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Sirrah Malfoy by EnigmaticEyes16
Chapter 2 : Slytherins
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Chapter 2


You know, I always wondered what would happen if I ever missed the Hogwarts Express.

Would I have to wait another day for the train to return to Kingís Cross Station? Would my parents have to floo me to Hogwarts? And once I finally arrived at Hogwarts, would I be punished for missing the train?

Sadly, Iíll never know because God forbid I miss the train!

My mother would have a fit if ever such a thing were to occur.

So, here I am, on the Hogwarts Express, sharing a compartment with my twin brother and his friends.

Who are they, you ask?

Why they are some of the most annoying people I know.

First, sitting next to my brother, is Tybalt Zabini, also known as Ty, who is undoubtedly Scorpiusí best mate. Ty is considered to be quite attractive with his dark complexion and even darker hazel eyes but when it comes to girls and relationships he is a total player, mainly because he has his eyes set on one person, and one person alone, and she barely acknowledges his existence.

Second, sitting on the other side of my dear brother is Fiona Flint. Ever since she fixed that pug nose of hers with some seriously expensive, magical surgery and had her teeth magically straightened (Merlin, they were hideous), some would call her cuteÖ but I choose to stick with repulsive.

She is the daughter of Marcus Flint and Pansy Parkinson (shocking? I know, right? I donít even know who would allow two such ugly people to make a baby together).

In case you didnít know, Pansy Parkinson is the same girl who tried so hard to gain my fatherís attention back when they were at Hogwarts and after I learned what Mother told me about Pansy and her family, letís just say I was not surprised when Fiona started following my brother around and clinging to his every word.

Completely pathetic, if you ask me, but that family is just dying to be joined with ours one day.

All Iíve got to say is: it ainít ever gonna happen!

And lastly, there is Talon Nott who is, unfortunately, sitting next to me.

Honestly, he wouldnít be so bad if he would just stop looking at me like Iím a piece of meat.

I can assure you that I am not a piece of meat. Meat does not think and I do, therefore I am not meat.

Oh, shut your mouth!

Of course, I know he wants to shag me! Why else would he be looking at me like Iím a piece a meat? I know perfectly well heís no cannibal!


And itís not that he isnít attractive because, trust me, the boy is attractive. Heís freaking hott, to be honest. Yes, he gets two tís. Heís got this gorgeous wavy brown hair and these deep, inquiring blue eyes, and when he chooses not to shave one day, the girls just go crazy ogling over him!

The problem with this entire situation, though, is that he wants to shag me. Hell, I think he wants to do more than that. Iím absolutely certain that I once overheard him actually mention marriage to my brother.

And I certainly do not want to be married to a fool like that! A boy talking about marriage at the age of sixteen!? Itís not normal! Normal sixteen-year-old boys just want to snog and shag and have a good time. They donít want marriage! Hence, Talon Nott is not normal.

And I wouldnít shag him anyway even if he were.

I, Sirrah Malfoy, do not shag anyone.

I am the daughter of an aristocratic Frenchwoman and aristocratic Frenchwomen do not shag before marriage.

Itís against the rules.

The rules of what, you ask?

Well, the Rules of Proper Upbringing in High Society, of course! Itís a book; go read it.

We Frenchwomen must always be proper or else we could lose our overly refined reputations.

At least thatís what Mother says.

Of courseÖ Iíve never really done a single proper thing in my life. Itís just not my thing. I donít have the super delicate mental capacity it takes to be proper.

So really, my dignity is all Iíve got left, and if I let some lovesick fool take that away from me then Iíll have lost all my options!

And I need to have options.

Iím not making any sense, you say?

Well, who asked you!?

I mean, I already decided we couldnít be friends hours ago so honestly I really donít know what youíre still doing here in the first place.

Oh, Iím a lunatic now, am I?

Well, go fuck yourself because I donít care!

Itís something that runs in the family anyway. I mean, have you seen my great aunt Bellatrix? And letís not forget my great, great aunt Walburga Black. I donít even know how my grandmother Narcissa managed to turn out at least semi-normal. She actually still has the ability to care about her family members.

I think it must be because she was the youngest.

You see, Bellatrix was the oldest so naturally she was the one to exceed all of her familyís expectations. She followed all the rules; she was all about pureblood heritage, she was cruel to muggles and muggle-borns, she married another pureblood fanatic just like her, and even became one of the Dark Lordís most favorite followers.

Andromeda was the second daughter, so obviously she turned out to be the rebellious one by breaking all of her parentsí rules. She was nice to everyone and, as I already said, she ran away from home in order to marry a muggle-born, whom she was supposed to hate.

Narcissa came last; she was beautiful, prim, and proper. An ice queen at best, she was perfection in itself with her sleek blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and marble-like skin. She followed the rules like she was told, but whoís to say if she ever really believed in any of it? She had only one goal and that was to be married to a very wealthy pureblood wizard and produce beautiful children with him whom she could dote on as much as she pleased. If you must know, she was born to be an aristocrat. Why else do you think she was the one who Lucius Malfoy chose? Lucius Malfoy who could have had any girl he wanted and he chose her.

