joke.

“If you must know Potter I am studying and I am certainly not a lesbian.  Now could you please get your face away from me, you smell disgusting.”

“You know you love me.” He chuckled and then he decided that it would be fun to ruin my perfect day and sit down beside me.  I ignored him and continued to sneakily watch Michelle over my book.  I could not ignore him for long though, he soon got bored with the lack of conversation and began nudging me.  I refused to look at him but he was very persistent.  Soon enough my horrible temper got the better of me, I snapped.

“For god sake Potter!  Would you go annoy someone else?!”

Unfortunately I had forgotten that I was currently spying on my best friend, in the library.  Madam Cross was very annoyed.


Bang, bang, bang.  I bashed on the door to the library and tried to force it open but Madam Cross, the new librarian, was surprisingly strong for such a little, old woman. 

“Damn it Potter!  This is entirely your fault.”

“My fault!” he exclaimed, “You’re the one who shouted at me like a complete loon!”

“I am not a loon!” I argued, “You are a tosser so it is your fault.”

We soon resorted to violence and hexing each other.  It might have been a bit of a stupid move, trying to kill each other in front of the library… when Madam Cross was standing directly behind the door.  She rushed out of the library and straight into the bat bogey hex that I was sending James way.  The audience who had gathered around dispersed immediately not wanting to be caught at the scene of the crime.  I gulped and tried to make a run for it but James hit me with petrificus totalus and I couldn’t move a muscle.  Minnie and a couple of the other professors ran up and helped Madam Cross -who was at this point indeed very cross- to her feet.

“What on earth is the meaning of this?” Minnie said in her I-mean-business voice.  I immediately put on an innocent face and pointed at James.  I had a great lie that I knew Minnie would completely fall for.

“That awful boy was bullying other students Minnie,” I said still pointing at James, “I went and told him to stop but he just started hexing me and trying to hurt me and poor Miss Cross got in the way, the poor dear.”

“Is that so?” Minnie asked.  Her lip was one narrow line and she looked very angry.  Potter was toast!  She turned to him, her lip curling slightly in annoyance.

“Mr. Potter,” she began, “I know you probably had a lot to do with this but I also believe that you are not one to lie so you will only be getting one detention and Miss Hardwick will get two.”

“What?” I exclaimed, “Minnie that is so unfair!”

“Stop calling me Minnie.” was all that Minnie replied.

“Fine, fine!  Minerva, you have to believe me it was entirely his fault.”

Potter, the stupid twit began to laugh and Minnie’s mouth began to twitch at the corners as she tried not to.

“MINNIE!” I squealed in desperation.

“No,” she interrupted, “you will do your detention with Mr. Potter on Thursday and your other the next day is that clear?”

“Yes.” I mumbled and I saw James nod his head sullenly. 

“You can both go now, don’t let me catch you fighting again.” She said.  She then began to help Madam Cross to the hospital wing. 

Potter and I walked along silently beside each other.  The halls were filled with students because it was raining and the noise was atrocious.  It suited me fine, I didn’t mind noise, it was silence I hated.  James seemed to have the same hate of silence as he soon got bored and began to talk.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Tell anyone what?” I asked.

“That you’re in love with your best friend, who is in fact a girl.”

“Oh shove off Potter.” I said with a sigh not in the mood to fight with him anymore.  I literally shoved him away after he began to talk again and ran away before he could regain his balance.  I heard a very loud and angry call of my name and decided it would be best to skip dinner that night.  

I was very disappointed that I had spent the whole day spying on my best friend (NOT PERVING) and I still hadn’t found out a thing.  It was all Potter’s fault; it was always Potter’s fault.  She had been acting rather odd though, like she was waiting for someone.  I wondered who and why was she hiding it from me.  I sighed angrily as I got to the Ravenclaw common room and plonked myself down on an armchair.  As always the common room was quiet, most people were in small groups studying or chatting quietly to each other.  It was so quiet that I found myself drifting off on the couch, which I had discovered by second year wasn’t the most comfortable place to wake up.  Maybe an early night was a good idea, I looked at my watch.  It was only 5:30 but I was so tired that I didn’t really care so I trudged up to bed and fell asleep fully clothed.

I knew immediately that I was dreaming, the edge of my vision was slightly blurred and everything else seemed strangely bright.  I was at my family’s summer house.  It was quite a lovely place by the beach.  Its walls were all whitewashed and there were sky blue curtains hanging in the windows.  My mum and dad were on the front verandah discussing who got what in the divorce settlement and I realized it was a memory not a dream then I woke up.  It was around midnight.  My stomach rumbled and I realized that I was starving; maybe skipping dinner hadn’t been the greatest idea.  I got out of bed and looked over to Michelle’s that was when I realized she wasn’t in it.  All thoughts of food were forgotten and I immediately had my mind set on finding Hannah and her secret.  I didn’t even bother to put on my shoes and I rushed down stairs hoping that maybe she would be in the common room but she wasn’t.  Now I was going to have to look for her… great (note the sarcasm.)  I made my way out of the common room and down the stairs.  It was going to be easy to find Michelle I just knew it would be, I had a feeling. 

 I had no idea how many corridors there were in Hogwarts.  There are a lot.  Way to freaking much if you ask me, I mean there are a lot of students but seriously I’m sure they could find another corridor to walk through.  It seemed that Michelle was in none of them.  I had looked everywhere and she wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  It was as if she had vanished into thin air. 

I’ve never understood that saying I mean thin air.  What the hell is thin air?  Is there thick air to?  And if there is why can’t people vanish into that?  So I walked the MANY corridors pondering what the meaning of vanished into thin air was when I walked past a broom closet.  A broom closet that seemed to be moaning.  That could only mean one thing.  I continued t walk trying to pretend that I hadn’t heard anything but when I heard giggles my curiosity got the better of me and I wrenched the cupboard door open.  I gasped in shock and let out a little squeal, jumping back about half a meter.  The two occupants of the cupboard just stared at me in shock.  I stared back.  The silence was unbearable.  I felt myself going red in my face as I began to bravely… run away.  I ran down the rest of the corridor and rounded a corner but some one caught hold of my arm. 

“Hardwick!  What the hell was that?”

“I could ask you the same question!” I exclaimed turning to look at James.

“You know perfectly well what I was doing Hardwick.  You don’t just go and bloody open the door!  Are you insane?” James said, his hand still holding my arm.  I pulled away and scowled at him. 

“Well I’ll make sure not to next time,” I growled angrily and then I turned around and began to walk away, I was almost down the corridor when I turned back around and looked him straight in the eye, “Oh by the way Potter, that was real classy.” 

Potter didn’t get the chance to reply because I turned around and stormed off.  My stomach twisted like I was about to be sick and my body was trembling with rage.  What was it about James Potter that made me so angry?  By this time I had completely forgotten about Michelle and was making my way to the kitchens.  

It is very strange though, don’t you think?  How as soon as you stop looking for someone you find them.  That was what happened to me.  I spotted Michelle coming along the corridor the other way and smiled at her.

“Where have you been?” I asked in an oh so subtle way of getting information out of her.

“Nowhere.” She said.

I noticed that she was wearing a guy’s jacket and was immediately surprised and very suspicious.

“Whose jacket?” I asked raising an eyebrow at her.

“Just a friends, I got cold and he lent it to me.” She answered but it did not escape my notice that she was blushing faintly and on the sleeve of the guy’s jacket there was a bright red lippy mark.  The jacket was stained with a kiss.  My best friend had been secretly snogging some guy in the corridors at night and hadn’t told me!  

 And I thought I had been angry before.

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