Yes, I know, itís all so grand and sparkly and fluffy.


Itís nothing of the sort, my family.

Unless youíre talking about Narcissaís dresses. Or my dresses, for that matter. You know, the ones that I put almost all of my spare time into making?

Iíll be honest with you; I have every intention of being the first Malfoy woman with a career.


I told you, I need options!

I mean, of course Iíll be married eventually.

But I need to at least make a name for myself.

The fact that I am the first female Malfoy child in over a century is never going to be enough for me.

I need more.

I always need more.

I need people to know that Iím different and that I donít need a man to make a living for me.

I can do it all by myself.

Thatís why Iím going to have the most fabulous dressmaking shop in all of Europe!


A girlís got to have dreams, you know!

How else do you think Iíve survived this long?

What with the first five years of my life growing up with Scorpius at home, the next six years at an all-girls boarding school for the rich wizarding families who donít have time to raise their daughters themselves because theyíre too busy raising their sons and canít have any distractions (like my father), and another five years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You might think a rich little pureblood girl like me grew up wanting to be just like her own mother and her mother before that well nuh uh!

I aim to be different.

As far as I can tell, I already am.

That must be why nobody likes me.

Well, except for my friends, of course. I can and do make friends every now and then, but not many. Iím not a fan of crowds.

Which reminds meÖ I should probably go find those wonderful friends of mine.

They are way more interesting than this group.


It didnít take long to find them.

My friends, I mean.

Thankfully, they werenít far off and I didnít have to search the entire train in order to locate them.

And like I said, I am much more amused now that Iím with people who are actually interesting.

ďSo, how is Talon looking this year, Sirrah?Ē

That would be my best friend Kenny; properly known as Kensington Rosier but Iím sure you can understand the embarrassment he must feel whenever he is called by his given name.

Honestly, who names their kid Kensington without realizing the brutal torture a teenager goes through already without an awful name like that to go along with it?

Luckily, heís always had me.

Iím wonderful at scaring off bullies.

Nobody messes with me!

ďHeís looking as lovesick and hopeless as ever, Iím afraid,Ē I replied curtly.

ďMan, if only that boy were gayÖĒ Kenny sighed dreamily as he gazed out the window but Iím not really sure if he is actually looking out the window or just looking off in that direction as he dwells on some gay fantasy in his brain that I really donít want to know about.

Thatís another thing.

Even though Kenny is actually rather attractive compared to some of the other guys at Hogwarts and heís done a really good job of keeping a beautiful male physique, Kenny is completely and blatantly gay and I donít mean heís always super duper happy or a bright ray of sunshine.

I mean he likes boys.


It definitely caused some issues at first. Not with me, of course. I donít care if heís gay or straight. But it did cause a bit of a ruckus with the other boys in his year with whom he happens to share a dormitory.

Thankfully, thatís all said and done with now and my brother and his friends have gotten over it. Not to mention, even though Kenny has a bit of a crush on Talon, heís not obvious about it at all. Iím the only one who knows about it. Well, me and Leighton are the only ones who know about it. But we havenít told anyone. Itís not our business. Talon hasnít even noticed my friendís crush, and they share a dorm together! But what can I say? Kenny contains his emotions very well and has never once been caught ogling the other boy.


Itís quite a feat, if you ask me, but then again he is a Slytherin.

ďKenny, I think itís time you learned to get over that boy because itís pretty obvious Talon isnít getting any less straightÖĒ

That would be Leighton, my other best friend. Full name: Leighton Selwyn.

Yes, I know. Sheís from a very well-known pureblood family. Her family is way higher up there on the list than mine is; that would be why my parents told me to be friends with her. The only reason I continued to do as they said is because I actually like her. Sheís a lot like me; rich, pureblood, and completely rebellious.

It wasnít long before my parents realized how bad of an influence she was on meÖ but by then it was far too late, we had already become practically inseparable.

Besides, she was still above us in rank and as long as I was on good terms with a Selwyn, I could always somehow possibly get married into the family due to being a-certain-someoneís best friend.

Of course, I couldnít care less about that stuff but, sadly, my parents do.

Oh well.

Itís not like I care.

And itís not like sheís that bad of an influence on me. Sheís no worse off than I am. Itís just the fact that when you put two perpetually rebellious teenage girls togetherÖ bad things tend to happen.

A lot.

Author's Note: First off, I would like to thank the wonderful RyleeAnn for the gorgeous banner for this story. Second, I would like to thank everyone for reading this. Reviews are lovely, and I would appreciate some so I know as to whether or not this is something I should continue writing. All thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are welcome. I hope you all have a good day or evening, but I must cut this short as I have many things to complete tonight and absolutely nothing else to say.


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